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Information for Vermont Prescribers of Prescription Drugs (Short Form)

NEXAVAR (Sorafenib Tosylate ) · This list does not imply that the products on this chart are interchangeable or have the same efficacy or safety. Please refer to each product's FDA-approved label and indication for further information. The prices listed below are Average Wholesale Prices ("AWP") as established and made available to the public by a third party publisher. The price paid by consumers may be higher or lower than the prices listed below. Information about AWP of these drugs is being provided to Vermont prescribers pursuant to Vermont law, to give you information about the relative prices of marketed drugs in the same therapeutic class. The prices listed here do not necessarily reflect price per dosage, price per course of treatment, or the cost effectiveness of all the products listed. For simplicity, only the smallest package sizes available for each product are included.



Price Comparison: Marketed product and lowest dosage of other products in the same

therapeutic class.*

Marketed Product:

Product Name Nexavar Oral Tablet 200 MG Product Name Megestrol Acetate Oral Tablet 20 MG Hydroxyurea Oral Capsule 500 MG Droxia Oral Capsule 200 MG Tamoxifen Citrate Oral Tablet 10 MG Mercaptopurine Oral Tablet 50 MG Flutamide Oral Capsule 125 MG Cyclophosphamide Oral Tablet 25 MG Leukeran Oral Tablet 2 MG Methotrexate Sodium Oral Tablet 2.5 MG Myleran Oral Tablet 2 MG Lysodren Oral Tablet 500 MG Alkeran Oral Tablet 2 MG Emcyt Oral Capsule 140 MG Anastrozole Oral Tablet 1 MG Xeloda Oral Tablet 150 MG Trexall Oral Tablet 5 MG Tabloid Oral Tablet 40 MG Bicalutamide Oral Tablet 50 MG CeeNU Oral Capsule 10 MG Temodar Oral Capsule 5 MG Rheumatrex Oral Tablet 2.5 MG Hexalen Oral Capsule 50 MG Aromasin Oral Tablet 25 MG Femara Oral Tablet 2.5 MG Nilandron Oral Tablet 150 MG Fareston Oral Tablet 60 MG Tretinoin (Chemotherapy) Oral Capsule 10 MG AWP Per Pill $0.66 $0.88 $0.91 $1.89 $2.08 $2.09 $2.09 $3.86 $3.93 $4.46 $5.13 $5.68 $6.42 $7.78 $8.52 $8.66 $9.88 $10.10 $10.59 $10.86 $11.70 $11.80 $13.50 $17.39 $17.67 $22.20 $27.29 AWP Per Pill $72.80

Product Name Tykerb Oral Tablet 250 MG Targretin Oral Capsule 75 MG Gleevec Oral Tablet 100 MG Tarceva Oral Tablet 25 MG Votrient Oral Tablet 200 MG Matulane Oral Capsule 50 MG Etoposide Oral Capsule 50 MG Iressa Oral Tablet 250 MG Sprycel Oral Tablet 20 MG Tasigna Oral Capsule 150 MG Zolinza Oral Capsule 100 MG Hycamtin Oral Capsule 0.25 MG Sutent Oral Capsule 12.5 MG Oforta Oral Tablet 10 MG Afinitor Oral Tablet 2.5 MG

AWP Per Pill $28.40 $39.29 $48.56 $53.82 $54.96 $55.68 $57.33 $68.08 $76.45 $79.35 $88.01 $89.73 $91.80 $92.57 $246.53

*Prices shown are for the lowest dosage of each product. Prices for multi-source products have been averaged. Multiple forms of the same product (e.g. tabs and caps) have been considered one product, and the prices have been averaged. Chewable forms of the product are not included. Source: Price Rx, a division of Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. Release Date: December 1, 2010 For additional price comparison information see:


Nexavar_Short Form_December 2010

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