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UNDER THE CARE OF THE SISTERS OF CHARITY Email: [email protected] June 2009

From the principal

Last week, Sr Annette Cunliffe RSC, Congregational Leader and Srs Lauren Dixon RSC, Libbey Byrne RSC, Gaye Reynolds RSC and Teresita Marcelo RSC, as the members of the Congregational Leadership Team for the Sisters of Charity, held the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of St Columba's College Ltd with our College Board of Directors. These meetings in the past have always been an opportunity to review, affirm and account for the work of the Board in the previous 12 month period, and this year was no exception. However, the 2009 AGM was an historic occasion, because it will be our last one with the Congregational Leadership Team as the Trustees. The Sisters of Charity have established yet another incorporated entity, to be known as Mary Aikenhead Ministries, to oversee their apostolic works. The new entity has been created partially in response to changing realities for the Congregation (fewer and aging Sisters) and partially in response to the demands and increasing complexity within the ministry works. Above all, is the desire to ensure that the works of the Sisters continue, grow and flourish through the enhancement of Lay Leadership. The newly established Mary Aikenhead Ministries is a Public Juridic Person (PJP). The PJP is `an aggregate of persons or things with a purpose befitting the Church's mission'. It is a Church Body established to perform specific tasks entrusted to it in view of the common good, and to perform these tasks on behalf of the Church. The Congregation is also a PJP whose task is to ensure the ministries of the Sisters continue to flourish into the future in the name of the Church. The Mary Aikenhead Ministry Trustees are the Canon Law and Civil Stewards of the Ministries. As such, the individual Ministries will report to and be accountable to the Trustees. The new PJP will comprise of two Sisters of Charity Sr Elizabeth Dodds (past Congregational Leader) and Sr Linda Ferrington, and three Lay Persons. This new Trustee group will provide the governance and leadership for the Sisters of Charity Education, Health and Aged Care Ministries throughout Australia. The official commencement date of the new entity will be 1 July 2009. Ritual Handovers will take place in Melbourne on 22 July (pm) at St Columba's College. This date has been chosen to commemorate the 151st anniversary of the death of Mary Aikenhead, the Founder of the Sisters of Charity.


The Committee continues to meet and at their first meeting of the year in February elected a President, Rosemary CARUSO, Secretary, Anne HARDWICK Hayward and Treasurer, Ann BORLASE Stacey. Sr Angela is presently spending her time cataloguing our collection using a new Archival Program. We are also trying to sort and place into albums our vast photo collection. Sadly many in our collection do not have names. We were most grateful to receive photos from Patricia BERGIN taken in the 30s and 40s. Once more Teddy Bowlen has donated memorabilia to our collection ­ Newspaper clippings and Debutante Ball tickets from the 40s. Should you have school memorabilia, artefacts or photos, Sr Angela (9331 9121) would love to hear from you. Please ensure that you inform us of any change in either of your postal or email addresses and keep us up to date with your news and items of interest. Thank you to those who have become financial lifetime members over the past 6 months and those who have volunteered to be guest speakers. For Alumnae Donation Form please click the link below: ds/Alumnae_Association_Form.pdf Gail Harris Alumnae Coordinator

THE CREST The new Mary Aikenhead Ministries will have its own crest, as it is a separate organisation from the Congregation. The new crest has been designed to link the history of the Sisters with the future of the ministries, (See above). THE COLOURS The identity designers have selected two core colours, blue and purple. Blue has long been associated with the Congregation, and purple is a colour symbolic of spirituality, divinity and knowledge. (Continued on page 2)


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From the Principal ­ continued... THE INITIALS: MA Drawing upon Mary Aikenhead's signature these designers have connected these initials to the founding story. In doing so they imply Mary Aikenhead's strong affirmation of this courageous and faith filled step for the Australian Church in the 21st century. This clear link with the person of Mary Aikenhead establishes the ministries essential characteristic of staying connected with the charism of the Congregation. It reflects the conviction that Mary Aikenhead's responsiveness to the needs of her own day will continue in these newly constituted Mary Aikenhead Ministries. With the gift of providence this use of M.A. connects to the current Congregational Crest of Maria Angelorum. THE VALUES The deep Gospel values to be embraced by Mary Aikenhead Ministries ­ love, hope, compassion and justice are reflected in the use of the heart, cross and tongues of fire ­ so rich and integral in the Catholic tradition. THE FLAME The flame is not contained; it is reaching out, embracing, guiding and directing all those who will be touched by the diverse works of Mary Aikenhead Ministries. The flame gives light and direction, warmth and comfort. It overcomes darkness. The flame is the burning commitment to service the poor. The consequences for us here at St Columba's College are unclear at the moment. However, all the College Directors and members of the Leadership Team will be participating in the Sisters of Charity Education Conference in Brisbane from Friday 29 May until Sunday 31 May, where the finer details associated with the implementation of Mary Aikenhead Ministries will be explained. In the meantime, this is another example of the forward thinking, bold and courageous action of the Sisters. Their passion for their work in the areas of education, health and aged care is strong. They now need new and different hands, feet and hearts to continue these important works... and ours are readily available and very willing. APRIL HONEYMAN PRINCIPAL MOVE & GROOVE with Miss LINDA Fond memories of Dance with Miss Linda? Want to get fit? Come and Join Miss Linda on Tuesday Mornings Time 9:00 am ­ 10:00 am Cost $10 per session (Payable at Front reception when signing in) BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL (Please call Sam at the College Office on 9337 5311 to reserve your place)



Dux: Georgia McCann with her parents OTHER AWARDS Sisters of Charity Award for Learning: Danielle Lettieri Sisters of Charity Award for Service : Clare Christie Students who achieved ENTER scores above 90 Georgia McCann, Ashleigh Dupe, Danielle Lettieri, Kathleen Feain, Lauren Di Natale, Alyssa Cecchini, Gabriella Sujevich, Marie Whitby, Angela Young, Alice Slevison, Amy Brown, Samantha Jones, Rebecca Del Conte, Georgia McGeehan, Alyssa Ianno, Jessica Farchione, Alycia Jack and Camille Holman VCAL Awards Two of our Year 12 VCAL students were successful recipients of the Western futures Education and Industry Awards. Jessica LaFontaine received the award for individual excellence and achievement in VCAL Senior Personal Development Skills and Samantha Van Duuren received the award for individual excellence and achievement in VCAL numeracy skills.


Congratulations to the section winners in the College Tennis tournament. Juniors GOODMAN CUP - Brigette Pamment Intermediate WADE CUP - Sabrine Navarro Senior NUNAN CUP - Felicia Quatela


Each year St Columba's and St Bernard's combine to stage a musical. This year `The Sound of Music' will be performed during August. As it is a non Rock Eisteddfod year St Columba's staff will direct and produce the Musical. Our orchestra will provide the musical accompaniment to the singers and dancers. All ex students are invited to attend. Tickets can be booked on line by accessing


On Saturday December 13th St Columba's was crowned the 2008 Rock Eisteddfod National Champions for their insightful performance into the issues surrounding women's rights - 'Women's Rites'. Congratulations to all the dancers, Miss Linda, Michelle GRANT, Terry Reade and the backstage crew, Ms Martin, Paula SHEPHEARD Kavanagh and the Columbines and to all the St Columba's community who assisted the team. For more information see




Ashleigh Hayes ( Year 7) who won 2 Championship Gold Medals, Long Jump and Jump Under ,and was placed 4th in the High jump Victorian Little Athletics Association Championships at Olympic Park State Triple at the State


We congratulate Sr Colleen Bell on the 60th Anniversary of her profession as a Sister of Charity. Although now retired from working as the Registrar at the College, Sister is a regular visitor always attending our school Masses and celebrations along with Sister Marguerite Moloney.

Alanah Hayes (Year 9) who won a gold medal for the Under 16 Steeplechase at the Athletics Victoria Youth Championships at Olympic Park Brittany Jones who came 3 in Race 345 Female School Single Scull Open Div 1 A Final and Tara Bowman who came 3rd in Race 319 Female School Single Scull Year 9 Div 1 A Final at the Girls Head of the River Rowing Competition Caterina Fragapane (Year 8) won gold, silver and bronze medals at the Taekwondo NZ Open. Caterina competed in the 14-17 year age group. DUKE OF EDINBURGH COMPETITION The Duke of Edinburgh Competition is still going strong at St Columba's. This year we have 75 entrants from Year 9 alone.




All Year 11 students complete 4 hours of Community Outreach work for various organisations. Every Monday night for most of the year a team of 4 students along with a committed staff member went out on the Matthew Talbot Soup Van in Maidstone. There they have encountered teams of extraordinary, selfless people who give of their time and energy every night, 7 days a week to offer food and drink to people in need. The girls, on their return to school, always comment on the humbling and inspirational nature of the experience. They are regularly surprised by the people they encounter who show amazing spirit and joy in their daily battles and struggles.


On the 23rd of April, the Year 9 and Year 12 students of St Columba's College gathered around the flag pole at the front of the school. An ANZAC Day commemoration service was held to honour one of Australia's most important national occasions. The service began with readings by students, who spoke of the significance of the special day. They explained the symbolism of the flowers, the minute of silence and the raising and lowering of the flag. An ode was recited, a stanza from `For the Fallen' by Laurence Binyon, before a minute's silence was observed. The `Last Post' was played by Stephanie Guiney, a Year Twelve student, whilst the flag was lowered and the `Rouse' was trumpeted when it was time to raise the flag. The ceremony was closed by the College Chamber Choir with its sombre rendition of `In Flanders Fields.' The service was one that filled the congregated staff and students with pride and admiration Jessica Arthur ( School Co Captain)

THE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Sharing the Story - Tina Arena

While in Australia recently for a series of concerts, Tina Arena was invited to Share her Story with the students from Years 10-12. The girls enjoyed hearing how she juggled study and the demands of appearing on Young Talent Time, how she came to be a student of St Columba's, of her travels and life on stage and behind stage. Her main message was to ensure they received an education to Year 12 and to cherish and enjoy their school years as one never knows when the subjects they are studying at school will be needed in their career. She particularly demonstrated that while at school she didn't think the four years she studied French with Pauline PURVES Webster would have any relevance once she left Buckley Street. She regularly records in French and performs in France, recently receiving the French Order of Merit for contribution to the Arts of France by the French President.


Mrs Joanna de Bono, Head of Students and member of staff for 21 years, has been appointed to the position of Deputy Principal at Catholic Regional College in Melton. Mrs Helen Kelly, Deputy Principal and Head of Learning has retired from teaching (for the present). She will explore other employment /consultancy opportunities after a well earned break. In January Ms Kate Rees became the proud mother of Maisy Mathilda, while Ms Liliana Condello gave birth to her second child, a boy, Daniel, brother for Stephen. In March Ms Kylia Mutsaers had a son, whom she named Oliver John.

Tina Arena with Dr Helga Neidhart



REUNIONS GENERAL REUNION Don't forget the date October 11 at 2 pm.

Gather your school friends together and come as a group. Nominate yourself for a position on the Committee

Anne SCERRI Hibbert and husband Brendan welcomed a second son, Joshua Daniel, into the family on February 2 2009. Brother for Oliver Chelsea DILGER Russo along with husband Paul welcomed a son Zachary Cooper on March 12 2009 Tanya SAUNDERS Smith and Michael presented Mikayla, Imogen and Phoebe with a baby brother Fraser William on the 19 March 2009 Jacqui PERRETT and Mark welcome with love the arrival of their precious son, Samuel Jack Juricskay born on April 26, 2009. A gorgeous brother to their two daughters, Hannah (4) and Isabel (2) Cassandra DAVENPORT and husband Troy Woof are the proud parents of a son Oakley Phoenix born March 24,2009 Gabrielle SLATTERY has given birth to a baby girl - Mya Ashanti . Simone ROBINSON Whelan gave birth to Ned Albert on April 2 2009. A brother for Ben, Harry, Tess and Charlie Luisa MOLLICA and Shannon Hickson had a son Archer Jack on April 4 2009 Alyse HARRIS D'Agostini and husband Wayne became proud parents of a second daughter, Gemma Chloe on April 21 2009. A sister for Erin

50 Year Reunion

Luncheon Emerald Hotel, 415 Clarendon Street South Melbourne Sunday October 11 2009 at 12 noon Cost $50 Enquiries Diane WHITE McCall 9331 4085 or Geraldine FITZGIBBON Slattery 9850 7562 Reunions are also being organised for 10 years (Fiona JEFFRIES Lewis) 20 years (Michelle BOURKE), 30 years (Helen PATTISON Hamblin) and 45 Years (Susie NORTON) Apologies for the late printing of some of the following notices. They were unfortunately omitted during editing of the last issue.

R. I. P.

Patricia GLENISTER Crawford, mother of Pauline and Mary Tess DOWLING Hannebery mother of Mary, Denise RSC, Clare and Veronica, sister of Florence R.I.P and Irene R.I.P and aunt of Susan and Judith Norton Rosetta TIMPANARO Muscat, sister of Maria. Phillip IZZARD father of Kay and Gail. Frank Rogan, Director of Catholic Education for many years, husband of Winsome WRIGHT Sam Hakim father of Antoinette Brian CARROLL father of Margaret, Catherine and Bernadette Bernard O'Sullivan, father of Janice and Kerry Leo Leyden, father of Anne, Helen, Jenny, Susan and Michelle.


Claire RENTON and Craig Woolley were married at St Carthages Parkville in May 2007 Anita BARBUTO and Russell Hanness celebrated their wedding in January 2009 Joanna HARRISON married George Martyr at St Mary's Ascot Vale in March 2009


Lauren CARISS Brown and husband Greg are the delighted parents of two sons Xavier born August 2005 and Miles born March 2007. Lucy BUTORAC Kordic with husband Robert welcomed 2 daughters into their family in the last 2 years. Mila born March 30 2007 and Olivia born April 10 2008. Katherine SPINELLA Ruiu along with her husband Vincent are delighted to announce the arrival of Anthony Thomas on February 18 2008 Clare RENTON Woolley and Craig welcomed a daughter Ava into their family in August 2008 Daniela MOLLICA and husband Sam Walker have had a baby boy, Gianni Samuel Walker on October 3 2008. Anita BARBUTO and husband Russell Hanness have a son Cabe, born November 1 2008. Angela PANUCCIO Gray and Anthony happily announced the birth of Sofia Caterina Gray on November 25 2008 Sherri BRUINHOUTand Gurm Sekhon welcomed Max to their family in December 2008. A brother to Leo and Matilda.


Interested in being on the Alumnae committee? Please fill in the Nomination Form below. Elections will take place at the General Reunion on October 11th. Two meetings a term are held throughout the year. -----------------------------------------------------------------------


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