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Product Cross Reference Guide

PRIMERS Columbia Sherwin Williams Benjamin Moore Coronado PPG Rust-Oleum ICI Devoe Carboline Tnemec Ameron 05-550 Pro-Cryl B66 310 Series M04 Acrylic Metal Primer 180 Series Acrylic Metal Primer Pitt-Tech 90-712 Series 3169 & 3181 Acrylic Enamel Primer 4020PF Devflex Galoseal WB Series 115 Unibond DF Amercoat 148 07-450 & 07-455 Kem Kromik B50 M07 Universal Metal Primer 820 Line Primers Multiprime 94-258 Series None 4165 Devguard Carbocoat 150 Series 37H Chem-Prime HS Amercoat 185H 07-462 & 07-466 Kem 400 Primer CM05 Rapid Dry Metal Primer 1147 Line Multiprime 97-680 Series 1573 Stops Rust Primer 4110 Speedenamel None None None 07-022 & 07-026 E4 Series Kromik Metal Primer M06 Alkyd Metal Primer 35 Line Primers Speedhide 6-208, 6-212 Series 678 & 7086 Quick Dry Primer 4120 Devguard None Series 10 Metal Primer Amercoat 5105 07-770 & 07-775 E61 Series Shop Coat M14 Shop-Cote 925 Series Shop Kote MetalCase 94-231 Series 7069 Shop Coat 4140 Shopcoat Primer Carbocoat 115 Series 88HS Azeron HS Primer Amercoat 5108

EN A M EL FIN I SH C O A TS Columbia Sherwin Williams Benjamin Moore Coronado PPG Rust-Oleum ICI Devoe Carboline Tnemec Ameron EP OXI ES Columbia Sherwin Williams Benjamin Moore Coronado PPG Rust-Oleum ICI Devoe Carboline Tnemec Ameron 05-920 Acrylic Epoxy B-70 Acrylic Epoxy M43/44 Acrylic Epoxy 138 Line Acrylic Epoxy Pitt-Glaze 16-801 Acrylic Epoxy 5300 System Water-Based Epoxy 4418 Acrylic Epoxy Sanitile 255 Series 113 & 114 HB Tneme-Tufcoat Amercoat 335 05-930 H.D. Water Base Armor Seal Floor Plex 7100 M42 Waterborne Epoxy Coropoxy WB Amine Adduct 142 Line Aquapon WB 98 Series 6000 System Water-Based Epoxy Tru-Glaze WB 4406 Sanitile 555 Enviro-Tred Series 287 Amercoat 229T 07-910 Polyamide Tile Clad II B62 Series M36/M37 Polyamide Epoxy Coropoxy Polyamide 101 Line Aquapon Polyamide 97 Series 3600 System Multi-Purpose Epoxy 5240 Polyamide Epoxy Carboguard 890 Series 66 Hi-Build Epoxoline Amerlock 2/400 07-078 Speedset Plus Kem 400 Enamel CM20 Rapid Dry Gloss Enamel 139 Line Pitthane 35/95 Series 1500 Series 4318 Speedenamel None None None 04-400 Polyurethane B54 Series M22 Urethane Alkyd Gloss Enamel 31 Line 7-282 Series 7400 System 4308 Devguard Carbocoat 139 Series 2H Hi-Build Tneme-Gloss Amercoat 5450 05-502 Acrylic DTM B66-200 Series M29 DTM Acrylic Semi-Gloss 182 Line Pitt-Tech 90-474 Series 3700 System 4216HP Devflex Carbocrylic 3359 Series 30 Spra-Saf EN Amercoat 220 07-588 Silicone Alkyd B56 Series M21 Silicone Alkyd Enamel None Sil-Shield 95-5000 Series None 475 Devshield Carbocoat 30 Series 82HS Versatone Amercoat 7229C

Product Cross Reference Guide

P RI M E RS 05-550 Fast drying, water based acrylic primer for use on bare metals or as a "tie coat" over most finishes. 07-450/07-455 Fast drying, solvent based phenolic metal primer ideal for use under virtually any top coat to include epoxies and urethanes. 07-462/07-466 Our fastest drying metal primer designed for spray application in OEM, shop and fabrication environments. E NAM E L S 07-078 This quick dry, high gloss Direct-To-Metal (DTM) enamel is designed for use on a variety of interior and exterior metal surfaces. 04-400/04-402 This medium dry-time, polyurethane fortified enamel produces a "tile like" hard and abrasion resistant film. 05-502 A high-performance, low odor, water based DTM enamel that provides an excellent alternative to solvent based coatings. 07-588 This high gloss, silicone & acrylic fortified DTM enamel delivers superior performance as compared to conventional alkyd enamel coatings. 07-022/07-026 This medium dry metal primer has excellent "surface wetting" abilities and can be easily brushed, rolled or sprayed. 07-770/07-775 An economically priced primer designed to protect metal from rusting in manufacturing environments.

E P OX I E S 05-920 This two-component, acrylic water based epoxy is formulated for use on walls, trim and a host of other vertical surfaces. 05-930 A heavy duty, water based two-part epoxy that provides performance comparable to solvent-based epoxy systems making it an excellent choice for use as a floor coating.

These product cross-over references are not represented to be, in all cases, exact product equivalents. Each competitive product listed herein may have particular performance characteristics that may or may not be characteristic of the crossreferenced Columbia Paint & Coatings product. The best product recommendations are based on the actual intended end use of the product. Variables to be considered include: The existence of previous paint film(s) and the integrity of the existing coating. The atmospheric conditions anticipated to be present at the time of coating application. The method of application that will be used to apply the coating. The level of experience and expertise of the individual(s) that will be installing the coating system. The service environment into which the finished product will be placed and the degree of chemical exposure, abrasion and other destructive conditions to which the coating will be exposed. Coating recommendations that are made solely on the basis of competitive product name or number fail to take these variables into consideration and may result in the misuse of a Columbia product, less than optimum performance, and/or coating failure.

07-910 Solvent based, two-part epoxy that provides an economical, yet durable finish for a variety of surfaces to include floors.

Please contact your Columbia Paint & Coatings representative to discuss and confirm the best coating system recommendation to meet your specific needs and expectations for the intended use and application.


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