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Hang a picture or Mirror

easy to follow step-by-step guide Important and handy tips Materials check list project cost estimator

Before you begin your exciting new project, please read through this entire pamphlet carefully and estimate and assemble all the materials you will need for the project and gather your tools and equipment together. Refer to the checklist and estimating form on the back panel of the pamphlet to assist in this preparation. If you require any help, please don't hesitate to speak with one of Colli's experienced trade team.

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Arranging the frame

Attractive displays of framed photographs or prints are simple to arrange on your Hanging Frames ­ tips. ­ ensure Way! frame wall by following a fewFrames ToEasy Easy Way! ends up exactly where Hanging easy The The that the Attractivesimply follow framed photographs or prints are simple simple to you need Attractive displays of easy steps below: it, displays of these framed photographs or prints are to


arrange on your wall bywall by following easy tips to tips to ensure that arrange on your following a few a few easy ensure that the frame ends up exactlyexactly where youit. Useit. Useyou want it toto need these these steps Holdthe frame against thewhere you exact position where steps to the frame Hangingframedends­on your walls.Way! need Frames up wall in the The Easy hang any any framed item on your walls. hang and item mark the wall at both top corners of the frame with a finally displays of framed photographs or prints are simple to lightly Attractivehang, Hanging Frames ­ to ensure a Way! is to ensure that The Easy frame arrange on your wallagainst the wallfewthe exact position(see Fig 1). by · pencil. Use aframe level following thatinwall in tips straightposition where Hold the spirit frame against thetheeasy the exact where · displays of framed photographs or prints Hold the Attractiveendsitup exactly hang and lightly mark the are simple to the framewant to finally where you need it. Use these steps to you you want it to finally hang and lightly mark the wall at both wall at both arrange on your wall bymark the mid-point Use a spirit level to hangtop corners of theonfollowing a pencil.betweento ensure that marks on any framed item frame walls. few Remove the frame andof yourwith a with easy tips Usetwo corner to the a top corners the frame need pencil. these spirit level a it. Use the frame (see Fig 2).frame is straight (see Fig 1). steps to ensureensure that the the wall ends up exactly where you Fig 1). hang any framed that the frame is straight (see position the two walls. ·· Hold the frameitem on your wall inmid-point between where against mark Remove the frame andtheandthe the exact · Remove the frame mark the mid-point between the two you the frame on down on a table, 2). the picture hanger into both corner corner finally wall and lightly 2). marks Place want it toface the hang (see Fighookmark the wall atwhere the centre · top corners of marks on the onaa (see FigUse athe picture to Hold the frame against the wallpencil. exact position wall in the hook spirit level the frame with table, · Place the frame face down down on a table, hook the picture · Place the frame ofyou pictureitwirefinally hang and lightly the distance between the top of the want to (see Fig face mark ensure that the frame is 3) and measurewire (see Fig 3) at both straight hangerhanger into the centre picturepicture wirewall and 3) into the centre of the (see Fig 1). the (see the the picturethe frame the top of theofthe top of the picture Figtwoand top corners of theandbetweena mid-point between level to · Remove hookdistance mark the pencil. Use a spirit the measure the and frame with frame. the top of the picture hook hook ensuremeasure the distance between corner marksthethe frame. Fig (see Fig 1). the wall and thethatthe top of thestraight 2). top on frame is (see and of frame. mid-point between the two · Placethe wall frame and from the table, hook the picture Remove measure down mark the ·· On the wall the measure down from the mid-point thedistance from the face down on a mid-point the exact exact On· the framewall measure down from the mid-point the exact corner On the centre to (see marks hanger into of the the wallthe this of the frame,Fig 3) this point distance from on pinthe pin top 2).wire (see frame, Fig pin to thedistancetheframe, mark toFigpoint on the wall (seeand 4). this point top the from of picturetop of the mark mark the · measurewall (see face4). Place the distance down on a table, hook picture hook the on theon frame Fig between the top of the the picture the centre of hanger top of wall frame. the to the wall at(see Fig 3) and into the picture Fig 4). picture wire the point marked, the (see hook andfasten the picture hook to the wall · Now ·theNow fasten the picture hookat the point marked, when you hang Now fasten the wall at the measure the distance between the to the where you point marked, · On the you hang yourdown fromthe sit just the picture hook wall measure mid-point the exact when when you just picturepicture top of sit just where you it it your picture it will sithangwhere topwill thewill Repeat these steps for the and the fromof thethese the you intended. top the pin toyour for the remaining frames and frame. distance Repeat frame, mark this point intended. steps of frames Repeat · remaining wall measure downprofessional look.remaining frames and On theintended.Fig 4). these steps for the the mid-point the on the wall (seeand your display will have that professional look. your displaydisplay willthat from professional look. exact your will have to the that of the frame, mark this point have top distance from picture · Now fasten thethe pin hook to the wall at the point marked, on the wall (see Fig picture it will sit just where you when you hang your 4). · intended. Repeat these steps for the wall at the frames and Now fasten the picture hook to the remaining point marked, when you will your picture it will sit look. your displayhanghave that professional just where you intended. Repeat these steps for the remaining frames and your display will have that professional look.

Mark 1positionposition of Fig position of Mark Mark of the frame on the on the the frame the frame on the wall with the aid the aid wall with wall with the aid to ensure the to the to ensure ensure the picture is straight. picturepicture is straight. is straight.. Fig 1 Mark position of the frame on the Fig 1wall with the aid Mark position of to ensure the the the frame on picture is straight. wall with the aid to ensure the picture is straight. Fig Fig 1 1 Fig 2 Mark 2 Mark mid point. Fig mid point.


Pr Pic


Ma Fr Pr Sui Eq M Pic Sp Su Fra Po Pi Eq Sc Fr Spi M Eq Pow Ta Sp Scr Pe Po Ma To Sc Tap M Pen Ta Tot Pe


Fig 2

Mark mid point.

Fig 3 Measure the distance between Fig 3 Measure the distance between the top thethe picture hook hook of top of the picture and theand thethe frame. frame. top of Fig 2 Mark mid point. top of the Fig Mark mid Fig 3 point. Measure the Fig 32Measure the distance betweendistance the top of the picture hook the top of between and the top ofdistance picture hook and the between Fig 3 Measure the the frame.

the hook the top of the picture top of the frame. and the top of the frame.

No nei dam the

Fig 4 Measure Down from from Fig 4 Measure Down the mid-point mark the the mid-point mark the exact distance from from exact distance the pin thethe top the top of to pin to of the frame. frame. the Fig 4 Measure Down from the mid-point mark the Fig 4exact distance from Fig 3Measure Down from Measure Down from the pin to the top of the the mid-point mark the mid-point mark the frame. exact distance from the pin tothe pin to the from the top of the frame. frame. top ofthe

Note neith dam No the nei ©M dam the



the exact distance

You can hang pictures and mirrors enhancing a home

Nothing brings a personal touch to your home like framed photographs, paintings, prints

You Can Hang Pictures and Mirrors to otherwise bare walls and and mirrors. However, bringing warmth and ambience Enhancing a Home

getting that frame into the exact spot on the wall can be a real challenge for most of us. Faste With a little help from this easy-to-follow DIY brochure and your local Colli store, you can Framed photographs, paintings, prints and mirrors all add a Brass You Can Hang Pictures relax, safe in the to your home and Mirrors personal touch knowledge that you'll achieve warmth and ambiencetime. Whether bringing a professional results every you intend hanging only a few small personal photographs, or into just Fastener Typ to Enhancing a Home However, getting that frame a heavy antique mirror, otherwise bare walls. You Can Hang Pictures and Mirrors the right photographs, wall can be a real challenge. and Colli! you're sure to get it rightpaintings, newly and mirrors all add a Framed spot on the with your prints found know-how Brass Picture Ho

Enhancing atouch tofrom home bringing a warmth and ambience Fastener Type Stated Ca With a little help your this brochure and your local Magnet Mart personal Home to otherwiseand fasteners Framed photographs,can walls. prints and mirrors allresults every time. Brass Picture Hook 4kg and 17k add store, anyone bare achieve professional that aframe into just Picture hooksyourpaintings, However, getting ambience personal touch you intend hangingbe few small photographs or a heavy the right spot home wall can a a real challenge. Whether to on the bringing a warmth and Prior to choosing which type ofto get itframe into justMagnet Mart! to otherwiseabare walls. However, getting thatand your local Magnet Mart your project, it is a With little help from sure picture hook or hanger you'll need for brochure right with antique mirror, you're this real challenge. the right spot on the wall can be a professional results every time. store, anyone can overall weight good idea tofromand achieve and yourof mirrors or prints. This is a vitally important step, Wall M check the Picture Hooks this Fasteners With a little help brochure local Whether you intend hanging a few smallMagnet Mart or a heavy photographs store, anyonewould be nothing worse than realising too late that your chosen picture hook asantiquecan achieve professional get it every time. Magnet Mart! there mirror, you're sure of picture hook Prior to choosing the typeto results right with or hanger for your Whether you it is a hangingidea to check the weightheavy intend good a few photographs Wall Mates ® project,support the weight of small prized mirroror aoriginal Van Gogh! We have provided Picture cannot you're sure to get it right with Magnet Mart! of framed mirrors your or antique mirror,Hooks and Fasteners or Prior toprints. Theretype of picture hook orworse thanyour Wall Mates ® large and Fasteners would be nothing hanger for realising too choosing theto the most common fasteners and their load bearing capacities10kg Picture Hooks a quick guide you with it good project, the late that the picture hook checkor support the weight of your Toggle Prior to choosing is a type ofidea to cannot hanger for of framed mirrors picture hook the weight your toor is a you to better idea nothing worse than enable prints. project, itlargegoodto get acheck the weight of framed require. realising too capacities shown prized mirror!ideaThere would beof what you'll mirrors Note that the or large prints. a guide onlyhookyou should over-estimatetoo of your rely on the hopeToggle-Mates ® late a the picture to cannot support the fasteners belowthat There guideand the most than realising rather and that a Here isare quick would be nothing worsecommonweight than their late that the picture hook cannot support the weight of your Toggle-Mates ® 16kg prized mirror! load bearing capacities. Note that the capacities shown below fastener a quick guide to the most Remember, that if and their prizedHere iswill support a heavy frame. common fastenersyou're unsure, please ask one of mirror! are a guide only the most common fasteners and their Here is a quick guidecapacities. Note that over-estimate rather than rely on load bearing team you should the our experiencedto andfor some advice. capacities shown below load bearing capacities. fastener willcapacities shown below Note that the support a heavy frame. the hope that a and you should over-estimate rather than rely on are a guide only are a guide only and you should over-estimate rather than rely on thethat a fastenerfastener willasupport a heavy frame. hope that a will support heavy frame. the hope

Plasterboard Fasteners Plasterboard Fastenerseasiest to & Hangers. plasterboard, most need to be Grabb'r® These fasteners are the Hangers.install in These fasteners are the &easiestinstall in plasterboard and most only Grabb'r®Wall 16 kg to Wall These These fasteners easiest tointo thehammer or screwdriver,most no drilling required. fasteners to wall surface with to install in plasterboard, driven into thebe driven install a wall surface with with only need are the are the easiest in plasterboard, most a hammer or only need to be driven into the wall surface with a hammer or hammer or only need to be driven into the wall surface with a screwdriver ­ no drilling required. screwdriver ­ no drilling required.required. screwdriver ­ no drilling

Fasteners Plasterboard Fasteners & Hangers.

Wall G

Fastener type

Stated capacity

recommended uses Lightweight frames

Fastener Type Type Stated Capacity Recommended Uses Uses Fastener Type Stated Capacity Recommended Fastener Stated Capacity Recommended Uses

Plastic Utility Hook Light to medium

Lightweight frames, Plastic Utility Hook Light to medium Lightweight frames, Lightweight frames, Plastic Utility Hook Light to medium Brass Utility just hammer in Hook MediumHoo just hammer in Brass Utility justjust hammer in hammer in Brass

Plastic Utility Hook

Light to medium

Angle Drive Hook 9kg, 11kg, 13.5kg Wide range of frames, Angle Drive Hook 18kg versions just hammer in 9kg, 11kg, 13.5kg Wide range of frames and Angle Drive Hook 9kg, 11kg, 13.5kg Wide range of frames, and 13.5kg hammer in just hammer PictureClip 10kg Angle Drive Hook 9kg,18kg versions justWide range of frames, in 11kg,18kg versions and

and 18kg versions just hammer in

V-Hook Medium Light frames, hammer in with supplied V-nails



V-V-Hook Hook





Light frames, hammer in Light frames, hammer in with supplied V-nails

Light frames, with supplied V-nails hammer in with supplied V-nails

Fastener type

Stated capacity

recommended uses

Fastener Type Stated4kg and 17kg Recommended Uses wide range Capacity Brass Picture Hook Suited to a Fastener Hook Stated Capacity Suited to a wide frames, nail fixed Recommended Uses Brass PictureType 4kg and 17kg of range Brass Picture Hook Type Stated Capacity to anail fixed Suited Recommended Fastener Type 4kg and Capacity of frames, wide range Uses Fastener Stated 17kg Recommended Uses Fastener Type Stated Capacity of frames, nail fixedUses Recommended Brass Picture Type 4kg and4kg and 17kg Recommendedwide range Brass Picture Stated Capacity Suited to a wide range Suited to a Uses Fastener Hook Hook 17kg

Brass Picture Hook 4kg and 17kg Brass Picture Hook 4kg and 17kg Suited of a wide nail fixed to nail fixed of frames, frames, range Suited to a widefixed of frames, nail range of frames, nail fixed

D D fo



Wall Mates ® Wall Mates ® Wall Mates ®

10kg 10kg



Wall Mates ® Wall Mates 10kg 10kg ® Wall Mates ® 10kg Toggle-Mates ® 16kg Wall Mates ® 10kg Toggle-Mates ® 16kg Toggle-Mates ® 16kg 16kg Toggle-Mates ® Toggle-Mates ® 16kg Toggle-Mates ® 16kg Wall Grabb'r® Wall Grabb'r® 16 kg 16 kg

Toggle-Mates ®


Light to medium frames, Light to medium frames, simply to medium frames, Light screw in simply screw simply screw in Light to Light in medium frames, medium frames, to Light to medium frames, simply screw inscrew in simply Suitable to medium frames, for larger frames, Light screw in simply simply screwlarger frames, Suitable screw in simply for in Suitable for larger simply screw in SuitableSuitable for larger frames, for larger frames, screw in frames, simply Suitable for inscrew in simply screw larger frames, simply Suitable screw in frames, for larger simply simply screw in Suit larger frames, hammer in and fix with Suit larger frames, screw hammer in and fix with Suit larger frames, frames, Suit larger Suit larger screw larger frames, frames, Suit in and in and hammerhammerfix with fix with Suit screwhammer in and hammer in and fix screw larger frames, with fix hammer in with fix with and screw screw screw Suited to medium weight frames ­ use with Suited to medium Wall Mates®, weight frames ­ use with Suited to mediummedium Suited to to medium Suited Toggle-Mates® or use with Wall Mates®,medium Suitedweight frames ­ use to weight frames ­ frames ­ with weight use Suited to®medium Wall Grabb'r,® anchors with Toggle-Mates® or­ ® weight frames , Wall Mates® Mates use Mates®, Wall with Wall weight frames ­ use® Wall Grabb'r®,®anchors with Wall Mates ®® or Toggle-MatesToggle-Mates® or Toggle-Mates or , Wall Mates®® ® or ® Toggle-Mates Wall Grabb'r® anchorsanchors Wall Grabb'r Wall Grabb'r® Toggle-Mates® anchors anchors Wall Grabb'r® or Suitable for lightweight Wall Grabb'r® anchors frames ­ onlylightweight Suitable for for exposed ­ onlywalls with frames brick for SuitableSuitable for lightweight for lightweight raked joints, does not exposed onlySuitablewithlightweight walls Suitable for for onlyfor frames ­ brick lightweight frames ­ for Suitablewall. penetrate brick lightweight raked joints, does with frames ­for walls walls with only brick exposedexposedfornotonly for frames ­ frames brick walls penetrate­wall. for with exposed only raked joints, does notbrick not with rakedexposeddoes walls joints, exposed brick walls with raked penetrate wall. joints, penetrate wall.does not penetrate wall raked joints, does not penetrate wall. penetrate wall.

ho f D h Fa f F h St Pi S F P S P

Pl M P M P M Pl P



Wall Grabb'r®Grabb'r® kg 1616 kg 16 Wall Wall Grabb'r® kg Wall Grabb'r® 16 kg Wall Grabb'r® 16 kg Brass Utility Hook Medium Brass Utility Hook Medium Brass Utility Hook MediumMedium Utility Hook Hook Medium Brass Utility Brass Utility Hook Medium Brass Utility Hook Medium


Pl Su P S P S

Th T Ev

PictureClip PictureClip

10kg 10kg

PictureClip PictureClip 10kg 10kg PictureClip 10kg10kg Picture Clip PictureClip 10kg


in E T th i E do t id O t to O d in t O st i t m s ·im s · ·m · · · · ·



Drill fixed fasteners fasteners ­ Drill Fixed

Fastener type drilled inType Stated Capacity Recommended Uses Stated capacity recommended uses hole to Fastener the wall surface. be nemmoceR yStay StraightetStatedeCapacityetRecommendedround ticapaC d atS To 60kg ren saF The best all Uses pyT Fastener Type

Straight To Stay StraightStay Hook To 60kg 60kg Picture

pictureThe best all round hook for cavity

srenetsaf gniwollof ehT .sbew yrnosinm dnwallivac rof hole to lla drilled a the a yt surface. egnar ediw a ot for cavity and masonry walls. The Capacity fasteners require a Uses Fastenerllaw eht ni dellird following h Recommended .ecafrus Type Stated eb ot elo dexif lian ,sem The best all round

Drill are suitable for cavity ­ Drill fixed fasteners Fixed fastenersand masonry walls. The following sa for cavity­and enetsaf dwalls. The D s and masonry e The following fasteners requireesU dednem for cavity r masonry walls.xiF llir fasteners require a hole to be drilled in the wall surface. fasteners require a Drill Fixed fasteners ­wall surface. following hole to be drilled in the

kooh erutciPicture for cavity and masonrykwalls.eThe ifollowingmasonry walls with p ooH rutc P hook for cavity require a Hook picture or straightening unique fastenerswalls with or masonry yrnosam ro or masonryunique straightening walls hole to be drilled in the wall surface. feature. with , unique straightening iarts euqinu unique Recommended feature. Fastener Type Stated Capacity straightening ,semaUsesidem o rf mu .erutaef feature. feature ni wercs Stay Straight Medium To 60kg Plasplug ­ LightThemedium frames to best all round s, Picture pictureor medium frames, Light screw-in Plasplug ­Multi FixTMHook Medium Plasplug ­ Medium ­use Light tohook for cavity screw to medium frames es, Light to medium frames or masonry walls with idem otMultiPlasplug ­ FixTMideM thgiFixTM Multi mu Medium L ­ gulpsalP hook­use screw or screw-in to hold frame.marf regral rof el ­use screw or screw-in or or cavity,se o wercs esuMulti FixTM ­ TMxiF it­use screw unique holdwalls. luM Masonry screw-in frame. hook to straighteningni wercs hook to hold frame. , hook to hold frame. feature. dloh ot kooh Plasplugs ­ Masonry or Light to medium Suited Masonryor cavity walls. for lightweight walls. Masonry or cavity walls. c ro yrnosaM Plasplugs ­ Light to medium mediumSingle Hook for lightweight Light to Suited for Suited frames ­ Plasplugs ­ lightweight used gil rof detiuS ­muidem ot thgiLight to medium lpsalP best Light inHook frames ­ ­s Plasplugs Plasplug ­ L Mediumgu Single HookSuited hollow frames Singleto for lightweight framesmedium ­ es,kooH elgniS doors or partitions. f Multi FixTM ­use screw hollow ­ best used best used inor screw-in inSingle Hook frames hollow ni desu tseb best or doors to partitions. hook used in frame. doors or partitions. hold hollow ,semarf reg trap ro srood Plasplugs ­ doors or partitions Masonry or ­ htiw xif d Medium ­ heavy For larger frames cavity ni re ­ ­ For larger frames ­ Plasplugs ­yPlasplugs uideM MediumgulpsalP Medium ­ heavy heavy Single Hook frames ­ For larger frames ­ arf regral roF vaeh ­ s for use in for use in cavity walls Super-Toggle ­ m cavity walls Super-Toggle Super-Toggle for used cavity walls best use in in hollow vac ni esu rof elggoT-repuS doors or partitions.

Super-Toggle­ walls Plasplugs Medium Light to mediumfor use in cavity lightweight Plasplugs ­ ­ heavy For larger Suited for frames ­

b ehStay Straight Hook 60kg thgi ­ yat T 6 Picture gk0To T picture hook for cavity s r lla tsePicture HookDrill FixedofastenersartS TheSbestmasonry walls with cavity round or all picture hook for

htiw The Even if All-Round Solution Best you only consider the fasteners and picture hooks listed esu ­ semarf Plasplugs ­ (and this is definitely not a For larger frames Medium ­ heavy in The Best All-Round Solution comprehensive list), ­ this brochure ,®seta Evennoitula bewildering -llfasteners and T to choose from ­ so how if you oS dnuo the A of products hooks there isonly consider R array tseB ehpicture for uselisted Super-Toggle Even if (and this is the in thisall-roundtheonly consider thenot a comprehensive in cavity wallsro ®setaMbestdobrochureyousolutiondefinitely fasteners and picture hooks listed list), you find oh erutcip dthererena tthis eht rediarray ofnproductsi toechoose from ­ so how na s isin bewilderingbest solution? ydefinitely not a comprehensive list), e saf brochuren(andl this is f n vE s oc y o uo s DIY picture Even iftonOnetiofftheabestthedfasteners hangingtproducts on the market ­rohcna ®r'bbar eherpmoc adoyouyonly iconsiderihsolution?ruhcorbpictureihooks listed in this brochurehow ltherethe si bewildering array of iproducts to choose from so e n eis best t na( e and s h n d s you findwould be the Stay Straight Picture Hook, an Australian today (and ot stisudoryou findrapicturedhanging products on the market array of this c definitely yDIY a comprehensive si erethere is a bewildering not thenbestlisolution? ht list), of do p f ar g e we triangular plate that keeps the frame the best h orf esoohc One inventionothat has airunique b a One once los eb h dPicture Installation in either products towouldofntheubestsDIYedot youiffind yHook,products on the market today choose fromyou have adjusted hanging an Australian cavity or be it Stay Straight n it. o straight ? othe­ sot how picture uo thedbest solution? eht no stcuinventionignaBesttisibeYthetriangularfplatePicture Hook, an Australian dorpmasonry hhasuacunique tStayeStraight O keeps the frame gtoday wouldAll-Round ht o en that n that er The walls p ID seb Solution simple: thgiewthgil rof el straightiPDrill iapicturetShasineuniquew ya ot in either cavity or be frame once you have adjusteddl o on it. Installation uA na ,One H eru·bestthgifayouyonlyeconsiderutheanddthe market picture hooks listed koo of thetcinventionSthathangingbproductsfastenersplate todaykeeps the the DIY t a Even r7mm holehta the wall triangular and that would r h peek taht etalp ralstraightisesimple:a shaveaht noitnevni Installation in either cavityof ylno ­ masonry gnairt theqsupplied h t adjusted it. walls u in you a wall plug; u Picture once uAn Australian invention, the `Stay Straight Picturelist),or ininsert Hook'. (and this is `Stay·Straight athis brochurethe wall and definitely not a comprehensive sllaw kcirb d Drill .ti 7mmuholeevishsimple:chookhgiarts ina Straight no t htiw htie ni noitallatsnI masonrytheaStay uoy array of products to choose from ­ so how d d thereets jwalls plate e Hook' has· uniqueistriangular holei swithkeepssupplied screw; once youton seod ,stnioj a · Screw aabewilderingthat ywallthe have insert the suppliedpwall s inlaw the osamframe straight plug; Drill 7mm best l hard find:e m wallsolution? do youagainstl theis hookthe rn and the · it.dna llinserththei supplied in eitherwire·into the Stay walls is adjusted Screw the more,frameoby mmwalltheDcavity or masonry Straightsimple: .llaw eta What'swStaytStraight slidinga lplug; products on the market installation 7 lhanging ir · One a the n el h Hang e of hard hook, the best DIY picture hangsscrew; and stand back against the wall with the supplied u lla the e ppus e so r · ;gScrew w dthe frameht titesni straight Stay Stay today lp adjustbeiltheStraight hook the Stay Straight · Hangto admire yoursliding the Straight Picture Hook, an Australian the wouldby work. frame wire into Drill hook,kadjusttinthattwallaandithhangscstraight and stand back the frame a 7mmooh hgiaframe aSuniqueetriangular plate screw; hole the r S the t with supplied plug; hard the has e insert the supplied wallthat keeps inventionagainst y tsowall w r Sthe · ht once eh t ni ga dra the Installation Stay Straight · h ;wercs deilppus ehtHang the you thaveaadjusted it. wire into thein either cavity or straightiw llawframesby slidingh to admire your work. yatS eht oScrewiw eStay nidiladjust marfframe naH hangs straight and stand back tni er the ht g Straight is simple: t g so it · hook, s yb e the eh masonry walls hook hard against ts dna thgiathe sgn· with oadmiref your twork. ,kooh and rts wallah ttotheesupplied tscrew; a wall i s 7mm hole jd Drill amar eh suin the insert .krow ruoy erwall a ot the supplied imd plug; · frame by the Stay Straight hook Screw sliding the wire into the Hang the hard against the wall so it Stay Straight hook, adjust the framewith the supplied screw; · Hang the frame by sliding the wire into the Stay Straight hangs straight. adjust the frame so it hangs straight and stand back hook, to admire your work.


The Best All-Round Solution

muidem ot

project cost estimator

Materials Description Suitable fastener or picture hanger Picture wire & (if required) Frame to hang equipment Spirit Level Power drill Screwdriver Masonry bit or Twist drill bit Tape Measure Pencil total Quantity cost

All the materials you need for this job are available at colli, your DIY specialist.


Disclaimer: Please note that this brochure is designed as a guide only - if you have any queries, please consult one of our Colli Team Members for further assistance. The information provided in this brochure is done so on the understanding that Colli Timber and Hardware is not liable for any loss or damage which is suffered or incurred, for any personal injury or property damage as a result of using the information contained in the Colli DIY Projects brochure. Colli Timber and Hardware advises you to call in a qualified tradesperson, such as an electrician or plumber, where expert advice and services are required. Note: Please ensure you comply with local council laws or regulations before undertaking any DIY project.

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