March 7, 2006 Community Planning Association **MINUTES**

ATTENDEES: Kevin Bittner, Valley Regional Transit Vern Brewer, Holladay Engineering Kent Fugal, Project Engineering Consultants, Ltd. Karen Gallagher, City of Boise Dean Gunderson, Ada County Development Services Leon Jensen, Canyon County Development Services, Vice Chair Kendall Kemmer, Ada County Highway District, Chair Brad Lane, Fehr & Peers Associates (via telephone conference) Rob Miller, Public Participation Committee Joe Rosenlund, J-U-B Engineers, Inc. Gary Sanderson, Idaho Transportation Department Steve Siddoway, City of Meridian Jorge Garcia, IDEQ Gary Inselman, Ada County Highway District Jim Pline, Pline Engineering, Inc. Paul Raymond, City of Nampa Tim Richard, Canyon Highway District #4 (Vacant), Idaho Transportation Department District #3 Bob Beckman, CH2M Hill Dan Coonce, The Transpo Group Matt Ellsworth, City of Meridian Erv Olen, Parametrix Ted Reynen, Keller Associates Brent Turley, The Transpo Group MaryAnn Waldinger, COMPASS Steve Waldinger, Forsgren Associates Debbie Winchar, COMPASS Jay Witt, COMPASS Yancey Willis, COMPASS



CALL TO ORDER Chair Kemmer called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Introductions were made of all attendees. OPEN DISCUSSION/ANNOUNCEMENTS Gary Sanderson stated that COMPASS and the Idaho Transportation Department are presently in partnership with regard to CMS data collection efforts. Routes have been expanded from previous years.

AGENDA ADDITIONS/CHANGES Chair Kemmer asked for any additions or changes to the agenda. None were requested. CONSENT AGENDA A. Approve December 6, 2005 TMAC Minutes Gary Sanderson moved Dean Gunderson seconded to approve the December 6, 2005 minutes as written. There being no further discussion, the motion was unanimously approved. ACTION ITEMS None. INFORMATION/DISCUSSION ITEMS A. TMAC Bylaws Jay Witt stated that on January 23, 2006, the COMPASS Board approved the Standing Committee memberships and Bylaws. At the December 2005 TMAC meeting, a bylaws revision was approved. Chair Kemmer commented that two changes were discussed and voted on by the Committee that were not noted in the attached Bylaws: · · Article IV, 1. - "Voting members of the COMMITTEE shall elect a Chair and Vice Chair ...." Article V, 1. ­ Change sentence to read, "The COMMITTEE shall meet at least twice a year and at the call of the Chair."

Jay Witt responded that if changes need to be made, the usual course for revising the Bylaws is to present changes for approval to TMAC in December and then to the Board in January. Jay stated he would review the Board's action regarding their approval of the Bylaws and report back to the committee regarding the noted discrepancies. Dean Gunderson suggested the Committee may want to consider increasing the Canyon County Highway Districts votes. Five districts are represented and the Canyon County Highway Districts only carry a single vote where the Ada County Highway District carries 2 votes. Jay Witt replied that Canyon County has a total of 4 votes and Ada County has a total of 5 votes. It may be appropriate to include a representative from the City of Caldwell in 2007. B. COMPASS Model Improvements MaryAnn Waldinger stated that staff has been working with Fehr & Peers on additional model improvements such as the addition of a feedback loop and peak hour transit estimates to the mode choice model. Staff will request TMAC to accept the mode choice model to replace the existing 3-step at the next scheduled meeting. After discussion, a suggestion was made to provide another "Modeling 101" presentation for the new TMAC members at the next meeting.

C. Update on Communities in Motion MaryAnn Waldinger stated that staff will briefly review the layout of the draft Communities in Motion plan document and its key materials at the March 20, 2006 Board meeting. At the April 17, 2006 Board meeting, staff will ask for approval to release the draft plan for public comment. Staff anticipates Board adoption of Communities in Motion in July 2006. IV. OTHER Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 2, 2006, 9:00 a.m., at COMPASS. ADJOURNMENT There being no further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 9:56 a.m.

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