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Two images are required for this event. All images must exhibit the highest moral standard. Images which reveal nudity, have sexual connotation, or are judged to be offensive will be disqualified. Entrants will enter the stage, proceed to the microphone, and introduce themselves. Example: Hello, my name is ________I am____years old, I stand 5'8 (example 13 & up) or 42 inches (example children 3-12).Walk the runway. Images will be on the screen as the model enters and will remain displayed until she/he exits. It is strongly recommended that images be shot by a professional fashion photographer. Attire: All Black ­ Females: dress, skirt, shorts, pants Males: pants or shorts / All tops must be in good taste / No Flip Flops Connections reserves the right to reject photos that are not industry standard.

TV Commercial

Allocated time for commercials is thirty seconds, (30 sec). Entrants must provide their own material. Scripts must be consistent with CONNECTIONS standard of excellence. Scripts containing sexual innuendo or other offensive material will be disqualified.

Model & Actor Showcase

Situation Comedy & Soap Opera

Allocated time is forty seconds (40sec). Scripts need to be a dialog between 2 people. You will read opposite an actor that Connections will provide at the convention. Scripts must be typed in 18 Font and highlighted in yellow for use by the cooperating actor. Your name and script description must be in the top right corner. References: Simply Scripts, Jo Blo's Movie Scripts, The Daily Script, Twiz TV, Drew's Script-o-rama. TV Commercial, Situation Comedy and Soap Opera are performed on a stage in front of the Agents/Clients and a live audience. Costumes and Props are NOT permitted. Exceeding the allotted time may result in no score and time called. All material must be memorized.

December 2, 3 & 4, 2011

Hampton Roads Convention Center 1610 Coliseum Drive Hampton, VA 23666


Females ages 7-25 entrants are required to wear a one-piece swimsuit. Suits should be modest and tasteful. Tankinis and cut outs are not permitted. Male entrants are required to wear boxer style swim wear. Shirts are not permitted. Props and cover ups are NOT permitted. Females: If your hips are over 37 inches and you are over the age 25 you will not be permitted to compete in Swimsuit. Hips cannot be over 37 inches.

Rules and Regulations

11710-G Jefferson Ave. Newport News, VA 23606 Phone: 757-873-3444 Fax: 757-873-6458 E-mail: [email protected]

Connections Rules & Regulations Arrival to Connections

When you arrive check in at the Connections Registration Desk. You will receive your contestant badge and wrist band. Contestant Badge is your identification pass and must be worn at all times to compete or attend any convention activity. Place badge on your right shoulder. The number on this Badge is used to identify you during all competitions. Agent references to you will be initiated using this number. Be cautious if anyone approaches you asking for your name ­ this may not be a genuine inquiry. Please be careful with this badge. If this badge is lost, replacement badge is $25.00. You will also be given a wrist band. Convention Program is the complete schedule of events and is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to you. It will list the times and locations for the events. Check your schedule CAREFULLY and take special note of the times for competitions in which you are entered. IF YOU MISS ROLL CALL FOR YOUR COMPETITION, YOU WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM PARTICIPATING IN THAT PARTICULAR EVENT. NO EXCEPTIONS! As you check the times on your schedule, make a Note to be 15 minutes early.

Connections reserves the right to dismiss anyone that does not adhere to the rules

Parent/Observer Passes

All individuals (Parents, Spouses, Guests, and Children over 3 years old) who plan to attend any of the Convention events MUST have an Observer Wrist Band. Entree into Convention events will be granted only to those individuals displaying the proper identification. CONNECTIONS Staff will not permit entrance to anyone not registered to attend. Children 3 and under may enter without a wrist band provided they do not disrupt the event or distract others. It is recognized that at times it is difficult to control small children. Please make alternate plans for someone to watch the children if this situation occurs so that you will not have to leave the event. The wrist band allows the individual to attend all Competitions. Observer Passes - $25.00 (per day) Passes are purchased at Connections Registration Desk. Cash or Credit Card ONLY (3% service charge for credit cards) During competitions, no one but the Contestant is permitted backstage or in the area utilized by CONNECTIONS as the line-up area for the Contestants. During Competitions, no one is allowed to loiter near the Agent/Client area.

Runway Rules

Models will report to the staging area to be placed in the line-up. Each contestant will the runway one time only. Down and back; no doubling back. Points will be deducted for contestant who overuses the runway. Accessories worn on runway may not be removed. Examples, gloves, coats, hat, scarf, etc. Props are not permitted. Examples: umbrellas, cigars, cigarettes, purses, briefcases, etc. Contestants will enter Stage Right. The runway is "T" shaped. CONNECTIONS staff will cue each model on to the runway. Runway diagram is provided. Attire: Fashionable & Chic / NO Gowns or Athletic Wear

Runway Diagram

16x24 8x24 Microphone Used for the Photography Event Runway is carpeted X

Note: Any purchases made at the

Connections Registration desk must be in the form of Cash, Visa, Master Card or Discover. (All credit card purchases add 3%)

All Access Media & Photo Pass $25.00 Allows Registered Contestants,

Parents or Observer permission to film or take photos. This pass will be available at the Connections Registration.


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