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UC Riverside is widely recognized as one of the most diverse research universities in the nation. Our multicultural and diverse student body contributes to learning by broadening the exchange of ideas. UCR is on the leading edge of pioneering research that affects Californians. UCR provides all of the benefits of a large university with the intimate feel of a much smaller college.

Student Characteristics (Fall 2007) TOTAL NUMBER OF STUDENTS

Student Level and Enrollment Status



Undergraduate Success & Progress Rate

The Fall 2001 entering class shown in the graph below includes 3,235 FirstTime Freshmen and 783 First-Time Transfer Students.

Graduated from UCR Still Enrolled at UCR Enrolled at Another College


Parttime Fulltime

Status of First-time Freshmen Students Starting in Fall 2001 Six Years Later Status of First-time Transfer Students Starting in Fall 2001 Four Years Later


14,556 2,177

Undergraduate Graduate/Professional 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 37 93%


Total Number of Undergraduate Students Gender Women Men Number 7,816 7,157 14,973 Percent 52% 48%

A 92% six-year success and progress rate means that 92% of students starting in 2001 either graduated or still enrolled at UCR, or enrolled at another college or university.

Average Ti Time t D to Degree A

First-Time Freshmen Entering in Fall 2001

Average time to earn a Bachelor's Degree is 4.4 Years

Transfer Students Entering in Fall 2003

Average time to earn a Bachelor's Degree is 2.4 Years

Race/Ethnicity (US Citizens and Immigrants) African American / Black 1,107 American Indian / Alaskan Native 55 Asian / Pacific Islander 6,225 Hispanic 3,839 White 2,653 International 273 Race/Ethnicity Unknown 539 Geographic Distribution California Other US Other Countries

8% < 1% 42% 26% 18% 2% 4%

56.6% in Four Years 35.7% in Five Years

59.8% in Four Years 32.7% in Five Years

14,818 89 66

98% 1% 1%

7.7% in Six Years

7.5% in Six Years

Retention Rates of New Freshmen and Transfer Students

Fall 2006 Entering Class

Age Average Age Percent of Undergraduates Age 25 or Older

21 5%

Freshmen Transfers 0% 20% 40% 60%

83% 85% 80% 100%

University of California, Riverside Portrait

UC Riverside's College Portrait provides potential students and their parents with a wide range of information about UCR. Modeled on the current national standards, UC Riverside's Portrait is presented in a similar format to make it easier to compare colleges and universities. The UC Riverside College Portrait also serves as a gateway to the many UC Riverside Web sites so even more information can be obtained about the campus.

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University of California, Riverside Costs of Attendance and Financial Aid

Typical Undergraduate Cost per Year

without Financial Aid

(Full-Time, In-State Students Living On Campus)

Page 2


Undergraduate Admissions

Fall 2007 Applicants, Admits and Enrollees

20,126 16,592


Applied Admitted Enrolled


Tuition & Fees $8,521* Other Fees 4,700**


3,537 862

Room and Board (on-campus) $10,850 New Freshmen

200809 Total is $24,071 For more details on cost of attendance, CLICK HERE

* Includes health insurance of $675 that may be waived ** Books, transit, etc.

New Transfer Students

Tests Required for Admission: SAT or ACT

Middle 50% of

Click Here to get an estimate of your future UCR financial aid

Financial Aid Awarded to Undergraduates

Overall Financial Aid (2007-08) Overall Financial Aid (2007-08) 73% of UCR undergraduates ( ) · During the 2007 08 academic year 2007-08 year, · During the 2007-08 academic year, 73% of UCR's received financial aid (including student and parent loans); average undergraduates received financial aid (including student award was $14,233.

Financial Aid Awarded to Undergraduates

Entering New Freshmen Math SAT Scores Critical Reading SAT Scores Writing SAT Scores

SAT Score Range

470-610 450-560 450-560

% f Middle 50% of H.S. GPA Range

and parent loans); the average award was $14,233.

Need-Based2007 UCR undergraduates received need-based Grants and Scholarships* (2007-08) · 57% of Fall · 57% of UCR undergraduates received need-based scholarships or grant aid; average award was $10,306. scholarships or grant aid; average award was $10,306. Undergraduate class size range · 44% of UCR undergraduates received Federal Pell Grants.

* Note: grants and scholarships are gift aid awards that do not have to be repaid by the student.

Need-Based Grants and Scholarships* (2007-08)

Freshmen High School GPA Transfer Student GPA

3.1 - 3.6 2.7 - 3.4

In the ranges above, 50% of enrolled students have test scores or GPAs in these ranges, and 25% have scores or GPAs above and 25% have scores below.

Loans (2006-07 Graduating Class) * Among students who graduated from UCR in 2006-07 and · started as freshmen, 64% borrowed while enrolled at UC Riverside. Loans (2006-07 Graduating Class) · Average cumulative debt at graduation for these borrowers was $14,992. (All figures exclude parent loans.)

Areas of Study and Degrees

UCR offers more than 80 undergraduate programs of study. For a complete list, click here.

Percent of Fall 2006 Freshmen Receiving Each Type of Financial Aid

State Grants Federal Grants Institutional (UCR) Grants/Scholarships Student Loans Any type of Financial Aid Note: Students may receive aid from more than one source. 48% 73% 40% 40% 56%

Degrees Awarded at UCR in 2007-08 Bachelor's Master's Doctoral Total Areas of Study at UCR with the Largest Number of Undergraduate Degrees Awarded in 2007-08 Business Administration Psychology Economics Sociology Biology All other degree areas Total

3,554 371 224 4,149

18% 9% 8% 8% 7% 50% 100%

University of California, Riverside Portrait

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University of California, Riverside Student Research and Academic Excellence

Page 3

What separates an undergraduate education at UCR from that of many other colleges and universities is the opportunity to learn in the classrooms of world-renowned faculty and to engage in research, scholarship, and creative activity with them. Many UCR undergraduate students are involved in faculty-mentored research projects - in laboratories, at field and industry sites, at libraries, theatres, and museums, as well as through civic engagement. Students present their findings at a variety of conferences on- and off-campus, including the annual Symposium for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity and the UCR Undergraduate Research Journal. To find out more about Experiential Learning and Undergraduate Research Opportunities, please explore the web links provided in this section and the one following Undergraduate Research Opportunities.. Experiential Learning Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

NSF REU Program in Bioanalytical Science: Students research the interdisciplinary area of developing new measurement approaches and their application to solve problems in biology. UC Washington DC Center: Undergraduate students research, work, study and live within the rich cultural, political and international heritage of Washington DC. Mentoring Summer Research Internship Program (MSRIP): Participants work under the supervision of a faculty mentor on the mentor's research project. The goal of MSRIP is to increase the number of outstanding students from diverse backgrounds who pursue the Ph.D. CAMP-UCR: California Alliance for Minority Participation in Science, Engineering and Mathematics. UC LEADS: UC Leadership Excellence in Advanced Degrees. HONORS THESIS: Faculty mentored group research projects for upper-

Click here to learn more about Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Graduate Education


Distinguished Faculty


UC Riverside has over 50 graduate programs in which students learn to develop skills in independent inquiry via a uniquely intimate research environment. As a graduate student in chemistry, economics, engineering, or one of the many other fields, UC Riverside offers rich hands-on research opportunities giving students the valuable experience necessary for a successful career. UCR's graduate programs are among the most diverse in the University of California, and draw quality students from across the nation and the globe.

UC Riverside's distinguished faculty members have received numerous awards and honors, including: 113 36 20 9 1 1 4 22 American Association for the Advancement of Science Members Fullbright Scholars Guggenheim Recipients Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers MacArthur Fellowship Recipients National Academic of Engineering Member National Academy of Science Members National Endowment for the Humanities Fellows

41% of UC Riverside students have assisted faculty with research or a creative activity

(UCUES Survey, 2006)

More than 98% of UCR's faculty have earned doctorate degrees, most from prestigous universities. More

Research Centers

Major Research Centers include: Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT): CE-CERT engineers and scientists research developing autonomous vehicles and

transportation systems for the future, converting biomass into vehicle fuel, measuring air pollutants and modeling how they react in the atmosphere.

Center for Ideas and Society (CIS): The mission of CIS is to foster collaborative and interdisciplinary research, pedagogy, and creative production in the Humanities,

Arts, and Social Sciences to advance our understanding of human experience and cultural production.

Center for Conservation Biology (CCB): The mission of CCB is to assist in the conservation and restoration of species and ecosystems by facilitating the

collection, evaluation, and dissemination of scientific information.

Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE): CNSE brings together scientists from the disciplines of chemistry, physics, biology, engineering and

medicine to bring about revolutionary advances in electronics, computing, communications, engineering materials and medicine.

Institute for Integrative Genome Biology (IIGB): The mission of IIGB is the creation and application of new knowledge that will afford economic and social

benefits to agriculture, the environment, and human health through an integrated, systems-based scientific strategy.

UC Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS): UC MEXUS is dedicated to encouraging, securing and contributing to bi-national and Latino

research and collaborative academic programs and exchanges.

University of California, Riverside Portrait

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University of California, Riverside The UC Riverside Community

UC Riverside is one of the ten world-class campuses of the prestigious University of California. Location: · Centrally located in the heart of sunny Southern California, UCR is just a short drive from surfing in the ocean, snowboarding in the mountains, and rock climbing in the desert. · The campus is about an hour from Los Angeles, Hollywood, Disneyland and The Getty Museum. Research: · A highly respected national research university, UCR prides itself on providing substantial research opportunities for our undergraduates. These are the kinds of opportunities usually reserved for grad students at other schools. Rankings: · UC Riverside is ranked 15th in the nation by the Washington Monthly "College Guide". · UCR also consistently ranks among America's Best colleges according to U.S. News & World Report and the 100 Best Values in Public Colleges according to Kiplinger's. · In 2008, UCR's A.Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management ranked among the top 25 graduate business programs nationwide according to the Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine. · Our distinguished alumni include Nobel Prize-winner Richard Schrock (chemist) and Pulitzer Prize-winner Steve Breen (editorial cartoonist). · According to the 2009 edition of U.S. News and World Report's "America's Best Colleges," UC Riverside is the most diverse national university in the state of California and the fifth-most diverse national university in the nation. Student Life: · With nearly 300 student organizations on campus, UCR offers amazing opportunities for you to enjoy your interests or explore new ones, participate in sports or hobbies, or celebrate your heritage. · In a tradition that reaches back to Bob Dylan's on-campus performance in 1964, UCR has hosted many cutting-edge musical performances, including recent shows by Lupe Fiasco, Moby, 311, Mos Def, Plain White T's, and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

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Student Life

Admissions Information

Housing Options


First Year Success

Honors Program

College Prep Programs

School of Medicine

Study Abroad

Study at UCR UC

Classroom Environment Students per Faculty Undergraduate classes with fewer than 30 students Undergraduate classes with fewer than 50 students Undergraduate class size range Instructional Faculty Total Instructional Faculty % Women Faculty % Faculty from Minority Groups % Faculty with PhD or Equivalent


Stude t ous g Student Housing


18 to 1 70% 78%

3 to 570 students

UC Riverside currently has three residence hall communities -Aberdeen-Inverness, Lothian, and Pentland Hills. Take part in some of the more than 200 residence hall activities, including live music, barbecues, game shows, dances, sports tournaments, hall-to-hall competitions, community service projects, and cultural celebrations. These activities provide the opportunity to learn more about the diverse backgrounds and varied life experiences of other UCR residents. Enrich your education and create lasting memories and lifelong friends by living in UCR's student housing. UCR guarantees housing to all entering students who meet published deadlines for the first 2 years. 71% of Freshmen live on campus 27% of all undergraduate students live within 1 mile of campus

915 35% 27% 98%

UC Riverside Alumni Report

Primary Activity of 2007 Graduating Class

Six Months After Graduation

Campus Safety


Enrolled in Graduate or Professional School 27%

Other 1%

UCR's Police Department is here to provide a safe and secure learning environment at UCR. In addition to law enforcement services, the campus also provide: · An escort program · Crime prevention safeguards · A Campus Emergency Notification System to quickly and reliably communicate with students, staff and faculty in an emergency. . · A Communications Center staffed by trained Public Safety Dispatchers 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. To learn more, please visit our Campus Police Web site.

Employed 57% Seeking Employment 15%

University of California, Riverside Portrait

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University of California, Riverside Student Experiences and Perceptions

Page 5

UC Riverside offers students a wide variety of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to become engaged with new ideas, people, and experiences. Following are the selected results from the 2006 University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES). The questions have been grouped together in categories that are known to contribute to student learning and development. The results reported are based on the responses of seniors who participated in the survey.

Click Here for the most recent UC Undergraduate Experience Survey questionnaires and results.

Of seniors who took the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey in 2006:

Group Learning Experiences 97% - worked outside of class on class projects or studied with classmates 97% - helped a classmate better understand course material 22% - reported serving as an officer or leader in a campus organization or club 20% - spent at least 6 hours per week participating in student organizations or clubs Active Learning Experiences 96% - reported making class presentations 41% - assisted faculty with research or a creative activity 37% - enrolled in at least one independent research course 24% - participated in an internship Commitment to Student Learning and Success 95% - reported raising their standards for acceptable effort due to the high standards of a faculty member 94% - sought academic help from an instructor or tutor 91% - talked with an instructor outside of class about course material 80% - were satisfied with advising by faculty on academic matters 70% - were satisfied with advising by college staff on academic matters 67% - were satisfied with the availability of courses needed for graduation Student Satisfaction 68% - were satisfied with the value of their education for the price they paid 82% - were satisfied with their overall academic experience 72% - seniors would choose to attend this institution again 82% - of seniors reported that their campus had a strong commitment to undergraduate education Experiences with Diverse Groups of People and Ideas 95% - rated their ability to appreciate or understand racial and ethnic diversity as good or better 92% - rated their ability to appreciate cultural and global diversity as good or better 64% - gained a deeper understanding of other perspectives through conversations with students of a different nationality 65% - gained a deeper understanding of other perspectives through conversations with students of a different race or ethnicity

University of California, Riverside Portrait

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University of California Riverside Postgraduation Survey

Class of 2007 Frequency of Student-Faculty Interactions Class of 2007 Quality of Student-Faculty Interactions

Page 6


Very Often 15% Often 44% Rarely 40%





Never 1%

Very Good




Very Poor

Measures of Learning Outcomes

Please visit Undergraduate Education for more information.

Survey Responses to the University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey - 2006 Students rated their:

Analytical/Critical Thinking Skills as Very Good or Excellent : Understanding of International Perspectives as Very Good or Excellent : Leadership Skills as Very Good or Excellent : Interpersonal Skills as Very Good or Excellent : Self Awareness and Understanding Ability as Very Good or Excellent :

as Freshmen 15% 17% 16% 17% 19%

as Junior/Senior 35% 35% 34% 33% 32%

Pilot Project to Measure Core Learning Gains between Freshman Year and Senior Year

Following are the 2005-06 results from the Cross Sectional Study using the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA). The CLA test measures critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving, and written communication. Click Here for a full description of the CLA test

Performance Task

Average Scores Freshmen Seniors 1083 1174

Performance Level At Expected

Performance Task The observed increase in learning on the performance task is what would be expected at an institution with students of similar academic abilities. Analytical Writing Task The observed increase in learning on the analytical writing task is above what would be expected at an institution with students of similar academic abilities. CLA Score The difference between how Seniors scored and Freshmen scored on the CLA was 136 points, which is above what would be expected at an institution with students of similar academic abilities.

Analytical Writing



Above Expected

CLA Score



Above Expected

University of California, Riverside Portrait

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UCR College Portrait

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