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LATNET ANNUAL REPORT July 1, 2008 ­ March, 2009 AMCD EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Adelaida Santana Pellicier, Ph. D. Vice-President for Latino Concerns On this occasion of having to report on my efforts during the last eight months in the position of Vice President for Latino Concerns, I reflect on months of my inquiries to my colleagues about ACA, AMCD and LatNet, their pasts, the goals, missions, sustainability, and politics. I've learned of successes and challenges (to say the least!) behind and before us all. I have been excited, humbled, and cautious. I take this opportunity to thank Edil, Miguel, and Maritza for their counsel, and the Sofrito Team. I also take this opportunity to highlight the successes of LatNet these past 8 months. The goals set forth last July have not all been met, but I have moved along consistently. Other plans and opportunities will come. Goals from the former administration were embedded into new goals of my new administration for year 2008-2009. Additions were also reflected in the November 17, 2008 VP Report to The AMCD Executive Council. These goals will appear in the link for LatNet, presently under construction. The following are our major achievements for this year. My commitment in LatNet is to serve and promote members' professional development in scholarship, research, and creative activity. I am committed as well to the transparency and health of our associations and the compadrazco of our LatNet familia. 1. MEMBERSHIP 73 members comprise our LATNET listserv. Dr. Ariciniega has continued to lend his leadership to recruiting more members. Ms Helda Montero, U. of Florida, coordinates our LatNet listserv. As per their advise, ACA Membership was unable to identify exact numbers of Latino AMCD members. 2. SOFRITO TEAM Under former V-P Maritza Gallardo-Cooper's leadership in 2007 a Sofrito Team was created as LatNet's core group of volunteers interested in pursuing special projects on behalf of LatNet. The Team this year has served in many capacities to help the V-P implement and achieve numerous projects, addressed in this report. This year, our team has been G. Miguel Arciniega, Ph. D, Arizona State U.; Laura Alarcón, San Francisco State University; Patricia Arredondo, Ed. D., U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; José Maldonado, Ph.D., Monmouth U.; Helda Montero, Ed.S., University of Florida; Ade Santana Pellicier, Ph.D., Northern Arizona U.; Edil TorresRivera, Ph.D., University of Florida; Grisobelle Virella-Carujo, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Carlos Zalaquett, Ph.D., University of South Florida. We 1







hope to identify someone to serve as liaison in the Sociedad Interamericana de Counseling (SIC). NEEDS ASSESSMENT SURVEY A survey was disseminated to LatNet members in December, 2008 by Sofrito member, Diane Estrada, VP Elect. Eleven responded to the survey. A final report will appear in our webpage. LATINO COMPETENCIES At the 2009 ACA Conference, the second phase of the competencies will be presented on Sunday, March 22nd at 2pm. The goal is to publish them by Spring, 2010. They will also be on the ACA Website as a link. NLPA:National Latino Psychological Association This association shares a similar vision and goals (and many of our LatNet members). Another successful conference was executed November 14-16, 2008. The Sofrito Team will be adding their link to LatNet web page. LATNET WEBPAGE Through the efforts and expertise of Carlos Zalaquett, Ph. D., a webpage for LatNet is under construction, hopefully operating by the 2009 Conference. Our Newsletter will be disseminated through the web page. VICE-PRESIDENTS Sunrise Service: Coordinated by all Ethnic VP's, joint sunrise services with 2 Ethnic groups each morning will be held at the Conference at 6:45am EST On the Green, a 2 minute walk from the Westin. Two conference calls were held this year. Communication among us was better achieved through e-mailings. Concerns have been expressed by some of us to our members on the seeming backlash by ACA to minimize publications and activities related to social justice and cultural concerns. ACA CONFERENCE As per Crystal Turner, ACA Learning Resource Specialist, there are 10 sessions at the Charlotte Conference which address Latino Concerns.

Respectfully Submitted, Adelaida Santana Pellicier (E-Signature) Adelaida Santana Pellicier, Ph. D. AMCD Vice President for Latino Concerns, 2008-2012 March 10, 2009



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Microsoft Word - Annual-Report-08-09.doc