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jlssortea Sa{mon q'rianefes

Servetf witli ponzu sauce, tomatO pepper ana fresli 6asi£, ana aU[ crime fraic!ie $16.00 per dozen


$12.00 per dlJzen

(}jeef or Cliic~n S~ewers

(})ungeness Cra6 Cheesecai./

'Witli roasted retf pepper, smok-etf lJ"Ulamook-clieese ana cream c!ieese servetf witli green onion couUs full ca~ serves 25 peupfe $75.00

!Miniature q'ur~ey ant! qwast (}jeef Sant!wiclies

Servetf witli 60ursen dieese ana garlic $14.00 per dlJzen

jlssortea Colif Cuts (]jai./a !Mushroom Caps

Witli prosciutto liam, onUms, garlic, Iier6s ana fresli sage $16.00 per dozen (jJay slirimp, garlic, !ier6s ana sun-aried tomatoes $14.00 per dlJzen Serves 10 to 20 peupfe Serves 20 to 30 peupfe

$45.00 $70.00

Cheese q'ray

(1)omestie Sma{[ serves 20 to 30 peupfe $45.00 Large serves 40-50 $80.00


o/eaetarian <PotStic~rs

$14.00 per dlJzen '

Small serves 20 to 30 peupfe $75.00 Large serves 40-50 $135.00

Savory Spring <J{p«S

$14.00 per dlJzen

Pruit q'ray

Vp to 50 peupfe


<Puff <Pastries

Cliick-en, sun-aried tomatoes ana roasted garlic $16.00 per dlJzen

o/eaaie rrray

Vp to 50 peupfe


smaf[ for 20 to 30 peopfe $50.00

Sa {aas

(]Jrices6asetf on guest count lPasta tFruit !M.~etf green or Caesar lPotato 0t"ae( c.Bean

!Mini (Jjeef tWeffinaton

9rtusliroom ana 6eej wrappetf in puff pastry $16.00 per dlJzen



.lUI entrees are served witli miJ(edoreens safad; clioice of two aressings arufjresli 6reatf aruf £mtter.


New tyor~.

8oz. $16.95 12 oz. $19.95 16 oz. $22.95


Served witli seaslmlJilyjresli 'Veoeta6fes aruf clioice of wiIif ria pilaf, or own-roasted new potato

(prime Sirfoin

8 oz. $13.95 12oz. $16.95 16 oz. $19.95


8oz. $16.95 12oz. $19.95 16 oz. $22.95

pifet 9dignon and Scampi

pifet aruf tfiree jum60 prawns sauteed in garlic, wine aruf £mtter 5oz. $22.95 perperson 8oz. $25.95 perperson

'1UJast irloin S

for 20 or more peopfe $14.95 perperson

Sfow-coo~ti tJ(pastetiSirlOin of (}jeef au jus {]jar6ecueti (}jris~t

cook.ed in fier6s aruf Iiome-makf 6ar6ecue sauce inctiufes 6ak.ed 6eans aruf cBrian's 6est potato safiu[ $12.95 per person

tJ(past (Port Loin

1. In afive spice gUu:e, or

2. In a fiot spicy 7(orean styfe sauce witli garlic aruf a sun arietf clierry port wine sauce $15.95 perperson

lPacific 7(jne Salmon

Witli femon citrus £mtter 5 oz. $14.95 perperson 8 oz. $17.95 perperson

lPacific 7(jne Salmon

Witli slirimp aruf musfiroom slierry cream sauce $19.95 per person


'Willi a fiazeCnut crust topped witli Iioney citrus graze or femon ad[ £mtter 5oz. $19.95 per person 8oz. $22.95 perperson



)f.1I entrees are servetf willi ~ oreens safmJ; clioice of two aressinfJs aM fresli 6reatf aM fmtter.



Servetf willi seasoruzlIyfresli vegeta6fes aM clioice of wiIif ria pilaf, or uven-roa.stetf new potato

Honey )I.{mondine Chicf(pn

(]3reastof cliick.en willi citros Bfaze 5 oz.$14.95 perperson 8 oz. $17.95 per person

Chic~n !MarsaCa

(jJreast of cliick.en witli sauteed muslirooms, marsafa aM cream 5 oz. $14.95 perperson 8oz. $17.95 perperson

Chicf(pn Sa{tim60cca

(}3reastof cliic~ witli prosciutto liam aM provolime clieese witli marinara sauce 5oz. $14.95 perperson 8oz. $17.95 per person

Wi{({ POW[

Servea willi seasoruzlIy avaifa6fe vegeta6fes

(Breast of tDuc{

Willi wiIif rice risotto aruf sun-drietf Cliery reduction ma~t price

grilled Quai{

Willi musliroom, wif.t1ria risotto aM apriJ:ot cliutney mat(etprice


(Buifc[ eyour Own Sandwich (Bar

'Two Salads Co{tf Cuts Cneeses ~ssorted lBread Condiments

$12.95 per person


(~_(j)_e_ss_ert __

,adif $23.95 per person

) (



Cnocolate 9rtousse Ca~ New tl'ot{Styfe Cn.eeseca~

Coffee, Iced'Tea, or Lemonade

)Ire avaif6fe for $20.00 per gaffon

'Witli rasp6erry sauce or cara1Tl£{

Wnite CnocoCate tJUup6erry Cneesecaf<J'

Owner/C!ief (jJnan lna6a and liis team wi£[ create a wotUierful tfining eJ(perience foryour event. 'We wi£[ wort witli you persona{(y to lielp you ma~ your menu aruf servia decisions. Contact }lnnette orJennifer at 208-461-0887 ~6er, we can customize your fooa oraer anti are not restrictea to tlie sefections in tliis menu. Vpon request we provitfe linens, nap{ins, cliina aruf silver for an additiona[ cliarye. (})isposa6fe are aC50 avaifa6fe. }lny cliatlfJesrequire at feast 48 Iiours aavance notice. Copper Canyon (j{estaurant aruf CateritlfJaccepts all major credit cards. }I tfeposit is requirea at 6oo~tlfJ. }In 18% servicefee anti 6% safes ~ will6e atftfed to a[{oraers.


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