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HIS 2123/IDS 2203 Fall 2010 Phone: 458-4672 Email: [email protected]

World Civilizations Beginning to 1500

Required Texts; Craig et. al. -- The Heritage of World Civilizations Mitchell--Gilgamesh Mulk Raj Anand--Untouchable Required Materials: 12 3x5 index cards Parscore Scantron Test Forms

Prof. Jennifer Dilley Office: HSS 4.05.16 Office Hours: MW 11-12, 1-2 (or by appt.)

Goals and Objectives: To enrich student knowledge about the development of human civilizations. To encourage students to develop their critical reading skills. To encourage students to develop their analytical skills. To enable students to: define key concepts in the study of civilization. identify major factors shaping the development of civilization. recognize causes and consequences of major changes in civilization. cite key examples of major societal trends and patterns. discriminate between causal factors of primary importance and secondary importance. This course satisfies the core curriculum requirement in Social and Behavioral Science, Section C, World Society and Issues. Evaluation: Four exams will be given each worth 20 points. · The exams will be given in class and will include multiple-choice questions from both the readings and in class lecture. · The lowest exam grade will be dropped. (Use this option wisely!) · Cheating in any form will result in an "F" for the exam. A second instance will result in an "F" for the course. Just don't do it!

Two 2 page writing responses will be assigned, each worth 15 points. · These short essays, no more than one double-spaced typed page, will be a response to a question given one week before the essays due date. · This will be due in class on the date indicated on the class schedule. 1

· Cheating on this assignment will result in an "F" for the assignment and the professor will be required to report the plagiarism to the University office of judicial affairs. Plagiarism ­ the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work. Twelve in class quizzes will be given and will be worth a total of 10 points. · These one question quizzes will be randomly given throughout the semester, using the 3x5 cards. · There will be twelve opportunities to acquire these points, with a possible final score of 10. · If you attend class regularly, these should be easy points.

Points Possible Exams 60 pts. Essays 30 pts. Quizzes 10 pts. Total 100pts. Class Schedule Date Aug



Reading W 25 F 27 M 30 W1 F3 M6 W8 F 10 M 13 W 15 F 17 M 20 W 22 F 24 M 27 W 29 F1 M4 W6


Introduction Prehistory Paleolithic Society Neolithic Society Mesopotamia Labor Day Mesopotamia Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt Harrapan Society Harrapan Society Ancient China Ancient China Exam #1 Unification of China Qin and Han Dyansties Qin and Han Indian Society Caste System 2


Gilgamesh 12-18 18-24 24-27 36-68 Ch 7 39-44




UTSA Policies and Announcements The History Department Office is located in HSS 4.04.06 and is open M-F 8-5. Dr. Greg Michel is the Department Chair. Ms. Cheryl Tuttle serves as Administrative Associate aided by Administrative Assistants Andrea Trease and James Vogtborg; all are available at 458-4033/4333 or at [email protected] and will be happy to tell you more about the programs and to answer your questions. See our Department Website at: For IDS and Education majors, please direct inquiries to the Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching in the College of Education and Human Development. Mr. Carlos Guerrero ([email protected]; 458-4900) at the COLFA Advising Center is the undergraduate student advisor, and he can assist you in selecting courses and planning your course of study. Academic Skills: Contact the Tomas Rivera Center for Student Success, UC 1.01.02, 458-4694 for help with writing & study skills.


F8 M 11 W 13 F 15 M 18 W 20 F 22 M 25 blackboard W 27 F 29 M1 W3 F5 M8 W 10 F 12 M 15 W 17 F 19 M 22 W 24 F 26 M 29 W1 F3 M6 T7

The Life of Buddha Buddhism The Greek Mediterranean Hellinistic world The Roman Mediterranean more Rome Exam #2 The Silk Road Silk Road The Islamic World Return of China China Change for India Hinduism Hinduism Exam #3 The Byzantine Empire Orthodox Christianity Western Christian Society The Middle Ages Feudal society Thanksgiving Holidays Long Distance Trade Europe Recovers Europe Recovers Study Day Study Day Exam #4

Ch 3 Ch 6 Ch 11 Ch 8

253-261 Untouchable 289-297 298-311 Ch 16


Students with Disabilities: Support Services, including registration assistance and equipment, are available to students with documented disabilities through the Office of Disability Services (ODS) M.S. 2.03.18. Students are encouraged to contact that office at 458-4157 prior to starting classes to make arrangements. Excused Absences: Students are to be excused without penalty in order to participate in official University sanctioned activities. Please notify instructor in advance of participating in such activities. Students who wish to observe a religious holiday may be excused for class, as long as instructor is informed in advance. Reporting of Grades: Neither the instructor nor any the office staff is allowed to report your grades by telephone or by email. Please do not request us to do this - your request will be denied. In attempting to resolve any student grievance regarding grades or evaluations, it is the student's obligation first to make a serious effort to resolve the matter with the faculty member with whom the grievance originated. Individual faculty members retain primary responsibility for assigning grades & evaluations. Plagiarism: Academic dishonesty includes all forms of cheating and plagiarism and will not be tolerated. Violations of this rule will be reported to the Department Chair and appropriate action will be taken. 'Plagiarism' includes, but is not limited to, the appropriation, buying, receiving as a gift, or obtaining by any means another's work and the submission of it as one's own academic work offered for credit. *Please note: Despite my best efforts to remain on schedule, circumstances may call for an adjustment. The exam dates are therefore subject to change at the professor's discretion.* Automatic W grade (last day to drop an individual class with an automatic W) Wednesday, December 1, 2010 All students must have received at least one grade prior to their applicable auto W deadline




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