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April-May, 2007 COLLINWOOD LODGE # 582 F. & A. M.


Volume 70

Issue 3

Editor Robert C. Hager

Euclid Temple Lodges Team Up to Host Grand Master's Class Reunion Banquet on April 28

Past Grand Master Thomas E. Reynolds to Attend

On April 27, 2002, Masonic history was made in Ohio. The first Grand Master's Class, called by MWB Thomas E. Reynolds, made it possible for men to receive the three degrees of Masonry in one day. Collinwood, Acacia and Charles T. RaymerCovenant Lodge will host a "Reunion Banquet" on April 28 to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of that historic event. Dinner will be served in the Euclid Temple at 6:30 PM on that date. MWB Reynolds and his wife will be there as our guests. He had indicated he is eagerly looking forward to the evening, and he will share some remarks with us after dinner. Collinwood Lodge will provide free dinner to our own brethren who were raised in any of the one day classes, as well as their wives or guests. Cost to all others is $8.00. Wives and friends are welcome to attend. Please call Worshipful Brother Hager to reserve your dinners no later than April 25. One Day Classes were also held in 2003, 2005 and this year. 21 members of Collinwood Lodge have been raised Master Masons in the Grand Master's Classes.

Welcome to Collinwood! - Our newest Master Masons, Don Miller [on left] and Spencer Smith, take time out from the activities of the One Day Grand Master's Class to pose for a picture with the Worshipful Master. More pictures inside this issue.

From the East

Fraternal greetings from the East, Brethren! It was with a great deal of pleasure that I attended the Grand Master's One Day Class on March 31st. I have been informed that 146 Master Masons were raised in the Cleveland session alone, and that over 2,700 were raised throughout the state of Ohio on that occasion. Collinwood Lodge welcomed two new Master Masons to its ranks ­ Brothers Donald R. Miller, Sr. and Spencer M. Smith, III. Please be sure to greet these new Brethren when you see them. I would like to thank Bro. Tim Collins and Bro. Freddy Moses for working with these candidates as guides. Thanks also to Bro. Scott Morris, who guided Bro. John Emery, a candidate from Dover Lodge #489, through the degrees. Our Lodge was very well represented in the work of the day. Bro. Todd Vargo was Jr. Deacon in the EA degree. WB Thom Hance was Jr. Deacon and Bro. Bill Mehle was Sr. Warden in the FC degree. RWB John Cochell was King Solomon and WB Hob Miller was Sr. Grand Warden in the MM degree. I had the pleasure of giving the FC lecture, with Bro Vargo serving as the projectionist. Bro. Rob Frankel and I also participated in the Mark Master degree at the end of the day. Thanks to all of these hardworking Brethren for their leadership in the 22nd Masonic District. It is wonderful to know that not only are we highly visible in our travels to other Lodges, but we lead by example in performing outstanding ritual work. I would like to thank the Brethren who have contributed funds to assist in the purchase of the DVD projector which has been added to our Lodge assets. We have already enjoyed "Dinner and a Movie" in the social hall, and a screening of the educational film "The Many Faces of Old Glory" in our Lodge room. These events would not have been possible without our new projector. Thanks to John Cochell, Todd Vargo and Scott Morris for your generous contributions. I encourage others who have pledged to make contributions, and others who haven't to please assist us, if possible. No amount is too small. This investment enables us to provide future educational and entertainment programs for our Lodge's use.

From the South

The Great Architect of the Universe has called another Collinwood Lodge Brother to the Grand Lodge Above. Brother Don Artman Crawford laid down his "working tools of life" on April 3rd. Masonic services were performed April 13th at the request of his wife, Barbara. Please remember to keep the Crawford family in your prayers. The Great Architect also brought forth new life in April, as brother Jeffery Hance and wife Shannon celebrated the birth of their son Travis, and brother Scott Morris on the birth of his newest grandson. Congratulations also to brothers Donald Miller and Spencer Smith who were candidates in the Grand Master's One Day Class on March 31st.

Todd Vargo

Junior Warden

News of Our Masonic Youth

By Todd Vargo, Jr. Warden Euclid Rainbow Girls are working feverishly, preparing for the Grand Reception of Grand Officers in districts 3, 7, 11, 26, and 31 on April 21st, to be held at the Euclid Masonic Temple. The theme will be "Somewhere Along the Yellow Brick Road", and we're sure to find plenty of munchkins on hand singing some familiar tunes. I would like to thank everyone who bought hoagies from the Rainbow Girls in April as the proceeds will help defray the costs of Julie Arndt, who will be representing Ohio Rainbow at the Grand Assembly of Maine. The Se-Lyn-Ma DeMolays had their inspection April 11th with Collinwood Lodge's brother Greg Kita as inspecting officer. The boys demonstrated proficiency in their ritual work. The boys recently organized an open house and sent fliers to some 100 homes of honor students in Beachwood and Mayfield Heights. Unfortunately, none came for the presentation that was prepared for them. DeMolay, Rainbow and Jobs Daughters all need everyone's help in locating prospective members.

Bob Hager

Worshipful Master

The "Cement" of Freemasonry?

By Scott Morris, L.E.O. At the recent Grand Master's One Day Class, WB Robert J. Trigg related a story about a group of high school students who were given a typed copy of the Declaration of Independence in the form of a petition. They were not told what the document was, and were asked if they would sign it. The responses were startling. Seventy-nine percent refused to sign it. Many refused to read it. Several students made comments such as "they don't want to get involved" or they "don't like the wording." Some called the Declaration of Independence "communistic". I've thought about this many times since that day. Freemasonry isn't like that. We have a rich history of involvement. The influence Freemasons had on the founding and development of our nation is well known. We know that in the war of secession from Great Britain in the 1770s (the American Revolution) many of the men instrumental in our independence were Freemasons. They were soldiers and owners of newspapers and government officials and business men. They were willing patriots for liberty and were a part of the "cement" that bound and formed this nation. But that was over 200 years ago. What is the "cement" of Freemasonry today? Many would say it's Brotherly love, fraternal fellowship and friendship and I would agree. But I feel our fraternity is less superficial than that. I believe our roots and desires as men go much deeper. I believe we are blessed with a sacred, eternal bond and burning desire for liberty and freedom and of patriotism, deep within our hearts. The tenets and symbols of our fraternity allude to a set of values. Values I fear that many today do not understand or seem to care about. We stand tall today because history records we were there when America "was at the door and knocked." We were there when she "was made" a nation. And we were there when she "was passed and raised." Freemasonry has never been in a slumber or distracted from truth. Her principles is the cornerstone of her brethren, illuminated by the "light" of the Supreme Architect of the Universe. The "cement" of Freemasonry is us, and the intrinsic values we each inculcate. We are a part of that "cement" that makes America strong. On behalf of the Officers and Brethren of Collinwood Lodge #582, I would like to thank all brothers and their families who have made donations to our Lodge archives. We are still looking for old issues of The Kernels, photos, installation programs, Masonic pins or any other Masonic items. Help us save the history of Collinwood Lodge and Masonry as a whole. If you need help with shipment or want me to pick up your donations call me at (440)-7292228.

Look for us on the web at

2006-2007 Officers

Worshipful Master .................Robert C. Hager Senior Warden....................William A. Mehle Junior Warden.........................Todd L. Vargo Secretary .....................Horace H. Miller, P.M. Treasurer................Clare W. Mansperger, P.M. Chaplain...................John J. Cochell, PDDGM Associate Chaplain............Jack L. Metcalf, P.M. Senior Deacon...................Timothy A. Collins Junior Deacon......................Robert S. Frankel Senior Steward..................Danny W. McNabb Junior Steward Michael F. Cochran Associate Steward.............Jason C. Miskiewicz Tyler.........................Wayne E. Seaman, P.M. Lodge Education Officer............Scott C. Morris Marshal...............................Freddy J. Moses Associate Marshal...............Daniel A. Novitski

Around the Lodge and In The Community

Bro. Rob Frankel, WB Jack Metcalf and lady Claire, Bev Troha and Bro. Bill Mehle enjoyed "Dinner and a Movie"

Vera Fuller and Jan Herbst enjoy a few happy moments together before the show.

[Above] Wor. Bro. Hob Miller emphasizes a point after dinner, while his wife, Birdie, Del Hager and Wor. Bro. Bob Hager listen. [Below] Vera Fuller, Jan Herbst, Bro. Don Klier, Sandy Seaman and Wor. Bro. Wayne Seaman wonder if they have room for popcorn after dinner.

[Above] The Cochell family, Delores Zingale and Harry Zingale are ready for the movie to start!

Around the Lodge and In The Community

Grand Master's One Day Class, 2007-- During a break between the degrees, RWB John Cochell, Bro. Freddy Moses and Bro. Todd Vargo meet with candidate Don Miller. Bro. Moses worked as a guide for Bro. Miller during the three degrees.

Bro. Bill Mehle tries to avoid our photographer while Bro. Rob Frankel enjoys himself in the auditorium.

LEO Bro. Scott Morris [left] works with John Emery, a candidate from Dover Lodge #489

WB Bob Hager looks for a seat in the stands after delivering the Fellowcraft Lecture.

[Above] Worshipful Bro. Hob Miller welcomes Bro. Don Miller (no relation!) to Collinwood Lodge. [Right] The contingent from Collinwood enjoys lunch during the Grand Master's One Day Class.

Projector Donation Form

Yes, I would like to contribute to the Lodge DVD Projector Fund! Please find enclosed my donation of $ _________________________.

In Memoriam

It is with deep regret that we report the passing of

Bro. Don A. Crawford

on April 3, 2007 to the Grand Lodge Above. He was born on August 4, 1925, Initiated an Entered Apprentice June 26, 1951, Passed to the degree of Fellowcraft on October 29, 1951 And raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on November 26, 1951. He was a Master Mason for 55 years, 4 months and 8 days. We extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Brother ____________________ Address ____________________ ___________________________ ___________________________

Please make checks payable to Collinwood Lodge #582, and return with this form to the Secretary, Hob Miller, at 27271 Tungsten Rd., Euclid, OH 44132 "Thank you for your kind donation!"


Our Next Issue All articles must be received by Friday, May 25th to be included in our next issue. E-mail them to [email protected] , or send them by "snail mail" to the editor, care of Collinwood Lodge #582 Bro. Jeff Hance and his wife, Shannon, on the birth of their son, Travis Michael Hance on April 7.

Bro. Donald R. Miller, Sr. and Bro. Spencer M. Smith, III, on being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason at the Grand Master's Class on March 31.

Welfare - Please call the Worshipful Master, Wardens, or Secretary if you know of a brother who is sick, needs help, or maybe just a ride to Lodge.

RW Bro. John Cochell, Right Worshipful Master of DeMolay Mark Master Lodge #2, on the successful completion of his annual inspection.

W.M.--Robert Hager S.W.--Bill Mehle J.W.--Todd Vargo Secretary--Hob Miller

216-261-9045 216-481-6991 216-531-8758 216-289-9421

Bro. Robert S. Frankel, Excellent High Priest of Heights Chapter #206, R.A.M., on the successful completion of his annual inspection.

Proposed Lodge Activity?

[The following letter from WB Rich Piskura, PM of Ashlar #639, was sent to our Worshipful Master. He submits it to the Brethren of Collinwood in the hopes that some of them might be interested in partaking of this grand adventure with him sometime this summer. Please let him know if you would like to participate and we will set it up!] Greetings WB Bob, Here's the "scoop" about the Kitchen Sink Degree: Candidates can approach this degree work with no apprehension, as there is no need for any preparatory study, memorization or skill in perambulation. All that is required of a candidate is a demonstration of his proficiency in consuming ice cream. As the name implies, the "Kitchen Sink" is not your average bowl of that rich, creamy, cool and delightfully tasty concoction. Rather, it is a truly generous portion or, as described more accurately by our Grande Officers, a "pile of ice cream"... coated with a rich, hot-fudge sauce; covered with tasty, salted pecans; and, for good measure, topped with sweet, whipped cream and a few juicy, red cherries, too. Those candidates who are able to consume, in total, this delectable desert are appropriately recognized. Be aware that a candidate's proficiency is deemed acceptable only upon his completely cleaning out the sink; a rule strictly enforced by our Grande Officers. After disposing of the final spoonful of whatever remained at the bottom of the sink, and having therefore successfully met the rigorous requirements of the degree: · A Kitchen Sink Degree pin is bestowed upon the worthy brother, who at that point is thus entitled to all the rights, benefits and privileges upon him conferred; and later at his lodge a representative of our Grande body will present a beautiful certificate so that his accomplishment may be proclaimed before his brethren and, thus, be recorded for posterity in the lodge's minutes. The degree work can only be conducted within the Hall of Taggart's Ice Cream Parlor in Canton. Candidates should expect the work to take

Upon being received within the Hall and in preparation for the conferral of the degree, the candidate is placed in due form: Seated erect at the table, spoon in his right hand, his left resting upon the menu and check; and a stack of napkins and glass of water placed within easy reach. The obligation is self-administered during the mostly solemn and silent act of consuming the Kitchen Sink full of ice cream. Note: Although Taggart's Kitchen Sink by virtue of the menu is a prescribed mix of ice cream flavors and toppings, candidates may substitute other flavors or toppings more to their liking. A candidate cannot, however, diminish the quantity of ingredients that make up the sink full of ice cream. Although a petition is not required, candidates must contact their sponsor so appropriate arrangements may be made thru the Office of the Grande Builder of the Ice Cream Pile; that because at least 2 qualified brothers must witness and judge the candidate's work. I should mention that a candidate's wife or partner is welcome, and some may even want to try a Taggart's Kitchen Sink, too. But, only Master Masons may earn and receive a Kitchen Sink Degree pin and certificate in recognition of their accomplishment; that's one rule that goes unbroken. I encourage you to give this opportunity to expand your Masonic experience and, probably, waistline, too, serious consideration. Your only cost is for a Taggart's Kitchen Sink, that heapin' helpin' of creamery-style ice cream runs about $6 plus gratuity. Remember: No initiation fee, no dues, no memory work and no recitals; nor are there any meetings or elections... and it's unlikely you'll ever receive any correspondence, either. I would be honored to sponsor you; and I'd venture to say there are some other worthy and well-qualified brothers at Collinwood Lodge who would make excellent candidates, whom I'd also be delighted to sponsor. So why not join those brothers who have proven their proficiency? It's all about one spectacular treat you get to eat, fun and, most importantly, fellowship. I look forward to hearing from you. Fraternally yours, Rich Piskura (self-appointed) Keeper of the Spoon Cc.: RWB Joseph E. Levy, Deputy Calorie Counter


Collinwood Lodge No. 582, F&AM Euclid Masonic Temple 27271 Tungsten Rd,

Upcoming Events!


Monday, April 23 ......................... (7:30 PM) Collinwood Stated Meeting--FC Degree Saturday, April 28 .............................. Scottish Rite Spring Reunion (3615 Euclid Ave.) Saturday, April 28 ......... "Grand Master's Class 5-Year Reunion Banquet" (Euclid Temple) 6:30 P.M.-- $8.00 --Dinner reservations due by April 25! Saturday, May 5 ........................... (9:30 A.M.) Mother's Day Breakfast (Euclid Temple) Saturday, May 5 .......... (5:00 P.M.) Nickel Plate Night--Evergreen Lodge #222 (Conneaut) Monday, May 14 ............................................ (7:30 PM) Collinwood Stated Meeting Saturday, May 19 ............................................. (12:30 PM) Elyria Lodge Dedication .................(5:00 PM) Grand Master's Reception (Brookridge Party Center) Monday, May 28.............Memorial Day - Euclid Parade (10:00 AM) - No Stated Meeting! Tuesday, May 29 ........................(6:30 P.M.) Collinwood Special Meeting--Table Lodge

Happy Memorial Day!



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