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Receive an instant response when applying for a Personal Loan by: Phone on 13 14 31, 8am to 8pm, 7 days OR Internet at Please complete using BLOCK letters and black pen (Please tick () to select your option) In applying for this loan, there will be... only 1 applicant Complete this form only Complete an Additional Applicant/Guarantor details form for each additional applicant and each guarantor If not, you are not eligible to apply for a Personal Loan.

more than 1 applicant or a guarantor

All applicant(s) and guarantor(s) are permanent Australian Residents Section 1 ­ Personal details (Applicant 1) Are you an existing Commonwealth Bank customer? BSB Account number Yes Title Mr Surname Mrs Miss Ms Other


Full given name(s)

Other names known by (if any) Date of birth / Gender / Marital status Married Defacto Divorced Single Widowed Driver's licence number Total number of dependants

Male Female Indicate preferred contact number by ticking () box Home number Work number ( ) ( )

Mobile number

Email address Current residential status Home owner Boarder ­ with parents Current residential address Boarder ­ elsewhere

Renting Other

State What month and year did you move in? / Postal address (if same as current residential address, write `AS ABOVE') State Previous residential address (if at current address less than 2 years) State What month and year did you move in? /




000-111 010111


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Section 1 ­ Personal details (Applicant 1) (continued) Details of your nearest relative or friend living in Australia but not living with you. Please let this person know their information may be used if we need to contact you. Full given name(s) For marketing purposes, tell us where you heard about Commonwealth Bank Personal Loans (e.g. existing customer, press advertisement)

Preferred contact number ( )

Section 2 ­ Employment details Please provide your employment details Full-time Part-time Contractor Other Occupation (if not employed write situation e.g. unemployed, student) Employer's/Business name (if self-employed, please provide ABN) If less than 2 years, when did you commence working for your previous employer? / /

Contact number ( )

Commencement date / /

Section 3 ­ Loan details Loan type (please select one) Fixed Rate Secured Loan (1-5 years) Fixed Rate Personal Loan (1-7 years) Variable Rate Personal Loan (1-7 years) Please specify preferred loan term years Please list the loan purpose(s) and amount(s) Loan Purpose(s) Loan amount(s) $ $ $ Total you wish to borrow Please credit loan funds to BSB Account number I would like to pay Monthly Fortnightly Weekly $ Please deduct repayments from (related account) BSB Account number

I've reviewed the features, costs and risks of this personal loan as set out in the document Important things to know about personal loans, and confirm that it suits my needs. Section 4 ­ Financial details (please provide details for Applicant 1) Assets Please provide details of the assets and investments of Applicant 1 Property Vehicles Household items (e.g. furniture, jewellery) Other assets/investments (e.g. shares) Please provide total of all savings held with Commonwealth Bank Please provide total of all savings held with other Financial Institutions Total assets Amount $ $ $ $ $ $ $

000-111 010111


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Section 4 ­ Financial details (please provide details for Applicant 1) (continued) Liabilities Please provide details of credit/store cards, home loans and other personal debts (e.g. HECS/HELP, ATO court ruled child maintenance debt) of Applicant 1 Card limit (credit/ Minimum Intend to close Lender/store Card/loan type store cards only) Amount owing monthly repayment with this loan $ $ $ $ Total liabilities Income Please provide gross income details for Applicant 1 Gross monthly income (income before tax) Monthly Social Security benefits Other gross monthly income Total gross monthly income Expenses Please provide monthly expenses details for Applicant 1 Rent/board/other accommodation (not including liabilities) Please estimate other monthly expenses, e.g. food, fuel, rates and regular expenses Total monthly expenses Section 5 ­ Car details (Secured Personal Loan ONLY) Please refer to brochure for details on how to find this information. These details can also be provided after your loan is Approved In Principle. Vehicle status State of registration New Used Address at which vehicle is to be kept State Make (e.g. Holden) Year of manufacture Engine number Vendor/Dealer's contact name Vendor/Dealer's contact number ( ) Registration number Colour Vendor/Dealer's business name Model and vehicle description (e.g. Holden VE) Purchase price $ VIN/Chassis number Postcode Amount $ $ $ Amount $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No

Vendor/Dealer's fax number ( )

Vendor/Dealer's account details BSB Account number

Section 6 ­ Future changes Do you know of any future changes in your ability to make repayments without financial difficulty? Yes No Anticipated large expenditure If `yes' what kind of changes are you expecting? Permanent decrease in income Temporary decrease in income How will you continue to make repayments? Securing additional income Reducing expenditure

000-111 010111 (BR4)

Using savings

My application reflects these changes

I will not be able to make the repayments without financial difficulty

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Bank use only Lodgement branch/centre BSB Nominated branch BSB Staff name Staff signature Date of application / / Branch fax number ( ) Staff number Branch fax number ( )

000-111 010111


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Personal Loan Application

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