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Refuelling Solutions

Petronas NGV, Malaysia

Petronas NGV is a company that knows a lot about CNG refuelling. In 20 years the company has developed 35 public refuelling stations across the country, servicing more than 13,000 vehicles. Comprising a mixture of mother, daughter and conventional refuelling sites, they currently have more than 50 different compressors in use from 7 different manufacturers around the world. The stations mostly service taxi, hotel and limousine fleets, which demand 24-hour fuel availability. High acceptance in these markets has increased demand to the point where an extensive program of upgrading current refuelling stations and commissioning new stations is currently under way. Equipment is chosen based on very strict criteria set by Petronas NGV's Operations & Services and Project Management departments. For five of these sites, Petronas NGV chose the CompAir Gazpack 50, purchased through local agent UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd (UMW) after a competitive tender process. Petronas also has an older CompAir Gazpack servicing an existing inner city site. The first of the new CompAir Gazpack 50 compressors was installed in October 2003 at Petronas' Kuala Lumpur International Airport #3 station, the first CNG station that visitors to Malaysia pass when visiting KL. Installation, including all civil work for this Gazpack unit, and the other four units and dispensers, was carried out by UMW. Says Tom Andersen, Regional Manager, CompAir Far East, "With UMW, CompAir's local agent, we always have no fuss execution of a project. They take care of all civil works, including coordinating with local authorities and hand over to the customer within the deadlines. They are very professional in their work." Once installed, the compression equipment is handed over to Petronas NGV Operations & Services Department. According to Mr Andersen, "Petronas consider local backup and support to be critical factors. UMW's reaction times servicing the CompAir equipment are very good. The Petronas contract states UMW must respond to calls within 2 hours which they have always done. The communication between UMW and CompAir is excellent which is important for getting spare parts at short notice."

"Petronas consider local backup and support to be critical factors. UMW's reaction times servicing the CompAir equipment are very good," says Tom Andersen, Regional Manager, CompAir Far East.

UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd No 12, Jalan Utas 15/7 Section 15, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor DE, Malaysia Tel: +60 3 5519 2809 Fax: +60 3 5519 2800 Email: [email protected]

Station End User Project Type Fleet

Type of Vehicles No. of Vehicles Fill Time

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Station #3 Petronas NGV, Malaysia Full turnkey project, in association with UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd

Cars, Buses, Trucks Maximum 1000 cars per 24 hour day Approximately 3 minutes per car (typically 15cm3 cylinder)


Compressors Model Number of units Inlet pressure: Outlet pressure: Unit capacity: Unit power: Weight: Stages Cylinders Cooling Gazpack 50 1 10-17 bar g 250 bar g 423-684 m3/h 110 kW 8750 kg 3 5 Air

Storage Priority Panel Dispensers Controls

2 banks of 20 x 50 water litre capacity cylinders Total capacity of 2,000 water litres 3 line cascade system 2 fast fill dual hose electronic dispensers Safe area control panels in a separate control room


Project Timeframe Service Agreement 30 weeks from date of order

Site serviced and maintained by UMW

® e-mail [email protected]

CompAir Policy is one of continuous improvement and we therefore reserve the right to alter specification and prices without prior notice. All products are sold subject to the Company's conditions of sale. Issue No. G555 - V1, 10/06

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