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Since it's introduction, our Tremor all terrain - all weather wheelchair has really made a rumble throughout the industry. Due to its continuous rise in sales and our customer's positive feedback, Colours has decided to separately feature our Fatso wheels. Designed to fit on most wheelchairs the "Fatso" wheel assembly will enable you to take your existing wheelchair and turn it into an off-road vehicle.

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This premiere issue has a little bit of everything: women, politics, sports, titanium, "road kill". Rewind did we say women and titanium. Titanium implant? LOW is confident that its articles will teach you something new about women and you will finally learn the dirty little secrets about titanium.


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Over the next few pages you will gravitate to new levels of courage with Andrew Houghton and experience the fearless life of Wayne Rainey. Controversy we love it!!! Check out SPAZZ, TREMOR, ZEPHYR AND ZAMMER. adventures of LOW. Well enough of the teaser stay tune for the further

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September 2002




at the track with

wayne rainey

Wayne Rainey was the top World Championship 500cc Grand Prix rider of the early 1990s, winning three consecutive World Championships riding for Yamaha. Rainey's career as a motorcycle racer came to an abrupt end when he suffered a crash while leading the Italian Grand Prix in September of 1993. Rainey did not let his disability keep him down. He returned to the world championship circuit as a team owner and manager. Rainey came back in 1994 and headed up his own GP racing team, something he did through the 1998 season when he decided to retire from the rigorous travel schedule to spend more time with his family in their home in Monterey, California. Rainey still manages to have fun with speed, racing a specially designed racing go-kart, a gift from Eddie Lawson, who is also an avid go-karter.


WHAT IS THE FOCUS OF YOUR LIFE NOW? My focus has changed a lot. I have a real strong belief in Jesus Christ. Which is something that happened to me out on the racetrack. I believe that I was pretty lucky to live. So that's my foundation and that is my strength. Because as a man as a human being you go up and down emotionally whether or not you have physical problems. So I tend to give it to God. That helps me a lot. But I still am human I still am flesh; I still have struggles like everybody else. And I found being in a chair you have to overcome other boundaries. You really have to be strong mentally. And that in its self is a big challenge. That is a really positive thing for me.

Seriously, I am out here racing and I cannot feel anything from my chest down, but yet I am still challenging guys on the track that can feel everything.

WAYNE, YOU WERE AT THE PEAK OF YOUR CAREER AT THE TIME OF YOUR ACCIDENT-WHAT WENT THROUGH YOUR MIND? I pretty much raced all my life and I had my accident in 1993. So after my accident I went through some adjustment changes. Yet, I just jumped right back in there. I really did not have a choice, I had a 2-month-old son. But I was pretty fortunate to do what I like to do. I was pretty lucky enough to have it all in my own hands. WHAT DRIVES YOU? As far as when I was racing I was pretty much focused on being world champ. All my energies and all my minutes of the day went into that one goal. It consumed my life and I did not even realize there was a world outside of racing. So that pretty much changed in a matter of seconds. And now I look back on that and I realize that racing is just a dot. It is just a little part of my life. Right now is the big part of my life. I realize now that every day is much brighter than when I raced. I really did not have much of a life when I raced bikes because it was always the same. I knew what was going on every single day I woke up. Now I kind of take it as it comes. So my son is going to be ten. He is really into baseball and I really enjoy watching him play.

Above: Yes, it is Mr. "Steady" Eddie Lawson himself giving the Yamaha 250cc SuperKart a push to start. These hand built racers are based on GP motorcycle two-stroke engines...they might sound like lawn mowers, but these high-pitch powerplants produce around 110 horsepower, just an inch away from the asphalt. Rainey and Lawson have an incredible crew which includes Rainey's father Sandy Rainey.

September 2002


I dig it. I like having these challenges and my whole life has been a challenge.

a catch 22

To get to the starting grid, call Pat or Mack at P1 Performance: 714-414-0909. 2921 East Miraloma Ave., Unit 15, Anaheim, CA 92806. Above: state of the art Yamaha 250cc kart fitted with hand control.


HOW HAVE YOUR CHALLENGES AFFECTED YOUR LIFE? I think being in a chair presents a lot of other challenges that most people don't even think about. Life is a real challenge every single day and that for me is OK. I dig it. I like having these challenges and my whole life has been a challenge. I am used to battling and that is what I had to do in a race. So I know life's not easy but I don't know if it can get much worse. That is why I do stuff like kart racing. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO A NEWLY INJURED PERSON? It definitely takes time and you just have to be patient. There are just some things that you are not going to be able to do. You just have to except it and move on. Or you are going to have to do it a little bit different than you did before. And sure you can get upset. I still get upset, but what are going to do about it. Are you going to lie in bed and cry about it all day or are you going to get up and go for it. I always think just go for it. Seriously, I am out here racing and I cannot feel anything from my chest down, but yet I am still challenging guys on the track that can feel everything. So I know my limits. You have to know your limits. You have to know what you can and cannot do. You have to know how much to push it and how much let up.

by Victor Martin

Mr. Martin is a superintendent of engineer at Allied Signal

Titanium wheelchairs on the market today can only be defined as a double-edged sword. You could go even further by saying it is a "Catch 22" which Webster's defines, "from the novel, Catch 22 (1961) by J.Heller, a paradox in a law, regulation or practice that makes one a victim of its provisions no matter what one does." The aircraft and the subsequently space agencies have been the movers and shakers of the last century. The explosion of metal technology gave us those alloys we use today within the wheelchair industry. Two of which are in the forefront of design and application today, aircraft aluminum and aircraft titanium. Both alloys are used and have been used for years within the aircraft and space industries. It is to be noted that 95 + % of materials used on aircrafts is aluminum and the remaining 5% are various metal alloys including aircraft titanium. The writer offers, the following alloy for thought. If titanium is a metal superior to aluminum why is it not more extensively used on aircrafts? Please take note that there are some limited areas that aircraft titanium can offer


improvements over aircraft aluminum where C O S T and are not de ter min i ng f act ors . However these areas are rare and varied in nature.

Aluminum has become a "user friendly" alloy that can, if needed, be welded, brazed, machined and drilled in most any shop. On the other hand, aircraft titanium represents an entirely different picture. It is very delicate and unforgiving. Furthermore, only the most sophisticated shops are capable of addressing repairs to this alloy. I do not recommend titanium for wheelchair frames except within a marriage with aluminum.

WHAT ATTRACTS YOU TO KART RACING? It is a good outlet. You hit the gas; feel the speed and the world just escapes you. You go out there and it is just you and the kart and pure speed. You don't even realize that you just left a wheelchair to get in a racecar. I love meeting kids out here. Sometimes I feel that they have an easier time adapting. It might be a good sport for young kids, but the secret is it is a better sport for old guys. It gives them something to do.

Could it be possible that titanium is being used just as a "catch" phrase to lure its victims into not seeing its true character? Titanium wheelchairs on the market today still cannot claim that they are the lightest within our industry. Maybe for their manufacturer they are the lightest within their company's product lines. But it is a proven fact that there are lighter rigid aluminum wheelchairs on the market today that could challenge any manufacturer of titanium wheelchairs on the issue of weight, durability, and strength. The next time you are deciding between titanium and aluminum make sure you are really getting your money's worth.

The Colours chameleon is very exceptional member of our family. Many have characterized her as intense, provocative, intelligent and sensitive. Yet, complexity only adds to her interesting diverse personality. When you first encounter the chameleon, her incredible beauty may confuse and distract your senses. Further conversation may take your mental and emotional psyche to new levels of intellect and desire. So who is this incredible "bombshell"? Actually really there is only one person that could fit this intricate maze of characteristics. Nicole Parsons is the Colours chameleon and we are amazed and proud of all her of her accomplishments. Her diverse personality sometimes could be characterized as a "ball out in left field", but her intellect can only be seen as brilliant. The effects of her "jaw dropping" reactions can only be credited to her witty powerful disposition. Living each day with "no regrets" allows Nicole to continue the adventure and "seize the day".


Take a good look at this page. Stare if you need to. What is it that you are exactly looking at? Do you even know? Are you puzzled by the questions? What are your first thoughts, comment or reactions to what you see? Is it beauty, innocence, strength, or sensuality? Could it be possible that you see what we see?

"Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears." Edgar Allen Poe.

nicole parsons

September 2002


Some days she is a dentist running a successful practice while other days she is an erotic model posing for the camera. Keeping up with Nicole could be difficult for some individuals while not keeping up with her could be disappointing for others. She credits growing up in Northern California as the perfect backdrop for the development of her persona. Her father who is also a dentist and her mother exposed her to many different and diverse cultures and environments. Nicole credits both her parents in helping to develop her mind and

giving her the appetite for adventure through travel. Watercolors, acrylics, and photography are just a few of the many tools that Nicole uses to express her thoughts and visions. She has recently completed illustration on a children's' book which she hopes will lead to some new artistic aspects in her life. How many of us could list such a diverse group as Martha Stewart, Dali Lama, Queen Elizabeth, Mae West, Sir Richard Frances Burton, Lance Armstrong and Bill Gates as

inspirational personal heroes and role models. Perseverance and determination are the two prevalent characteristics that Nicole expresses during discussion of them. The key is she is able to stick to her convictions but also is able to open her mind to any situation. This is why she loves dentistry, modeling, acting, writing, photography, reading, traveling and painting. She longs for the day to be photographed by a daring and innovative photographer such as Helmut Newton, David La Chapelle or Chris Voelker.

Dating is another issue that Nicole takes on in full force. She feels that the older she gets dating definitely becomes more intimidating and harder. But if a guy is willing to approach her now in a wheelchair, she feels that it is ten times easier to "break the ice" than before her accident. To Nicole if a guy to be able to "cross that bridge" and approach a girl in a wheelchair, it is as if all the skeletons are out of the closet. And yes she does want marriage and children, but the timeline associated with the "clicking of the clock" does not seem to bother her anymore. She does not want to compromise her beliefs for what society might say or think about family and children. For now Nicole has expressed that she has a sense of peace about her. Not really knowing where life might take her towards the future, she one day would like to own her own production company and continue her work within the arts and entertainment industry. Oh and I did I forget master kayaking. The least likely characteristic that Nicole Best Sci-Fi poses is her addiction to the television and Scariest Film movie screen. A self proclaimed "Tevo" Romantic Film junky, Nicole's favorites include, "Six Feet Funniest Film Under", "Sex and the City", "Farscape", "Iron Chef", "The History Channel", Film on War "Frasier", "Sponge Bob", "Lexx", Western Film "Sopranos", "American Biographies", Worst Film "West Wing", "Scrubs", "Star Trek", and Foreign Film "Futurama" to name just a few. When it Favorite Dental Scene comes to the movies her close friends will make it a point to call her first to critique a film before adventuring out to the theater. Her choices are as followed: Blade Runner, Star Wars and the Matrix Aliens and the Shinning The Piano and Room with a View Top Secret, Young Frankenstein, and Philadelphia Story Das Boot Once Upon A Time In The West Manos the Hand of Fate Die Apothekerin Steve Martin Little Shop of Horrors

Hope Lewellen entered our world by being run over by an airplane during an average day on the job as an aircraft mechanic. This life changing event has lead Hope down an interesting path full of new passions and goals. Not only has she been in two Para Olympics, Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000, but this year Hope will be representing the United States on two national teams, World Team Cup in tennis and Gold Cup in basketball. These are achievements that only a select few men or women can claim in their life accomplishments.

kid's camps and programs all over the United States. At this particular moment she is helping to establish a Women's basketball and tennis programs at the University of Arizona. The University of Arizona now has six total sports programs for the disabled, men's, women's and junior basketball, Quad Rugby, Tennis, Track and Road Racing and Goal Ball. The university's adaptive athletic programs have a university paid staff member to help coach and run the programs, but most of the funds needed are either provided through grants or private donations. The program supports competitive athletes as well as recreational athletes. The University of Arizona sponsored and sent four athletes to participate and represent the USA during the 2000 Sydney Para Olympics. Hope passionately believes in the program enough to enroll in the University as a student. At the moment she is a linguistics major, which she hopes will lead to a job in another country. Traveling, sports, reading and music have all been aspects of her life that she enjoys. As for the future, Hope would love to travel more and live in other countries maybe throughout Europe and Asia. She is especially fond of Japan. After her accident she started taking flying lessons and still one day plans on becoming a pilot. As for children, they are a definite part of her "bigger picture" on life. But finding the right person to share her life with always seems to be an adventure for Hope. She claims dating after her accident is easier. This is due to the fact she is able to meet more women through her worldwide travels. Now Hope would tell you that her "prosthesis and chair" are definite "chick magnets". But it is her personality and easy going attitude on life that definitely seals the deal for her.

hope lewellen

Born in England Hydred Makabali is one of four siblings all of which are girls. And yes they are all beautiful. If you want to check them out you can see all four sisters in the Colours ad campaign "Who is challenged, Who isn't". As a jester of sisterhood, all four of the sisters share the same tattoo. It started with ring from a friend who had traveled to India. After Hydred had the ring pattern tattooed on her upper arm the tattoo became a family tribal symbol. Maybe it was its intertwining continual pattern or its simplistic beauty. But for some odd reason which none of them can explain the tattoo has touched their lives as a bond between all four of them. Over the past 10 years since her accident, Hydred claims that she has developed a peace about herself. She attributes this to the love and compassion from her family and inner circle of friends. At the present moment she has two passions. One is playing the game of pool and the other is finishing her degree in forensic science. Ranked semi-professional the game of pool started out originally as just a way to escape the pressures of the world. "I used it as a reward for myself", she states. It was an outlet to relax and meditate after a long day. This innocent distraction soon lead Hydred to move her way up the ranks within the WPBA. This past April, she competed in her first professional tournament. Competing along side of "The Irish Invader, "The Duchess of Doom" and "The Black Widow" the tournament became a once in a lifetime opportunity that Hydred could not pass up. She hopes to continue on the professional tour within the WPBA, as well as finish her schooling which may lead her into another new chapter of her life within the FBI or CIA.

To Colours the most unique feature of Hydred is this raw honest communication that she projects. You could ask anyone about her undeniable beauty, but what everyone remembers about Hydred is the energy that she bestows upon you during a conversation. I know this might sound strange, but she really listens to you and is never shy about her truthful responses. Opening oneself up completely to even a stranger can be a personal risk. Yet this characteristic of Hydred's can only be seen as an asset one that has only enriched her life and the ones lucky enough to experience it. These unique skills have helped others through her volunteering at access centers and at kid's camps.

hydred makabali

At the moment, the most influential people in her life are her girlfriend Melissa and her peers at school. To Hydred they keep her life in perspective and give her the honest open-minded support that she needs. Her most unforgettable embarrassing moment happened during a lecture at school when she not only started her period, but she also shit her pants and peed all over herself. If you were to ask her of her strengths, she would claim communication skills, confidence and compassion. Her weaknesses are all entwined within one word "stubborn". If asked what advice she would pass along to other individuals. Hydred proclaims, "Love life and live it up"! Communication skills are not only in a verbal form for Hydred. Personal thought provoking journals also flank her deep thoughts from within her soul. These amazing journals have taken Hydred through conflicts and tribulations that many of us lock up in our minds and throw away the keys. They are "true treasures" to Hydred and if they were lost one day would she be scared or upset that someone would find them? No actually to find a personal journal is like hitting the lottery to her. How amazing it would be to be able unfold that persons life even if it was hers. In fact she has one ongoing journal that she has kept with a close friend since 1996. They have sent it back and forth for years now writing excerpts about their lives not knowing if one day the US Postal Service might lose their precious journal.

Being close to her siblings has helped Hope muddle through any obstacles that she may have faced during her life. Yet, it is her free spirit and open mindedness that keeps her fresh and active today. She claims that after her accident she is more relaxed and is more sensitive to events around her. It is with her wise "old soul" attitude and logical presence that allows her to always just "ride the wave" through life. Sometimes this could attribute to her greatest weakness "never saying no" especially to women. Hope has volunteered hundreds of hours to

w w w. c o l o u r s w h e e l c h a i r. c o m

September 2002


Over the past years, it could be said that Alycia Busciglio has "grown up" with Colours. She has been with us practically from the beginning and has contributed vastly to our inner family core. And she has successfully accomplished many goals in her life single-handedly. It was not until the time of her birth that her parents even knew she existed. Born a twin her parents thought they were having only one child, but to their surprise Alycia found her way into their lives. She has continually surprised all of us with her bright open attitude and courageous gift to make her life complete. At this particular moment, she is living year around in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Working full time as a waitress at Chevy's Mexican Restaurant and completing her AA degree. Next year she is planning on transferring to a university and completing her degree in recreation therapy. She loves going to live funky bluegrass concerts and her favorite band is the Big Wu. But it is the love of her family especially her father that has kept her on the right track throughout her life.

autianya pascqua

How do you describe a true blessing that has been bestowed upon the earth? One, who asks for very little, but gives everything she has within her heart and soul. Keep reading and you will discover in her words what makes this remarkable woman a true blessing in disguise. Do angels on earth exist! Have you ever met one? Well, now you are about to. We give you Autianya, which happens to mean (Auti) sister (anya) angel. That she is. Her close friends seem to think so too. They describe her joy, peace, determination, creativity, strength, and divinely unique. This heaven sent being was born with the middle name Christina, which means Christ in Me! Coincidence you ask. Read the rest and you decide. God gave this strong spirit to a bi-racial couple. Her mother is decent German & English; her father is Peruvian Indian and Mexican. Talk about a combination burrito. Little did she know that this world would judge her harshly because of it? She was always trying to find a place to fit in, but was neither White nor Latin enough for cruel kids. Therefore, she found herself becoming a loner to find the gift that God had blessed upon her, the gift of dance. Having extremely young parents, Christina had a rough up bringing. She grew up in a gang-infested neighborhood and her parents did the best they could to make it comfortable. However, sometimes even the household was just as uncomfortable. There were different kinds of abuse occurring behind closed doors. That is when dancing became the focal point in her life. Autianya left home at the age of 18 to begin a dance career. Little did she know that it would all come to a stop when an aggressive man forced her to marry him? She went through severe abuse and even raped by her own husband. It was just like the movies "Sleeping with the Enemy" and " What's love got to do with it?" Life became a nightmare. Finally, after his attempt at murdering her, she found someone that would save her life, her boss, which happens to be the owner of the famous Trashy Lingerie. He gave her a place to stay when her family had disowned her and would not have anything to do with helping her. Because of a hit on her life, she changed her name for protection purposes. She used a name that she picked out for her child that was miscarried caused by her husband's abuse. A few months went by and Autianya found herself dancing again. This time, her gift took her on Tour with Rap Artists and even took her all the way to the Grammy's. She ended up dancing for the likes of N.W.A., LL Cool J, Bobby Brown, Kid & Play, the late Eazy E and several other wellknown artists. How do you consider this person a living Angel on earth, you ask. Keep reading. One year after becoming a wellknown dance choreographer, Autianya joined the first all Latin female Hip-Hop group. When she returned from New York's Grammy performance with LL Cool J, she got news of the group receiving a major recording deal. Next was signing the contracts and they would be on their way to Stardom. On Sunday, May 3, 1992, Autianya went to church to pay respect to her Heavenly Father asking for forgiveness, guidance and courage. She asked, " Lord, please help me with my career. I want to be different and stand out. I want you to use me as a vessel to touch your children." What happened next is tragedy to others, but a miracle to her. On her journey home alone, she was jam'n to her group Demo in the car. She was traveling north bound on the famous Hollywood freeway. Suddenly a car hit the front end of her left bumper, causing her vehicle to spin out of control. Her car then hit the center divider head on and the impact caused a broken back, a severed spinal cord and internal bleeding. When she came to, she found it difficult to breath and began to gasp for air. Without success, Autianya lost the battle and experienced the unknown. She states, "I felt these two warm strong hands, pull me out of my body while I kept on saying, I didn't get to say good-bye to anyone, repeatedly." When suddenly I heard this voice answer, It's ok my child, I'm giving you what you asked for. I have prepared you for this day and I know that your spirit is strong. You will encounter several trials, but you will overcome them all to become the One I have Chosen!" "Next thing I know I was released back into my body to find the paramedics fighting to keep me alive. When I woke up in the hospital, I found that I could no longer feel my legs and the Dr. told me that I would never walk or dance again."

alycia busciglio

In her spare time Alycia loves to go hiking on the rough trails throughout South Lake Tahoe, kayaking on the lake and mono skiing in the winter. Being resourceful she has learned to sew clothing that actual fits her. And she also loves reading biographies and creating objects of desire through the art of ceramics. Yet, it is through her volunteering that she finds her greatest pleasures. Growing up in Southern California Alycia found herself donating time at sports camps and recently in South Lake Tahoe she has lectured at her college about diversity and equality. She believes all of this has helped her community as well as helped herself to grow and learn new aspects about life. But amazing enough we also believe the coolest part of Alycia is that she is a definite thrill seeker. It is a semi-secret side of Alycia's personality that she does not always reveal. When you first met her your first impressions and thoughts are of a quiet maybe passive individual. Yet as time goes by, she opens up into a courageous out-spoken woman that is not shy about letting you know how she feels. When asked to define the word pity Alycia responded in the following statement. "People feel pity when they are uneducated about something. Or maybe people feel pity to make themselves feel better. I don't want any one to feel pity for me. I am so happy to have been chosen to live my life from a wheelchair. The challenge everyday is exciting to me. Most people will never be able to understand how I can feel this way. I have had so many amazing experiences because I live my life from a chair. I would not use any wishes on wanting to walk. Hopefully one day the question of what is pity will no longer be."

September 2002


Indeed, Autianya encountered many trials afterwards, but overcame them all. Today's report is that she is an awesome performer who can dance her wheels off. She has developed a non-profit organization geared towards troubled youth, using performing arts as a tool to reach and keep them from the streets or harming themselves. The name of her organization is "Save a Soul Foundation". She also collaborated with an Occupational Therapist to start a Performing Arts Program at the famous Rancho Los Amigos. Their first successful show was on Dec.6 2002 that landed them an article in the LA Times. They dedicated it to the families and the lost lives of the New York tragedy. I guess we could keep going on, but she says that you have to go see her movie, "My Feet Keep Dancing" to get more details. It is coming very soon. Maybe one day you will run into your angel on earth. We know we did. In October 2002 Autianya will be competing in the World Championship of Performing Arts. This invitation only competition is held yearly and consists of actors, dancers, musicians and vocalists from around the world. This prestigious competition has been compared to the Olympics. Autianya will be competing in the categories of dance, acting, modeling and vocal. Hopefully this competition will open up new opportunities for her in the near future.

During any spare time that Autianya may have, she loves working with children. With her non-profit "Save the Soul Foundation", she hopes to further the development of programs for troubled youths. When Autianya forwards advice to one of the youths in her program or just anybody on the street she proclaims, "learn to love yourself and you will find God within". So far in her life, this motto along with the comforts from her guardian angel has allowed her to become a true survivor. So you be the judge and jury. Ask yourself could it have been possible that you saw what we had seen? Were you even close? Or is it overwhelming that those initial images still haunt your mind? Is it crazy to believe that their undaunted power could imprint various memories into your individual psyches? Beauty in its most profound form will capture and affect your inner soul.

Nadia van den Brink and her dancing partner Dennis are competitive wheelchair dancers. Ranked second in the Netherlands and fourth in the world Nadia is sponsored by TNS and Mario Bezouw in the Netherlands. Not only does she dance but Nadia also works full time and does public awareness and motivational speaking throughout the Netherlands. In the 21 years she has been in a wheelchair, Nadia claims that her Colours Zephyr is "the first chair that fits me like a glove." And now to Nadia her "selfesteem is priceless!"

nadia van den brink

Right after readjusting and learning how to adapt to her new lifestyle, Autianya began to host her own Music Video Show named "N-Motion". The show was extremely successful and she interviewed several well-known entertainers. She seemed unstoppable until her Mother's illness slowed her down. Cancer would then claim the life of her best friend, her Mom.

Like a faceted gemstone what lies behind ones beauty may never be experienced unless one is willing to expose their inner flaws. It takes unique individuals to realize and believe in themselves enough to open up their inner sanctuary. The women of Colours have this inner beauty within each of them. It is this fueling force that has given them the strength to find their own unique paths through the unpredictable journey of life. Autiayna, Alycia, Hydred, Hope, Nadia and Nicole all are unique women that have helped Colours to express different views of life. From Nicole's famous provocative pose to Autiayna's views on spousal abuse, the women of Colours hope to make a difference in your world.

September 2002


Want to get started or just continue what you used to do? Go to Chad Waligura's website ­ Follow Me Outdoors ­ and check it out. In his own words, "This site is devoted to forging a new path to the mighty outside. Disabled recreation is an obscure but growing sport, so come follow me as I show you the way to fun in the field". The URL is http// Happy Hunting Tom Ell an avid hunter P.S. Thanks to Mike Box (the genius of Colours) for opening up this world for me. As he says, "If it flies, it dies".



Close your eyes and dream of the sounds of rippling waves and scents of ocean breezes that are enticing your every sense to become a part of its world. Now could you ever imagine being able to maneuver yourself through the sand and down to the ocean water? Well Colours `N Motion can with our new Tremor all terrain wheelchair not only can you push yourself easily down to the ocean, lake or river but you will be able to move independently freely through any type of sand, mud, snow or off road surface. Most wheelchair users in the past needed assistance or struggled maneuvering at the beach, desert or on trails. With regular manual wheelchairs it felt like pushing through quick sand. Yet with the Colours `N Motion Tremor you will feel like you are pushing down the beach boardwalk or paved mountain roads. With the rugged "ultra-lightweight" wheelchair frame, large custom rear Fatso wheels and total wheelchair adjustability this wheelchair can make life incredibly more enjoyable when you are traveling on any all terrain surface. With the Tremor's stylish new frame design and our custom Fatso rear wheel assembly you will look good in any all terrain setting you chose. Once again Colours `N Motion has made some of life's simplest pleasures like going down to the ocean or traveling through the snow fully independent for wheelchair users. So go ahead! If you love to camp, go to the beach or be in the snow, the Tremor wheelchair will take you where you want to go.




Hunting for the disabled is a rather obscure sport. Although you don't hear about it as much as other sports it is really quite large. I guess gimps that like to kill things (to eat, of course) really don't want to advertise.

I could go into a lot of details here but that's all available on a website I'll talk about later. There are two key factors that make hunting an enjoyable experience. First is your hunting partner(s). The better they understand what's possible for you and what's not (and that's not much) the better experience you will have. Second is a good outdoor chair makes all the difference. It is almost the opposite of a good everyday chair. Fat tires, fat casters and a stable frame are going to give you the most independence. Remember, when you fire that rifle or shotgun you really don't want to end up on your back. Don't worry if you can't hold the gun or pull the trigger, there is stuff available to take care of that.

For More Information about these products, call Colours In Motion: 1-800-892-8998 (toll free, US only) or 1-714-978-1440 Visit their website at

D'S LOCK are hub locks for manual wheelchairs. They take the place of either Push-Pull or Scissors style brakes currently offered. D's Locks work independently of the tire by locking the wheel at the hub. Tire types and air pressure no longer matter. Your wheels can be locked securely in place, regardless of tire condition. Because D's Locks lock at the hub, they are the answer to suspension chairs. They mount completely out of the way, so thumbs stay intact. Additionally, the brakes are no longer the widest part of the chair. D's Locks add no width to the chair, and wheels can be taken on and off with the locks engaged. D's Locks can be self-installed in usually less than an hour, with no special tools.

· Reduce Back Spasms · Reduce Back Pain · Reduce Pressure Sores


September 2002


For more information, please email [email protected] or see

Taking Sports for Life Around the World. In the coming months, VVAF plans to expand Sports for Life into countries in Africa and Asia where VVAF currently runs rehabilitation programs. Sports for Life will support the development of activities at the therapeutic, recreational, and competitive levels in each of these locations. VVAF will also assist its partners with advocacy and awareness-raising, using sports as a vehicle for promoting rights and reconciliation, as well as rehabilitation, well-being, and fun. In May 2002, a VVAF assessment team, including consultant Andrew Houghton, visited disability and sports organizations and government representatives in southern, central, and northern Vietnam to gauge the possibilities for developing a Sports for Life

project there. The team found that there are numerous barriers preventing people from participating in sports and recreational activities, but groups throughout the country expressed an overwhelming interest in moving past those barriers. Sports for Life will attempt to find ways to help them do this. In Angola and Ethiopia, VVAF staff members are building relationships with local disability and sports organizations and exploring avenues for developing sports-related programs. Ultimately, VVAF intends to gather together the information and experience it gains in these many corners of the world to create models and materials that may be used by others to promote sport, integration, and reconciliation.



sports for life SETS


VVAF also learned that many people, disabled and nondisabled alike, had never been exposed to disability sports activities and therefore lacked an understanding of what was possible. Houghton observed that "many people didn't even want to try, but after one went out and started to play, the others followed. It's typical--people never know what it will be like until they get out there and participate." With this in mind, Houghton organized three wheelchair tennis clinics; facilitated recreational activities for youth; and brought together disability organizations, the Department of Sport, the Kosova Olympic Committee and the tennis and basketball federations to organize a major disability sports and recreation exhibition. After this event, the sponsors signed a joint proclamation declaring their commitment to developing disability sports and recreation programming in Kosovo. In May 2002, VVAF kicked off a new comprehensive sports program in Kosovo, building on the groundbreaking work done by Houghton. Through this new initiative, VVAF is organizing sports and recreation activities that bring people with disabilities together with able-bodied participants and that unify people from a variety of ethnic communities torn apart by conflict. VVAF conducts sports clinics and tournaments to introduce participants to new activities and develop their skills

The Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF) has launched an exciting new initiative called Sports for Life. VVAF was founded over twenty years ago by a visionary group of American veterans who decided to transform their experience of war into a mission of peace building and healing. They devoted themselves and VVAF to assisting civilian victims of conflict and tackling issues of injustice. Today, VVAF works in seven countries around the world running innovative rehabilitation, education, and advocacy programs. Building on the strengths of its existing activities in Kosovo and Cambodia, VVAF plans to go global with its sports and recreation programs for people with disabilities in war-affected countries and to further develop the use of sports as a tool for reconciliation and peace building.

Kosovo: Building Community Through Sports. Since the spring of 1999, when the war in Kosovo ended, the province's citizens have been working hard to rebuild their homes and their lives. However, much work remains to be done in order to bring unity and peace to Kosovo's communities. This is reflected by the fact that many people with disabilities continue to be sheltered and treated as mere social welfare cases, while members of some minority groups can only leave their villages under the protection of military escorts. Through its programs, VVAF is encouraging the recognition and integration of all of Kosovo's citizens. In 2001, VVAF employed program development specialist and wheelchair athlete, Andrew Houghton, to initiate VVAF's disability sports and recreation activities in Kosovo. Houghton discovered a great deal of interest in sports throughout the province, but found that most groups did not have the equipment, training, or information that they needed to develop meaningful programs. For example, eighty athletes expressed a desire to compete in wheelchair basketball, but only twenty sports chairs could be found in the whole province. Furthermore, rules for the game did not exist in local languages. So, VVAF translated rules and began providing sports equipment to local groups and schools.

and confidence. At the same time, VVAF is helping local disability organizations to form Disability Sports Advisory Committees by providing training and equipment. These groups will be responsible for implementing activities in their respective regions throughout Kosovo. Down the road, VVAF hopes that the groups will move beyond sports to address other issues of concern to them, such as education, employment, health and social services, and political rights. Ultimately, if there is to be real and lasting change in Kosovo, it is Kosovo's citizens who will themselves have to create it. VVAF's Sports for Life program is providing people with the tools and opportunities they will need to engage in this process. Cambodia: Changing Attitudes, Changing Lives. In Cambodia, traditional belief maintains that disability is a sign of bad karma--in other words, people "earn" their disabilities by misbehaving in a previous life. Such beliefs are reinforced by pervasive images of people with disabilities facing extreme hardship, like the many who circulate through city streets begging for small change. For the past two years, though, Cambodia's standing volleyball team has been turning its society's notions of disability upside down. In 2000, with sponsorship from VVAF, the team realized its dream of participating in the Paralympic Games. Although Cambodia won only one match in Sydney, the exposure to elite international competition proved extremely powerful, whetting the players' appetites for more. In 2001, VVAF secured sponsorship from Cathay Pacific, DragonAir, Czech Air, Otto Bock, the German and Australian governments, and singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith, enabling the Cambodian to travel to the World Cup Games in Slovakia. There, the team showed marked improvement, narrowly losing the battle for the bronze medal. Now the players are back at home training hard for the 2002 FESPIC Games and demonstrating their talents in competitions around Cambodia, recently

placing fourth against non-disabled teams in a prestigious national tournament. The efforts of the volleyballers are having a great impact on Cambodian society, as well as the lives of individual players. Cambodian are taking pride in the achievements of their team, while young people with disabilities are finding new role models to emulate. What is more, the players are showing an unprecedented sense of self-confidence. The team's coordinator, Chris Minko, has noted that "some of the players have been seen strutting through the streets of Phnom Penh wearing shorts and showing off their prostheses," a scene that would have been unimaginable in Cambodia just two short years ago. In June and July of 2002, VVAF coordinated the first-ever national league competition for people with disabilities. Eight volleyball teams from around Cambodia traveled to Phnom Penh to participate. The first year of the league proved to be a resounding success. Particularly exciting was the zeal with which former national team players set out to recruit and train new team members. Local businesses, government leaders, and media organizations also threw their support behind the effort, reflecting a significant change in attitude toward athletes with disabilities, and people with disabilities, in general. At the end of the league competition, a selection competition was held and a new national team was identified to play in the upcoming Far East Asian (FESPIC) games in October 2002 in Busan, Korea. This newest team is determined to add a gold medal to the long list of remarkable achievements Cambodia's volleyballers have already established.

You may ask yourself why would a disabled owned wheelchair company call their new wheelchair SPAZZ? Do words like non-sensitive, vulgar, obscene, or repulsive go through your mind when you first hear this word SPAZZ. Wake up! Are you living in the Stone Age? The word SPAZZ has for years been known as something or someone that is cool. Webster's defines cool [slang] as "very good, pleasing, etc.; excellent." Furthermore SPAZZ could even be considered eccentric, nonconforming, free-spirited, or independent. Whatever your views are on this small FIVE LETTER WORD Colours challenges you to think deeper. Why are words or actions today labeled negative? Do you even know who make up these rules? Maybe if we all could just think beyond the three letter, four letter, five letter and even six letter words our society would become a better environment. Does that sound too far fetched to you? Well consider it just takes the actions of one person to help make a change. That person could be you!!!!

w w w. c o l o u r s w h e e l c h a i r. c o m


Colours `N Motion Spazz offers you the style, versatility and adjustability you need in your first wheelchair. With its simple design and clean lines not only will you look good in your Spazz but also your maneuverability will be unsurpassed. The main "rigid" axle tube gives you an increased rigidity and support within your wheelchair frame. Match this up with a middle frame contour and you will never have to worry about hitting your steering wheel or your chest again when loading the Spazz into your car.


Wouldn't it be great if we could get back to a simpler way of life? A less complicated world filled with user-friendly wheelchairs. Stop dreaming and climb aboard the Spazz.

RIMS All rims are predrilled to accept 6 tab handrims.

Many therapists insist that their newly injured patients sit at higher rear seat heights. With the Spazz your rear seat height adjustability is endless. Colours has done this by incorporated optional height adjustment plates into the design of the Spazz. The Spazz also comes standard with 0 to 6 degrees of camber and height adjustable and angle adjustable backrest and footrest. And if this was enough the Spazz also features our fully adjustable caster housing assemblies. This unique feature comes standard on the majority of the Colours `N Motion's wheelchairs. With the Colours caster housing assembly you will be to perfectly align the front end of your wheelchair even while completely changing the front caster position. This will enhance the performance of your wheelchair and in the end make it easier to push and control.

Sports for Life

Contact: Sarah C. Warren Program Development Officer Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation 1725 Eye Street, NW Fourth Floor Washington, DC 20006-2412 Phone: 202.483.9222 Fax: 202.483.9312 email: [email protected] http://www. v v a f. o r g

EVERYDAY HUBS Narrow (Everyday) custom made CNC machined alloy hubs.




SPOKES PBO is the strongest and lightest spoke material available.



For more information call Colours In Motion 1-800-892-8998 (Toll Free) 1-714-978-1440 (Direct) or Visit

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Get ready girls and boys Miss Exotic Tropic will be coming soon to the website. Girls be prepared to send in your best centerfold swimsuit shots. You will determine the winners of this online voting contest.

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low, Inc. 1591 S. Sinclair Street Anaheim, CA92806

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September 2002





And if weight is an issue the Zephyr is the lightest on the market today. At 14.5lbs (including rear wheels) Colours has taken many challenges with other manufacturers wheelchairs and has continually won. Some manufacturers will not even advertise the weight of their wheelchairs. They just use marketing words like "lightest" hoping you will take their bait. Wouldn't you rather have a company behind you like Colours? Colours `N Motion from the start has always stood by our line of wheelchair products. There is really no one else in our industry today that will stand by their products like we do. If you purchase one of our wheelchairs you are instantly lifetime member of our family. Our lifetime warrantee on all of our rigid parts seems to give our customers the assurance and confidence they need in their wheelchairs. This is true "Customer Service". Zephyr and Zammer are two key words in the vocabulary of serious athletes. From their ultra-lightweight rigid design to their unique custom construction, these two wheelchairs are only for the elite athletes who know how to win. Not surprisingly, Colours is hammered daily by athletes who feel that they need a Zephyr or Zammer to take them to the next level of their sport. But it is almost ironic that an athlete must pass the Colours test in order to be lucky enough to have one of these chairs built exclusively for them. If you think you can pass the test call Colours at 800-8928998. The challenge awaits you!!!

The west wind is Greek mythology for the god Zephyrus. Zephyr is synopsis with the wind. Ironically the Colours Zephyr wheelchair was named by our burst of spirited wind and energy. Robin Hyack Box was the creative force behind the naming and the man who artistically creates the Zephyr wheelchair. She will always remain in our thoughts and souls for her "in your face attitude." Her perseverance "to never quite until the end" will never be forgotten at Colours. This is only amplified by the overwhelming sales and demand for the Zephyr wheelchair. The latest release "The Zephyr Song" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers helps us to epitomize her in our minds and reminds us that you cannot take life for granted. Remember to live each day to the fullest it might be your last. The Zephyr and Zammer are conceptually unique wheelchairs that are exclusively made in the USA by Colours `N Motion. With their unprecedented form fitting design and unsurpassed remarkable fit, the Zephyr and Zammer are truly a one of a kind creation that can not be matched by any other manufacturer. This wheelchair is not for virgin first time wheelchair users. Do you dance, play basketball, football, softball, rugby, hockey or tennis? You pick your sport the Zephyr or Zammer is waiting for you.

Once Forbidden, Then Forgiven... Individuality takes hold... Uniqueness, a way of seeing the world... Visions, outside the ordinary, create thoughts oblivious to millions... As extra ordinary becomes ordinary and stout is humbled, six foot one becomes three foot nine What was once is no more... Is now strength from the wreckage. I would change no more... Passion is love, passion is life, passion is for the living...



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