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AT-4000 Series Advanced Wire Tracers



Patent # D491,085 / D493,113 / D496,599 and others pending. FEATURE Transmitter Operating Voltage Operating frequency Receiver short mode range Receiver open mode range KIT CONTAINS: Carrying Case Receiver R-4000 RANGE 9-600V AC/DC 32.786 kHz

· Extremely easy to use · One universal transmitter - automatically switches to work with either energized or non-energized systems · Receiver not position sensitive - does not need to be rotated in order to provide accurate readings · Traces live wires buried or hidden behind walls · Traces energized and non-energized (open, broken) wires · Performs tests without having to interrupt power · Locates breakers, neutrals, and ground lines · Locates and traces wires in walls, floors, conduit, computer cables, etc. · Pinpoints shorts, ground faults and broken wires · Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment · Battery Booster strengthens signal for open tracing · Clamp-on attachment injects signal for non-contact operation

20' in air from the traced wire under test conditions 12' in air from the traced wire under test conditions Soft SV-1000 AT-4001 Hard CC-AT-4000 AT-4003 HardCC-AT-4000 AT-4004 HardCC-AT-4000 AT-4005

Transmitter T-4000

110V Pigtail ­ Banana Plug Cord Set C2901 Grounding Test Lead 25-ft MTL-G Alligator Clip for Ground Lead VRC-320 Clamp-on Transmitter Accessory A2202

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Alligator Clip ­ Banana Plug Cord Set C2902

Rechargeable Battery Pack B2024 Battery Pack Recharger B2025

AT-4000 Series Advanced Wire Tracers

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES AT-2003, AT-2004, AT-2005 REPLACEMENT PARTS Receiver Transmitter Ground Coil Accessory for models PART NUMBER ATGC-1 R-4000 T-4000 C2901 C2902 A2202 MTL-G FA6X46MM VRC-320 B2024 B2025




T-4000 Transmitter

110V Pigtail ­ Banana Plug Cord Set Clamp-on Transmitter Accessory Grounding Test Lead 25-ft Fuse fast acting

Operating voltage: 9-600 volts

Alligator Clip ­ Banana Plug Cord Set

Operating frequency: 32.768 KHZ Case: Flame retardant ABS Weight: 0.32 LB (143.5g)

Duty Cycle: Transmit 2 pulses with a duration of 0.0625S each, every 0.5 seconds Display: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Current Output of the Signal:

250mA @ 1000V (6mm x 46mm) Alligator Clip for Ground Lead Rechargeable Battery Pack Battery Pack Recharger Instruction Manual SPECIFICATIONS General Operating Temperature: Storage temperature: Case Material: Case Size: R-4000 Receiver

Low Mode: 11 mA average, 30 mA peak

Medium Mode: 12 mA average, 36 mA peak High Mode: 13 mA average, 63 mA peak Signal Output (9V supply): High setting: 0.74 VAC Medium setting: 0.61 VAC Low setting: 0.53 VAC Fuse: Fast acting 250 mA @ 1000V (6X46mm) P/N: FA6X46MM

0 to 120° F (-18°C to 49°C) -40° to 150° F (-40° to 66°C) ABS 0.55" x 0.26" (14x6.7mm)

Battery: 9V alkaline- 24V jack will accept battery pack accessory (B2024 or B2025) A2202 Clamp-on Transmitter Accessory Operating Frequency: 32.768KHZ as supplied by T-4000 Case Breakdown Voltage: 3000 volts Maximum Wire size: 2000 MCM or 2" dia. Cable Battery: None, power is supplied by T-4000 Type: Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable (20 AA cells) Capacity: 24-Volt, 600 mah Rechargeable Time: 14 hours Fuse: internal self-resetting B2025 Recharger/Converter Input: 115VAC Output: 24 VDC @350 mah B2024 Battery Pack

Detectors: Electromagnetic Coil Array pick up for short mode. Electrostatic plate pick up for open mode. Sensitivity: Low and High programmable gain from the traced wire. Short Mode performance: Over 20' in air from the traced wire under test conditions. Open Mode performance: Over 12' from the traced wire in air under test conditions. 50HZ, 60HZ, and 400HZ Rejection: Power Source: Display: Case: Weight: 120db 9V alkaline battery 10 LEDs Flame retardant ABS 0.5 Lb. (113g)

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