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AGAMA Robotic Vacuum

A brand new robotic vacuum is now available from AGAMA, RC530A. This is a new generation robotic vacuum which gives you a better choice to clean your surroundings. The RC 530A has a "non-touch" bumper sensor that reduces the chance of running into your furniture. The new motor design reduces noise and is quiet. It also has a docking station that the RC 530A returns to for automatic charging. And don't worry about dust collection because the RC 530A has a huge dust collection capacity up to 320mL. RC 530A is easy to use, just push that power button and it's ready to clean. RC 530A is an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, for more information, you can contact with your sales representative.

Key Features

AiBOT RC530A · Quiet motor


Non-touch bumper design · Anti cliff function · Auto recharging station


Multiple cleaning program · Huge dust capacity Mode button Error light Dust full light Power Non touch sensor Part No. EAN UPC 34320005101 4710268 238362 091163 238362

Dates Available: Samples: Sep.15,, 2011 Delivery: Sep.15,, 2011

Docking Station

24H button Full go button

Ideal for these floors:


AGAMA Robotic Vacuum

Specifications: Model Name


RC 520A

RC 530A

Navigating path Size (vacuum cleaner) Weight (with battery) Charging input power (switching adaptor) Unit power consumption Docking station Material Side Brushes Mopping Function Remote control Anti-cliff Auto Cut-off Clean Selection options Non touch bumper Trash LED Indicator Suction Power Noise Dust Capacity Working Area (Approx.) Working Times (Approx.) Battery Capacity 340 D x 100 H mm 3KG DC 30 Volt 1000mA 20-25 Watts ABS, PP 2 4 17W 75dB 250 ml 100 m² 30/60 min±10% 2600 mA Ni-MH 300 D x 76 H mm 1.8KG DC 19 Volt 600mA 15~20 Watts ABS 2 4 7W 65dB 320 ml 120 m² 60 min ±10% 1500 mA Ni-MH

Packaging Info: Model Name Package contents

· · · · · · · · Robotic vacuum cleaner Rechargeable battery pack: Ni-MH 1500mA Docking station Dust holder Side Brushes: 2pcs Switching adaptor EU/US adaptor converter Filter: 2pcs Dusting Paper: three sheets Multi-language user's manual

WEEE infomation

· · · · Color box size: 480.5(H) x 335(L) x 105(W) Q'ty / Carton: 4pcs Carton Dimension: 499 H x 445 W x 357 D mm / 2.79 Cuft 20" Container: 1008pcs 40"HQ Container: 3024pcs



· ·



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