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Common Application Alternate Version TECHNOLOGY FAQ

The standard functionality of the Common Application allows an applicant to submit a single application to many Common Application member institutions using one application. In the event that an applicant chooses to provide slightly different information from institution to institution, she may do so by creating alternate versions of their application.

· How can I create an alternate version of my application? Step1: You must submit the Common Application to at least one institution. When this is complete, you must logout of your account. Step 2: You must then click on the following weblink: Y ou will be presented with a login screen to the Common Application. You must then enter your existing Username and Password and click Login. Step 3: You will be presented with a screen titled `Application Versions', where you will see information about the application that you've already submitted. You may then click on the `Replicate' link to make an alternate version of your submitted application. When this is complete, a second version will be visible on this screen and a special drop down will appear in the upper right corner of the application to allow quick access to all your applications.

· Do I need to use the special weblink (from Step 2, above) the next time I login? NO, this special weblink is needed only the first time you make an alternate version. Thereafter, you should return to the standard Common Application login screen, found at, and login as normal.

· Will all data be transferred from my original version to the alternate? YES, all data from your original version of your Common Application will be transferred. However, any uploads you've done (personal essay or additional information) will not be transferred. You just re-upload these in any alternate version.


Can I change any data in the alternate application version? YES, all answers will be editable until the application is submitted. However, once that submission occurs, no further changes can be made.


Can I make changes to a submitted application? NO, once an application has been submitted to an institution, an applicant cannot make any changes to that application (just as if it was dropped in the mail). The applicant can make an alternative version, correct the error, and submit it to other institutions. However, the applicant must directly contact the institutions that received the original application to report the mistake.


Can an applicant switch back and forth between application versions? YES, you should use the special drop down list that will appear in the upper right corner of your application after you create your first alternate version.


How many alternative versions may I create? No more than 10 total application versions can be created, including the original. We recommend minimizing the number of versions you use.


How do I create additional application versions (after the first alternative version)? Login as normal at, then go to the "Application Versions" section within your original Common Application and using the "Replicate' link"


Will my Username and Password be identical for all my alternate applications? YES, you will continue to have only one user account, with the same Username and Password, in which you can manage your applications.


Will colleges know they received an alternate version of my application? NO

· How can I keep track of which version was submitted to which institutions? Each application version will have a separate "My Colleges" page, which will allow you to monitor the status of the application and the institutions to which you submitted it. Each institution can exist in only one "My Colleges" page, though institutions can be moved from one version to another before submission by using the `Move To' button.


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