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JULY 5TH, 2011

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Campus Corner

The Kenya Team has left for their trip and are expected to arrive in Africa tomorrow. Please pray for this team and all they hope to accomplish.


The Honduras Team is back!

Come hear all about their trip this Wednesday night @ 7:30 in Teenside.

The Collegeside Family News

WAM this Wednesday:

To celebrate our last WAM, we will have the Honduras Team sharing their experiences with us. You may bring finger sandwiches, cupcakes, or drinks for our final party.

July 5th, 2011

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Kidside Helpers for July 10th:

Nursery­ Riley Upchurch & Heather Poole Children's Church Leader­ Teenside Children's Church Helpers­ Teenside Focus­ The Hicks Basket Holders­ Nathan & Daniel Whiteaker

Dear Collegeside Family, Our family is so grateful for the huge outpouring of care and concern for us when my mother, Eva Hudgens, passed away. All of the cards, calls, and food brought to us were appreciated. We love you.

Kidside make-up meeting will be Wednesday, July 6 at 6pm.

Gently used educational/spiritually based books for Children's Quiet Bags needed. Please bring to Kidside.

Bible Bowl: Read Revelation chapters 4 and 5.

Prayer List:

Jan Lowe is doing well after surgery on her left arm & wrist. Kathy Adams, Kaye Pepin, Carolyn Butler, Jim Sullivan, & Debi Haas are all continuing to have chemo treatments. Please pray for their strength during this time. son-inFor updates on Bryan Britt, son-in-law of Johnny and Brenda Kimbrough go to: Mike Palk will be having quadruple bypass surgery on Thursday at CRMC. Howe, Ray Howe father of Robin Crawford & Debi Haas, will be seeing the doctor today after suffering from chest pains. Nathan Gentry is improving after being in ICU for MRSA. Patsy Gentry is recovering from a car accident. James Gentry is recovering from an infection. Ireland, Peggy Ireland mother of Laura Johnson, is beginning cancer treatments. Palk, Daniel & Jana Palk our missionaries in Brazil, as they travel in the states to report on their work in Recife. Clarence Smith's aunt, Christine Smith, passed away last week.

Clarence & Chrystal Smith & family

This is an exciting time to be a part of Kidside!


Fall Semester starts Sunday, August 7 .

If you are looking to get involved somewhere, prayerfully consider volunteering here. A teacher training will be held at the end of July, so grab a friend to help you and come make a difference in the lives of our children!

Prayer List: John Acuff, Jean Barnes, Adele Birdwell, Bryan Britt, Carolyn Butler, Jessie Chaffin, Charles & Ava Craighead, Elmo Dooley, Helen Douglas, Addine Dow, Linda Farris, Art Freed, Maggie Hall, Brenda Hayes, Judy Hennessee, Johnnie Hensley, Marie Herren, Trish LaFever-Johnson, Ed Kimbrough, Julia Legge, Rick Mayberry, Ed McCoin, Chuck & Betty Neely, Emily Pace, Pauline Parkerson, Kaye Pepin, Mildred Pinkston, Lucyle Quillen, Pat Randolph, Rich Roper, Julie Smalling, Matilda Stewart, Odell Swann, Jordan Terry, Eva Whiteaker, Glen & Reba Williams, Andy Yoder, Helen Robinson, Lisa Mabrey, Kathy Adams, Hilda Young, James Parman, Lori Daugherty, & Joan Cummins.

The Collegeside Family News

July 5th, 2011

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Help Wanted

Jobs Available for Pantry Ministry:

1)Attend the short worship service on Wednesdays @ 4:00 & visit with the people afterwards while they wait to receive their food 2)Preach a Sermon 3)Lead Singing 4)Lead Prayer 5)Help provide spiritual guidance to the attendees through personal Bible study and/or praying with them 6)Assist with finding jobs for individuals in need

If interested contact Bill Nave @ 537-2329 or Michelle Lancaster @ 529-4090 537529-

Check out the new bulletin board outside the pantry!

Words cannot express the love you have shown to my family during my dads sickness. Many of you have sent cards, showed concern, some have even driven to Nashville more than once, and then the food groups 8 and 9 prepared a meal after the funeral that was wonderful. But, most of all I want to thank you for all of your prayers you have sent up on behalf of my dad. I would tell my dad you were praying for him and a smile would come over his face. Prayer was very important to him. Over the last few weeks I have watched him pray a lot, especially the closer the end was near. He prayed almost all night before he died. He would always fold his hands and lock his fingers together. I thought that's how we would always teach our children to pray. But, for some reason we seem to lose that. Many of the family watched him as he prayed and said they are going to go back to folding their hands when they prayed. It was a very powerful thing to watch. He touched our lives up to the time he died. Kendra talked to him the morning before he died and told him ten things he had taught her in just the last week. Those ten things were 1.You are never to old to fold your hands to pray. 2. Never complain. 3. Get along 4. A few words that need to be said are plenty. 5. Be kind to those that hurt you. 6. Heaven is real 7. When you live it nonbelievers see it. 8. A life lived for God gives you peace that passes understanding. 9. Fight. 10. Store up your riches in heaven. I said he has left an example for us to live up to. God tells us those things in the Bible, but we watched him show us first hand what it was like to live it.

Thank You again! From the family of Charles Burgess

6/28: Jaycee Coe, 6/29: Valerie Kardatzke, Jay Myrick, Justin Myrck, Ava Farris, David Cummins, Louise Hammock 6/30: Chassidy Widener 7/1: Laura Wheeler 7/2: James Neal, Brenda Hayes, Ben Toline, Jackson Vanhooser, Judy Black 7/3: Randy Kidd, Elaine Garrison 7/5: Elizabeth Hansher, Gerren Lintz, Tom Crawford 7/6: Evelyn Haile, Jordan Pace, Ronald Cantrell 7/7: Ethan Locke, Brinley Huddleston 7/8: Travis Phy, Tom Lancaster, James Coe, Hannah Fox 7/9: Betty Stafford, Pam Clarkson, 7/10: Dalton Satterfield


7/1: Bill & Paula Harris--40 yrs 7/3: Bunker & Amy Stout--25 yrs 7/6: Chuck & Betty Neely--37 yrs 7/7: Paul & Geneva Parker--45 yrs

Services for Sunday, July 10th:

Sunday Morning: David Vaughn Sunday Evening: Dane Owen

The Collegeside Family News

July 5th, 2011

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There will be a gift tea honoring Kelly Merrell, bride-elect of Robert Toline, Sunday, July 10th from 1:30-3:00 at the home of Kay Lynn, 4295 Howard Draper Rd., Cookeville. The couple is registered at Target, Belk, Borden's Jewelry, & Bed, Bath & Beyond. Men to Serve Communion for July: Freddie McClennon Caleb McCormick J.D. McCormick Rick McCurdy Richard Miller Andrew Moss Andrew Myrick Jay Myrick Bill Nave Jason Nolan Jordan Pace Justin Pace Chip Pugh Steve Rausch Phil Saylors Smitty Schmid Ushers: Phil Hall, Danny Lesko, Russell Moss, Mike O'Mara, Monte Lowe, Mike McCormick Men to Lead Worship July 10th: Welcome/Scripture: Adam Bernhardt Opening Prayer: Jordan Boyd Preside at Table: Matt Bolton Closing Prayer: Wesley Bray Attendance/Contribution: Sunday Assembly: 529 Sunday Night: 135 Contribution: $24,088.10

Elders meeting in Conference Room during class on 7/10:

Lloyd Franklin & Roscoe Limbaugh

Pantry Items Needed:

Canned Fruit & Canned Meats

(please plant extra plants in your garden)

129 served last week

Hearing assistance units have now been added for the small auditorium. They are available at the back of the auditorium for use during services or classes. This assistance is already available for the CLC. You may pick these up at the Welcome Center.

Ladies Game Night

Thursday, July 14th @ 6:00 in The Gap

See Bev Perry for more info...


July 5th,

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