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Fixed Head & Clevis Head Innerduct Pulling Eyes

The new Condux Fixed Head & Clevis Head Innerduct Pulling Eyes feature tapered buttress threads that thread into the innerduct for maximum pulling strength, and also feature a shorter length and better cutting ability. These eyes connect directly to a Condux swivel. When properly sized and installed, these eyes will not pull out of the innerduct until the pulling tensions have greatly exceeded the maximum pulling tensions recommended by the innerduct manufacturers.

808 Champion Swivels

Designed specifically for underground and overhead cable pulling applications. Can handle all types of utility cables. Precision machined from high-strength stainless steel. Clevis pin is easily replaceable. CAUTION: 808 Champion Swivels are to be used for cable stringing or pulling only. 808 Champion Swivels are not to be used for directional drilling. NOTE: Swivels are not designed to run around bullwheels. Always verify that the swivel size is sized to the pulling harness or grip prior to ordering.



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Winch Line Blower

The Condux Winch Line Blower is a method of installing winch line in conduit. It turns the job of pulling winch line into one easy step, eliminating the need to blow a string and pull back a rope. Using compressed air, 45 psi and 100 cfm, the winch line blower can propel 9/16" steel winch line, or 9/16" rope up to 1,600 feet, depending on job conditions, in conduit from 4" to 6" in diameter. Installation is easy. No special tools are required. The blower's seal off threads into the duct.

Fiber Optic Cable Blower

As a leader in the manufacture of cable installation tools and equipment, Condux offers a superior Fiber Opic Cable Blower that is compact and lightweight, making it ideally suited for your most difficult job sites and "last mile" fiber installations. An updated design has increased portability and made operation easier than ever. Install up to 300 feet of fiber optic cable per minute (90 m/min). The cable travels at the same speed as the air! A carrier is always attached to the front of the cable. Compressed air propels the carrier and cable through the air-tight sealed duct. And, because air flow and tractor drive speed can be adjusted, you can install fiber at the rate which best suits any application.

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Complete Cable Installation Guide

The 160 page catalog contains over 600 photographs and illustrations depicting a wide range of underground and aerial products and applications. Let Condux make your next cable installation job faster, easier and safer.

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Duct and mini-duct connectors are designed for easy, fast and dependable installation in cable and blownfiber systems. The following products are designed to fit each application. MICROFIT - push-fit connectors for blown fiber ­ effortless, fast connection for up to 217 PSI blowing COMFIT - push-fit couplers ­ straightforward, rapid push-fit joints for HDPE ducts especially streamlined for plowing applications


The Chamfering Tool is designed to bevel the end of the duct to ensure a correct fit with the coupling.


The microfit range is designed specifically for Fiber To The Home networks. Microfit Features: ChamferiNg TOOl Part No. 08566100 Pipe OD Range (in) .62" - 2.48" Units per box 60

· resistant to high pressures for blowing cables through guide tubes · resistant to corrosion and most chemicals · Water and air tight · Suitable for use in a wide range of working temperatures


Comfit is a unique Hi-Tech coupler for HDPE cable ducts. Leak tested at 230 PSI and resistant to corrosion and most chemicals. Comfit is designed in accordance with the special demands of the leading cable duct companies and contractors. Comfit is excellent for both blowing and pulling methods. Comfit has a compact profile reducing difficulties traditionally encountered in manholes, narrow trenches and plowing machines. Comfit's push-fit method ensures fast and simple assembly and disassembly. Push the duct ends into the coupler for a locked and air sealed assembly. No special tools are needed.


STRAIGHT CONNECTOR The PrelimiNary miCrOfiT raNge Part No. 08566310 08566312 08566314 08566316 08566320 08566322 08566324 08566326 08566330 08566332 08566340 08566344 08566346 Name STrAIGHT CONNECTOr STrAIGHT CONNECTOr STrAIGHT CONNECTOr STrAIGHT CONNECTOr ENDSTOP CONNECTOr ENDSTOP CONNECTOr ENDSTOP CONNECTOr ENDSTOP CONNECTOr rEDUCING CONNECTOr rEDUCING CONNECTOr LOCKING CLIP LOCKING CLIP LOCKING CLIP Size 5mm x 5mm 7mm x 7mm 10mm x 10mm 12mm x 12mm 5mm 7mm 10mm 12mm 12mm x 7mm 12mm x 10mm 5mm 10mm 12mm COmfiT COUPler Part No. 08566110 08566112 08566115 08566120 COmfiT PlUg Part No. 08047110 08047112 08047115 08047120 Nominal OD (mm/inches) 33.4mm / 1" 42.2mm / 1 /4"


Nominal OD (mm/inches) 33.4mm / 1" 42.2mm / 1 /4"


Max Tension 580 1130 1470 2400

Max Pressure (PSI) 230 230 230 230

Units per box 70 56 36 34

48.3mm / 1 /2"


60.3mm / 2"

NOTE: The 3/4" Comfit Coupler will be available shortly.

Units per box 120 90 60 35

48.3mm / 1 /2"


60.3mm / 2"


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