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If you have booked an environmental enrichment workshop, it is recommended that students bring a selection of items which they can use to create their enrichment device. This pack contains items which can be used and also some ideas to get creative minds thinking. Enrichment items to use for the workshop

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Boxes large and small Clean plastic bottles Clean yoghurt pots Tennis balls Large cardboard tubes Paper sacks Paper cups Hessian sacks





Clean old clothes/towels/bedding/ curtains Magazines/newspapers (NO STAPLES) Old footballs/rugby balls still inflated Old trainers/slippers (NO HEELS or LACES)

To ensure the safety of our animals, there are some items and food products which should NOT be used. Items NOT to be used in the workshop · NO string or wool · NO boxes with staples in · NO shredded paper · NO curry powder/spices for any species To give you an idea of what environmental enrichment entails, the following pages display pictures of some of our enrichment devices we use here at Colchester Zoo. Chimps One of our most intelligent primates. They become highly excited at the first sign of anything new and are not scared of approaching strange items. Ideas for enrichment include: - Dustbins - Barrels - Newspaper parcels with food in - Sandwiches - Food/seeds/raisons in bottles - Food/seeds/raisons in boxes - Food/seeds/raisons in clothes and sacks - Tubes with food in and paper stuffed in the ends - Mashed up food for the termite mound

Gelada Baboons - Seeds/food/pellets in hayballs - Seeds/food/pellets in large boxes - Seeds/food/pellets in paper sacks

Squirrel Monkeys - Hanging yoghurt pots with food in - Food in small boxes - Newspaper parcels with mealworms in

Lemurs If food is to be hidden in items, it needs to be easily located. If holes are to be made in boxes for the lemurs to get into, they need to be large enough so there is little effort required to rip the box further. - Food/seeds in boxes - Large paper sacks with hay and food in - Fruit washing lines

Orangutans Enrichment devices can be made similar to those of chimps.

Take a look at some of our other animals enjoying enrichment

Don't forget, enrichment items need to be novel and have to stimulate the senses of the animal.


Environmental Enrichment Workshop - Ideas

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