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About Us

Complete Ltd was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2008. We provide the post completion services for property investors with a particular focus on residential properties in emerging and recovering economies. We build relationships with agents and developers, local to the property, to ensure the process of Handover, furniture sourcing, Leasing & Management runs as a seamless process for all of our Clients.

Strategic Partnerships

Complete Ltd

EUROPE United Kingdom, Turkey, Romania,

Poland, Ireland


Canada, United States of America Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam




Dubai, Abu Dhabi


AFRICA AUSTRALASIA Australia, New Zealand

Today, we have over 500 properties under active management in over 12 countries. Our extensive experience and networks across the globe provides us with the exibility to enter new markets with ease, maintaining the same service standards to our existing and new Client base.

Local Knowledge, Global Reach

Complete Ltd


Complete Ltd o ers a Handover service where we attend and inspect the unit at Completion, liaise with the developer on the quality of the nish and hand over documentation and keys as needed. The Handover process can often be extremely time consuming, especially where a developer has completed on a large number of units simultaneously. Complete Ltd understand how the developers can work through this process and how to achieve the desired results ­ a nished product ready to go to market. Our aim is to provide a seamless Handover service so that your unit can be put on the market for tenanting or onward sale as quickly as possible. All of our inspectors have extensive experience in the Handover of residential property.

Our Handover Service includes: Accepting Vacant Possession and completing paperwork as may be required on your behalf under any relevant proxy Attend the unit and check the quality and standard of nish and installations i.e. kitchens, bathrooms/ ooring/ wardrobes Provide a full written report and photographs of the Handover process to you once the Handover is complete Liaise with the developer and visit the unit up to 2 further times to ensure the recti cation works have been completed to the required standard Con rm Furniture Inventory (if required)

Complete Ltd


The right furnishing package in your property can make the di erence in making your unit stand out from the competition and nding a tenant quickly. Complete Ltd have a global network of furniture partners who can provide comprehensive furniture solutions for residential property.

Networks of furniture partners

When compiling furniture proposals we will: Gain an understanding of the local market and provide a package sympathetic to the development and the target tenancy market alike Consider the target market of the property in setting budgetary parameters where applicable Provide alternative furniture packages to ensure the end product promotes a positive, individual viewing and occupational experience Engage project management for installation process and signing o completed Inventories

Complete Ltd

Tenant Acquisition and Property Management

Complete Ltd will nd a tenant for your unit using local agents and provide you with an ongoing property management solution that will give you peace of mind with your property investment. It is our experience that both domestic and overseas investors who may be looking for a remote Letting & Management service often become more involved than intended when dealing with local agents, both in tenant acquisition and the ongoing management of a property. Complete Ltd o er a `hands-o ' service to Clients providing a single point of contact for you as an Investor for all of your properties with us. We negotiate the terms of the management contract being mindful of the local market and regulations of the governing system. We are often able to negotiate a discounted rate from the market norm. We are able to do this because of the volume of Clients we represent in any given project, allowing us to charge our monthly fee whilst remaining competitive in terms of cost and service delivery. Our global portfolio runs at over 90% occupancy, showing our commitment to each of our Clients to generate income.

500 properties currently under management in over 12 countries

Complete Ltd

Tenant Acquisition

Our service to Clients includes: Marketing of the unit and sourcing tenants through local and wider agency networks Negotiation of terms and advice to Clients on market conditions Handing over of Unit to tenants at the start of the tenancy; carrying out inventory checks and receiving vacant Possession at the end of the tenancy Arrangement of deposit collection and refund to tenant

Our global portfolio has over 90% occupancy rate

Property Management

Our service to Clients includes the following, where applicable: Prompting and arrangement of rent payments and other contractual fees Issue regular nancial reports when a unit is occupied to show all income/ outgoings and resultant payments to Clients Handling of all technical and occupancy issues arising in the unit Rent collection and monitoring of arrears Periodical inspection of unit whilst vacant to ensure up to lettable standard Management of local utilities and 3rd party contractors as required Arrangement of contents insurance as required Payment of expenses such a Government Tax, Building Maintenance and Sinking Fund charges

Complete Ltd

Recent Success Stories

Handover Based on our operational experience and best practice, the following is the summary of actions taken for a recent Handover project in Kuala Lumpur on behalf of 55 clients: Meeting with developer pre-completion to establish method of Vacant Possession (VP) delivery for all unit and work out a mutually agreeable timetable Attend site 2 weeks prior to VP to spot check 12 units with developer and set standard of nishes for the 55 units Attend site upon notice of VP to inspect progress made on defect recti cation and nishes Attend site 6 weeks later to sign o on units with 90% works completed and undertaking for Developer to complete remaining 10% of works within 2 weeks Result ­ 55 units handed over successfully within 6 weeks of VP with the purchaser satis ed with the quality of the units achieved Furnishing In late 2009, Complete Ltd undertook the furnishing of a project in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Our clients required a comprehensive furnishing solution to be providing for their Investment Properties in preparation for presentation to market Condominium development, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 27 Residential Investment Properties 6 weeks from order to installation Custom made furniture Alternative packages to suit budget and demands of the space Leasing & Management Kuala Lumpur is the market in which Complete Ltd rst became established and this project represents one of our recent successes: Condominium development, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur 73 individual units under Complete Ltd Leasing & Management Portfolio occupancy over 90% within 6 months of completion of handover & furnishing Majority of occupiers either corporate and diplomatic sta gained through our established working relationships Average gross rental yield of 6.5%

Complete Ltd

17/F, 88 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong | +852 3965 9315 | [email protected] |


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