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MARCH 2007

Published by Cole's Printery Limited

Cole's Providing a Vividview to its Customers

Cole's Printery is pleased to introduce Vividview to its clients. This is an independent entity of Cole's Printery offering digital media services. It is managed by the creative team of Liesje and Marcel Pragnell. This husband and wife team specialises in broadcast, web development and DVD authoring. The company is committed to being a leader in design and motion graphics and prides itself on always exploring and utilising international standards. Liesje and Marcel relocated from England where they worked extensively within broadcast, large-screen and the internet creating title sequences, advertising, short features and large-screen presentations. Their clients in the UK included Channel 4, UEFA and The London Institute. Their skill sets compliment each other. Having studied art and choreography, Liesje now uses her understanding of movement and kinetics in designing, camera motion and editing. Marcel, as a !ne artist, expresses his creativity in his animation and motion graphic work. As a team, they are multifaceted and work together always excelling in their design skills.

Vividview have produced work for Digicel, Cable & Wireless, Banks Holdings, Woolworth and Samuel Jackman Prescod to name a few. At present the demand has been for television advertising and large screen presentations, however in their drive to further extend services, Vividview has recently added music video to their portfolio. When meeting the team behind Vividview, what stands out is the flair and innovation they bring to website development. This company uses web standards, compatible with a wide range of browsers, ensuring long term viability on

the internet. The duo prides itself on always creating original graphic designs, giving each site a unique identity as opposed to using generic templates. Vividview is known for its "exibility and creativity with the ability to devise the best possible design within the client's budget, giving them a unique, bold and progressive image. Contact Vividview by calling 426 3025 or emailing [email protected] Maybe it is time you take a look at the Vividview!!

A scene from Cole's Promotional Video, for more samples visit

Team Cole's holds retreat

One year departmental objectives were presented from each department: Sales, Finance, Digital and Variable Press, Shipping, Warehouse, Estimating, Pre Press, Post Press and Vividview.

Cole's held a strategic planning session at the BWU Labour College, St.Phillip. The objective of this session was to provide a candid and open forum for Team Coles to strategise and establish clear departmental and global objectives for the Printery. All departments were represented and each presented their strategic plan. In addition the team took the opportunity to reengineer it's mission statement to ensure that it was pertinent to the new direction and vision of Cole's. With a well de!ne and established plan Cole's Printery is now ready to serve it's clients with renewed energy and direction.

Cole's continues to Upgrade it's Equipment

Coles recently invested in new binding equipment known as the Bourg Binder and a larger format Stahl Folding Machine. The former provides perfect binding with the latest technology. It has the ability to bind from a 5 page booklet to a 500 page book. The Stahl Folder will improve the turnaround time for folding documents since it decreases the production time at this point of the printing process. The purchase of this equipment continues to be part of the strategic plan to decrease the production time and improve the quality of the !nal product to our valued clients. Fron left: Stephen Mahon, Ken Poletti and Michael Alleyne deep in concentration

Quotation tips

Here are some important tips to assist you with obtaining quotes. This information can greatly facilitate you in obtaining very close to accurate quotations. Remember to include: q Quantity: Number of copies required. q Colours: whether the product should be printed in one, two, three or four (full) colours. q Size of the job: remember to always quote your size by providing the width !rst and then the height . This is important for all jobs excluding envelopes. q Stock: type of paper ( there are three major types art, matt art and bond). q Weight: weight of the paper, Cole's CSR stand ready to assist you with selecting the perfect weight. As always our CSR team is ready to assist you where ever possible.

Ken Poletti (second from left) going through a training session with, from left: Stephen Mahon, Edward Kellman, Michael Alleyne and Ivor Cooke

Now you can request quotes like the pros#

Cole's 2006 Staff Awards

In keeping with its commitment to the development of their staff, Cole's has implemented a Quarterly Employee Awards Programme. According to Mr. Dalton Medford, General Manager of Cole's Printery, `the staff awards seek to recognise those employees who have given 110% but more importantly, to continue to motivate the team members while showing the company's appreciation of their dedication and commitment.

June Awardee Dave Forde (left)

June Awardee Cherry-Anne Blenman (left)

June Awardee Wayne Weekes (left)

September Awardee Devon Holder (right)

September Awardee Stephen Mahon (right)

September Awardee Elvis Roach (right)

December Awardee Devon Holder (right)

December Awardee Patrick Sealy (right)

Special Mention

Andre Cooke

Patrick Whitehead

December Awardee Elvis Roach (right)

December Awardee Roland Bridgeman (right)

Andre Cooke was specially mentioned for his overall work performance at the September Awards. Patrick Whitehead was specially mentioned for his work on the HP Indigo 1050 Digital Press at the December Awards.

The Training Imprint

An important part of attaining this objective is to always ensure members of the Coles team are exposed and trained in the use of this equipment. This continuous training is a mandate that Cole's takes very seriously. In November 2005 and January 2006 Coles sent two of it's team members Marville Alleyne of the Pre Press Department and Roland Bridgeman of the Press Department to complete a two week Operators Course on the Indigo Digital Press, at the Hewlett Packerd training facility, Idaho USA. The two week programme consisted of theory/classroom application in the morning and practical exercises in the afternoon, this was followed by review in the evening. The training concentrated on how to maintain, operate and troubleshooting of the machine. According to Roland, `the training was very interesting' and provided him with the information on how to operate this latest piece of the equipment. Both members noted that the classrooms were small and provided for a great deal of individual attention, which made the training more effective. The new Digital Press is an extremely versatile machine, which is perfect for short runs. Cole's congratulates both members for successfully completing the course and receiving Certi!cates of Participation.

Roland working the HP Indigo 1050 Digital Press.

Coles exposes two team members to training on the new digital press One of Cole's global key performance indicators as de!ned by James Cole, Managing Director, is to always implement state of the art equipment engineered by the latest information technology. This is driven by a corporate objective of continuous improvement of processes through ef!ciency and enhanced systems.

Intergraph does additional training

Further to the training received by Roland and Marville and due to the high demand in short run high quality print, Cole's Printery Ltd made the decision to invest in the training of another staff member, Patrick Whitehead of the Press Department , in the Operators Course for the HP Indigo 1050 Digital Press. Carlos Gomez of Intergraph Corp in Miami conducted this training at the Printery in July 2006. This one-on-one training proved to be a great success, and Patrick earned a `Special Mention' at the December Staff Awards for being the one responsible for Cole's Printery meeting our customer's short run needs during our busiest time of the year. We congratulate Patrick on his quick learning of the press and thank him for a job well done.

Carlos Gomez training Patrick Whitehead in the maintenance of the HP Indigo 1050 Digital Press

Imprinting a healthy life

Fatigue: When to rest, when to worry When is fatigue due simply to a hectic day? Fatigue can have many causes -- from lack of sleep to lack of exercise. But fatigue may also signal other health problems. Here are some tips on interpreting what causes fatigue and how to beat it. Some days you're so low on energy that you're drowsy by lunchtime and in need of a nap by mid afternoon. What's making you so tired all the time? Stress, poor eating habits, overwork, even medical treatments can wear you down. Maybe it's just a normal part of life. But sudden or persistent fatigue, despite adequate rest, may mean it's time for you to consult your doctor. Unrelenting exhaustion may be a sign of an underlying medical problem.

Whatever the cause, once you discover what's draining your energy, you can take steps to put the vitality back in your life.

Why so weary?

Taking a quick inventory of the things that might be responsible for your exhaustion is the !rst step toward relief. Fatigue can have a variety of lifestyle causes, including: § Lack of sleep. Getting even an hour less than the sound slumber you need each night can leave you drowsy and unable to manage your daily routine. You may not go to bed early enough. Or more likely, you go to bed but can't sleep well. As you get older, it becomes harder to get uninterrupted sleep. You sleep less soundly. You awaken earlier. Stress and anxiety. If you're running from one task to the next without a break, it's eventually going to wear you down. Going through life anxious and on edge can keep you from relaxing and getting the rest you need. Inactivity. You're too tired to exercise, so you don't. But then when §

you do exert yourself, you tire easily because you're out of shape. Engaging in moderate physical activity for a half-hour most days of the week may decrease stress, improve mood and leave you feeling energized. Don't schedule your activity too close to bedtime, though, or you might have trouble falling asleep. Eating habits. If you're not eating properly or drinking enough "uids, your body isn't getting the fuel and "uid it needs. Trying to remedy this with caffeine can back!re, especially if you consume it late in the day. Caffeine not only makes it harder to fall asleep, it also interferes with sound sleep and may keep you tossing and turning throughout the night. Certain medications. Some medications, including many beta blockers and antihistamines, can cause fatigue. In addition, some cold medications and pain relievers contain caffeine and other stimulants that can keep you up at night.




Breadfruit Roll with Fish Filling

Recipe Corner

· · Salt & pepper to taste 2 tbs. "our 1 tbs. Margarine ¼ cup milk · ·

Greetings to all those who celebrated a Birthday this quarter

INGREDIENTS: · · · · · · · · · · 1 large breadfruit 1 beaten egg 1 ½ teaspoon salt Water for steaming/ boiling Filling 1lb. Cooked "aked !sh 1 large onion 2 blades chive 1 celery stick (blade) 1 red & 1 green sweet pepper

METHOD / DIRECTIONS: Cook and crush breadfruit. Add beaten egg. Make into ball as pastry. Method for Filling: Melt margarine in pan, add chopped seasonings. Sauté for 2 minutes. Stir in "our, add milk and cook until smooth. Add !sh, adjust the "avor, and allow to cool. Roll out pastry 16 x 16 on waxpaper. Spread on !lling, reserving 1 inch at each side. Roll using the waxpaper as protection. Place on greased cookie sheet and brush with beaten egg. Bake until brown. Slice and serve.

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