Dr. Narendra Dhakad

Dr. Narendra Dhakad

Present Address:

Principal, Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore M. P. Mob: 9826044555






OFFICE ADDRESS (With Designation)

PRINCIPAL Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore Tel No:(O) : 0731 - 2464074 (R) : 0731 - 4035744 (Fax) : 0731 - 2446806 (M) : 98260 - 44555



296, Tilak Nagar INDORE. PIN Code : 452001 Tel No. : (0731) 4035744 Fax No. : (0731) 2491326 25th JULY, 1950




ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: M.Sc. 1971 - Indore University, Indore, 1st Division & 1st Position. Ph.D. 1975 - Indore University, Indore


SCHOLARSHIP: Research fellowship from UGC, New Delhi (1972-75).





EXPERIENCE: (i) (ii) (iii) Teaching UG & PG Classes Research & other Academic Work Administrator as HOD & Principal 35 years 35 years 20 years


POSITION HELD IN HIGHER EDUCATION DEPT. (M.P.): OFFICE Govt. P.G. College, MHOW. (M.P.) HolkarScience College, INDORE. (M.P.) Govt. Girls P.G. College, Moti Tabela, INDORE. (M.P.) (1) Govt. Sanskrit College, INDORE. (M.P.) (2) Govt. Holkar Sci. College, INDORE. (M.P.) (1) Govt. Holkar Sc. College, INDORE. (M.P.) (2) Govt. PG College, MHOW (3) Govt Holkar Sc.College Indore (M.P.) PERIOD 1974 to 1984 1984 to 1986 1986 to 1996 1996 to 2000 June 2000 to 27/06/03 28/06/03 to 19/02/05 28/04/05 to 10/07/06 11/07/06 to continue NATURE OF JOB Teaching P.G. and U.G. classes, research and other academic work. Teaching P.G. and U.G. Classes, Research & other academic work. Teaching U.G., P.G. Research & other academic work. Administration, research & other academic work. Administration, Teaching, research & other academic work. Administration, teaching research work & other academic work. Administration, teaching research work & other academic work. research work & other academic work.

DESIGNATION Asst. Professor Asst. Professor Professor & Head PRINCIPAL P.G. PRINCIPAL

Foreign Visit : York,New

France,United States Of America-New Jersey,Atalnta,Florida,San Francisco, Dallas, Nepal, Stanford University,Washington,California to observ their Academic status and Environment friendly activity.



1. 2. 3.

Chairman: Board of Studies in Zoology, DAVV, Indore (1990-93). Chairman: Education Committee, Lions Club of Indore East. (1984-93). Resource person in the production UGC - CWCR video program entitled as " Exo - Skeleton in Amniots" . This program was awarded as " The Best Program in Science Category" in the UGC - CEC video competition 1992. Member: Board of Directorate, Research Committee. Kunda Kunda Gyanpeeth Indore. (2003-04). Member: Education Committee. Tilak Nagar Higher Secondary School & Bal Mandir, Indore. (2002-03) Member: Advisory Board of Universal Academy (1997-98). Member: M.P. Vigyan Sabha. (1991-92). Member: Advisory Committee of Zoology, M.P. Hindi Granth Academy, Bhopal (1991-92). Member: B.Sc. II year unified syllabus-framing committee (1992). Member: Board of Studies in Zoology, DAVV, Indore (1997-99). Member: Board of Secondary Education, Science Cell. Member: SENET, DAVV, Indore (1993-96). Member: State UGC for Zoology Section (1992-93). Member: Board of Studies in Zoology, Holkar Science College, Indore (1993-95). Member: Research Board of Advisor. The American Biographical Institute, USA (2003-04). Supervisor: M.P.Cost. Project, Bhopal. Treasurer: Journal of Hydrobiology (1994). Subject Expert: Teacher Selection Board, ILVA Higher Secondary



6. 7. 8.

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.


16. 17. 18.

School, Indore (2002) 19. Subject Expert in PSC: For the selection of -Assistant Director Fisheries, Assistant Director Sericulture, Assistant Professor of Zoology

11. 1.

ADMINISTRATIVE ACHIEVEMENTS: Member: Peer Team of NACC for various Colleges (2002-03). Visited following colleges for accreditation. a. Late Karmveer Dr. P.R. Ghogrey Science College Dhule (M.H.) (6-7 Aug. 2003). b. Maharana Prata College (For Women) Mandi Dabweli Dis. Sirsa (Haryana) (12-13 March- 2003). c. Govt. National College, Sirsa (Haryana) (10-11 March -2003). d. S.D. Patil Alias Baburao Art & Commerce College, Dist. Dhule (M.H.) (09-08-2003). e. Late M.D. Sisode Science College, Shindkhhedi Dist. Dhule (M.H.) 09-08-2003. f. Vaish P.G. College, Bhiwani, (Haryana). 2. Member: Task force of MCA - from VPM - (2003-04). Inspected following institutions as a member of TaskForce. a. Vaishnav Inst. of Management Indore. b. Pioneer Inst. of Professional Studies, Indore. c. Sri Sat Sai Inst. of Technology, Ratlam. d. Maharana Ranjeet Singh College, Indore. 3. President: Inspecting Team constructed for the inspection of 14 NonGovernment College for re-affiliation. (2000). Member: Inspection Team of Examination of DAVV, Indore. (1994). Member: Elected Court Member of DAVV, Indore (1993).

4. 5. 6.

lnL;% lykgdkj lfefr & O;kolkf;d ekxZn"kZu ,oa izfr;ksxh ijh{kk rS;kjh ns-v-fo-fo-] bankSjA


lnL;% dSfj;j & ,MokalesaV ;kstuk ds varxZr f"k{kdksa dks izoj osrueku nsus fo"k;d mPpLrjh; lfefr ns-v-fo-fo- bankSjA ¼2001½ lnL;% fo|kifj"kn ns-v-fo-fo-] bankSjA ¼2001½ lnL;% fo|kifj"kn egkfo|ky;] [k.MokA uhyd.Bs"oj Lo"kklh LukrdksRrj Lo"kklh

8. 9.


Member: Governing Body of Priydarshni College, Indore (2003).

12. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

SOCIAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Director: Lions Club of Indore East (1994-95). Director: Education Committee, Lion Club, Indore East. (1994-96). President: Lions Club, Indore East, (1990-2000 & 2000-2001). Vice President: Lions Club, Indore, (1997). Vice President: International Cultural Association. Secretary: Lions Club, Indore (1996). Convener: Regional Meet, Lions Club International. District - 323-G (200001). Organizer: Blood donation Camp for M.Y. Hospital, Indore (17-Oct-01). Member: Advisory Board of Marriage Bureau. Arihant Jain Shwetamber Marriage Bureau (1994). Executive Member: Jain Social Group (Main), Indore (1994-96 & 199698). Honorary Member: Cancer Care Trust, Indore. Executive Member: Shree Vardhamann Sthanakvasi Jain Oswal Sangh. AWARDS/HONOURS: 1. Dr. B.S. Gogte Memorial Gold Medal for First Position in M.Sc. DAVV, Indore. 2. Letter of appreciation for best working from Commissioner Higher

8. 9.


11. 12. 13.

Education MP government Bhopal 3. Awarded Best Science Program in UGC - CEC video Competition 1992 for film "Exoskeleton in Amniots" (Dr. Dhakad was resource person for this film.) Best Lion / Lion of the year Award (1992-93 and 1993 - 94) Gold Platted Medal and Commendation certificate for successful organization of 14th Annual session of the Academy of the Environmental Biology, (1993).

4. 5.


f"k{kd lEeku % v"kkldh; f"k{k.k lsok la?k] bankSj }kjk lEekfur ¼30 vxLr 2002½

Shiksha Ratna Puraskar , India International Friendship Society, New Delhi. (2002). International Man of the year from American Biographical Institute, USA (1997). Inclusion of name in who's who of Intellectuals, IBC; USA (1996). Member - ABI Board of Editors for 9th edition of International directory of distinguished leadership. Nominated for 2000 millennium medal from ABI, USA.



9. 10.

11. 14.

RESEARCH SEMINAR & WORKSHOPS: (i) As Convener: National Seminar on `Recent Advances in Hydrobiology' (1st to 3rd Oct., 1990) at Govt. Girls P.G. College, Indore. This seminar was sponsored by M.P. Council of Science and Technology, Bhopal, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi and Dept. of Environment, New Delhi. (ii) As Organizing Secretary: 14th Annual Session of The `Academy of environmental Biology' (Nov. 7-9, 1993) and `Symposium on Toxicity Evaluation in Bio-system' at Govt. Girls P.G. College, Indore, Sponsored by DST, New Delhi. (iii) As Member of Organizing Committee: All India Seminar on `Effect of Pesticides on Aquatic Fauna' at Govt. P.G. College, Mhow. (June 18-22,1983). This seminar was sponsored by UGC, New Delhi. (iv) As member of Advisory Board: National Seminar on `The Fresh Water Ecosystem in and Around Urban Area Its Management and

Aquaculture in New Millennium' (13th & 14th April, 2001) at Govt. P.G. Coll., Khargone, Sponsored by UGC (V) As Patron: Workshop on `Hematological Tests and Experiments' (28 to 30 Nov. 2002). Sponsored by MPCST, Bhopal. (VI) As Patron: Workshop on `Estimation of DNA & RNA' for school students (23rd January 2004) (VII) As Working Committee Member: Seminar on `Country First - Nation Above Everything' (1st February 2004). Sponsored by Association for self help action (President Smt. Asha Vijayvargiya) 15. Indore (ii) Indore (iii) Indore (iv) Indore (v) Indore (vi) Indore (vii) Indore (viii) Smt. Sanchita Shrivastava Indore (xi) Indore Smt. Anita Solanki - Registered for Ph.D. degree from DAVV, - Registered for Ph.D. degree from DAVV, Smt. P.Chaudhary - Awarded Ph.D. degree from DAVV, Smt. Daljeet Kaur Chhabra - Awarded Ph.D. degree from DAVV, C.S. Shrivastava - Awarded Ph.D. degree from DAVV, Smt. S. Shrivastava - Awarded Ph.D. degree from DAVV, S.B. Singh - Awarded Ph.D. degree from DAVV, P. Apte - Awarded Ph.D. degree from DAVV, RESEARCH GUIDE FOR Ph.D.: (i) R.K. Dave - Awarded Ph.D. degree from DAVV,


RESEARCH SEMINARS ATTENDED FOR PAPER PRESENTATION: 1. Indian Science Congress (Jan. 3-10, 1973) at College of Science and Technology, Univ. of Calcutta, Calcutta (WB). 2. All India Seminar on `Effect of Pesticides on Aquatic Fauna' at Govt. P.G. College, Mhow (18 June to 22 June, 1983), Sponsored by UGC.


`Seminar on New Trends in Journalism and Mass Communication' (21-March-88). Organized by DAVV, Indore. `International Symposium on Environment Impact on Bio-system' (13th - 17th Dec, 1989) at Loyale College, Madras. `Rural Landscape in Madhya Pradesh' (24th & 25th April, 1989) at Govt. P.G. College, Indore. Sponsored by MPCOST. `Symposium on Modern Trends in Population Research and Studies' (10th & 11th April, 1990) at Govt. Model Science College, Jabalpur, Sponsored by MPCOST. National Seminar on `Consequences of Environmental Degradation in India' at Dr. Baha Sahib Ambedkar National Institute Of Social Science, Mhow (3rd to 4th April, 1990). National Seminar on `Recent Advances in Hydrobiology' at Govt. Girls P.G. College, Indore (23rd to 25th Oct., 1990), Sponsored by MPCST & ICAR. 78th Session of Indian Science Congress at DAVV, Indore (3rd to 8th Jan, 1991). National Seminar on `Modern Trends of Research in Zoology' at Govt. P.G. College, Jhabua, (21st & 22nd Jan. 1995), Sponsored by Dept. of Higher Education M.P. Govt. Bhopal National Seminar on `The Fresh Water Ecosystem in And Around Urban Areas Its Management and Aquaculture In New Millennium' (13th to 14th April, 2001) at Govt. P.G. College, Khargone, Sponsored by U.G.C. National Seminar on `Environmental Pollution and Fishery Management' at Vikaram University Ujjain, (Aug 07 - 10, 2002), Sponsored by MPCST, Ministry of Agriculture Govt. India, UGC, and M.P. Pollution Board, Bhopal. National seminar on `Environmental Toxicology' (12,13 Jan-2002) at Govt. Narmada P.G. College, Hoshangabad (M.P.), sponsored by UGC.












FELLOW/MEMBER OF SCIENTIFIC / RESEARCH ORGANIZATION: 1. Life Fellow: The Academy of Environmental Biology, India (FAEP).

2. 3. 18.

Life Member: Indian Science Congress, Calcutta. Life Member: Ichthyological Society of India, Chennai.

RESEARCH BOOKLET EDITED: (i) Abstract booklet of National Seminar on Recent Advances in Hydrobiology. Sponsored by MPCST, Bhopal; ICAR, New Delhi and Dept. of Env. New Delhi (1990). Abstract booklet of Symposium & BRPM competition on Toxicity evaluation in Bio system. Sponsored by DST, New Delhi (1993).



OTHER ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS (AUTHOR OF FOLLOWING REFERENCE BOOKS ON ZOOLOGY): (1) Recent Advances in Embryology Delhi (2) Recent Advances in Embryology Delhi (3) Recent Advances in Embryology Delhi (4) Recent Advances in Embryology Delhi (5) Recent Advances in Embryology Delhi (6) Vol. 1 (1994) Anmol Pub.

Vol. 2 (1994) Anmol Pub.

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Recent Advances in Developmental Biology Vol.1(1995) Delhi Recent Advances in Developmental Biology Vol.2(1995) Delhi Recent Advances in Developmental Biology Vol.3(1995) Delhi Recent Advances in Developmental Biology Vol.4(1995) Delhi Recent Advances in Developmental Biology Vol.5(1995) Delhi
















Recent Advances in Developmental Biology Vol.6(1995) Delhi Recent Advances in Developmental Biology Vol.7(1995) Delhi Recent Advances in Developmental Biology Vol.8(1995) Delhi Recent Advances in Developmental Biology Vol.9(1995)









(14) Delhi 20.



RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS: (A) In Reference Books: (1) 1997 Seasonal variation in secchi disc transparency of Perinnial pond water at surface (kalika pond, Dhar, M.P.) Modern Trends of Research in Zoology (E - in - c Dr. M.M. Prakash). RBSA Publisher, Jaipur. Page - 220 - 223 Zooplankton composition, abundance and dynamics in a lentic habitat (kalika pond). Advances in fish and wild life Ecology and Biology vol. I (Ed. B.L. Kaul). Daya Publication House, New Delhi. Page 98 - 118. Seasonal trends in abiotic factors in a lentic habitat (kalika pond, Dhar). Limnological Research in India (Ed. S.R. Mishra). Daya Publishing house, New Delhi. Page 159 - 171. Phytoplankton composition, Abundance and Dynamics in a lentic water body of Dhar. Ecology and conservation of Lakes Reservoirs & River (Ed. A. Kumar). The ABD Publisher, Jaipur. Page 459-488

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(B) In National and International Journals: (5) 1974 (6) 1976 Observation on Spongilla alba, Indian science Congress Contribution to the morphological and biological studies of Carvospongilla (ANNADALE)- 1st International Congress of systematic and evolutionary biology, University of Coloraodo, Boulder, U.S.A. A report of the sponge Carvospongilla lapidosa from Yashwant Sagar tank, Indore. M.P.Vigyan Academy, Fifth Annual Session,

(7) 1976

Page 21 (8) 1979 On a new species of the genus Turhospongilla (Demospongiae: Spongillidae) from Indian water. Ann- Numb Nat. Academy Science,Indore Page 109 The Socio-economic Problems of Tribal Fishermen of Malwa and Nimar region with some of the anti pollution ways to solve it. Fifth All India Seminar on Ichthyology.Page 46(96). Studies of water quality monitoring with fresh water Ectoprocta as indicator organism. Prospective in Hydrobiology, Sec. III (21), 99-117 Acute toxicity of two newly formulated Agrrochemicals to eggs & early life history stages of Cyprinus carpio (L). Perspectives in Hydrobiology(Eds. K.S.Rao & S.Shrivastava) Sec.III (17), 81-85. Fish Culture in Madhya Pradesh and its impact on Socio-economic National Congress on changing pattern of Rural landscape in Madhya Pradesh, Page 44 Effect of Ascorbic acid in control of white falling hairs. Journal Environmental Biology 8-24. Effect of Chromium chloride on behavior and morphology of fresh water teleost Hetropneustes fossilis (Bloch). Recent Advances in Hydrobiology Education,12 ,113-118. Quantitative estimation & Effect of organochloride insecticides on reproductive organs of teleost. Journal of Hydrobiology. Effect of pollution on Aquatic fauna of Khan river. a Recent Advances in Hydrobiology(Ed. K.S.Rao) 17, 104-112' Effect of Aldrin on the renal histology of Rasbora daniconius, Abast. Nat.Sem. on Rec .Adv. in Hydro., Page 36. Analysis of pesticide residues from water samples in Indore region by Gas Chromatography, Abast. Nat.Sem. on Red.Adv. in Hydro., Page 60. Report on small collection of sponges from Indore District Abst. All India Conf. On Rec. Adv. in Appl. Zool. Page 41.

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Descriptive account of fresh water sponges available in Yashwant Sagar reservoir, Indore. Abst. All India Conf. On Rec. Adv. in Appl. Zool. Page 42.

(21) 1993

Soil study of a perennial pond (Kalika) at Dhar(M.P.), Journal of Hydrobiology .

(22) 1993

Depletion of protein content in liver of Hetropneustes fossilis induced by insecticides. Proc. 14th Annual Session Acad. Environmental Biology, 148. Page 144.

(23) 1994

Efficiency and Economics of modern insecticides for the control of Linseed Budfly ( Dasyneura lim Barnes ).

(24) 1995

Seasonal variation in viscosity of a perinnial pond water at surface (Kalika pond, Dhar District,M.P.). Abst. Nat.Sem. on Mod. Tren. Of Res . in Zool.,33, Page 20.

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(28) 2001

fljiqj i{kh vH;kj.k ;kstuk & ,d vkdyu Abst. In Nat. Sem. On fresh water Ecos. In and Around area its Mang. And Aqua. In new Millennium, page 77.



xzkeh.k {ks= esa iznw"k.k dh leL;k] i;kZoj.k MkbtsLV] twu] 2002A


D;ksa t:jh tSo fofo/krk dk laj{k.k & nSfud tulRrk ubZfnYyh( pkSFkk lalkj] bankSj( nSfud tyrs nhi tks/kiqj( jkaph ,Dlizsl( nSfud psruk jryke( ns"k ca/kq jk;iqj( dkfrZd VkbZe tcyiqj( nSfud tuekspZ QStkckn( nSfud ve`r izHkkr bykgkckn( jktLFkku Vkbe vyoj esa izdkf"krA


RADIO TALKS: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

IykfLVd ,d cM+k iznw"k.k gok esa /kq,¡ dk nq"izHkko c<+rk iznw"k.k & ftEesnkj dkSu

& 29-01-98 & 19-11-98 & 20-07-2000

xzkeh.k {ks= esa iznw"k.k dh leL;k & 29-11-2001

23. (1)

GUEST LECTURES : Delivered a guest lecture on `Seed Technology in Fisheries' at School of studies in Zoology Vikram University, Ujjain. During refresher course (21Aug-1996).


Lecture on Biodiversity at seminar of `Biodiversity of Plants & Animals' in M.P. at Old GDC, Indore. Sponsored by peoples for animal Chapter, Bhopal. (10-Jan-02).


Key note address in UGC sponsored `National Research Seminar on Toxicology' at Narmada P.G. College, Hoshangabad (28-Feb-01).


`Instant reaction on Budget 2001' organized by FreePress (28-Feb-2001).


Participated in the group discussion on `Education Scenario in Indore' at Indore Gaurav Maha Utsav Organized by Institute of Management Studies, DAVV, Indore. (23-Dec-02).




Short term course on cost control in industries (13-march- to 23-march 1978). This courses was organized by small industries service Institute (Govt. of India ) and Indore Productivity Council, Indore.


e-iz- f'k{kk vuqnku vk;ksx rFkk nsoh vfgY;k fo"ofo|ky; ds l;qDr rRok/kku esa vk;ksftr ,dh-r ikB~;Øe ch-,l&lh Hkkx nks] izkf.k"kkL= dk iwokZfHkeq[khdj.k dk;ZØe ¼1-12-87 ls 5-12-87½A egkfo|ky;hu izkpk;ksZ dk mUeq[khdj.k izf"k{k.k dk;ZØe ¼13-1-1997 ls 25-1-1997½ ;g izf"k{k.k iz"kklu vdkneh e-iz- }kjk vk;ksftr fd;k x;kA iz"kklu vdkneh e-iz-Hkksiky }kjk vk;ksftr foRrh; izca/ku izf"k{k.k dk;ZØe ¼1-6-1998 ls 6-6-1998½ oSKkfud rFkk 'kCnkoyh vk;ksx] ekuo lalk/ku fodkl ea=ky;] ubZ fnYyh }kjk izkf.kdh fo"k; dh 'kCnkoyh dk;Z'kkyk ¼15-02-1990 ls 20-021990½ n{krk fodkl izf"k{k.k dk;ZØe ¼01-10-01 ls 12-10-01½ iz"kklu vdkneh e-iz- Hkksiky }kjk v;ksftrA

Teachers Training programme in Entrepreneurship (2-Aug to 14-Aug, 1995) Sponsored by CEDMAP and DST, Govt. of India at Indore.







National Seminar - cum - workshop on Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Assessment and Accredition of College (24th to 25th November 2001). Organized by NAAC & UGC, Bhopal at Sarojini Naidu Girls P.G. College, Bhopal.


State level seminar -cum-workshop on Examination Reforms. Sponsored by Dept. of Higher Education Bhopal ( 27th to 28th Feb, 2003) at Sarojani Naidu Govt. P.G. Girls College, Bhopal.


National Conference on Autonomy to college and colleges for potential excellence (11 - 13 Sept. 2003) held at Hyderabad. Sponsored by UGC,

New Delhi. 12. Distance Education: Course on Distance Education Method in June - July 2004-2005





1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Govt. Girls P.G. College, Indore. M.P.C.S.T. Bhopal. Govt. Girls P.G. College, Indore Govt. Girls P.G. College, Indore Govt. Girls P.G. College, Indore Devi Ahilya University, Indore Govt. College, Dewas Holkar Science College, Indore P.M.B. Gujrati Science College, Indore P.M.B. Gujrati Science College, Indore Government of M.P. Bal Vigyan, Choithram School, Indore Teachers Selection Board Public Service Commission, Indore

Asst. Professor Technical Astt. for Project. Typist Laboratory Technician. Laboratory Assistant. Candidates for Ph.D. & D.Sc. Candidate for M.Phil. Candidate for M.Phil. Candidate for Ph.D. Candidate Class IV. Teachers for Higher Secondary School. School Students Ilva Higher Secondary School, Indore Asst. Director Fisheries

1990 1990 1989 1990 1989 to 1991 1990 1991 1990 to 1993 1990 1992 1994 1997 1996 1993 2002 2003

In charge. Convener. Member. Member. Member. Chairman. Subject Expert. Subject Expert. Subject Expert. Govt. Nominee. Subject Expert. (Selection Committee). Judge. Subject Expert. Subject Expert.


EXAMINATIONS: 1. Over all in-charge Examinations. of Autonomous Holkar Science College


Center Superintendent of Vyapam (Bhpoal). exam for : a. Pre - PG Exam 25 January 2004 b. PET 15-16 May 2003 c. PMT 14 May 2003 d. GNTST 26 June 2001 Coordinator of Vyapam (Bhpoal). exam for : a. Pre - B.Ed Exam 15 Febraury 2004 b. Pre - MCA Exam 22 Febraury 2004 c. MET Febraury 2004 d. Pre MCA Exam 19 January 2003 e. MPMJET 19 January 2003 Presiding Officer for : IIT - JEE 18 April 2004 IIT - GATE 8 February 2004 IIT - JMET 14 December 2003 IIT - GATE 9 February 2003 Superintendent M.P.P.S.C. Exam, Indore 27 July 2003 Superintendent Aeronautical Society of India, Exam 09 to 18 December - 2003 Superintendent International Institute of Professional Studies, D.A.V.V, Indore 10 June 2001 Superintendent Symbiosis, Pune, Exam 1 September 2003. Supervisor Staff Selection Commission Examination, New Delhi. a. 8 February 2004 b. 7 September 2003 c. 11 May 2003 Valuer of Ph.D. Thesis, Rajasthan University, Jaipur. Valuer of M.Phill thesis, Vikram University, Ujjain. Valuer of P.S.C. Exam.


3. a. b. c. d. 4. 5.


7. 8.

9. 10. 11.


Setter and Valuer of Under Graduate and Post Graduate Theory & Practical Examination of Following Universities. a. Jiwaji University, Gwalior. b. Harisingh Gaur Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar. c. Awadesh Pratab Singh University, Rewa. d. Vikram University, Ujjain. e. Ravi Shankar Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur.


SPORTS: 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain Kabbadi Team Holkar Science College, Indore. Captain of Kho-Kho Team Holkar Science College, Indore President Ball Badminton Association, Indore Member Selection Committee, DAVV Women Kabbadi Team . (200102). Observer Divisional Kabbadi Tournament of DAVV & Higher Education, (1999-00). Member of Organizing Committee of Various State, Division & Districts level tournament of DAVV & Higher Education Department. Organized Various State / Division & Districts level tournaments of DAVV & Higher Education Department.





College Development - Achievements and works: (A)

'kkldh; laL-r egkfo|ky; ds izkpk;Z ds :i esa & LukrdksÙkj Lrj ij laL-r lkfgR; dk ikB~;Øe izkjEHk djok;kA egkfo|ky; Hkou vkSj Nk=kokl dk iqjujks)kj djok;kA ckm.Mªhoky dkUÝsl gkWy vkSj LVst dk fuekZ.k djok;kA fo'ofo|ky; vUkqnkUk vk;ksx ls egkfo|ky; ds fodkl vkSj xzaFkky; ds fy;s 7 yk[k :- dk vuqnku izkIr fd;kA gksydj foKku egkfo|ky; ds izkpk;Z ds :i esa &



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vof/k esa esjs }kjk fd;s x;s dk;Z ,oe~ miyfC/k;ksa dks ,d fo|kFkhZ dh viuh ekr`laLFkk ds izfr -rKrk Kkfir djus ds iz;klksa ds :i esa fy;k tkuk pkfg,A f'k{k.k laLFkkvksa dh dhfrZxkFkk & mldh 'kS{kf.kd xq.koÙkk gksrh gS vkSj HkkSfrd lqfo/kkvksa dk i;kZoj.k mleas lgk;d gksrk gSA bu pkj o"kksZa esa eSaus bl iqjkru laLFkk ds xkSjo dks iqu% LFkkfir djus ds fy;s& nksuksa Lrjksa ij dk;Z djus dk y{; fu/kkZfjr fd;k vkSj mlesa eq>s lQyrk;sa feyhA

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crop protection, Biocides utility, fish culture, water testing vkfn dks

ck;ksfo'k;ksa dh

Agriculture oriented experiments - soil testing, seed testing,


djukA i- iz;ksx"kkykvksa dks gkbZVsd cukuk A Q- leLr ikB~;dzeksa dks jkstxkj mueq[kh cukukA Hk- Lukrd Lrj ij i<k;s tkus okys fo'k;ksa esa LukrdksRrj Lrj dh f"k{kk izkajHk djukA

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2 vIykbZM "kks/k dk;Z ds fy;s f"k{kdksa dkss izksRlkfgr djukA 3 jk'Vz~h; Lrj ds "kks/k tuZy dks gksydj foKku egkfo|ky; ls izdkf"kr djukA 4 egkfo|ky; esa ty dh deh dks nwj djus ds fy;s ty laj{k.k

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5 vkfnoklh {ks= (/kkj >kcqvk] vfyjktiqj vkfn) ds [email protected] ds ds {ks= esa fodkl ds fy;s muls thfor laidZ dh ;kstuk dk izk:i 6 vkfnoklh [email protected]=kvksa ds f"k{kk ds Lrj dks mBkus ds fy;s ;kstuk lH;rk ,oa laLd`fr (ukp xku] vkfn) ls egkfo+|ky; ds [email protected]=kvksa dks mudh laLd`fr ls ifjfpr djokus dh ;kstukA 7 egkfo|ky; ds LukrdksRrj [email protected]=kvksa dks o'kZ esa ,d ;k nks ckj vkfnoklh {ks= esa Hkstdj foKku ds {ks= esa gks jgh miyfC/;kW] d`f'k ,oa LokLFk ds {ks= esa mudk ;ksxnku lqfuf"pr djukA



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