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This southern Washington logging firm thrives by doing "little extras"

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Marc Chord, president

Featured in this issue:

Custom cutting and dairy work lead to rapid growth for this Idaho firm

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John Gomez, owner and president



Dear Equipment User: From our standpoint as an equipment distributor, the famous quote from Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities," rings pretty true these days. These are "the best of times and the worst of times." On the one hand, we're selling a lot of equipment. That's good news for us, and because you wouldn't be buying equipment if you didn't have the work to keep it busy, it's also good news for you. The bad news for both of us is that the demand for machines has been so great that we may not be able to meet all your equipment needs in the time frame that you want or that we want. For certain units, you can expect to wait several months or more for delivery. The strong demand has also put a strain on used and rental units. At Modern Machinery, our goal is always to have what you need, when you need it. Be assured, we're going to do our best to get whatever piece you're looking for, and you can help by letting us know what you think you're going to need as early as possible. Additional lead time will allow us to explore all options. While you may need some new, used or rental machines to meet your work load this year, something else you'll certainly want to do is extend the life of your existing equipment fleet. One way to do that is to let us take care of your routine maintenance and repairs. We offer a full range of repair and maintenance contracts that we're convinced will save you money in the long run and we'll be happy to explain the programs to you. You can also read more about it in this issue of your Modern Machinery UPDATE magazine.

Brian Sheridan

Good times for equipment users may mean machine supply shortages

As always, we hope you'll allow Modern Machinery to be a part of your equipment solution. We look forward to proving what we can do for you, in good times and bad. Sincerely, MODERN MACHINERY

Brian Sheridan President



Brian Sheridan, President Bill Crandall, V.P. -- Finance & Product Support Chris Johnson, V.P. -- Used Equipment Lamont Cantrell, V.P. ­­ Sales & Marketing Jan Tenesch, Credit Manager Dan Clizbe, Corporate Equipment Manager Christian Davidson, Information Tech. Manager




What started out for owner John Gomez as a small, custom-cutting business 10 years ago is now a thriving, diversified company that serves dairies and farms around Jerome, Idaho. See what keeps it growing.

Gary Needles, Service Manager Marty Brendal, Parts Manager John McCarthy, Crushing & Screening Sales Mgr. Mike Ployhar, Timbco Product Manager Jim Rang, Used Parts Manager Tom Wackler, Territory Manager Dennis Kaercher, Branch Manager Darrell Schultz, Service Manager Gary Watts, Parts Manager/Sales Coordinator Terry McConnell, Territory Manager Ed Townsend, Service Manager Phil Berard, Regional Manager -- Oregon Rick Buckingham, Service Manager -- Oregon Terry Lewis, Parts Manager Randy Amundson, Sales Coordinator Steve Anton, Territory Manager Dale Heasley, Territory Manager Ed Kanable, Territory Manager Rob Jacobs, Territory Manager Lamarc Schlosser, Utility Sales Dale McElroy, Parts Manager Chuck Ganty, Service Manager Gary Mikkelsen, Sales Manager Dave Esgate, Territory Manager Rod Houser, Territory Manager Matt Pappin, Territory Manager Paul Sandretto, Branch Manager Dennis Gerwig, Service Manager George Young, Parts Manager Bob Brasch, Territory Manager John Littleton, Territory Manager Dennis Gerwig, Service Manager George Young, Parts Manager Mike Deaton, Service Manager Craig Chaplain, Parts Manager Jim Stevens, Territory Manager Michelle Goebel, Territory Manager Jim Hassebrock, Regional Manager -- Washington Tom Standard, Service Manager Colvin Holm, Parts Manager Darren Schmidt, Sales Coordinator Chip Doud, Territory Manager Marc Bandy, Territory Manager Mike Barr, Territory Manager Mike Foote, Territory Manager Will Wintermute, Territory Manager Mark Meadows, Utility Sales Ron Stark, Territory Manager Larry Schmitt, Service Manager Bobby Smith, Field Service Manager Dan Bylsma, Parts Manager Scott Upton, Sales Coordinator Ron Stark, Territory Manager Rene' Van Der Merwe, Valmet Product Manager Daniel Shafeev, Dir. of Russian Operations Bob Robinson, Branch Manager




Read how going above and beyond for customers by providing small extra services has paid off for Marc Chord's logging firm.



Komatsu Forest continues to make its mark in the forestry industry by introducing its first skidder ­­ the new Valmet 765 skidder.


The biggest construction industry show ever just took place and Komatsu was there in full force. Here's a recap of what you might have seen if you attended or what you missed if you didn't make it to CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2005.



Komatsu is serious about its "Quality you can rely on" motto. Learn what it means for equipment users in practical terms.



If you've been looking for a vertical-lift skid steer loader that's larger and more powerful, this is it. Read all about Komatsu's new SK1026-5.

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Custom cutting and dairy work lead to rapid growth for this Idaho firm


John Gomez, owner and president

When John Gomez started a custom cutting business in Jerome, Idaho in 1995, it consisted of himself and three other people. Today, J & C Custom employs about 65 people year around and double that number during the busy summer and fall cutting seasons. "We've grown as our customers have grown," said Gomez. "We started out chopping hay and corn with one chopper and one truck. Today, we have eight choppers and four full crews." In addition to the custom cutting, which Gomez does within about a 30-mile radius of Jerome, J & C does a lot of other work, much of it for dairies throughout the area referred to as the "Magic Valley." "We spread manure and haul a lot of dirt and fill for the dairies," Gomez explained. "All winter, we haul commodities -- corn and hay that we've stored throughout the region -- to the dairy farms. We have our own manufacturing shop where we make trailers and modify equipment. We also have our own 1,800-acre farm and we custom farm an additional 5,000 to 6,000 acres."

People make the difference

To handle the large variety of jobs that J & C Custom does, Gomez relies heavily on a talented, dedicated and experienced work force. "All my top people are not only very good, but they also have a really strong work ethic," Gomez pointed out. "The fact that many of them had been self-employed before joining up with me is a real plus. They're self-starters who can see what needs to be done without having to be told ­­ and they do it without needing to be watched over all the time. Their professionalism allows me to spend my time finding jobs and planning." Gomez's right-hand men are Stacy Robinson who manages all outside operations, and Ty Bybee who runs the shop and oversees equipment. Other key employees include foremen Rod Mills, Ty Henson, Craig Wilson and Gomez's son Jonathan; field mechanics Bob Case and Rusty Olander; manufacturing foreman Bob Reese; office manager Grace Hill and secretary Linda Mills. "You've got to have good equipment and it's got to run, but most of all, production is about having good people," emphasized Robinson. "That's the name of the game. And in my opinion, the people we have are the best in this industry."

Custom cutting is a staple for J & C Custom in the fall.

Loaders that last

For J & C's manure hauling and other jobs in and around the dairy operations, Gomez turns to Komatsu equipment from Modern Machinery in Pocatello. "Back when I started in 1995, I went to Modern's salesman John Littleton and told him what I needed," Gomez recalled. "He hooked

me up with a used Komatsu WA350 wheel loader that had about 7,000 hours on it. We just recently traded that machine back to John with about 35,000 hours on it and it was still working great. I think that loader worked every day of its life with us and the only thing we ever did to it was replace the engine. That experience sold me on Komatsu wheel loaders and on Modern Machinery." As J & C has grown, the company's Komatsu equipment fleet has grown right along with it. Today Gomez has 12 Komatsu wheel loaders (five WA380s, four WA320s, three WA250s), a WB140 backhoe loader, a PC220 excavator and a GD650 grader. "They've been really solid machines for us -- productive, dependable and long-lasting," confirmed Bybee. "Any repair work has been very minor and Modern is `Johnny-on-the-spot' when it comes to service."

J & C Custom's year-round work includes spreading manure and hauling dirt for several dairies in the Jerome area. "The Komatsu WA380 wheel loader is the workhorse machine for our dairy jobs," said owner John Gomez. "We have 12 Komatsu wheel loaders, which are our favorite machines because they're productive and they last a long time."

Limiting downtime

As far as Gomez is concerned, Modern's service is a key to his company's success. "We can't have machines down for any length of time. I know everybody says that, but in our case, the work just piles up when we miss even one day. John Littleton and everybody at Modern understand that and they respond quickly to any support issues we might have." One way Modern demonstrates its service commitment to customers in the Twin Falls area dairy region is by keeping a spare loader at J & C's facility. "We use it for spare parts," said Gomez. "But it's also been a huge benefit for the dairy customers we work for because they're able to use it as a rental machine in emergency situations. That's just one example of how Modern works with us to ensure we get the parts and service we need." "We appreciate our strong relationship with J & C and how they've been able to help us demonstrate our commitment to the Idaho dairy industry," said Modern president Brian Sheridan. "We're happy to do whatever we can to keep them up and running."

J & C Custom has a Komatsu WB140 backhoe loader for miscellaneous work, including removing debris from a stream.

(L-R) Operations manager Stacy Robinson and shop manager Ty Bybee meet with Modern sales representative John Littleton on J & C equipment issues.

No turning back

While he never really intended for his company to become as big as it is, Gomez says there's no turning back now. "I think our biggest strength is our efficiency, which is a direct result of the excellent people we have throughout the company. Because of that, we're able to do good work at a fair price, which earns us a good reputation and new opportunities. I think we've grown each year we've been in business and I don't see that stopping anytime soon."

Linda Mills, secretary




This southern Washington logging firm thrives by doing "little extras"


Marc Chord, president

When Marc Chord started Ramco Mechanical Cutting in 1990 with a partner he bought out a few years later, he knew he wanted to do something that would set the company apart from other logging firms in southern Washington and northern Oregon. To do that, he got into mechanical cutting, which was still new at the time. But Chord didn't stop there. "We try to do something on each job, at least one little extra thing, that no one else would do," he explained. "Often, it might be some additional cleanup or something like that. By going above and beyond for our customers, we want to demonstrate that we appreciate their business." Fifteen years later, it's clear the approach has worked well for Ramco. The little extras may cost the company in the short run, but have paid long-term dividends. "Because of the quality of work we do, we have excellent relationships with the timber companies we work for," said Chord. "As a

result, we work for the same companies year after year, and most of the work is negotiated rather than bid. By `under-promising and overdelivering,' we get satisfied customers and repeat business. That's a great combination." Based out of La Center, Wash., about 15 miles north of Portland, Ramco does whole-tree and cutto-length logging. The vast majority of the company's work is for large customers like Longview Fiber, Weyerhaeuser and Green Crow. Ramco does most of its logging on industrial forest land within about a 50-mile radius of La Center.

Pioneer in mechanical cutting

Of the decision to buy cutting machines, delimbers and processors to harvest smaller wood, Chord says, "I guess I didn't know enough not to do it. We got the equipment and just went to work. Now, of course, you pretty much have to be mechanized in order to produce wood at the pace you need for the price you're getting." Ramco made its name as a cut-to-length contractor because it was one of the first logging firms in the U.S. to do it. "We still do that work, thinning stands by taking out the younger and smaller trees (five to 20 inches) so the bigger and better trees don't have so much competition for water and sunlight. We have two cut-to-length crews and, depending on the workload, two or three clear-cut crews. We're one of the few firms that does both types of cutting." Chord estimates that Ramco produces up to 35 million board feet a year for itself and other contractors, plus another 40,000 tons.

Marc and Wendy Chord, co-owners of Ramco Mechanical Cutting, are shown here with daughters Ali (left) and Makayla.

People and equipment

In order to get that type of production from a company of about 25 people, Chord counts on topnotch employees and quality equipment.

A pioneer in mechanical tree harvesting, Ramco does both cut-to-length and clear-cut work. Here, a Ramco operator uses a Pierce-Pacific stroke delimber at a job for a private landowner in Ariel, Wash.

"Good people in this industry are hard to find. I'm fortunate right now to have the best group of guys I've ever had and that's a good feeling. I think we attract top people because we pay a good wage, have retirement and full medical, including a percentage for the family, which is almost unheard of in this industry. Another plus is that we have work. Unless there's a fire or a major snowstorm, our guys are going to get their hours." Chord names Jason Fayen and Jim Ramey as key employees, and also relies heavily on his wife Wendy, a co-owner who takes care of all the office work. "Honestly, if she wasn't involved and supportive, I'd hang it up tomorrow." For equipment, Ramco has turned primarily to Modern Machinery and its predecessors. The company currently has two Komatsu PC300LL-7 purpose-built log loaders with factory-installed cab risers and guarding; a Komatsu PC200LC-6 excavator and a D65 dozer for road work; and a D21 dozer for cleaning up. The company also has a Timbco 820 forwarder. "We really like the Komatsu log loaders," noted Chord. "They have a lot of swing power and drawbar pull and I love the undercarriage. We also appreciate the cab safety enhancements. But equally important to us is the service we get from Modern Machinery and our salesman Dale Heasley. They service what they sell better than anybody we've ever dealt with. They don't pass off problems -- they take care of them." "It's nice to hear comments like that from a progressive industry leader like Marc Chord," said Modern president Brian Sheridan. "We're very pleased to count him among our good customers."

Ramco uses its Komatsu PC300LL-7 at the Ariel job as a shovel logger, getting trees from the woods to the landing for processing.

Marc Chord (left) appreciates the service he gets from Modern Machinery and sales representative Dale Heasley.

Ramco has two Komatsu PC300LL-7 log loaders, including this one equipped with winches and drums for use as a downhill yarder to clean up on steep, corner slopes, like this job near Mount St. Helens.

"I know for a fact that we don't log the way it's often portrayed," Chord emphasized. "While it's true that 40 or 50 years ago, there was a problem with clear cutting and stream pollution, I think it's because loggers at the time just didn't know any better. Now we do know better and those days are long gone. Clear-cut areas are down to 100 acres or less and they're all replanted within 18 months. We're also very careful to protect waterways and wildlife. And it's not only us. All modern logging companies take a similar approach." As a result of the care that's now taken by loggers, Chord says things have improved significantly. "It's estimated that within 2 percent, there are as many trees in the Northwest today as there were when Lewis and Clark came here 200 years ago. I firmly believe that and I feel good about what we do."

Environmental logging

Contrary to what some people believe, logging and environmentalism aren't mutually exclusive. A case in point is Marc Chord.


Many Happy Landings

Harvesting or processing, Valmet handles it all.

With nearly 4,000 heads manufactured, the Valmet head family has logged many millions of productive hours and delivered many happy landings. Valmet 300-series heads are the most advanced to date. These heads have the durability, speed, and performance needed for tough delimbing assignments. Precise measurement, reliable controls and robust construction give you long-term production. That's the Valmet tradition, you deserve nothing less. Make Valmet and Modern Machinery your production partners!


Eugene, OR Portland, OR Billings, MT Missoula, MT Kalispell, MT Pocatello, ID Boise, ID Kent, WA Spokane, WA Chehalis, WA Magadan, Russia

(541) 688-7321 (503) 255-7841 (406) 252-2158 (406) 523-1100 (406) 755-5540 (208) 233-5345 (208) 336-8570 (253) 872-3500 (509) 535-1654 (360) 748-4421 011-7-41322-99298



Komatsu Forest adds to its lineup with new Valmet 765 skidder


Komatsu Forest is quickly making its mark on the logging industry. The company didn't exist until about a year and a half ago when Komatsu acquired the former Partek Forest and its line of Valmet and Timbco harvesters, forwarders, bunchers, cutting attachments and other machines. Since then, Komatsu Forest has introduced four models of shovel loggers (PC300LL-7, PC270LL-7, PC220LL-7 and PC200LL-7), and now the Valmet 765 skidder. The Valmet 765 is a single- or dual-arch, midsize skidder that delivers power and performance, and according to Komatsu Forest, "moves the skidder market to the next level." Powered by the fuel-efficient Cummins QSB 5.9L engine, the Valmet 765 delivers 205 horsepower at 2,200 rpm. With its nose-heavy, 151-inch-long wheelbase and 128-inch-wide stance, the unit provides excellent stability and traction that lets you stick to the slopes. And with its 25.5-inch ground clearance, it takes you where the work is.

slanted hood with large surround-windows provides the operator with an excellent view of the blade and load area. Service is fast and easy with ground-level access and a tilt cab that opens to expose the engine, transmission and driveline components, as well as service points for routine maintenance and repairs. "Komatsu's aggressive expansion into the forestry market is definitely good news for those of us in logging-intensive areas," said Modern Machinery president Brian Sheridan. "By bringing their expertise in construction equipment and manufacturing to the Timbco and Valmet lines, they're making superior machines, including this new skidder. And we're optimistic that, in the months and years to come, they'll continue to look for additional offerings that will more directly benefit our forestry customers here in the Northwest."

The 205-hp Valmet 765 skidder is the newest product offering from Komatsu Forest.

Fast and efficient

A heavy-duty torque converter transmission allows the Valmet 765 to handle a load with speed and efficiency. With six speeds forward and three reverse, top speed in the unit is 18 mph. Front and rear on-the-go differential locks engage independently and provide excellent maneuverability in difficult situations. The geometry of Valmet's grapple arch system provides a large work area that will help gather and reposition large loads quickly, or pick up stray stems with ease. The cab of the Valmet 765 skidder is climate-controlled, quiet and comfortable. A



A positive construction environment helps boost attendance at triennial industry event


It's not as rare as Halley's Comet, a Cubs or Red Sox World Series win, or even a presidential election. But make no mistake, CONEXPO-CON/AGG, which occurs once every three years, is a highly anticipated event for many people in the construction and aggregate industries. More than 124,000 equipment users and other interested parties attended this year's show, which concluded its five-day run at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 19. Almost 2,000 exhibitors used 1.88 million net square feet of exhibit space. Combined with the colocated International Exposition for Power Transmission, more than 45 acres ­­ or about 41 football fields of space ­­ were taken up by the event.

Show officials were pleased with the turnout, which was attributed largely to a construction economy that continues to be very strong. Three years ago, the show was held during an economic downturn and just a few short months after the 9/11 tragedy. As a result, attendance dropped substantially from the record number that attended in 1999. This year, the crowds were back again as equipment users took advantage of the unique comparison shopping opportunity CONEXPO provides them as they look to replace aging fleets.

Equipment and more

CONEXPO-CON/AGG encompasses virtually every aspect of the construction and aggregate industries. For most attendees, the highlight of the show is seeing what's new on the equipment front. All the major manufacturers were there with huge display areas to show their latest machines and personnel were on hand to answer any questions a visitor might have. The Komatsu booth consisted of 25 machines, including 11 pieces from the company's growing utility equipment division. Construction-size machines included dozers ranging from the D39 to the D85, the new PC300LC-7 "Power Plus" hydraulic excavator that features added lifting capacity, and two models in the manufacturer's "unique and unrivaled" line of hydrostatic wheel loaders. Also on display were an HM300 articulated truck, an HD465 rigid-frame truck, the innovative BR380JG mobile crusher and a GD675 motor grader. In addition to the new products, Komatsu ReMarketing showed a Distributor Certified used machine. Komatsu also displayed its new

Equipment users from across the country descended upon the Las Vegas Convention Center in March for CONEXPO-CON/AGG, a showcase of new machinery, held every third year.

CONEXPO gives equipment users an opportunity to check out new machines, such as this Komatsu skid steer loader, and visit with product managers like Komatsu utility specialist Bob Lessner (left).

Tier III engine known as ecot 3 (economy and ecology technology). On the lighter side, Komatsu had a live Internet feed from the bucket of a PC1800 excavator, where attendees could show the folks back home that they were indeed at CONEXPO. There was also the "Komatsu Challenge," which gave operators a chance to test their skills against others in an articulated-truck-driving video game contest.

The Komatsu CONEXPO display featured 25 machines, a stage show explaining Komatsu products and services, and a Komatsu merchandise store.

Education and information

While equipment is unquestionably the star of the show, it's far from the only reason that people from across the U.S., and in fact from throughout the world (international attendance of more than 21,000 was an all-time record), attend CONEXPO. Educational and informational opportunities are abundant as well. With more than 115 different offerings, the seminar program was extensive. Specific tracks included Aggregates, Asphalt, Concrete, Construction Project Management, Equipment Maintenance Management, Equipment Maintenance Operations, Environmental Regulations, Management, Personal Development, Recycling, Safety and Utility Construction. The Information Technology Pavilion displayed the latest construction-related computer software, hardware and peripherals, as well as telecommunications equipment. For contractors and material producers interested in doing business beyond U.S. borders, an International Forum provided valuable information. CON/AGG 2005 presented equipment users with an opportunity to interact with people like themselves from other parts of the country. Informal contacts while having lunch, sitting on an outside bench or viewing a machine frequently lead to information sharing that many contractors discover valuable as they apply it to their own businesses. An example of the industry-wide attraction of CONEXPO-CON/AGG is the impressive list of sponsors and supporting organizations.

CONEXPO attendees at the Komatsu booth also got the chance to test their skills against other competitors in a simulated articulated-truck driving contest.

Industry meeting place

Beyond the new product information and the educational opportunities, CONEXPO-

Continued . . .

CONEXPO considered big success

. . . continued

Primary sponsors are the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM); National Ready Mixed Concrete Association; National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association; and Associated General Contractors (AGC). In addition, more than 100 other allied industry groups were supporting organizations. These included the American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO); American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA); Asphalt Institute; Association of Builders & Contractors; Associated Equipment Distributors (AED); Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI); National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA); National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA); Portland Cement Association; and Specialty Carriers & Rigging Association (SCRA). CONEXPO will return to Las Vegas in March 2008.

(L-R) Komatsu America Corp.'s Peter Robinson talked with Tom Butler, Don Eckhardt, Buster Bullock and Tim Mahlum of Butler Contracting in Boulder, Mont.

Why they come to CONEXPO

Jim Shaw, equipment manager, HallIrwin, Milliken, Colo.: "We're here to look at the iron. It's a great place to see everything that's new in equipment."

Scott Sockness, Stenstrom Construction, Rockford, Ill.: "I like the equipment, but this is also a great opportunity to see all aspects of the construction industry."

For many attendees, the highlight of the show is checking out the latest offerings in information and technology.

T.J. Ribbe, Ribbe Trucking, Danville, Ill.: "I come to CONEXPO primarily to see all the new technology. There's a bunch of it here."

Ben Russell, Russell Lands, Alexander City, Ala.: "If you use equipment and you like equipment, it's the place to be. For me, it's like being a kid in a candy store."

Educational opportunities abound at CONEXPO. This was one of more than 115 seminars that were offered.

Quality you can rely on

Visit us at ConExpo Con/Agg Booth N2515


3 models

PC35MR-2 8 other models

2 models

2 models

5 models

6 models

Undeniable power, performance and reliability -- a history of productivity that runs in the family. Take a look at the pedigree of Komatsu's complete line of utility equipment and you'll find a direct link to its larger hydraulic excavators. Arguably the most productive excavators in the world, Komatsu has taken the best features of these machines and built its Utility Equipment with the same uncompromising quality. To learn more, contact your local Komatsu distributor, visit us online at or call 1-800-Komatsu.


· Komatsu America Corp., Headquartered in Chicago, IL · North American manufacturing operations in Chattanooga, Candiac, Dallas, Newberry, Peoria and Seymour · Over 210 distributor locations serving North America

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Quality you can rely on

SKID STEER LOADERS Five Models Operating Capacity, 1,350 - 2,200 lbs.

BACKHOE LOADERS Three Models Dig Depth, 14'7" - 18'4"

Work hard. Rest easy.

COMPACT DOZERS Two Models Operating Weight, 8,710 - 9,220 lbs. CRAWLER CARRIERS Two Models Payload Capacity, 13,280 - 24,250 lbs.

COMPACT HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS Nine Models Dig Depth, 4'11" - 13'8"

COMPACT WHEEL LOADERS Five Models Bucket Capacity, 0.52 - 1.63 cu. yd3

WORK HARD Feel the power and the productivity thanks to the skid steer loader's two speed transmission -- a standard feature. Capable of speeds of up to 10 mph. Plus, Automatic Power Control allows for full utilization of engine power without stall outs. REST EASY Maintenance is a breeze thanks to the 250 hour greasing intervals for all pins and bushings. Eliminates daily greasing. And the 1,000 hour hydraulic oil change interval means lower maintenance cost. For details, contact your local Komatsu distributor. Call 1-800-Komatsu. Or visit

· Komatsu America Corp., Headquartered in Chicago, IL · North American manufacturing operations in Chattanooga, Candiac, Dallas, Newberry, Peoria and Seymour · Over 210 distributor locations serving North America

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Why and how Komatsu's motto has real meaning to equipment users


Almost anybody in the equipment industry will tell you that the overall quality of utility, construction and mining machines has improved markedly during the last decade or two -- and that this improvement is evident virtually across-the-board, covering all machines and manufacturers. In other words, no matter what brand you buy today, you're more or less assured of getting a decent piece of equipment. So, as an equipment user, you'd be foolish to buy anything but the lowest-priced machine on the market, right? "Wrong!" says Lee Haak, director of Komatsu ReMarketing, which oversees Komatsu's Distributor Certified used equipment program. While it's true that all manufacturers have improved, it doesn't mean that all machines are now created equal. Komatsu's motto, "Quality you can rely on," demonstrates that the manufacturer believes significant differences in equipment still do exist, and that these differences are particularly noticeable over time. "Any new machine will probably give you fairly good production with relatively few problems for the first year or two," acknowledged Haak. "The differences start becoming apparent as the machine ages. For small to mid-size machines, quality can start becoming a significant factor, perhaps in the 6,000- to 10,000-hour range."

Komatsu users have found their machines are still going strong at 10,000 hours, and showing no signs of slowing down.

Wheel loaders "just getting started"

"Honestly, we feel like we're just getting started at 10,000 hours," stated Bob Umbrello, general superintendent of Cape Cod Aggregates, a Massachusetts material supplier that owns about 25 Komatsu WA500 wheel loaders. "We have a Komatsu WA500 that we purchased in 1982 that's still on the job for us, and we have a number of units in the 25,000- to 30,000-hour range that work right alongside our new Dash-5 Komatsu loaders." Of course, in order to get that type of longevity, Cape Cod Aggregates has an excellent preventive maintenance program. The company scrupulously tracks service intervals to make sure oil, fluids and filters are all changed at the appropriate time.

Bob Umbrello, general superintendent, Cape Cod Aggregates

Continued . . .

This Komatsu wheel loader is one of several WA500s owned by Cape Cod Aggregates that is still on the job despite having logged more than 25,000 hours.

Lee Haak, director, Komatsu ReMarketing

Once it reaches that level of service, inferior equipment may be either on its last legs or is beginning to cost its owner a lot of money in downtime and repairs, or perhaps is in need of a major rebuild. But many longtime

Blaw-Knox asphalt pavers and Ingersoll-Rand high-performance compactors offer reliability, durability and smooth results that set the industry standard. The Ingersoll-Rand paving team delivers uniform compaction and surface texture at infinitely variable material widths. With rugged, powerful units like these, you have the freedom to focus on what really matters -- getting the job done. For more information on Ingersoll-Rand or Blaw-Knox paving and compaction products, contact your local Modern Machinery location or visit us online at


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Machines built to high standards

. . . continued

"That's another plus for Komatsu," Umbrello pointed out. "Maintenance is fairly easy to do. But the main thing is that Komatsu wheel loaders are so structurally sound, we don't hesitate to put a little money into them at 20,000 hours. If we have to do a line boring or replace the pins and bushings, that's fine. It's such a solid machine, we know we're going to recoup our costs many times over." "Among companies that take good care of their Komatsu equipment, that type of service isn't unusual," reported Bob Post, Komatsu wheel loader product manager. "Like all our Bob Post, equipment, Komatsu wheel Komatsu loaders are built to last. They product mgr., feature very heavy frames with wheel loaders lots of steel in high-stress areas, and transmissions that are built to a high standard and spec'd on the high side. Throughout the machine, our first-line components are built to last, and we have data showing those components do last longer than any of our competitors, bar none."

Stout also has a couple of Dash-8 models of the D65 that are "only" about 20 years old. "The great thing about Komatsu dozers is, not only have they gotten much better through the years, but they forced the entire dozer industry to get better, or be left behind. In my opinion, they set a standard for quality and dependability that raised the bar for everybody." Komatsu dozer product manager Ed Warner says the Komatsu difference is in the details. "We are one of the few manufacturers that builds virtually everything ourselves. Engines, transmissions, pumps, motors, hydraulic cylinders and valves -- they're all designed and built by Komatsu, in a Komatsu factory, specifically for Komatsu equipment. It's tailormade for us, just the way we want it. That's a big plus compared to a manufacturer that buys a pump motor system off the shelf from a supplier and says `this will work,' or that tries to adapt its machine to the component it gets. The Komatsu way provides optimum performance and the longest life." Also adding to machine longevity is the fact that the Komatsu frame is carefully built and assembled for maximum strength. "We use only the highest-quality steel," said Warner. "We use castings as opposed to weldments wherever castings are warranted. We build rigidity into the machine where rigidity is needed. Everything works together to provide the strength that Komatsu customers have come to expect."

Ed Warner, Komatsu product mgr., dozers

Dozers "set the standard"

A long life span is certainly not unique to wheel loaders in the Komatsu product lineup. In fact, bulldozers were the first Komatsu products, and because of the way they were made, many old Komatsu tractors are still in service. "I bought my first Komatsu dozer, a D65E-6, in 1985," recalled Bob Stout of Bob Stout Construction in Mountain City, Tenn. "The thing is, it was a 1973 model that I bought used, so it was basically 13 years old when I got it. I didn't do anything to it. I took it out and worked it and never had a single problem. That dozer literally put me in business."

Continued . . .

This is one of two 20-year-old Komatsu D65-8 dozers owned by Bob Stout Construction. The company also has a D65-6 that's 32 years old and "ready to go whenever we need it," according to Stout.

Bob Stout, president, Bob Stout Construction

And yes, in case you're wondering, Stout still has the dozer. Now 32 years old (its hours are a mystery as the meter broke a long time ago), it still works and, according to Stout, "is ready to go whenever we need it."

Equipment that's built to last

. . . continued

Durable, long-lasting excavators

For many years, Komatsu has been considered an industry leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic excavators. It's a reputation that dates to some of the first models that made their way to the U.S. Always regarded as technologically advanced machines, Komatsu excavators are also renowned for their durability. "That's why our entire fleet of hydraulic excavators is Komatsu," related Jim McClelland, superintendent for SACC, Inc., an underground utilities specialist based in San Antonio, Texas. "They're very Jim durable, almost trouble-free and McClelland, extremely long-lasting superintendent, machines. We have a number of SACC Inc. Komatsus that are 11 or 12 years old, and the service we've gotten from them is the major reason we've stayed with Komatsu when we've added to the fleet or replaced a unit. We currently have a number of their new Dash-7 models, in addition to the older Dash-6 and Dash-5 units." Such comments are no surprise to Carl Heggen, Komatsu hydraulic excavator product manager. "When a customer buys a Komatsu excavator, he's buying because of quality -- not price. He's willing to pay a little more for a machine that's reliable and productive, that will last a long time and hold its value."

The other thing a Komatsu excavator user is getting, according to Heggen, is a machine that will hold up in a tough application. "Rock digging, serving as a carrier for a hydraulic hammer, Carl Heggen, demolition -- those are the Komatsu product mgr., kinds of things that push an excavators excavator to its limits. Because of the way they're designed and built, Komatsu excavators are able to handle those severe-duty jobs and still provide a long life."

Quality is the "highest priority"

That type of rugged performance is part of Komatsu's "Quality you can rely on" heritage, according to Bill Campbell, Komatsu Bill Campbell, Komatsu America director of America manufacturing. Campbell director of helps oversee four North manufacturing American plants (Chattanooga, Tenn.; Newberry, S.C.; Peoria, Ill.; and Candiac, Canada) which produce excavators, articulated trucks, wheel loaders, utility equipment and mining trucks. "Building a quality machine is our highest priority. Komatsu engineers are very particular about the raw materials and components that we use and how the various parts are built, which is why we build most of our own major components. The manufacturing process itself is very precise with numerous inspections along the way. The importance of quality is underscored by the fact that most of our top executives attend our monthly corporate quality review meetings." While he's proud of the company's reputation as a leading manufacturer of highquality equipment, Campbell says there's no resting on laurels at Komatsu. "Our charge is to always do better the next time. Komatsu's philosophy is steady improvement, achieved by continually setting the bar higher, with the ultimate goal being to make equipment that stands the test of time."

This PC300LC-5 owned by SACC, Inc. is a relative newcomer compared to some Dash-3s, and even some Dash-1 Komatsu excavators still working across the country.

Quality you can rely on

The gold standard.

Komatsu's broad line of mining shovels rise above the competition. These diamonds in the rough offer larger buckets. More powerful digging forces. Faster cycle times. Simplified maintenance. Advanced technology that, combined with Komatsu's years of mining experience, helps you reduce downtime, increase productivity and set your own standard. For details, contact your local Komatsu distributor. Call 1-800-Komatsu. Or visit

· Komatsu America Corp., Headquartered in Chicago, IL · North American manufacturing operations in Chattanooga, Candiac, Dallas, Newberry, Peoria and Seymour · Over 210 distributor locations serving North America

©2004 Komatsu America Corp. 411-1535


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Komatsu introduces its largest model with vertical-lift loader arm


For increased performance in a variety of material-handling applications, Komatsu has introduced its latest skid steer loader model, the SK1026-5. It's the third and largest model in Komatsu's family of vertical-lift skid steer loaders. Komatsu also makes three models of conventional or radial-arm design skid steers. "The primary benefit of vertical lift is its ability to achieve maximum dump reach at full dump height," said Komatsu skid steer loader product manager Bob Beesley. "Because of that, we see this unit as being ideal for the landscape contractor, especially in a truck-loading (10 feet and lower) application. Because the bucket remains close to the machine, the SK1026-5 is also an excellent load-and-carry skid steer." Due to the vertical-lift design, the 84-hp SK1026-5 has more capacity than does the SK1020-5, which is Komatsu's comparably sized conventional skid steer loader. The new model's operating capacity is 2,650 pounds with a breakout force up to 5,400 pounds. Komatsu's exclusive standard two-speed travel allows for low impact, shift-on-the-go speed changes between the 6.5-mph work range and 10-mph travel range, which improve cycle times.

which is Komatsu's patented engine anti-stall system. An auxiliary hydraulic circuit with a flow of 21 gallons per minute comes standard on the unit. An additional "Super Flow" auxiliary hydraulic circuit with a maximum flow of 34 gpm is also available. Operators have the choice of three control patterns ranging from traditional hand and foot controls to two variations of all-hand controls. Other options include a fully enclosed cab with heating and air conditioning, and a ride-control feature that smooths out some of the bumps an operator feels. More than 40 attachments are available for the SK1026-5.

For more information on the SK1026-5 skid steer loader, call your salesman or our nearest branch location today.

Brief specs on the Komatsu SK1026-5

Model SK1026-5 Output 84 hp Operating Weight 8,068 lbs. Breakout Force 5,400 lbs.

The vertical-lift SK1026-5 features standard two-speed travel, HydrauMindTM hydraulics, and more capacity than any other Komatsu skid steer loader.

Smooth and powerful

"The SK1026-5 has more horsepower than most competitors as well as one of the longest wheel bases in its class," said Lessner. "But what really sets it apart is Komatsu's exclusive HydrauMindTM hydraulic system, which Komatsu excavators also have. HydrauMind provides smooth and responsive hydraulic control." Also boosting performance on the SK1026-5 is the Automatic Power Control (APC) system,

LeeBoy Paves the Way in Production and Value.

LeeBoy 8515 Asphalt Paver

Increase productivity and reduce operating costs with LeeBoy's new 8515 Conveyor Asphalt Paver. The 8515 incorporates big paver features into a heavy-duty, maneuverable package designed for production and reliability. It includes an 8- to 15-foot heated and vibrating Legend Screed System, powerful 74-hp Hatz Silent Pack engine, dual operator controls and high-deck/low-deck configuration.

The Leader in Paving and Road Maintenance Solutions

LeeBoy, the world's leading maker of asphalt pavers, has advanced the art of paving with the 8816 and 8515 asphalt pavers. These new paver models feature heavy-duty construction and the Legend Screed System for higher production and reliability. The right equipment plays a key role in the success of any road building project. Versatile LeeBoy pavers, rollers and motor grader give road builders unmatched value and performance.

LeeBoy 8816 Asphalt Paver

400 Roller

LeeBoy's 8816 Asphalt Paver is a 25,000-pound, 130-horsepower, track-mounted paver designed for road and large commercial applications. The 8816 features a newly designed heavy-duty heated and vibrating Legend Screed System and patented under-auger cut-off plates.

Contact Modern Machinery for Details.


1000D Paver

LeeBoy · 688 North Highway 16 · Denver, North Carolina 28037 · · (704) 966-3300



More equipment users are turning to Komatsu distributors for machine maintenance


There's no question that regular preventive maintenance (PM) is the single most important thing you can do to get the longest life from any piece of equipment you own. Doing all oil, fluid and filter changes properly, and at the hour intervals called for in the owner's manual, will also go a long way toward limiting breakdowns that may result in costly repair bills and even costlier, unexpected downtime. In recent years, many equipment users have turned to their Komatsu distributor to do their routine PM work. With a PM contract, a trained technician will come to your jobsite at precise intervals to do all the maintenance items you've specified, according to a pre-determined checklist. He'll also do a complete machine inspection and properly dispose of all fluids and filters. "Maintenance contracts have become much more common as equipment users have come to recognize that there are many, very real benefits that come from having their distributor do their fluid and filter changes," said Komatsu senior product manager Tom Brakeall. "The primary benefit is one that goes right to their bottom line -- they get more work done. Why? Because most distributors will do the PM after hours, when the machine would be down anyway."

Peace of mind

Other benefits of a PM contract include exclusive use of Komatsu OEM products, and better machine resale or trade-in value. "Some equipment owners might be hesitant to use PM contracts if they think they can do it more cheaply themselves," said Brakeall. "But when you figure in the cost of a mechanic, the need to have a truck and/or shop, and the potential staggering cost of even one emergency repair bill that might have been avoided -- we think any potential savings disappear rather quickly. "And beyond the dollars and cents, what is peace of mind worth to you?" Brakeall asks. "With a PM contract from your Komatsu distributor, you know your maintenance is being done and being done right, and that you're doing everything possible to ensure your machine works to its fullest for the longest possible time."

For more information on PM contracts and how they can help you improve your company's bottom line, contact your sales representative or our service department today.

PM contracts are becoming increasingly popular among equipment owners who want to maximize equipment availability, minimize unexpected repair bills and improve longevity.

Another production advantage you'll likely notice from a PM contract is less emergency downtime. The reason is twofold. One is the walkaround inspection where the technician visibly examines the machine for signs of potential problems like oil or hydraulic leaks. The other factor is that the PM contract also includes oil sampling through the Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis (KOWA) program, which helps predict invisible problems that may be developing inside your machine, so they can be addressed before they cause component failure.

Trying to meet density specs on today's perpetual mix designs is a long way from `playing' in the street. Good thing you started using Sakai to handle all your compaction chores. Smooth rolling. High density. Beat-the-tender-zone Sakai asphalt rollers. Mother would be proud.


For more information on Sakai's vibratory smooth drum, pneumatic, three-wheel and new vibratory rubber tire rollers, call us at 800-323-0535 or visit us on the web at


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Kent, WA (800) 669-2425 (253) 872-3500

Chehalis, WA (800) 304-4421 (360) 748-4421



Komatsu America CEO is optimistic about present and future of construction and mining industries


The following "Komatsu & You" segment comes from a Komatsu news conference held at CONEXPO. Speakers included Komatsu America chairman and CEO David Grzelak, director of product marketing and planning John Koetz and vice president and general manager of construction equipment sales Ed Powers.

and development to remain on the cutting edge of new technology.

Grzelak on Komatsu utility efforts:

In North America, mini-excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders and similar compact machines constitute the largest market in numbers of units sold, roughly doubling the construction market. If you look at Komatsu's utility product line today compared to just a few years ago, we now represent about 85 percent of the full product offering. So we're continuing to grow the utility business with our distributors.

Grzelak on the equipment market:

We project the market for our products -- utility, construction and mining equipment -- will be up about 5 percent this year compared to last year. Mining is particularly strong as commodity prices are very good. Komatsu Ltd. will post record-high sales this fiscal year (ending in March 2005). For the first time in history, the North American region will lead the company in sales, exceeding Japan in the construction and mining equipment business. Retail activity in North America will be 30 to 35 percent higher than a year ago.

David Grzelak, chairman and CEO Komatsu America Corp.

Grzelak on increasing inventory of articulated dump trucks:

This year, Komatsu started manufacturing articulated dump trucks in Chattanooga,

Continued . . .

Komatsu's utility product line continues to grow. Among the most recent additions are the PC18MR-2 and PC20MR-2 compact excavators.

Grzelak on why he's optimistic:

There are many good things going on. Housing starts are at a 21-year high. The Highway Bill will finally be approved. Interest rates continue to be very competitive. And most of all, our distributors, 36 in the U.S. and six in Canada, are all upbeat and very positive. These are unprecedented times from the point-of-view that every market in the world happens to be up. Historically, America might be up when Europe or Asia is down, or vice versa. But right now, everyplace in the world is up at the same time. Komatsu invests considerable amounts of money, 3 percent to 4 percent of total sales or about $350 million to $400 million, in research

Komatsu officials offer industry views

. . continued

Tennessee, where our hydraulic excavators are also manufactured. To my knowledge, it's the only articulated dump truck manufactured in North America. We'll be increasing production both here and in Japan to meet increased demand for the product.

Koetz on "unique and unrivaled" products:

Our goal as a manufacturer is to have equipment that is truly superior to the competition. [To that end] we've developed a "unique and unrivaled" product strategy. That means developing and manufacturing machines that, compared to the competition, will significantly improve the productivity, profitability and success of our customers. We're striving to have 25 percent of our model lineup be "unique and unrivaled." Examples of such products today include our PC400LC-7 hydraulic excavator and our Dash-5 line of hydrostatic wheel loaders.

Grzelak on regional parts depots:

John Koetz, director of product marketing and planning Komatsu America Corp.

From a support point-of-view, it's very important that we take care of our customers. [In regard to parts] our goal is to have replacement parts available anywhere in the country by 7 a.m. the next day. [In order to do that] we're opening regional emergency parts depots. The first one is already operational in Pittsburgh and we're announcing today that we'll soon be opening our second one right here in Las Vegas. When we're done, we'll have six or seven such emergency parts depots strategically placed throughout North America.

Koetz on Komatsu Tier III engines:

Komatsu has a 70-year history of engine development and manufacture. Our ecot 3 (Ecology and Economy Technology) engine will use proven technology (high-pressure, commonrail fuel injection and a heavy-duty exhaust gas recirculation system) to meet Tier III emission standards when they go into effect in January 2006. The important aspect of this is not that we're just meeting new regulations, but that we're going to do it in a way that provides exceptional customer benefits through lower emissions, improved fuel efficiency, lower noise, higher low-end torque and excellent reliability. We already have tens of thousands of hours of lab and field testing on the ecot 3 engines and look forward to introducing them in our new models later this year.

Ed Powers, vice president and general manager of construction equipment sales Komatsu America Corp.

In order to help meet the high demand for articulated trucks, Komatsu is now producing the units in Chattanooga, as well as in Japan. CONEXPO attendees check out Komatsu's ecot 3 engine, which will not only meet Tier III emissions standards, but will also provide improved fuel efficiency, lower noise and higher low-end torque. The ecot 3 engine will be in new Komatsu models coming this fall and winter.

Powers on sales successes:

As Dave mentioned, our sales were strong last year and we're optimistic about 2005. One sale we're very proud of was to the U.S. military for D155 dozers, PC300 excavators and skid steer loaders. We're also pleased to have opened some avenues with some large companies, including third rental parties, such as Neff Rentals, that we've never done business with before. We attribute these new opportunities to our "unrivaled" products strategy, to a strong distributor network, and to our ongoing commitment to focus on the success of our customers. Our thought is, if we make ourselves an invaluable part of our customer's success, he'll make sure we're successful as well.

Quality you can rely on

Run cycles around the competition.

Designed to finish first, Komatsu's new line of reliable wheel loaders strike the perfect balance between productivity, efficiency and economy. Hydrostatic transmissions reduce cycle times by matching ground speed to available work space, making it a breeze to dive in and out of piles. Large cabs with light touch controls keep operators in their seats. And you on the fast track. For details, contact your local Komatsu distributor. Call 1-800-Komatsu. Or visit

· Komatsu America Corp., Headquartered in Chicago, IL · North American manufacturing operations in Chattanooga, Candiac, Dallas, Newberry, Peoria and Seymour · Over 210 distributor locations serving North America

©2003 Komatsu America Corp. 411-1471



he contracting business is enough of a

gamble, so don't gamble on used equipment. Komatsu Distributor Certified Used Equipment is a sure bet when you're looking for high-quality, affordable machines. Each machine is inspected and evaluated by your Komatsu Distributor's certified service technicians to ensure they meet factory specifications -- and deliver maximum productivity. All the cards are laid out on the table so you'll know what you're buying. What's more, your Komatsu Distributor "ups the ante" on the value of the equipment with special finance and warranty plans as well as strong parts and service support. To see how Komatsu Distributor Certified Used Equipment can help deal you a winning hand on your next job, contact your Komatsu Distributor today.




Komatsu ReMarketing shows a Distributor Certified used machine at CONEXPO


Typically at CONEXPO, you expect to see the latest and greatest in equipment, and machines that are flawless in their appearance. Paint jobs are often superior to factory-direct models. So what was that machine with a little ding on its backside and a rusty bucket doing at the Komatsu CONEXPO display? "We left it in its work clothes, so to speak, to make a point," explained Lee Haak, director of Komatsu ReMarketing, which oversees Komatsu's Distributor Certified used equipment program. "We wanted to show equipment buyers that we never try to cover up or mask any potential problems that a machine might have. With a Komatsu Distributor Certified used machine, what you see is what you get. And what you can't see, well, we're going to tell you the truth about that too."

According to Haak, Komatsu Distributor Certified used equipment is available in most models. The distributor has access to a nationwide database of Certified machines along with photos and an evaluation of each unit. "For contractors who are looking for reliability at a cost substantially below new, we're confident this is the best option out there. And we'd certainly like to prove that to anyone who's in the market for a used machine."

(L-R) The Komatsu ReMarketing team of Lee Haak, Alan Christianson, Lauri McNulty, Kent Van Zanten and Allen Stokke (not pictured) showed this Distributor Certified used PC128USLC-3 at CONEXPO. "We wanted to show equipment buyers that we never try to cover up any potential problems," said Haak. "Our goal is to provide information so a buyer knows exactly what he's getting."

Haak says the philosophy behind the Komatsu Distributor Certified used equipment program is simple. "It's all about providing value and reducing risk for the used equipment buyer. Our used machines are evaluated inside and out by a trained technician, including testing and diagnostics, to establish a true performance level based on age, hours and component wear. We then share that information with the buyer so he doesn't have to guess or wonder what he's getting. With a Komatsu Distributor Certified machine, he knows exactly what he's getting."

Warranty, financing and inventory

Komatsu is so confident in its Distributor Certified used equipment that subsidized financing and factory warranties are available for most machines. "We stand behind our Certified machines and, more important, our distributors stand behind them," said Haak. "We think that fact alone should provide a lot of peace of mind for customers."


Manufacturer/Model Description Serial No. Year Hours Price


KOMATSU D135A-2 U BLADE, MS RIPPER, CAB KOMATSU D37EX-21 PAT BLADE, RIPPER HYDS, SWEEPS, OROPS KOMATSU D61EX-12 PAT BLADE, OROPS, MS RIPPER KOMATSU D61EX-12 PAT BLADE, A/C, MS RIPPER KOMATSU D65PX-12 CAB, A/C, STRT BLADE CAT D8R U BLADE, MS RIPPER, A/C CAT D8R U BLADE, MS RIPPER, A/C KOMATSU D475A-3ASD 59-YD SUPER DOZER, RIPPER DEERE 450GLT DEERE 850 W/OROPS, BARE BACK 10554 5045 B1863 B3165 62189 7MX00578 7XM02035 10601 810687 J715290 1993 2003 2003 2004 1998 1996 1998 1995 1985 11,212 184 1,022 421 5,191 11,000 $75,000 $80,000 $157,000 $179,000 $100,000 $315,000 POR $550,000 $36,900 $12,500

3,817 9,913


KOMATSU WA250-3MC KOMATSU WA420-3L TEREX 72-51 CAT 928F CAT 928G CAT 950G GP BKT, A/C WHEEL LOADER WHEEL LOADER WHEEL LOADER WHEEL LOADER A71276 A30100 60219 2XL01849 6XR21223 X2JS0495 2001 1998 1973 1996 2000 1998 7,000 5,807 6,600 12,629 7,257 $75,000 $105,000 $8,500 $48,000 $55,000 $107,900


KOBELCO ED180 KOMATSU PC120-6E KOMATSU PC128US-2 KOMATSU PC128UU-2 KOMATSU PC128UU-2 KOMATSU PC200LC-6LE KOMATSU PC220LC-6LE KOMATSU PC228USLC-2 KOMATSU PC228USLC-2 KOMATSU PC300LC-6LC KOMATSU PC300LC-6LE KOMATSU PC300LC-6LE KOMATSU PC400LC-6 KOMATSU PC400LC-6LK CAT 312 CAT 315L CAT 325BL DEERE 200LC DEERE 200LC QC, BLADE, AUX, HYDS. 8'2"A 8'2"A, 33" BKT, A/C A/C, RDLNRS, BLADE, 32" BKT 7'A, A/C, RBR PADS, BLADE 9'7"A, A/C, 42" B&C, COMBO HYDS 10'A, 19'B, 42" B&C, GUARDING 9'6A, 18'8"B, THUMB, 18" RISER-FD'D 13'2"A, 21'3"B, 48" B&C 13'A, 21'B, A/C, 48" 1.75-YD B&C 10'6A, 21'3B, A/C, 11'A, QC 13'A, 23'B, UP PIPES, 42"+60" BKT EXCAVATOR BKT, THUMB, QC EXCAVATOR BKT & THUMB EXCAVATOR YLU0068 62600 5561 5301 5654 A83236 A80688 15559 15722 A80650 A83187 A83447 A80064 A83250 6GK01384 6YM594 7EN00341 FF0200X50035 502126 2000 1999 1999 2000 2001 1997 1996 2000 2000 1997 1999 1999 1996 1999 5,866 3,945 1,946 2,450 1,245 6,575 7,684 4,143 2,445 4,843 4,751 10,808 6,061 $62,000 $75,000 $75,000 $87,500 $80,000 $79,500 $80,000 $145,000 POR $110,000 $196,000 $108,000 $85,000 $160,000 $39,000 $42,000 $129,000 $89,000 $115,000

1999 1998 2001

2,513 4,321


Missoula Billings

7850 South Frontage Road Billings, MT 59101 (800) 735-2589 (406) 252-2158


3155 Highway 93 South Kalispell, MT 59901 (800) 434-4190 (406) 755-5540


4412 East Trent Avenue Spokane, WA 99212 (800) 541-0754 (509) 535-1654


101 International Way Missoula, MT 59808 (800) 332-1617 (406) 523-1100



Serial No.





KOMATSU GD650A-2CY CAT 140H A/C, MS RIPPER GRADER 203669 2ZK05136 1998 2000 4,781 2,466 POR $170,000


TIMBCO T425B PRENTICE 620FB VALMET 911C VALMET 911C TIMBCO T425C TIMBCO T425D TIMBCO T435 TIMBCO T445B TIMBCO T445D TIMBCO T445D PRENTICE 620 PRENTICE 620FB VALMET 890.6 KOMATSU PC300LL-6L KOMATSU PC360LC-5 DAEWOO S220V DAEWOO S290-5 W/PROMAC BUSH CUTTER LOGMAX HARVESTER W/965 HEAD HARVESTER W/965 HEAD W/BAR SAW AT4C35502169 620P56856 911C4002 911C AT4C11670917 AT4C17470407 CT4C17511189 FT4C66307149 FT4C17490411 FT4C20320228 620P56865 620P53941 8906009 A84005 20013 1016 1041 1993 1996 1998 1999 2000 1992 1995 2000 2002 2000 1998 2003 1991 2000 2000 8,000 $80,000 $169,000 $75,000 $200,000 $120,000 $177,500 POR $120,000 $175,000 $232,500 $150,000 $79,000 POR $325,000 $49,000 $125,000 $185,000

6,700 7,483 4,200 8,455 4,610 4,764 47,068 7,999 6,649 1,463 18,136 6,250 7,600



KOMATSU HD325-6A KOMATSU HD325-6A KOMATSU HD605-7 KOMATSU HD605-7 KOMATSU HD785-3 KOMATSU HD785-3 KOMATSU HD785-3 KOMATSU HM300-1 KOMATSU HM400-1 MOXY MT31X MOXY MT31X 31-YD HAUL TRUCK 31-YD HAUL TRUCK 52-YD HAUL TRUCK 52-YD HAUL TRUCK 79-YD HAUL TRUCK 79-YD HAUL TRUCK 79-YD HAUL TRUCK ARTIC. TRUCK ARTIC. TRUCK, TGATE A/C, GATE Brooke P A/C, GATE Seldovwia 6275 6364 2004 2005 2005 2005 76 10 POR POR POR POR $450,000 $450,000 $450,000 POR $300,000 $259,000 $225,000

2551 2552 2553 1137 1015 710157 710146

2004 2002 2002

858 3,102 2,405 2,661


PIONEER FT2650 PIONEER FT4250 CEDARAPIDS JP3042 JCI K300 JCI K300 KOLBERG 30X50 SUPERIOR 36X150 TRACK-MOUNT JAW TRACK-MOUNT IMPACTOR PORT. JAW W/42X17 VGF, DIESEL KODIAK CONE PLANT K300 CONE PLANT HYD. STACKING CONVEYOR SUPER STACKING CONVEYOR BLAW KNOX PAVER/OMNI 3 LOW DECK HIGH-DECK PAVER ELITE III PAVER 12,000 GALLON WATER TOWER DRILL W/REV. PERC. PKG. DRILL DRILL 405237 405234 50307 PC323803 PO40221 403100 405217 55102601 1358 2229HD 3141 40515120014 R14130IC 11155 961189 2005 2005 2001 2003 2004 2001 2005 1999 1998 2000 2002 2005 1996 1999 1996 2 13 2,712 1,782 360 POR POR $320,000 POR POR $21,000 POR $110,000 $49,500 $49,500 $60,000 $45,000 $105,000 $110,000 $125,000


BLAW-KNOX PF5510 LEE BOY 8500 LEE BOY 8500 LEE BOY 8500 MSE MSE12 INGERSOLL-RAND ECM490 INGERSOLL-RAND ECM590 ATLAS COPCO ROC748 1,500 3,600 1,100 1,465 24,643 2,341 12,634



22431 - 83rd Avenue S. Kent, WA 98032 (800) 669-2425 (253) 872-3500


159 Hamilton Road Chehalis, WA 98532 (800) 304-4421 (360) 748-4421


1041 Highway 99 North Eugene, OR 97402 (800) 826-9811 (541) 688-7321


5241 N.E. 82nd Avenue Portland, OR 97220 (800) 950-7779 (503) 255-7841


2666 Garrett Way Pocatello, ID 83201 (800) 829-4450 (208) 233-5345


1257 West Amity Boise, ID 83705 (800) 221-5211 (208) 336-8570

Magadan, Russia

79 Rechnaya Street, Suite 1 Magadan, Russia 685021 011-7-41322-99281 or 011-7-41322-99298

C.P.I. P.O. Box 1689 C.R., IA 52406-1689 U.S.A.

Presorted Standard US Postage Paid C.P.I.

Change Service Requested




Aspen Trailers




Eugene, Oregon (800) 826-9811 (541) 688-7321 Portland, Oregon (800) 950-7779 (503) 255-7841 Billings, Montana (800) 735-2589 (406) 252-2158 Missoula, Montana (800) 332-1617 (406) 523-1100 Kalispell, Montana (800) 434-4190 (406) 755-5540 Pocatello, Idaho (800) 829-4450 (208) 233-5345

Boise, Idaho (800) 221-5211 (208) 336-8570

Kent, Washington (800) 669-2425 (253) 872-3500

Spokane, Washington (800) 541-0754 (509) 535-1654

Chehalis, Washington (800) 304-4421 (360) 748-4421

Magadan, Russia 011-7-41322-99281 011-7-41322-99298


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