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teleCOURIER 900

The direct line to people.


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The workplace where everyone is confined to a desk all day does not exist. It is common that a large part of the staff is constantly on the move and difficult to contact. Ascom has the solution, the teleCOURIER 900 on-site paging system for quick and reliable text messaging.

Demanding customers Regardless of which industry, whether it being manufacturing, health care or the service and security sectors, messaging is the link between information and response. Wherever it is necessary to create a flexible communication infrastructure the Ascom systems support and complement the needs. The teleCOURIER system handles the traditional communication between switchboard and individual staff members and between colleagues. But it is first of all a receiver for text messages. By integrating the teleCOURIER 900 system with telephone-, alarm- and process information systems the messaging function can be extended and even more efficient.

Customised systems Every workplace has its own operating conditions being it a company, a correctional treatment unit or a hospital. The Ascom range of pagers is available with a variety of features dependent on the functions and application required. Expand to internal and external networks The teleCOURIER paging system can be connected to internal or external networks via TCP/IP (the protocols used on Internet). Messages can be directly sent to any pager in the system from any PC connected to the local intranet. This guarantees full accessibility from anywhere irrespectively of where you are.

teleCOURIER 900

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Customer service is enhanced by direct contact with colleagues or supervisors in a hotel or a supermarket, which improves the public image. Messages with requested services reach the staff members wherever they are on the premises thus increasing service value.

If, for example, the X-ray department cannot locate the referring physician for a consultation, they use the intranet to send a message which is received within a few seconds. Moreover, interfacing the teleCOURIER 900 to your mail system gives you notification of incoming e-mail forwarded to your pager. Instead of having to check your mailbox for an awaited e-mail, you will get immediately notified when it arrives.

The teleCOURIER 900 paging system is the leading European brand

Long-term economics When installing a teleCOURIER system you can expect increased accessibility and almost invariable results in improved efficiency. Rapid information and response increase both productivity and service levels, which in turn helps control costs. We start with an analysis of the communication requirements and customise the most effective system for the specific situation. We also take measures to ensure that our systems utilise environmentally sound technology. This is Ascom long-term economics.

Even on the move e-mails will alert you directly in your pocket

In manufacturing industry, PC-based Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can at a production stoppage alert the operator directly via the teleCOURIER paging system and downtime can be avoided or reduced.


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Messaging, personal security and cordless telephony in one The Ascom concept for radio based cordless communication comprises the teleCOURIER 900 paging system, the telePROTECT 900 personal security system, the cordless telephone systems Ascom 9d and CTS 900 and the teleCARE M nurse call system. The concept has been developed to increase accessibility and security of people on the move in their workplace. Each system can be fully integrated with any of the others as well as with a number of applications. For optimal solutions all Ascom systems can be supplemented, extended and updated with new applications and features. They are also fully compatible with earlier versions and to other open systems.

Remote Service

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M0218201 Rev C May 2003 Ascom Tateco AB Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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