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Summer 2009

University of Central Florida

UCF Contemporary A Cappella News

Welcome to our inaugural CAC newsletter! This newsletter is going to be a monthly publication in which the officers will keep all CAC members up to date with the goings on in the club. If anyone ever has anything they want to add to the newsletter or any kind of information they would like to put in, feel free to email Allison at [email protected] This will also be your place for finding out random things about the a cappella world as well as to find out more about each other. Enjoy!

Getting ready for the 2009-2010 school year!

As the school year starts there are a few things that everyone should be aware of. The first is that dues of $30 will be required of each member as soon as the groups begin meeting. Checks can be made out to Contemporary A Cappella, and all money should be given to the directors, who will give it to our treasurer, Kyle Trainor. There are also a few events the first week of school that the officers are going to need some help with. The first is called Opening Knight, which will be held in the student union from 4-7 on August 23. This is a great opportunity to table and get attention for our group. Please email Allison if

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So Noted and the Crescendudes at ICCA in February!

Volume 1, Issue 1

you're interested in tabling. All members are also more than welcome to come out and support CAC! The next event is the Welcome Expo, which will be held on Thursday August 27 from 10-2, also in the student union. This event also requires tabling, so please email Allison if you're available. The officers would like to stress the importance of these events as well as other activities held in the first semester to bring attention to our group, so please try your hardest to make it out to them!

Inside this issue:

Getting Ready for Fall New Mixed Group!

A Word From Our President

Hello CAC! =) For those of you who don't know me, my name is Aja and I'm the new President of Contemporary A Cappella. I'd like to welcome all our new members of Crescendudes and So Noted and our new mixed group. I'm so excited to have you as a part of CAC! I'm really looking forward to the coming year. Be on the lookout for plenty of CAC events and socials being put on by our event coordinator, Keristen Black. On top of that, we're hoping to attend a few a cappella workshops and competitions. This being the first newsletter, I find myself without much to say unfortunately. I just want you all to know that this year is going to be spectacular and please feel free to come to me or any of the other officers with ideas for fundraising, socials, or anything else that might benefit the group. Hope you're having a good summer! -Aja

Survey of the Month


Allison's Pick of the Month


New Members!


Summer Birthdays


CAC Officers 2009-2010


UCF Contemporary A Cappella

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So Noted News It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and we're about to start another school year, but it's somehow already August! This summer Keristen and I have been working very hard to make sure that So Noted has a very successful year. We've decided to start by tackling the business end of things to give the group a more professional feel. We've created a So Noted email address ([email protected] for potential venues. We also created a blog to keep everyone up to date with what's going on in the So Noted world (sonotedacappella.blogsp, as well as the usual arranging and musical preparations for the year. Keep a look out for other new things that So Noted has to offer! Can't wait to see everyone! A Cappella Love, Allison

Getting rid of preperforming nerves at ICCA!

Volume 1, Issue 1

New Mixed Group!

Comtemporary A Cappella is welcoming a third group to the club this year! Steve Ekblom will be directing a mixed group!

Hey guys! As the founder of our new mixed a cappella group (we'll have a name in time, I PROMISE), I'd just like to say, on behalf of the whole group, that we're very grateful to you all for letting us in! I'm really look-

ing forward to working hard this year and setting the group up for excellence. We'll be having our own auditions in the Fall, so if anybody is interested in trying out, make sure to come! The only requisite we have for

auditions is that one can read music. After that, anybody is welcome to try out. I look forward to seeing where this can go, so here's to a new year and new surprises! Steve Ekblom

Survey of the Month

What does everything think would make the best back to school CAC social?

A. B. C. D.


Beach Trip Game Night Cook Out Trip to Rebounderz Lock-In (If you would like, send response to [email protected])

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Allison's Pick of the Month!

Each month, I'm going to choose one fabulous collegiate A Cappella group to spotlight to help open up our minds to the world that is Contemporary A Cappella. I've decided to start with one of the best groups in the country, and they just so happen to be in Florida! FSU's mixed group, All-Night Yahtzee, was formed in 1998 by a transfer student from Michigan State University. Since then, they have taken the A Cappella world by storm; recording 4 cd's (they You can also find them at are currently in the process of recording their 5th), placallnightyahtzee. Enjoy! ing 2nd at ICCA at the national level, as well as opening for Ben Folds, and taking on many performing opportunities all over the Southern United States. If would like more information on AllNight Yahtzee or information on how to purchase cd's please visit http:// index.html . (The cd Minor Adjustments is my favorite!)

All Night Yahtzee with Ben Folds before a concert.

Fundraisers/ Big Events for Fall

We have some awesome events in the works for this year. However, most of the events involved traveling, and that costs money, so we're in serious need of some fundraising! Please start thinking about different ways that we can raise money. Even better if the fundraisers involve singing! Some of the events we're considering are Vocaluptuous, an all female retreat hosted by the Acabelles of FSU. (This would obviously be for So Noted) We are also thinking of doing an event called So Jam. So Jam is similar to ICCA, except the day after you perform, you go to workshops where you can learn different things that can better your group. It's a really great way to grow as a group as well as meet other groups, not to mention it's in North Carolina! (It's held in November, which means BEAUTIFUL weather and leaves!)

Auditions will be held sometime in September, the official date has not yet been set. We will let you know as soon as it is. Start trying to get people to audition and join the CAC family!

New Members!

Getting to know each other?

We'd like to welcome all new members based on the spring auditions! Danielle Hills, Caroline McGilvray, Tom Whitten. Welcome to the CAC family!

UCF Contemporary A Cappella!

University of Central Florida

Summer Birthdays!

Danielle Hills- May 1 Jillian Southard- May 22 Allison Walbrown- June 7

We're on the web!

Matt Whitley- June 26 Jessica Lomasson- July 12 Ryan Petrizzo- July 16 Ryan Grajo- August 9 Yitzach Glick- August 18 (If I missed anyone, please tell me and I'll add you in the next newsletter!)

CAC Officers 2009-2010

President: Aja Jones-McCloud (email: [email protected])

Crescendudes performing at ICCA

The officers would like everyone to know that we are here to help everyone out, and make CAC the best club possible. Just to help, here is a list of all the officers for the upcoming year with contact information.

Vice President: Corey Schon (email: [email protected]) Treasurer: Kyle Trainor (email: [email protected]) Secretary/ So Noted Director: Allison Walbrown (email: [email protected]) Sergeant at Arms: Yitzach Glick (email: [email protected]) Marketing Director/ Crescendudes Director: Ryan Grajo (email: [email protected]) Event Coordinator: Keristen Black (email: [email protected]) Mixed Group Director: Steve Ekblom (email: [email protected]) CAC email: [email protected]


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