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ara McIntosh, a 2005 Kettering Fairmont High School graduate, was experiencing flu-like symptoms last spring. She couldn't eat and yet her stomach was extremely swollen; "I looked like I was four to five months pregnant!" exclaims Sara. An echocardiogram showed fluid around her heart which had to be drained. Her heart's pumping efficiency dropped to 20 percent. Within another hour, it dropped to 10 percent in the left ventricle and to 0 percent in the right ventricle. Sara was critically ill. Doctors performed emergency heart surgery and hooked Sara up to a biventricular assist device (BIVAD), essentially an artificial heart pump, to rest her heart. The machine kept her alive but damaged some of her blood cells. Sara received blood transfusions during her seven day connection to the BIVAD. Her physicians determined Sara's heart was attacked by a virus; today, Sara is back in college and grateful to those who saved her life, including the many volunteers who donated the blood Sara received.





Osteotech Gift Supports Donor Development


Community Tissue ServicesTM recently received a $200,000 grant from Osteotech Inc. to support the development and enhancement of tissue donor recovery programs. More than 1 million tissue transplants are performed each year and the demand for tissue grafts continues to grow due to advances in medical technology and an aging population. CTS will use this gift to educate health care professionals and the public on the importance and benefits of tissue donation and to provide services to tissue donor families. Tissue grafts are used for orthopedic, neurological, dental and general surgical procedures. CTS is one of the top five tissue banks and the largest non-profit provider of skin for burn patients in the U.S.

More than 100 students applied for funds from CBC's "Save our Supply" scholarship program, sponsored in part by Vectren. Four $1,000 scholarships were awarded to students who attended school at one of the high schools which sponsor blood drives.


This spring Sara returned to her alma mater for the annual blood drive to say thank you to the more than 200 Fairmont High School students and staff who registered to give blood. Sara's parents joined her at the blood drive and her father, Bobby, donated a pint of blood in honor of Sara.

Sara McIntosh and her dad, Bobby.

Give...Save...Care Raises $30,000

Community Blood Center/ Community Tissue Services' annual employee fund drive, Give...Share... Care was held May 21-25. This event enables CBC/CTS employees to support the organization's mission of saving and enhancing lives with a charitable donation. More than 160 CBC/CTS employees participated in this year's drive. Those contributing are included in the "Charitable Contributions" listing on pages 2-4.

CBC/CTS participates in City Life... A Sculpture Walk

Congratulations to Shantel Zwissler of Springboro HS, Joey Saporito of Franklin HS, Elizabeth Barrow of Northmont HS and Craig Hunt of Southeastern HS, this year's scholarship winners. Applicants were required to submit an essay on recruitment strategies for high school blood donors, a letter of recommendation and a copy of their official high school transcript. Thanks to Vectren for helping to sponsor this program and thanks to the many high schools which host blood drives for supporting our community's need for blood.

The City of Dayton and Montgomery County invite the community to come downtown this summer to enjoy the world-renowned sculptures of J. Seward Johnson. The painted, bronze sculptures are life-size and have been featured in private collections throughout the world and in public places such as Rockefeller Center in New York City.

Tracy Morgan, Education Specialist for CBC, Joey Saporito, Scholarship Winner, and Carolyn Holland, CBC Community Representative for Middletown.

City Life is a walking public art exhibition on display now through August 17. CBC/CTS sponsored a sculpture, titled "Yum Yum", which is in front of the organization's downContinues on page 5

Charitable Contributions



The individuals, foundations and corporations listed below made charitable contributions to Community Blood Center/ Community Tissue ServicesTM between February 1, 2007 and June 30, 2007. Their support of CBC/CTS' mission of saving and enhancing lives through blood transfusions and tissue transplants is the vital link which allows CBC/CTS to maintain its margin of excellence and to provide patients in our community with the blood and tissue they need. CBC/CTS gratefully recognizes all donors. Platinum: (Gifts of $25,000+)

David M. Smith, M.D. Standard Register Mary Jane & Mark Weir Judith E. Woll, M.D. Anonymous Other Valued Gifts:

City of Dayton Montgomery County Osteotech Inc. The Ray Loughman Fund of The Dayton Foundation Supporter: (Gifts of $10,000-24,995)

CareSource Foundation The Steve Mason Family Patrons: (Gifts of $5,000-9,999)

Diane Wilson Fifth Third Bank, Armotte Boyer Charitable Trust Levin Family Foundation The Physicians' Charitable Foundation of the Miami Valley Friends: (Gifts of $1,000-4,999)


Mike & Nancy Blair Fred Haller National City Patty & Derrick Malone Jodi & Doug Minneman David M. Smith, M.D.


Crista L. Addis Michael & Cynthia Africk Mr. James Agee Eunice Babbitt Mrs. Mary Lou Baker Jones Kenneth Blair Kimberly Blevins Irene Boerger Christa Bostick Thomas Boyd Michelle Brandenberry Cindy Brown Scot Bruns David P. Buddendeck Ms. Jane Cape Laurie Carolus Robert Carpenter Barbara K. Chappell Ms. Daisy Chiles Kathryn L. Chrysler Clark County Medical Society Alliance Andrew Clow William (Bill) Clutter Susan Cohrs Jennifer Combs Jack Cox Marcia Cox Thelma Crowell Jerod Dabrowski Steve & Donna Dahlinghaus Arleen Dalrymple Amy L. Davidson Reg Dawson Steve Dilts Tammy L. Dolphin Bob & Dianna Doyle Dupps Company Harold Eby Keri Ely Jeff Erbaugh Henry L. Floyd, M.D. Fort Dodge Animal Health 2

John Franz Nancy Freyer Shulisha Fuller Cindy Geese Mr. & Mrs. George D. Geyer George & Jodie Gianopulos Jeffrey A. Gilb Julia A. Goecke Mark J. Graham Tonya R. Gray Gregory Grooms Fred Haller Marjorie Hargreaves Sandy Hart Deidre Heard Scott Helms Heather Hennen Jane Heiser Joseph J. Hulina, III Dave Hunt Edahn Isaak Paulette Jeckering Liza H. Johnson Tim Johnson Daniel H. Jones Ellen Kammer Ghada Khalife Kat Kinney Judy Kocevar Linda Kraus Mrs. Carolyn Kremer Alla Lashchuk Gregory Lashchuk Mr. M.R. Lawhun, Jr. Ann Lay Daniel Ludwick Allyson May Barbara McKinney Debbie Meade Tamara Meese Susan Middleton Amy Moeder Patricia Morgan Michael Natale Anthony Nowikowski Debra Padilla Blair Peebles Connie Piekenbrock Melissa Ponder Kim Rickett

Mr. Ivan E. Ridenour Judy Riffe Craig S. Ritter Paul W. Roberts Wilma Roberts Rick E. & Joy A. Rogers Tracy Ross Jorge Sanchez Nona Schall Carol Ann Schmidt Lester & Mary Schott Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Cornelia Schwendeman Miss Dorothy E. Scott Stacy Scroggs Bethany Scudder S.C. Shiverdecker Heather Short Alicia Siefring Steven Simon Constance H. Simpson Darlene Sinclair Colleen Slapak Robert L. Sommer Sharon Spitler Barbara Springer Marilyn Staker Penny Stallard Diane Stava Mrs. Nancy Steffan Jennica Stout Steve Strawser Patricia J. Stump Teri Taylor-McGee Jon Thalman The SMS Group LeTonda Thompson Terry Towles Lawrence Turner Vern Turner Tami Wachter Clara O. Walters Celia K. Washington C.J. Wells Pam Wentworth Mary Beth Williams Sharon Wing WorkflowOne Employee Foundation Michael Worley Mr. Edwin Yingst Dale E. Zigler, II Anonymous (9)

Gifts in Honor:

Larry Hardy Mr. Thomas W. Shulman Lisa Kleman Priscilla & Greg Wilt Gifts in Memory: L.V. Alexander Kathy Alexander Sam Baker Irene Boerger Suzi Dameron Cathy DeMarco Gary Gillespie Jill Melfi Debby Schafer Marlene Wegner Robert Beerbower Dr. Mary Pryor

Daniel E. Dalton Beverly Blevins

Deceased Family Members Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Caperna Mary Lou DiSalvo Mr. Sam DiSalvo Brenda Donohoe Beryl Boggess Denise Fain Trina Pearson

Ward A. Freeze Connie Carlton

Virginia Hall Ballard & Larna Walton Marilyn J. Harshbarger Tammy Harshbarger Richard Hinely Bob Hinely

Don Blair Cathy DeMarco Izzi Dill Gary Gillespie Judith E. Woll, M.D. Todd Blumenstock Dana Puterbaugh

Elden Hinkle Carolyn Holland His Parents Garry Johnson

Herman Boehmer Marianne L. Heiser Robert S. Brooks Elaine Routzohn Ray Brumbaugh Cheryl Murray

Emily Hunter Shawn Hunter Edith Jackson Velma Sorah

John P. Kalaman Andrew Mahan Marjorie J. Smothers Nell Keith Vanessa Bryant

John Bryant Vanessa Bryant Rachel Buschur Joe Buschur

Jack P. Kerr Dianne & Michael Kugel Lonnie Knapke Tammy Harshbarger Leonard Krahmer Amy Grow 3

Charles Bussinger Barb Gohmann

Monique Lang Mr. Robert L. Morris John Thomas Lyden Sherry S. Kerns Bonnie Marflak Shawn Hunter Helen Miller Suzi Dameron Gary Gillespie John Oelker Julie Belden

Ralph Rogers Anne M. Weber Beulah Rook Barbara Lanier

Ronald S. Stiffler Laura Seibert

Ryan Patrick McCoy Jaclin Schaar Mark Schaar

Vera Tormann-Serra Jill Greenspan Richard Stafford Carole Vaught

Joyce Schuler Kathy Morgan Wanda Selmon Jessica Dzuiba Gary Gillespie Donna Helton

Carolyn Van Shaik Laura Underwood

John P. Whittington Christine Whittington Mary Elaine Widdis Mary Lou Hoendorf Steven Womsley Mary E. Lehman Mary Lou Woods Cathy DeMarco

Loved Ones Ms. Daisy Chiles

Our Parents Melinda & Jim Roberson Zella Patrick Sher Patrick

Alfred Pierce, Sr. Michelle Pierce-Mobley Richard & Penny Reese Linda Risinger

Robert Sexton Ginny Frederick Dorene Theil Leslie Worley Leona M. Siebel Ray Siebel

Irene Yakimchick Labach Kelly Phoenix Gifts in Kind: Girl Scout Troop 1134 Microsoft

Ted M. Sletten Sharon Rohlffs

Ohio license plates remind people of all kinds of causes ­ saving the lakes, saving the wildlife ­ but now there is one that can help to save lives.


In April, to celebrate Donate Life Ohio Month, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Donate Life Ohio, which is comprised of the state's organ, tissue and eye recovery agencies, announced a "Donate Life" specialty license plate is available. The goal of the new plate, as a moving message, is to remind Ohioans to save lives by becoming a registered organ and tissue donor. Thousands of people are in need of organs and tissue to live healthier and longer lives. In the United States, over 96,000 people are listed on the national organ waiting list; over 2,500 of them are Ohioans. A single donor can save up to 7 lives through organ donation and improve the lives of more than 50 people through tissue and eye donation.

The unveiling launched the beginning of a statewide campaign to increase the number of registered organ and tissue donors in Ohio by 800,000 people in the next 12 months. The campaign is a charge from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Donate Life America as part of the Donor Designation Collaborative to increase registrations nationwide to 100 million Americans. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has a critical role in number of people joining the Ohio Donor Registry. With 52% of Ohioans in the registry, more than 90 percent join the registry

The Donate Life plate has a $15 additional fee; five dollars of which will go directly to the Ohio Department of Health's Second Chance Trust fund to educate Ohioans about organ and tissue donation. The plates are available through all of the state's Bureau of Motor Vehicle agencies and online at To join the Ohio Donor Registry or for more information about organ, tissue and eye donation, visit

at their local agencies when renewing or receiving a new driver's license.




Research efforts have primarily focused on the NovaSterilis process, which uses supercritical carbon dioxide to terminally sterilize tissue allografts in their final package. Validations are underway for sterilizing soft tissue allografts and CBC/CTS is assisting NovaSterilis, Inc. in similar validations for bone allografts. In addition, several studies will examine the biocompatibility and biomechanical function of NovaSterilis-treated allografts prior to and after implantation. CBC/CTS has initiated a mutual research project with the Biomechanical, Industrial and Human Factors Department at Wright State University to develop novel, biologicbased scaffolds for tissue engineering/ regenerative medicine applications. Skin allografts treated with the NovaSterilis process will be examined in these studies. The Foundation for CBC/CTS provided funding to support work on this one-year project. CBC/CTS is also finalizing a collaborative research venture with a company that specializes in polymer-based materials for BC/CTS is developing collaborative research projects with both academic and industry partners.



ommunity Tissue ServicesTM, Life Connection of Ohio and the Lions Eye Bank of West Central Ohio took part in the annual Springfield Rotary Mini Grand Prix as the Donate Life Ohio team. The event, held May 19th on the streets of downtown Springfield, featured more than 40 teams vying for speedster honors. The Mini Grand Prix supports the Rotary's many worthwhile projects, including service to people with disabilities, mentoring, college scholarships and the Excellence in Teaching program.


Construction is slated to begin soon on several in-house research and development laboratories. The tissue biomechanics laboratory will provide the means for determining the biomechanical properties of various allografts using a state-of-the-art mechanical testing system. The prototype laboratory will enable the development of novel allografts, and will include various machining tools for fabricating grafts. These labs will remain flexible to allow for a variety of research projects.

soft tissue repair of injuries such as large hernias. This project will focus on the development of composite scaffolds that merge the biocompatibility and natural Shawn A. Hunter, Ph.D. Director of Research and architecture of Development, CBC/CTS biologic tissue with the control of synthetic polymers.

town headquarters at 349 S. Main in Dayton. A brochure on the event, including a map of the 20 sculpture sites, is available at CBC/CTS's downtown offices.


CareSource Foundation & The Dayton Foundation Supports `Classroom on Wheels'

CBC/CTS is grateful to receive a $25,000 grant from The Ray Loughman Fund of the Dayton Foundation and a $10,000 grant from the CareSource Foundation in support of its new "Classroom on Wheels" community education program. The Classroom on Wheels program will utilize a large truck to travel throughout our community, stopping at health fairs, community blood drives and events to educate people about blood biology, blood circulation and blood donation. The interactive, portable classroom will feature blood facts, including statistics on the use of blood. The unit will include a "mock" blood drive so community members of all ages may walk through the process of donating blood. Others contributing to this program include National City Bank, The Physicians' Charitable Foundation of the Miami Valley, Lexis Nexis and The Foundation for America's Blood Centers. Additional funds are needed to make this program a reality. Gifts may be sent to: The Foundation for CBC/CTS, 349 S. Main Street, Dayton, OH, 45402 or call 461-3266 for further information.

Gala Event Planned to Honor CEO

CBC/CTS is planning a gala event to recognize and celebrate Dr. Judith Woll's 13 plus years of service to CBC/CTS. Woll, who plans to retire December 31, 2007, has overseen the strong growth of the organization by greatly expanding tissue operations and other programs to support our community's needs for blood and tissue. The Honorable Tony Hall will serve as honorary chair for this special event while Sam Warwar of Collidge Wall and Maureen Patterson of the Dayton Development Coalition are serving as chairs.

The Donate Life Ohio team experienced car problems and were unable to finish the Australian Endurance Race, but the team finished 5th in the Celebrity Race and 6th in the Consolation Finals. Donate Life Ohio team looks forward to participating in the 2008 Mini Grand Prix.




The event, planned for November 14, will also kick off the capital campaign to raise funds for Bridge to the Future, the building project to sustain and support CBC/CTS' growth into the future. For more information on this event, please contact Joy Rogers at 461-3266.


CBC needs your help this summer to keep our blood supply strong! Please register to donate at a donor center or blood drive near you. Upcoming promotions include: Now through September 1--Free t-shirt.



ED/GE Grant Awarded!

Community Blood Center/ Community Tissue ServicesTM was recently awarded an ED/GE (economic development/government equity) grant from Montgomery County. This grant, for $250,000, was awarded in recognition of CBC/CTS' plans for future job growth with the next building project, Bridge to the Future. The City of Dayton will match this grant with a $100,000 contribution. CBC/CTS expects to add 100 jobs to its downtown Dayton workforce with the expansion project, Bridge to the Future. Currently CBC/CTS employs 422 in Dayton and more than 500 nationwide.

Register to give blood at any fixed site or mobile location and receive a free t-shirt!

July-August-Kings Island tickets. Register to donate and receive a ticket to Kings Island-dates vary-check your donor center for details.

July 21-26-Air Show raffle. Register to donate blood and be entered in a drawing for a pair of tickets to the Dayton Air Show.

July 5-20--Jimmy Buffet raffle. Register to give blood and be entered in a drawing for a pair of tickets to the Jimmy Buffet concert on July 26th at Riverbend in Cincinnati.

Fridays in August-X-Fest ticket raffle. Register to give blood and be entered in a drawing for a pair of tickets to X-Fest, sponsored by 103.9, the X. August 31-Labor Day party and 16 years old kick-off party. CBC-Dayton will celebrate the addition of 16 year olds as potential blood donors (starting September 1, 2007) with a birthday party for all blood donors! Contact CBC's donor services department at 461-3248 with any questions.

Consider Including CBC/CTS in Your Will

To include CBC/CTS in your will, here is the suggested legal language to use for making a bequest to The Foundation for CBC/CTS. Bequest for General Purposes: "I give the sum of $_______ or _______% of the remainder of my estate to The Foundation for CBC/CTS of Dayton, Ohio or its lawful successor." Direct Bequest for a Specific Purpose "I give the sum of $_________ or __________% of the remainder of my estate to The Foundation for CBC/CTS of Dayton, Ohio or its lawful successor, to be used by that organization for the following purposes: (identify specific purpose).



Editor: Joy Rogers, C.F.R.E. ©2007 CBC/CTS


Vital Link is a publication of the Community Blood Center/Community Tissue ServicesTM. If you would prefer not to receive this publication or other information from CBC/CTS, please notify us: CBC, Development Office, 349 S. Main Street, Dayton, OH 45402 or call 937-461-3266. Publisher: Judith E. Woll, M.D.



349 South Main Street Dayton, Ohio 45402-2715 (937) 461-3450 (800) 388-4483


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