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Drip and dab method

Refilling Wide Markers

1. Hold the marker in one hand, at a slightly tilted angle, with the flat side of the Broad or Medium Broad Nib up. 2. With your other hand, gently dab 15 to 20 drops onto the nib surface, allowing each drop to be absorbed before adding the next.

Notes: Notes: Try not to overfill. If overfilling occurs, use a tissue to absorb the extra ink. Use rubbing alcohol to clean any ink spills or to wipe your marker clean. You can rinse dirty caps in alcohol and wipe the insides clean with a cotton swab.

Broad Nib or Medium Broad Nib

Med iu BRO m AD

Hold the marker at a o 45 angle, then drip and dab Various Ink into the provided notch. Holds up to 5cc's





Match the color number of your marker with the color number on the Various Ink Cap.



How many full markers do you get from one bottle of Various Ink? Copic: 9 markers Sketch: 12 markers Ciao: 15 markers Wide 7 markers

Sketch: Using the Booster

COPIC: Using the Booster

1. Screw the booster needle onto your various ink bottle. Carefully remove the protective cap. 2. For Copic markers carefully insert the booster along the side of the nib. 3. Add 2-3 cc's of ink (depending on how empty your marker is). The back of the Various Ink bottle has measurements on it. Immediately replace the marker cap when done.

1. Screw the booster needle onto your various ink bottle. Carefully remove the protective cap. 2. For Sketch markers, remove the Med. Broad Nib from your marker. 3. Add 2-3cc's ink (depending on how empty your marker is). The back of the Various Ink bottle has measurements on it. Immediately replace the nib and marker cap when done.


Medium BROAD


Copic Booster Warnings!

· Booster is sharp. · Always recap after use. · Not intended for children. · Clean Booster with Rubbing alcohol after each use.

For questions or comments contact us at Imagination International, Inc. Copic Markers (541) 684-0013, or at Copyright © 2010 Imagination International, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The marker created for creative people

Before you refill, please read these suggestions: 1. Work over a protected surface. A thick paper plate, pie tin, or a stack of old newspapers make a great barrier for spills. 2. Make sure your refill color matches your marker color. 3. Before you start have all your clean-up supplies ready. Keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or hand-sanitizer and some paper towels nearby. If you are using a booster, keep a small disposable cup to rinse it out in. Some people prefer wearing rubber gloves while refilling to keep ink off their fingers. Refilling your markers this is also a good time to replace damaged nibs. Always keep a supply of replacement tips and a pair of Copic tweezers. Copic tweezers have little gripping teeth to get hold of those slippery nibs. These are also important for pulling out broken brush nibs that can get stuck down in the barrel. It helps if you store all your refill supplies in one place, close to your inks so that you can easily fill your markers in the middle of a project and don't want to stop. 4. Various Ink caps unscrew! Don't try to pull it straight off like a marker lid. This may break the spout. Whatever you do, don't squeeze the bottle while unscrewing it. Remove the lid over your protected surface to avoid a mess. 5. Test each marker before you refill it. Markers that are totally dry will absorb more ink than markers that are partially dry. Try not to overfill. It's better to underfill. 6. Refill from the chisel end of the marker. Don't pull out the brush nib when refilling. This is made from two specially joined pieces of felt. Don't pull on them unless you need to replace them. 7. Refilling is not hard to do, but give yourself plenty of time- especially if it is your first time. Accidents happen when you get distracted or in a rush. 8. It's a good idea to re-order ink when a color gets down to half a bottle. When you discover the most popular colors needed

by your customers you can keep a stock of these to sell. Troubleshooting FAQ How do I know when to refill? Test both ends of the marker. It is time to refill when the chisel end streaks. With the brush end you'll need to refill ink has a harder time reaching the tip. If one end is dry but the other is juicy you may think your marker is fine, but it's not. It still needs to be refilled. Sometimes the marker is so dry the tips will look light and blotchy. I you find it difficult to evenly soak your paper or blend with some colors then you probably need to refill. Will it hurt my marker if I don't refill it right away? No. However, when markers start to go dry people tend to push harder on the brush to get color out. The tip is more likely to break in this circumstance. It's better to refill than to force it. How many refills can I get from one bottle? It depends on the marker type. In general (and without overfilling) you can get about 10-12 refills for Sketch, about 15 for Ciao, about 8 for Copic, and 5-7 for Wide. On one side of the bottle are measurement marks. Use these to know exactly how much ink to use (more about this later). How should I store the Various inks? You can store them either horizontal or upright, just make sure the cap is on tight. It may take you a while to use up a bottle of ink. They have a little rubber seal inside so they won't dry out, even if the bottle sits for a long time. Keep them out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures and they'll be fine. Do I need to fill both sides of the marker? No. There is one sponge inside. Just fill it and let the marker sit either horizontal or vertical. Ink will spread throughout the marker within a few moments. How can I tell if I have overfilled? It will blob or drip. After you refill your marker let it sit for a few moments so the

ink can disperse equally. You may even want to take the caps off both sides to help even out the pressure. Then, scribble with your marker onto a scrap of good paper. If the marker visibly blobs or seems extra juicy (it spreads and feathers on paper that it usually works fine on) then its been overfilled. If it drips, then you've really overfilled it. What can I do if I have overfilled? With markers you can use a paper towel and touch it to the nib to absorb the excess ink. If your marker is dripping, check to make sure there is none in the cap. If it did leave a drip, then take a cotton swab and some alcohol, blender solution, or handsanitizer and clean out the ink before it cakes onto your marker barrel. With an overfilled blender marker, touch the tip to a used blender and the ink will flow into the drier nib. You can also let it drip back into the large bottle of blender solution. I am having a really hard time refilling my blender marker from the large blender ink bottle. Any suggestions? Always use a standard-sized refill bottle (25cc's) for filling empty Blenders. Refill the small bottle from a large bottle (200 cc's) of Blender. There is no way to measure how much Blender solution to use when refilling a marker from a large bottle. Once my ink bottle is empty, can I recycle it? YES! Although the recycle symbol printed on the bottle is in Japanese, this bottle is recyclable with your other plastics. In the U.S. it is equal to a #1 (PET- polyethelyne terephthalate). You can also save your empty bottle, thoroughly rinse it out with rubbing alcohol, and use it for mixing custom colors. Questions or comments? Contact us at: Imagination International, Inc.

(541) 684-0013 or 1.866.66.COPIC



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