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Resurfacing of Sports Surfaces

Resurfacing guarantees quality and cost saving

Resurfacing of sports surfaces is becoming more and more important. From both an economic and environmental point of view resurfacing is often the best option to maintain an existing sports facility. For your resurfacing project you can rely on CONICA's experience, technical support and the outstanding quality of CONIPUR products and systems.

1. Existing sports surface

Four important steps have to be considered for resurfacing:

1. Evaluation phase Check the existing sports surface for cracks and open joints (prefabricated sheets), excessive wear areas, delamination, low areas, bubbles, local defects and material decomposition. Adhesion tests must be carried out in order to find the correct primer and/or surface preparation. Force reduction tests indicate what type and quantity of CONIPUR materials are necessary in order to meet specific regulations e.g. IAAF. A careful analysis will show whether resurfacing is the correct option economically and technically. 2. Repairing area identified in 1 above Where necessary, the surface in the offending areas must be made level or completely removed and replaced with suitable material with similar physical properties to the existing surface. 3. Washing and/or grinding The whole surface to be resurfaced must be thoroughly cleaned, usually by high pressure washing (outdoor) or with alkaline cleaning agents (indoor). In some cases the top of the surface must be ground off before cleaning

2. Repair works

3. Application of new wear coat

can take place (mandatory for prefabricated tracks and indoor sports surfaces). 4. Application of new wear coat Application of the required CONIPUR materials in order to obtain a renewed and lasting CONIPUR surface.

CONICA offers technical consultancy and the use of its laboratory facilities for the evaluation phase. If required, we can also offer supervision by our technicians during the installation. Please contact our Technical Marketing or your

4. Resurfaced sports surface

responsible Sales Manager for help.


Tracks and multipurpose fields

CONICA offers the following standard resurfacing systems: CONIPUR M/SW retopping: Resurfacing of full pour & sandwich systems CONIPUR EM/ESW retopping: Resurfacing of encapsulated systems CONIPUR SP/ISP retopping: Resurfacing of permeable & impermeable spray systems If our standard solutions do not meet your needs, feel free to contact us to discuss possible alternatives. This includes conversion from porous to non-porous surfaces and resurfacing of prefabricated tracks.

It is possible to have resurfaced tracks certified to Class 1 or Class 2 by the IAAF as demonstrated in this extract from our reference list. · Stade Louis II, Monte Carlo, Monaco (IAAF Class 1, resurfacing of a full PUR system) · National Stadium Vassil Levski, Sofia, Bulgaria (IAAF Class 2, resurfacing of a prefabricated track) · Stadium Evzena Rosického, Prague, Czech Republic (IAAF Class 2, resurfacing of a spray coated track) · Estadio Mágico Gonzalez, San Salvador, El Salvador (IAAF Class 2, resurfacing of a sandwich track) · Coetzenburg Stadium, Stellenbosch, South Africa (IAAF Class 2, resurfacing of a full pour system) Please contact our Technical Service team to learn more about IAAF Certification of resurfaced facilities.

Indoor sports surfaces

CONICA can turn any type of existing sports hall floor into a new looking, attractive and highly functional surface. We can refurbish, change colour, resurface or re-seal surfaces economically. Our specially designed indoor sealing products prevent excessive light reflection, give the required friction properties, guarantee colour stability and are very easy to maintain. CONICA also offers the possibility of resurfacing any type of existing sports hall coating (including non-PUR surfaces).

For your resurfacing project why not make the most of our experience and technical facilities? We guarantee outstanding quality at a truly competitive price/performance ratio!


Intelligent solutions from BASF Construction Chemicals

Whatever your construction problem, whatever the structure is you are building, BASF Construction Chemicals has an intelligent solution to help you be more successful. Our market leading brands offer the widest range of proven technologies to help you build a better world. Emaco® ­ Concrete Repair Systems MBrace® ­ Composite Strengthening Systems Masterflow® ­ Precision and Structural Grouts Masterflex® ­ Joint Sealants Masterseal® ­ Coatings and Waterproofing Concresive® ­ Resin based mortars, adhesives and injection systems CONICA® ­ Sports Flooring Conideck® ­ Hand and spray applied waterproof membrane systems Coniroof® ­ PU based roofing systems Mastertop® ­ Decorative and Industrial Flooring Solutions Ucrete® ­ Flooring Solutions for Harsh Environments PCI® ­ Tile fixing, cement underlays and waterproofing systems Conibridge® ­ PU based membranes to protect bridge decks

BASF Construction Chemicals Europe AG Division CONICA Technik Industriestrasse 26 CH-8207 Schaffhausen Switzerland Tel: + 41 (0) 58 958 25 25 Fax: + 41 (0) 58 958 36 23 Email: [email protected]

BASF is the world`s leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products, agricultural products and fine chemicals to crude oil and natural gas. As a reliable partner to virtually all industries, BASF`s intelligent system solutions and high-value products help its customers to be more successful. BASF develops new technologies and uses them to open up additional market opportunities. It combines economic success with enviromental protection and social responsibility, thus contributing to a better future. BASF has approximately 95,000 employees and posted sales of more than 52.6 billion (approximately $66.1 billion) in 2006. Further Information on BASF is available on the internet at

Resurfacing of Sports Surfaces 10/2007



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