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GRADUATE RESEARCH STUDIES ADVISED BY ALBERT H. FEIN (Almond, S., 2004) An Examination Into the Facotrs That Influence 100 Mile House Teens to Use or Avoid Tobacco (Anderson, D., 2005) A Study on the Physical, Psychological, Personal and Professional Experiences of Teachers Who Have Been Laid-Off (Anderson, J., 2006) A Qualitative Research Study of the Effects of Hypnosis on the Anxiety/Arousal Level of Muay Thai and Mixed martial Arts Fighters (Angers, G., 2004) Reducing Common Errors With Second language Learners: A Quantitative Study in a French Immersion Program (Atkinson, L., 2003) A Study to Determine the Barriers to Increasing Participation Rates for Technical Professional Communication Twelve (Baker, M., 2008) Life of a New Principal: Studying the Effects of Using a Variety of Strategies to Inspire, Motivate, and Engage Staff Members in School Improvement (Baum, C., 2006) Why Students are Leaving Public and Private Schools to go to Alternative Programs (Best, S., 2003) The Role of Mentorship in Leadership Development (Birkland, J., 2003) Students in Transition: Evaluation of a High School Transition Program (Birkland, M., 2003) Power Point in the Classroom (Blair, R., 2005) Effective Policies to Prevent Substance Abuse: Through the Looking Glass (Blewett, B., 2004) Writing to Learn Mathematics: A Case Study (Boulter, B., 2003) Does Enrollment in Learning Assistance Result in Tracking of Students? (Burns, C., 2004) How Well Students From Multi-grade Classrooms in Rural Schools Are Prepared for Secondary School (Bylsma, M., 2007) An Exploration of the Issues Surrounding the Qualifications of Teachers Leading Outdoor Education Excursions

(Cary, A., 2006) The Characteristics and Practices of a Virtual Education Environment at the Elementary Grade Level (Christiansen, D., 2006) Effective Formative Student Assessment (Coflin, B.J., 2008) Experienced Teachers in Transition: The Implications of Teachers' Change of School and/or Grade Level and Ways to Support the Transition (Conrad, P., 2006) An Efficacy Study: Creating Relevancy by Using Career Pathways (Corris, D., 2003) Gender Differences in Learning: Teachers' Perceptions and the Accommodations Made by Teachers to Facilitate the Acquisition of Reading Skills (Crowe, C., 2006) Teacher Perceptions and Awareness of Bullying at Fairview Junior High School, Calgary Alberta (Csizmadia, L., 2004) Comparing Student Achievement and Satisfaction in an Interdisciplinary English/Social Studies 8 Program with a Discipline-centered English 8 and a Discipline-centered Social Studies 8 Program (D'Alfonso, A., 2007) The Perception's of a Segregated Gifted Class (Danyluk, D., 2005) An Exploration of Teacher Perceptions in Relation to Student Engagement at the Secondary Level (Davie, M., 2004) Process of Beginning Reading: An Exploratory Study of Teachers' Knowledge of the Required Skills in Beginning Reading In School District No. 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) (Davis, J., 2006) The Perceptions of Students, Parents, and Teachers About Anxiety and its Impact (Dawson, J., 2004) Examining the Validity of the British Columbia Physics 12 Provincial Exam: A Correlational Study (DeWitt, B., 2003) Teacher and Administrator Attitudes Toward Learning Styles (Doolan, M., 2004) Using Test Rewrites to Enhance Learning and Achievement in Biology 12: Assessment For learning in a High Stakes Testing Environment (Dryhurst, B., 2005) The Effects of Serious Illness Upon Teachers and the Role School Leaders in Supporting Teacher Wellness (Dunn, E., 2008) Pro-social Behavior and How to Encourage it in the Classroom

(Eager, B. 2004) An Examination of Teachers' Beliefs About assessment, Evaluation and Report Cards (Elford S. and Fowles, K, 2006) Change the World Challenge: Studying the Effects of an International Curriculum Based Upon the Circle of Courage Philosophy ­ Designed to Promote Belonging and Student Empowerment Through Generosity (Eshom, E., 2007) Beyond the Curriculum: Circle of Courage at Alex Munro Elementary School (Grassick, D., 2008) Closer to fine: Identification, Communication, and Prevention of Teacher Stress (Griffith, J., 2006) The Effects of School Culture on the Experience of Substitute Teachers (Gunn, D., 2003) The Use of Word Process and Its Effect on Student Achievement (Hansen, J., 2007) The Degree of Drug Use Among Lethbridge High School Students (Harris, C., 2006) The Prevalence of Hazing Activities in Lethbridge School District #51 High Schools (Higgins, T., 2003) An Investigation Into the Reasons Why Adults at the Open Door Education Center Do Not Complete Their Graduation Requirements (Hill, M., 2006) Generationally Linked Strategies That Promote Learning in a Technology Enhanced College Classroom (Hoffman, M., 2004) How Do First nations Students at Columneetza Secondary Experience a Sense of Connection with Their School? (Hugill, J., 2006) The Ethic of Caring and How it is Manifested in Connaught School (Irwin, P., 2007) How the Notion of Servant Leadership Informs Principal Practice (Jesse, R., 2006) Building Bridges: Using Technology to Build Bridges and to Create Bonds Between Teachers, Parents, and Students (Johnson, G., 2006) An Investigation into Teachers' Perspectives About High Stakes Testing (Johnson, S., 2004) Will Effective Behavior Support (EBS) Change Students' Behaviour at 100 Mile Junior?

(Kadri, A., 2007) Moral and Ethical considerations which Factor into the DecisionMaking Process when Suspending or Expelling Students: What's the Value? (Keith, D., 2006) Characteristics of an Effective Mentoring Program for Women in Coaching (Kingston, S., 2008) The Music Effect (Kirk, A., 2007) Where Are All the Girls?: An Exploration of Why Girls Do Not Take High School Physical Education (Kirsch, G., 2003) The Influence of Choice on Student Motivation at the Middle School Level (Klaassen, M., 2007) The Influence of an Administrator's Leadership Philosophy on Positive School Change (Klukas, S., 2007) The Effects of Student-Teacher Relationships on Self-Efficacy in Middle School Students (Kunn, M., 2007) Promoting Positive Change: The Role of Elementary School Principals (Launiere-Zielke, C., 2007) Re-wiring the ADHD/ADD Brain: Discovering Effective Strategies that Enhance3 Students' Academic Achievement (Legate, J., 2003) Alternative Education for "At Risk" Students: Perceptions and Attitudes of Educators (Lindsay, T., 2007) What Do Teachers Know About Their Boss? (MacLeod, B, 2006) Students' Perspectives of Having Their Cognitive and Affective Needs Being Met in an Elementary School Setting= (MacLeod, K., 2007) Does the Loss of the Teacher Librarian Impact Information Literacy Learning? (MacQuarrie, I., 2004) A Dog in the Classroom: Implications for Special Education Students at a Senior Secondary School in the British Columbia Interior (Maguire, D., 2003) Caring in Education: An Investigation into the Significance of the First Hour Needs of Students (Matlock, B. D., 2004) An Investigation Into the Impact of Gender and Birth Date on School Achievement

(McCabe, P., 2003) Kids and Homework: Why They Do It and Why They Don't (McDonald, G., 2007) An Exploration of the Factors that Influence the Development and Persistence of a Positive School Climate (McGale, S., 2005) A Teacher Self-Efficacy Study: How Do Teachers Perceive Their Ability to Affect the Resilience of Children At-Risk? (McKie, C., 2005) A Phenomenological Study of the Effects of Multipole Crises on Educators (McMillan, J, 2006) The Experience of Female Leaders in Male-Dominated Organizations (Milligan, J., 2007) The Viability of the Middle School Guidance Counselor Within the Calgary Board of Education (Moody, D., 2007) Discovering the High School Drop Out (Morden, K., 2003) The Effect of a Sustained Reading Program on Children's Attainment in Reading: One to One--A Children's Literacy Program (Myndio, M., 2006) The Effects of User Fees in High School Athletics at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute (Nasse, M., 2008) The Distraction of School: A Gender Study About the Frequency and Nature of Off-Task Behavior (Pallett, W., 2006) Student Achievement in single Gender Classrooms (Parker, C., 2008) Grade 8 Perceptions of Attitudes Toward Student Behavior, Discipline, Consequences, and Rewards (Perri-Wilson, T., 2008) The Impact of SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards on Student learning and Teacher Best Practice in the Calgary Catholic School District (Reiner, P., 2003) Motivation or Manipulation: Perceptions of Rewards and Recognition (Robinson, S., 2007) Painting a Picture of the Arts in an EAL School (Rodger, D., 2004) Using Technology to Enhance Parent Communication

(Rogers, S., 2005) Transition for Teachers from Junior High and Elementary Schools to a Middle School Concept: How Do We Get There? (Salken, C., 2005) The Use and Awareness of Emotional Intelligence by School Administrators (Saraceni, E., 2007) Remote Control Goes to School: A Study About Digital Media and its Impact on Student Achievement (Sarich, J., 2008) Accommodating for Success with At-Risk Youth: A Case Study (Schultz, J., 2006) The Impact of a Teacher Advisory Program on Students' High School Educational Experience (Shields, S., 2006) The Efficacy of Assessment for Learning in Biology 30 (Spagnolo, M., 2008) The effectiveness of Online Professional Development for the Calgary Board of Education Teachers (Stacheruk, S, 2006) The Influence Participation in Sports Has on Leadership Formation in School Leaders (Struthers, S., 2005) Something Good Out of Something Bad: Understanding the Effects of a School Fire on Staff Members (Thomas, B., 2007) Leaking Roofs and Learning: The Relationship Between School Facility condition and Student Achievement in Calgary Public Schools (Toporowsky, P., 2008) A Study of the Role of the Bystander in a Bullying Situation (Tucker, A., 2006) Effective Practices in Online Education (vanderLaan, S., 2004) Digital Video Report cards: A Reporting Alternative for Students with Low Incidence Special Needs (Voysey, D., 2005) Coping Skills of Successful School Principals (Wiebe, C., 2004) Characteristics of Alternative Education Leading to Academic Success for Adult Learners (Wudkevich, K., 2007) Young Faces of Student Leaders

GRADUATE CURRICULUM PROJECTS ADVISED BY ALBERT H. FEIN (Alexander, H., 2003) Effectively Connecting With Behavior Students (Bradley, J., 2003) Character Education: A Curriculum Project Integrating Literature and Character Education for A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle (Burgoyne, S, 2006) A Project That Incorporates Appropriate Physical Activity Into the Existing Grade One Music Curriculum (DeSandoli, S., 2004) A Chess Curriculum for Students Aged 12-14 (Hanna, J., 2008) A Professional Development Curriculum to Enable Teachers to Understand and Implement Differentiated Instruction (Hauk, M., 2004) Integration of Technology into the Classroom Using WebQuests: An Online Professional Development Curriculum (Housden, S., 2003) With Courage in Our Hearts: Promoting Peace With The Circle of Courage (Jorgensen, M., 2003) First Nations Studies Nine (Laser, R., 2007) The Technophobic Teacher's Guide to Creating a Multimedia Presentation (Pengilly, J., 2003) An Environmental Education Curriculum for Middle School Students in the Central Okanagan (Saini-Lien, A., 2007) Risking It All: A Curriculum Project Providing Teachers with Information About Assessment For Learning Practices In Order to Increase Achievement of At Risk Students in Mathematics

GRADUATE POSITION PAPERS ADVISED BY ALBERT H. FEIN (Adams, P., 2007) Effective School Character Education Programs



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