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A Signature Program of the University of Colorado at Boulder

Integrating STEM Education (iSTEM) at CU Boulder integrates existing efforts and

supports new efforts in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. We are: · TransformingSTEMeducationatCUBoulder · BuildingtheSTEMeducationresearchcommunityatCUBoulder · IncreasingthenumberandqualityofK20STEMeducators

Over 35 Programs in STEM Education

iSTEM integrates over 35 programs in STEM education representing over $15 million in grants at CU Boulder, including: · CUTeach­anationallyleadingprogrambringing STEM students to teaching, offering a specialized secondary science and math teacher certification program for STEM majors. · LearningAssistant/NoycePrograms­couples the transformation of undergraduate courses with the recruitment and preparation of future teachers in STEM. · TheScienceEducationInitiative-ledbyNobel LaureateCarlWieman,thisinitiativeseeksto transform undergraduate education in 5 different departments on campus. · NSFGrantsinPhysics,Chemistry,Biology,Math & Engineering to transform classes. These have been used to introduce student-centered researchbased approaches in these classes. · Physics&Discipline-BasedEducationResearch Groups(PER&DBER)-Oneofthelargestand bestrecognizedPERresearchgroupsinthenation. DBERspansmorethan10departments,meets weeklytosupportfaculty,staff&studentsin educational research. · IntegratedTeachingandLearningProgram& Lab-anationally-recognized,hands-on, engineering program for CU Students and Faculty andK12studentsandteachers. Affiliate Programs:

Bringing National Recognition to CU Boulder


PresidentObamacitesprogramslikeCUTeach as national models for teacher preparation to address the challenges in teacher and workforcepreparation. CUhostedtheAssociationofPublicand Land-grantUniversities(APLU)ScienceandMath Teacher Imperative's inaugural conference; CU recognized as a national leader. iSTEMContributestoStatewideInitiatives, including revision of state standards in mathematics and science, and leading roles in RacetotheTop/ARRAapplication. We seek to establish CU as a national hub of STEM education and create a Center for STEM education at CU Boulder



PI:ChancellorPhilDiStefano Co-PIs: Assoc.DeanArgrow,DeanGleeson, D eanShepard,andProfessorFinkelstein Project Directors:NoahFinkelstein, Physics;ValerieOtero,SchoolofEducation; Eric Stade, Chair, Mathematics; MikeKlymkowsky,MCDBiology;DerekReamon, MechanicalEngineering;DariaKoty-Schwartz, Mechanical Engineering. For information: [email protected] Support Excellence at CU, to donate: [email protected]

Committed to Excellence in STEM Education for Colorado |

Integrating STEM Education is supported by the University of Colorado and the National Science Foundation through I3 ©2009 Regents of the University of Colorado


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