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30th March 2010

Toy & Antique Catalogue An impressive collection including a good selection of Funho Toys, tinplate cars, building blocks, Triang race games, speedboats, cruisers, pond yacht, pram, fire trucks, motorbikes, many trains and train sets, trucks, soldiers, cowboys and Indians, buses, Matchbox toys, puzzles, robots, pinball, dominos, Noddy items, cartoon characters, books, Tommy Doo lead toys, dolls, Steiff rabbit, Pelham puppets, Mickey Mouse, NZ Railways memorabilia, top hats, ships wheels, tantalus, dressing box, jewellery box, five squeeze boxes, ivory pieces, stone carvings, icons, whalebone sailors shuttle, sewing items, antique glasses, Murano, New Zealand silver, Chinese ceramics, snuff bottles, pair cinnabar vases, Japanese tsuba, wakizashi, katana, jade animals, fine Japanese snuff box, carved panels, erotic ivories, Georgian plates, sauce jug, Meissen, Delft, Keith Murray, Clarice Cliff, Moorcroft, Royal Doulton, large Booths Old Willow dinner set, Lladro, Blue Danube, gold chains, brooches, emerald rings, diamond rings, impressive diamond tennis bracelet, gent's Rolex Tudor wristwatch, greenstone pieces, cameo brooches, silver candelabra, sauceboats, bonbon dishes, cutlery, teaset, perfume bottles, meat cover, Persian, Afghan, Baluchi rugs, colonial furniture including a burr kauri scotch chest, Victorian tables, chairs, Regency sofa table, Victorian revolving billiard cue stand, Japanese and Chinese furniture, W.B. Leader oil and other fine quality paintings and prints.

Tuesday 30th March 2010 at 10.00am

Miscellaneous toys Plastic toys, Constructions sets and rubber toys Cast iron toys Tinplate battery operated and circus toys Games and game boards Character toys - Flintstones, Batman, Noddy, Snoppy, Dennis the Menace, Pink Panther Noddy toys Flintstones Books Miscellaneous toys 164 - 169 170 - 178 179 - 193 194 - 197 198 - 265 112 - 147 148 - 163 34 - 79 80 - 111 1 - 33

Tuesday 30th March 2010 at 5.00pm

Miscellaneous Glass Tribal - Artefacts Oriental China & Porcelain Jewellery Clocks & Watches Silver Rugs Furniture Paintings & Prints 300 - 372 373 - 383 384 - 394 395 - 472 473 - 540 541 - 582 583 - 586 587 - 625 626 - 634 635 - 655 656 - 664

The Sale may be viewed at the following times:

Friday 26th March Sunday 28th March Monday 29th March 9.00am - 5.00pm 11.00am - 3.00pm 9.00am - 5.00pm

CATALOGUES $12 A 12.5% percent buyers premium applies to this sale plus G.S.T. on premium = all up 14.06% FRONT COVER: Lots 218, 129, 372A

FINE ART AUCTIONEERS AND APPRAISERS 180 Great South Road, Remuera, Auckland 1051, New Zealand P.O. Box 74071 Market Road Phone (09)523-1049 Fax (09)520-7186 Email [email protected] Website 1


The Catalogue

Measurements throughout are given in millimetres. The figures given along side each lot are guide prices only.


16 Funho early metal and aluminium farm roller. Length 120, width 120. $100 Lot 24 24 Funho SC tip truck, a large model, yellow and white paint, original condition. Length 450. See page 5. $175

Lot 17 Lot 1 1 FunHo Toys double decker bus in good condition with original yellow paint, original label, black rubber tyres. Length 190. See page 5. $500 2 Funho open coupe, metal wheels, good condition. Length 80. $30 3 Funho Pickup Truck, metal wheels, original condition. Length 85. $30 4 Funho Roadster, white wheels, original condition. Length 90. $50 5 Funho open coupe, metal wheels, good original condition. Length 90. $30 6 A Buick coupe, missing back wheels. Length 80. $75 7 Funho Pontiac stake bed, good original condition, scarce. Length 140. $200 8 Funho four piece train set, one carriage repainted. Length overall 380. $200 9 Funho low bed truck, white wheels, good original condition. Length 140. $50 10 Funho delivery van, repainted, white wheels. Length 100. $40 11 Streamline English futuristic car, metal wheels, good original condition, scarce. Length 100. $100 12 Funho Oliver tractor, black rubber wheels, drivers head missing. Length 130. $50 13 Funho large tractor, driver original, repaint to tractor. Length 170. $50 14 Funho airport or warehouse tractor, good original condition, scarce. Length 110. $175 15 Funho early tractor with black rubber wheels, good original condition. Length 90. $50 17 Funho motorbike with sidecar, complete with passenger, white wheels. Length 95. See page 5. $150 18 Two Funho 559 jet planes, one missing one wheel otherwise original condition. Length 100. $40 19 Funho fighter plane, single propeller, scarce, good original condition. Length 110. $150

Lots 25, 22 25 Funho lead fire pumper, c.1900's, scarce, wooden wheels, repainted. Length 95. See page 5. $175

Lot 26 Lot 20 20 Funho rare large plane - DC 3, original paint, part of one propeller broken, metal wheels, original finish. Wingspan 220, length 140. See page 5. $250 21 Funho policeman money box with old repaint. Height 140. $100 22 Funho early lead Stakebed truck, rare, early c1930's repaint, original metal wheels. Length 100. See page 5. $200 26 Funho tip truck, original red and blue paint finish, white wheels. Length 160. See page 5. $175 27 Funho furrow and plough, two items. Length 120 and 130. $50 27A Funho Caltex tanker, some paint loss otherwise original. Length 100. $30 27B Two Funho blue racing cars and yellow farm trailer, good original condition, white tyres. Length 990 and 200. $75

Lot 22A 22A A Funho bus, original green paint with "Wanganui" label, some paint loss to roof. Length 260. See page 5. $200

Lots 28 28 Triang London double decker bus, largest size, good condition. Length 520. See page 5. $350

Lot 23 23 Funho early lead train loco and tender, paint loss, some retouching, original yellow metal wheels, a rare model. Length 130. See page 5. $150

Lot29 29 Stirling Moss race game c.1950's, play worn. 620 x 450. See page 5. $250 30 Triang Minic motorway race game,


Lot 30 similar to Scalectrix, as new condition includes Mk II Jaguar and Rolls Royce cars, box flaps torn. See page 5. $300 31 Triang Minic motorway race game similar to above with cars as above, as new condition, box flaps torn. $400

blocks, c1950's, near new and original box. Height 210. $30 36 "Dusyma" plastic building block set, West German, c1950's, period colours, original instructions in good order. Length 310. $50 37 "Grace Toys" - two sets of Cowboy and Indian figures, six to each box, decorative printing to boxes, the celluloid windows with some damage, condition good. c1960's. Length 320. $100 38 Model cream plastic Lancaster Bomber, c.1950's, minor damage. 360 x 480. $30

coln Toys c.1960, good condition in box. 310 x 260. $30. 47 "Little Homemaker" plastic kitchen set, Lincoln Industries, Auckland c.1950's, as new in box, set includes fridge, sink etc., some sellotape repairs to box flaps. 350 x 260. $150

Lot 48 48 "Space Gun" water pistols original retailer's display box includes moonscape graphics, "Maks Toys" Hong Kong, complete with four water pistols, the display box with several tears, rare, c.1950's. Length 390. See page 5. $175 49 A plastic speedboat c.1950's finely detailed with driver, passenger and two suitcases, fading to one side. Length 230. $75 50 British Policeman and motorbike, c.1950's Hong Kong, friction drive, good condition. Length 180. $50 51 Five various 1950's plastic toys; three racing cars, speedboat and ship. $50 52 Plastic fishing launch c.1950's, five colours, missing rear seats. Length 330. $50 53 Three various 1950's plastic toys, two boats and one set of scales. $30 54 A plastic telephone c.1950's. $20 55 19 plastic toys c.1950's (breakfast cereal premiums) from Rice Bubbles, Kornies etc., cars, vans, 1 loco, 1 bus. $50 56 Plastic Canadian musical Mountie, Reliable Toys, Canada, c.1950's. Good condition. Length 22. $50

Lot 32 32 German tinplate clockwork carousel (go-round), c.1900, working condition, the umbrella type top supporting seven seated figures. Original paint with some distress. Length 230. See page 5. $300 33 Checker taxi car, c.1920's, Avon aftershave, as new in original box. Length 170. $25 33A Chrysler airflow Japanese tinplate c-

Lot 39 39 "Ezy Bilt" Construction Set No: 8, large size in tin box with instructions. 430 x 230. See page 5. $200

Lot 40 40 "Walliserdorf" Austrian wooden village, includes six wooden chalets and one church, original box, good condition, c.1930's. 300 x 180. See page 5. $150 41 Black bakelite toy phone. 130 x 100. $30 42 Yamaha plastic speedboat with Evinrude outboard, untested. Length 330. $50 43 Cruise liner, red and cream colourway, "Tudor Rose", English, section of bridge missing, c.1950's. Length 300. $25

Lot 33C 4-w sedan, orange, yellow & cream paint finish, c.1936, stamped K T E Japan, a rare model, some dents and old repairs. Length 140. $150 33B "Landrover" Bandai Toys, Japan tinplate fricton model, some tarnish, good condition. Height 190. $100 33C "Smoking Boneshaker", Ford Model T, Japanese c.1960's, large size, finished in blue, black and grey, good condition. Length 260. See page 5. $200


Lot 44 44 Lincoln Toys plastic "Deep Seacruiser", the box marked Lincoln Auckland with original scuba diver plastic figure. c.1960's. Length of box 230. See page 5. $150 45 55 "United States" plastic ship, c.1950's. Mast broken, damage to one funnel cup. Length 390. $30 46 "Press fix" construction set #1, LinLots 57, 58 57 Triang motor life boat, c.1950's, Plastic Lines Bros, in box in good condition, box missing one rear flap. Length 260. See page 8. $150 58 Triang Toys "Thames" 14" cabin cruiser, Plastic Lines Bros., brown, cream/white colours, in good condition in box. Length 360. See page 8. $175

Lot 34 34 "Steeraway" furturistic Wonder Car. Irwin Plastics USA. Battery operated in as new boxed condition. C1950's. Length 410. See page 5. $450 35 "Lincoln" set of plastic building



Lot 59 59 "Triang Toys" six truck presentation set in original box, good condition, three of the friction drive mechanisms not working, box with one loose flap and some pen marks. See page 8. $150 60 Plastic dump truck "Marx USA", cracks to front, displays well, distressed box, 1950's. Length 290. $40 Lot 68 Packard Fire Chief coupe, siren friction driven, mint in box, 1948, ex Marx Museum, some tears to box. See page 8. $375 80 American cast iron locomotive, 1920's, well detailed, piece missing to cabin. Length 100. $50

Lot 81 81 American cast iron "AC Williams" streamline coupe, original white donut tyres, classic 1930's Art Deco car. Length 150. See page 8. $175

Lot 68A 68A "Louis Marx" USA plastic Packard Fire Chief coupe, red/cream, similar to above, no box. $200 69 "Lincoln Toys" New Zealand plastic racing pond yacht, "Challenger", well detailed with original sails, c.1960's, 440 x 620. $75 70 Easter Egg Auto's plastic vehicles, West Germany, includes two Renaults and two Vespas, excellent condition, c.1950's. Length 120. $60 71 A 1950's racer "Featherlite", green and yellow plastic, good condition. Length 150. $50 72 "Wee Folks" pram, green and pink, repair to handle and "Gay toy" fire truck and petrol tanker. $25 73 Space Pilot ray gun, c.1960's, plastic, working. Length 200. $50 74 Three plastic aircraft 1950's, Red Vickers Viscount (no propellors), grey plastic DC3 and Palitoy Spitfire. $50 75 Toy telephone, mottled blue plastic, c.1930's, made in Germany, decorative graphics, boxed. 120 x 90. $50 76 "Curtis" candy truck, Ford Bonus Louis Marx plastic 1949, good condition. Length 250. $100 77 Nine celluloid soldiers includes horse and rider, 1930's, some dents, scarce. Height 70. $100 78 Six various plastic toys includes pair of "General Lee" cars, 1950's jet boat, 1950's crane truck, "Zealite" NZ locomotive, plastic bird, etc. $150 79 "Auburn Rubber" firetruck, USA 1930's, good condition. Length 190. $100 79A "Auburn Rubber" motorbike and Packard, 1950's and 1930's. Length 100 ea. $75

Lot 61 61 "Triang Toys" 2.4 litre Mark II Jaguar, 1/20 scale, powder blue plastic with fine detailing, tin plate seats, mint in box, c.1950's. Length 230. See page 5. $500

Lot 82 82 "Jaegar" concrete mixer, cast iron, Kenton USA, c.1920 original. Length 170. See page 8. $300

Lot 83 83 "Hubley" Mack dump truck, cast iron, USA 1920's white rubber tyres, some restoration and repair, overpaint. Length 180. See page 8. $175

Lot 62 62 "Triang Minic" battery operated black Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, good condition in colourful box, battery box flaps for car missing, some damage. See page 8. $150 63 "Victory Models" grey Austin Somerset, windows warped, crack to right rare door, box in excellent condtion. Length 230. $50 64 Victory Models Hillman Minx saloon, usual warpage, box excellent. Length 230. $50

Lot 84 84 "Arcade" Model T Ford, c.1925, replaced rear wheels otherwise good original toy. Length 160. See page 8. $175

Lot 85 85 Williams USA petrol tanker, cast iron, streamline design, original condition with excellent white rubber tyres. Length 140. See page 8. $250

Lot 65 65 A Victory Toy's red MG TF as new in original box. Length 22. See page 8. $200 66 "Victory Toys" Triumph TR 2, red colourway, excellent condition in box, no windscreen, original guarantee with instructions. Length 200. $200 67 "Victory Toys" Austin 40/50 Cambridge, black colourway, excellent condition, in original box, celluloid windows dented. Length 230. $200 68 A "Louis Marx" plastic red/black

Lot 86 86 American cast iron Hudson sedan c.1933, red and black with grey roof, separate nickelled grille, chassis stamped underneath #2139, excellent tyres, rare cast iron toy, ex Dick Ford



22A 1 20 25

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61 39 40


USA collection. Length 150. See page 8. $750.

Lot 87 87 Arcade USA Pontiac 1935, stake bed utility, separate nickelled grille, replaced reproduction tyres, small section missing from front bumper. Length 160. See page 8. $175 88 Kilgore USA Model A Ford 1929, good original condition. Length 80. $150 89 USA c.1930 motorcycle and sidecar, original yellow paint, replaced sidecar passenger. Length 100. See page 8. $175 90 "Arcade" Double Decker bus c.1920's, original green paint, replaced stairs, tyre and driver, includes passengers. Length 200. See page 8. $300 91 "AC Williams" cast iron coupe, white rubber tyres, rare, excellent condition. Length 105. See page 8. $175 94 "Lincoln Toys" 1952 Ford stake bed articulated truck, diecast, "made by Lincoln Industries Auckland. Major Models", original box with some distress, orange and green. Length 260. See page 8. $250 95 "Manoil Toys" streamline tow truck, 1930's paint loss to fenders otherwise good original condition, white rubber tyres. Length 120. $50 96 "Crescent Toy" and "Lonestar" diecast locomotives (one of each), made in England, good original condition. Length 160. $50 97 Three various diecast cars; "Winna" 1939 Dodge (Australian), "Tottsie Toy" coupe and Checker Taxi Cab, USA, c.1960's. $75 98 DT Hudson step down, play worn original cream and brown finish, extensive paint lost. $30 99 Four berth caravan, cream/blue, missing door otherwise condition good. Length 110. $30 100 Routemaster bus #289, good condition. Length 120. $100 101 Corgi Toys Aston Martin DB4, red finish, good condition. Length 90. $50

102 Corgi Toys Riley Pathfinder, black finish, good condition. $50 103 Corgi Toys, Bedford Dormobile, metalic pink finish, playworn. $50 104 Corgi Toys, Landrover, yellow-black finish, missing spare wheel. $30 105 Five Matchbox grey wheels toys, #56 trolley bus, #3 tram (no roof), sportscar, #41 D-type Jaguar and #32 XK 140 Jaguar, playworn. $50 106 Six various Matchbox grey wheels models, #11 Austin taxi, Bedford removal van, fire engine, bus, Karrier refuse truck, 10 ton pressure refueller, playworn. $100 107 Four Matchbox grey wheels toys, Austin 55, Bluebird caravan, Routemaster bus and Martial horse box, playworn. $50 108 Seven matching Matchbox toys, E-type Jaguar, Cadillac ambulance etc. $50 109 Five Funho die cast toys, Caltex Bedford tanker, fire engine, Rolls Royce etc. $50 110 Six Funho die cast toys, steamroller, Ford artic grain truck, #54 digger etc. $50 111 Matchbox #8 Major toys Guy Warrior car carrier, Franborough Measham livery with Victor estate and Ford Thunderbird cars, playworn. $50 111A Dinky Toys tram, 1930's scarce model, repainted. $100 111B Zephyr streamline train locomotive, "Tootsietoys" USA, good condition. Length 95. $50 111C Two "Tootsietoys" USA 1930's models, petrol tanker, yellow and Graham coupe. Length 80ea. $75

114 Three various toys, circus tea tray 1950's, 1921 "Minstral" wood diecut calendar and "Gugusse" circus puzzle, Paris 1920's with crack to glass cover. $75 115 Tinplate dime bank, decorative circus graphics, coins inside, good condition. $75

Lot 116 116 Tinplate Minstral mechanical money bank, "Minstrel" grows taller as coins inserted, printed "Made in England" circa 1930's, decorative graphics, scarce. Height 240. See page 8. $250

Lot 117 117 "Mr Pips" clown ring toss game, decorative graphics, "Spears Toys" Holland c.1920. 230 x 160. See page 8. $150 118 Circus dexterity puzzle "La Belle Ecuyere" France c.1900, glass cover, decorative graphics. 170 x 110. $100 119 Two tinplate large toy drums, decorative graphics, one marked J Chein USA c1930's the other by Ohio Art USA c 1930's. Diameters 330. $100

Lot120 120 Tinplate clockwork circus shooting gallery, working condition, moveable duck targets of conveyor, no guns, Ohio Art USA. 430 x 280. See page 8. $250 121 Tinplate auto race game c1930's, "Made in Great Britian" with one plastic clockwork streamline car, one missing. 350 x 230. $50


112 Four circus dexterity puzzles, colourful clown graphics, tinplate and celluiod, circa 1950's. $50 113 Three circus toys, dexterity puzzle with glass cover, Atlas Paris 1920's, tinplate noisemaker, German 1920's whistle and jumbo playing cards with elephant and trainer on distressed box. $75

Lot 122


122 Two various toys, Western tinplate paint box with decorative graphics, "Page" London and early pencil tinbox with decorative still life graphics, Swiss c1900. See page 8. $150 123 Smoky the Bear, Japanese, no battery box with tap drumming Indian, no drum, 1950's. $75

Lot 132 132 A Chinese clipper pressed steel plane, Wyandotte Toys 1930's, red, cream and black, good original condition with gloss paint and original decals. 230 x 340. See page 13. $250 133 Buick c1952 Japanese tinplate sedan, friction drive, tarnish to bright work, roof refinished, displays well. Length 270. $150

141 Cast iron clockwork American flyer loco with later repainted tender, O gauge. $100 142 Diecast electric 2 rail locomotive, O gauge 2-6-0. Electric, heavy diecast body with "Made in Occupied Japan", blue finish. Length 260. $100 143 Lionel Lines electirc O gauge 1930's six piece goods set with 1689E diecast locomotive, five tinplate Lionel wagons includes tanker, caboose etc, play worn. $150

Lot 124 124 Spaceman robot, all tinplate, Japanese, c1960's dark grey colour. Height 290. See page 8. $175 Lot 144 Lot 134 134 Pontiac 1952 coupe, Japanese tinplate, friction drive, Ishiko, two tone blue and cream, detailed patterned seats, the driver wearing bowtie, complete with accessories including rear lights, hubcabs, mascot etc. Length 350. See page 13. $450 144 Lionel Lines 1930's electric tinplate passenger set, O gauge, two Pullman #10 observation carriage, #612 and locomotive #253 0-4-0. Carriages with celluloid windows and opening doors, electrically lit internal observation carriage #612 with gilded filigree balcony, overall very good condition. Length 960. See page 13. $500

Lot 125 125 Attacking robot, Japanese, tinplate with plastic arms and head, burgundy colour c1960's-70's, good working condition. Height 300. See page 8. $175 126 "Wheel of Chance game" tinplate and plastic c1940's in original distressed box, tinplate gaming table with colourful circus graphics, plastic and tinplate wheel, Louis Marx USA, includes gaming chips. 250 x 250. $200

Lot 135 135 Bandai Japanese tinplate custom line station wagon and caravan, car missing rear window and mascot, quality display piece. 190 x 300. See page 13. $325 136 Wooden sports Coupe, WWII toy possibly "Star Toys" damage to one mudguard. Length 140. $20 Lot 145 145 Ives Railways 1930 four piece tinplate electric train set includes #3253 locomotive with cast iron cowcatcher and chassis stamped NY and ITR, numerals 129 Saratoga carriage, #130 buffet and #132 observation carriage, finished in orange with maroon and black highlights, tarnish to carriage roofs otherwise very good condition. See page 13. $500

Lot 129 129 Triang Toys England Chevolet pedal car c1928, professionaly restored with windscreen, hubcaps, sidelamps, numberplates, original Chev badge, seats re-upholstered. A rare pre war pedal car in pristine condition. Length 1000. See page 8. $2500 130 Streamline pressed steel Coupe car, 1930's Wyandotte Toys USA, battery operated, headlights version, wooden wheels, condition good, no lamps. Length 220. $100 131 Tinplate jet plane, friction drive, fold back wings, Australian, good working condition. Length 160. $50

Lot 146 Lot 137 137 c1920's pond yacht, red and white wooden and steel hull, wooden deck, quality crafted large size with original "Kays" label possibly for Kellerman Germany. Length of hull 780, complete with late stand. See page 13. $500 138 Garage/petrol station, wooden, New Zealand made c1950's, hoses and section of barge board missing. 350 x 292. $50 146 Ives Railways electric passenger train set c1930's, cast iron and tinplate, quality cast iron locomotive #3218, tinplate railcar #60, chair car #61 and parlour car #62 all finished in green with gold leaf lettering, tarnish and paint loss to carriage roof, one bogey wheel loose on chair car, overall very good. See page 13.$500




68A 68


62 81

116 82

65 83

86 89 84


87 85 90

91 125 122


129 117 120



tor of "Bonzo" character, original box with old sellotape to corners, overall good condition. 200 x 130. $200

Lot 148 148 Art Deco steel chromed crib board, diamond shaped, very decorative, c1930's. 340 x 340. See page 13.$175 Lot 157 157 Early 19thC domino set with bone, ebony and brass pieces in dovetail wooden box with sliding lid, good condition and patina. Each piece 55 x 25. See page 13. $300

162A Four various games; dominoes wooden Chad Valley 1950's, Geographical Lotto by Statler c.1930's, Royal Ludo board and box cover by Chad Valley 1930's (missing pieces) and Balyna cricket game in box 1930's (pieces missing) $50


164 Cadbury Coco Cubs lead animal characters - five pieces including elephant and mouse, 1930's good condition. $50 165 "Batman and Robin" tin lunchbox, Aladdin Industries USA 1965, great graphics, rare, play worn, some rust, displays well, together with Corgi Bat mobile, no figures. 200 x 180. $100 166 "Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck" fire chief car by Sun Rubber Toys USA 1930's, Mickey with loose head, some paint loss but overall good condition. Length 160. $50

Lot 149 149 Mah Jong set, orange bakelite tiles, orange bakelite counter sticks, other accessories and four wooden racks, complete in heavy card domed case, early 20thc with later rule book. 340 x 250. See page 13. $200

Lot 158 158 1920's domino set, rich red catiline bakelite, complete, each 45 x 20, original camphor wood box. See page 13. $175

Lot 150 150 Pinball baseball game, North Western Toys USA 1940's, pitch pine and glass case, excellent condition. 590 x 330. See page 13. $200 151 "Steeple Chase" - Parker Bros. Salem USA c1890's, Christmas inscription inside box dated 1896, decorative graphics to board with spinners, three wood counters missing. 250 x 160. $75 152 "The Amazing Magic Robot" Merit Toys England question and answer toy, 1950's, excellent condition, box cover with torn flaps. 390 x 250. $75 153 "Donald Duck Game" graphic treasure hunt lithography, six plastic pieces, and two dice, made in New Zealand by Thos. Holdsworth. Box good, board excellent. 360 x 360. $30 154 "Royal Lotto" Parker Bros USA 1920's, decorative oriental graphics to box, yellow and red opaque celluloid counters, wooden numbers and instructions, appears unused. 280 x 220. $100 155 "Lotto" Milton Bradley USA 1920's, suitcase graphics to box, edges worn, wooden numbers with instructions, appears unused. 310 x 210. $50 156 The "Studdy Dog Jigsaw" rare early "Bonzo" toy, wooden with paper lithograph jigsaw by George Studdy invenLot 159 159 1920's domino set, rich cream catiline bakelite, each piece 50 x 15, unusual chunky size, complete with wooden crib board with markers in cowhide case, top loose. See page 13. $150 160 "Solitaire" board game with brown mottled bakelite board and unusual brown bakelite balls, 1930's, marked T S L Made in England. Diameter 180. $70

Lot 167 167 "Snoopy and Friends" in vintage open tourer car B. O., Aviva Toys USA, 1973, well detailed with Snoopy driving his three friends, Snoopy mascot on car, plastic, rare. Excellent condition. Length 170. See page 13. $350 168 Goofy on scooter, plastic friction, Marx Toys USA, new in box, states "Made in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong" ex Louis Marx Museum, scarce. 110 x 110. See page 13. $250

Lot 161 161 "Ready Cut Village", decoratively lithographed and die cut, c.1910, fold up village, original condition depicting c1910 vehicles and a Gordon Bennett type racer, stamped made in USA. Very good condition. 370 x 140. See page 13. $150 162 "Toy Village", Milton Bradley USA, decoratively die cut village depicting transitional era of horse drawn and motorised vehicles c.1905, three buildings, two vehicles, two figures (two damaged). 240 x 180. $100


169 "Sooty and Sweep" on a scooter, Louis Marx USA, plastic friction, new in box, states "Made in British Crown Colony of Hong Kong" ex Louis Marx Museum, scarce. 110 x 110. See page 13. $250

Lots 170, 168, 169 170 Big Ears and Noddy Cart, clockwork Louis Marx, Great Britain 1977, new in


box, ex Marx Museum. 110 x 110. See page 13. $150

Lot 171 171 Noddy Clock by Smiths England, working, Noddy's head rocks, some tarnish to cream metal case, decorative graphic, c.1950's. Height 125. See page 13. $150 172 Noddy tinplate money box, Chad Valley England 1956, decorative graphics, shows Noddy driving up round village with all characters depicted. Excellent condition, scarce toy. Diameter 120. $150 173 Three Noddy toys; 1950's scarce rubber figure. Height 130, plastic eggcup. Height 80, Hong Kong 1960's excellent condition and jigsaw, 1960's, New Zealand, 280 x 210. $50 174 A Noddy figure, 1950's. Height 250, excellent condition, scarce. $75 175 Big Ears rubber toy, 1950's. Height 250, excellent, scarce. $75 176 Beefeater Guard rubber figure, 1950's, excellent condition. Height 90. $50 177 Policeman rubber figure, condition good. Height 210. $50 178 A Golly hard rubber figure stamped "Made in England", very good condition. Height 140. $25


179 Fred and Dino hard plastic cups, both stamped "Yabba Dabba Do" Flintstones multiple brand vitamins are good to chew, Hanna Barbera Inc, 1950's USA, very good condition. Height 80 and 100. See page 13.$100 180 "Fred Flintstone" rubber figure stamped Hanna Barbera products 1961, excellent condition. Height 290. See page 13. $100 181 "Wilma Flintstone" rubber figure, stamped Hanna Barbera products 1961, depicted with Wilma pushing stone age shopping trolley, scarce figure, excellent condition. Height 300. See page 13. $250 182 "Barney Rubble" rubber figure 1960's,

Lots 183, 182, 180, 181, 184, 179 good condition. Height 235. See page 13. $100 183 "Betty Rubble" rubber figure, stamped "Hanna Barbera Products" 1960's, excellent condition, scarce figure. Height 320. See page 13. $250 183A "Barney Buggy" - Corgi Toy 1982 diecast and two Flintstone tinplate badges, condition good. Height 70. $40 183B Flintstones Family, 15 figures, Fastfood premiums later versions. Excellent condition. Height 40 to 80. $40 184 "Denis the Menace" rubber figure, stamped Hall Syndicate, 1959, striped T- Shirt version. Height 190. See page 13. $50 185 Three character toys, talking Bugs Bunny 1960's, works, play worn, Pink Panther rubber and plastic figure by Diakin Toys 1973 and rubber dalmatian standing dog squeeze toy, good condition, play worn. Height 280. $25 186 "The Jetsons", full family in five spaceships plus four figures, fast food premiums 1989, excellent condition. Height 70 to 80. $50 187 "Muppets", three toys, one diecast car, 1987 and two figures on bikes, plastic. Height 65. $25 188 Three character Toys, Mother Hen chinaware egg cup, 1950's, plastic Pink Panther ramp walker clockwork, 1979 and Tom and Gerry plastic Louis Marx clockwork ramp walker 1950's good condition. Height 80. $25 189 Assorted Character Toys - some are fast food premiums, Buzz Light-year, Woody, Sandman, Goofy, 18 pieces, 11 new unopened. $25 190 "Felix the Cat" tinplate C-W boat (N/W). Height 170, Maori plastic doll, real hair and feathers with Moko. Height 100. $50 191 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" tinplate W/H Bond Tea Tray, NZ, 1950's, Walt Disney Productions. $50 192 Archie paper/card dolls, The Archie Co. 1969, extremely rare card dolls of

Archie, Reggie, Jughead, Veronica and Betty. Play worn, with 15 paper clothing combinations, and a 1989 Archie comic, Star Wars Princess Leila "Star Wars" card/paper dolls with seven paper dresses, scarce. $100 193 "Toy Story" two blister pack figures, Woody. Height 160 unopened and Aliens Height 80 unopened. $25


194 Anderson Fairy Tales, published John F Shaw London c1890 and the Peter Pan picture book published by G Belle London 1920 illustrated by Alice Woodward with many colour plates, distressed and missing back cover. 260 x 190ea. $25 195 Four various books; Popeye wonder book 1960's, good condition, Rupert Annual 1976, good condition, Jack and Jill Annual, 1963 and Spiderman book 2002. $20 196 Four books; Brer Rabbit, "The Sleeping Beauty", "Tell the Time" and "The Pungapeople of Ninety Mile Beach". $20 197 Three books; "Childhood Antiques", "Celluloid" and "Little Book of Teddy Bears". $20


198 23 various modern diecast toys includes 1948 Ford Bonus PY 1/25, 1941 Plymouth PU with accessories 1/25, 1952 Ford and others including eight mint in packet, Hot wheels classic cars, etc. $75 199 Eight Tommy Do lead toys C1940 Auckland, includes four racing cars of two different types, blue yellow and green and four "Lying Pron" soldiers with machine gun and carriage, all with black rubber tyres with lead hubs and in as new condition. $160 200 Eight Tommy Do lead toys similar to above includes four blue racing cars and four soldiers with machine gun as above. $160 201 A collection of six old Dinky toys including Bluebird, Hotchkiss Racer, double decker bus etc. $200 202 Three vintage Dinky Toys yellow boxed models includes #319 "Weeks Farm Trailer (tipping)", #312 "Massey-Harris Manure Spreader" and #643 "Army Water Tanker" all in original boxes. $80


203 Ten Matchbox Super Kings window boxed models includes K-28 Bedford Skip Truck, K1, K8, K19 x 2, K48 etc. $100 204 Eight various larger scale diecast models includes three match box limited edition, Corgi Classics Bedford type OB Coach, etc. $80 205 A box of eleven Matchbox models mainly red boxed Models of Yesteryear. $80 206 A collection of 25 vintage Tri-ang aluminium ships includes liners, aircraft carriers etc, play worn condition. $200 207 A vintage Corgi Toys Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car with four original figures, unboxed, good condition. $120 208 A 1950's Japanese tin plate bulldozer, battery power bump and go mechanism, in good original finish. Length 240. $80 209 A 1950's tinplate American car, two door with flared back, plastic hand held battery control. $80 210 A mid 20thC Modern Toys Japanese tinplate vintage car with lever action drive, good working condition, dominant colour of red with gold trim etc. Length 175. $80 211 A mid 20thC Modern Toys Japanese tinplate "Gorilla", "Shoot his tummy! He raises his hands up and his eyes light up! Hear the roaring when in action", in good original condition complete with gun, the original box with some distress, Height 240. $450 212 A mid 20thC Japanese tinplate Drummer Guard, rubber head and bear skin hat, key wind action in working order. Height 195. $80 213 A collection of vintage toys includes early 20thC Schucco type clockwork tinplate sedan, Japanese flock covered smoking mouse, tinplate police car and three boxed Matchbox cars etc. $80 214 Four small vintage German tinplate, clockwork toys with original coloured lithograph decoration, two frogs and two dogs. Length approx 65. Together with an unmarked standing tinplate bear with top hat and accordion. Height 115. $120 215 A Lesley model traction engine, bag of Negro moneybox parts, a lead soldier, child's rattle and two clockwork keys. $50

216 An old tin plate robot toy, pierced grill eye panels, green plastic illuminated doors to body enclosing guns, the back battery door marked `Made in Japan', dark brown finish with red feet. Height 280. $150 217 A Hong Kong plastic battery operated standing robot. Height 290 - together with Japanese tinplate battery operated Space Patrol flying saucer. Diameter 200. $100

Lot 218 218 A vintage German Karl Bub Nuremberg tinplate clockwork limousine with four doors, red and black paint work with yellow and grey wheels, complete with original chauffeur. Length 260, printed marks, 1920's. See page 16 and front cover. $650 219 Four small old Chinese tinplate clockwork birds with original coloured lithograph decoration. Length approx 100. $120 220 A vintage tinplate "Sandy-Andy No. 75" toy with lithographed sand hopper, frame and trolley. $60 220A A Victorian period child's wind up music disc together with a book of mother goose nursery rhymes picture records. $80 221 Ten Matchbox models includes mainly "Superfast", some "Rolamatics". $60 221A A set early 1900's children's picture blocks, in original box with four pictures showing all sides of the blocks. Height 50, width 280, depth 200. $80

Lot 222 222 A vintage early version Mickey Mouse straw filled plush toy of black and gold plush panels showing some wear. Height 510. See page 16. $275 223 A small selection of Victorian period Christmas pudding dolls and some larger ones. $100 224 An early/mid 20thC Maori girl and boy dolls, plaster head and hand, brown finished with indigo and red

highlights, traditional woven fibre and flax skirt costume complete with cloaks, hers with feather detail, the boy with mere and taiaha. Height approx 320 ea, some distress to one head. $400 225 Four small porcelain dolls dressed and of varying sizes. $120 226 An old Steiff rabbit, glass eyes, small brass rumble bell around the neck and original button to ear. $120 227 A small of selection of porcelain dolls heads and hands. $80 228 A vintage clothe Mickey Mouse toy with long legs, tartan jacket and pointy nose. Length 550. Together with an old plush teddy bear with stitched nose and glass eyes. Length 320. $150 229 A Pelham puppets Dutch Boy puppet, with box. $75 230 A Pelham puppets Poodle puppet, in box. $50 231 A German bisque porcelain doll, blue glass sleeping eyes, open mouth with five teeth, cloth body with china arms. Length overall 430. The head marked Germany, Mabel 7/0. Head is detached and arms have faults. $150 232 A small vintage German bisque doll in old leather trunk complete with the celluloid dolls and large collection of old dolls clothes. $150 233 A small antique porcelain headed doll, long blonde hair and old dress together with an old small plastic baby doll. $80 234 Two bags of mixed toy wheels, a bag of toy rubber wheels and a bag of tin toy wheels. $50 235 Three bags of Fun Ho wheels, white and black, some with studs. $50 236 Old wood case, wall mounted, "Lady Luck" penny-in-the-arcade amusement game. Height 600, width 400, depth 120. $150 237 An old wood cased penny-in-theslot flick ball arcade amusement game, wall mounted. Height 690, width 440, depth 140. With key. $150 238 Boxed Hornby "M O Passenger" train set, O gauge clockwork, no transfer to box lid. $80


239 A vintage home made electric locomotive, large size, green livery. Length 280. $60 240 Eight vintage home made (folk art) rolling stock, from O gauge clockwork train set, includes covered wagon, carriages etc and `Little Waimarino' station. $80 241 Tri-ang railways train set, electric with Hornby-Dublo transformer etc as is. $60 242 Two boxed Riva Rossi A H M boxed locomotive and tender sets includes 1 x Berkshire class, N K P, American railroads and another similar "Nickel Plate Road", both HO scale. $160 243 Atlas HO gauge boxed locomotive, N K P, Bo-Bo, RS 11 class, boxed. $60 244 Bachmann LNER boxed OO gauge locomotive and tender, R4-6-0, B2 class. $60 245 Riva Rossi HO boxed locomotive and tender, B & L, 0-6-0. $80 246 IHC boxed loco and tender, HO, ACL, 4-6-2, Pacific class. $50 247 Proto-2000 series BL2 locomotive, HO scale, Rock Island, Bo-bo boxed. $50 248 Proto-type 2000 GP 9 locomotive, NKP, Bo-bo, boxed. $50 249 Two Riva Rossi boxed locomotive's and tenders, C & O, 4-6-4, Hudson, boxed. $200 250 Five Athearn standard coaches, B & O, boxed. $80 251 Athearn boxed loco and standard baggage car, the loco B & O, Bo-bo, GP7, boxed. $60 252 Riva Rossi boxed loco and tender, B & O, 4-6-2, Pacific. $100 253 Proto-2000 series SD7 locomotive, DRGW, Co-co, boxed. $50 254 Riva Rossi HO boxed locomotive and tender, ICRR, 4-6-0, boxed. $70 255 Walthers boxed locomotive, CNJ, BoBo, H10-44, H. $60 256 Six boxed Porcher carriages, HO, V & T. $120 257 Mantua boxed locomotive and tender, HO, N Pacific, 2-8-0. $100 258 Bachmann boxed locomotive and

tender, HO, B & O, 2-8-0, consolidation class. $110 259 Two Riva Rossi boxed locomotives, HO, NKP, Bo-bo, C420. $100 260 Twenty four Electro ten-Lima boxed rolling stock, OO scale, European. $240 261 Five Lima German passenger cars, O scale, DB, unboxed. $200 262 Athearn boxed locomotive, HO scale, B & O, Co-co, FP45. $50 263 Two Riva Rossi O gauge electric locomotives, Italian state, Bo-bo, unboxed. $250 264 Hornby OO gauge flying Scotsman loco and tender, LNER, 4-6-2, A2 class, boxed. $50 265 Hornby OO gauge Ltd. Ed. Princess Elizabeth locomotive, LNS, 4-6-2, boxed. $150


300 A ceramic mannequin head with 1920's hair, make up and velvet head scarf. Height 180. $100

Lot 301 301 An old American confectionery container for shop counter, glass and silver plated metal. Length 580. Manufactured by V. Panay, Horizontal Show Jar Co. Milwaukee U.S.A. See page 16. $200 302 An Art Deco small push button accordion, black and white finish with aluminium cut out panel, Italian made, working order. Length 200, width 210. $150 303 A late 19thC German Hohner accordion. Length 280. $120 304 A 19thC German Commander accordion. Length 260. $100 305 An old NZR railway workshops bronze kingpin cover. Diameter 165. Impressed mark, "W"-Wellington workshops? $100 306 An N.Z.R. Engine Drivers hat, c.1940's60's. $80

307 N.Z.R. Guards hat c.1940's-50's. $80 308 An N.Z.R. Inspector's hat c.1930's40's. $80 309 A vintage collapsible black top hat. $150 310 A vintage German black top hat, Martin Bromme, Nuremberg, in original box. $150 311 A vintage German collapsible black top hat in original box Fr. Muller, Stuttgart. $150 312 A vintage German collapsible black top hat in original box, Karl Graf, Munchen. $150 313 A Victorian leather "Crocodile Skin" suitcase. Length 710. $100 314 A small stuffed baby crocodile, mouth open showing teeth, glass eyes. Length 415. $100 315 An old coat rack mounted with seven cow horns of traditional curved form backed to long length of rimu. Length 990. $175 316 An Edwardian period ebonized walking cane with deer antler handle. Length 950. $120 317 An Edwardian walking cane with ivory ball handle. Length 920. $180 317A A sword stick walking cane, the shaft of stained bone sections, antler grip to the bone and brass handle. Length 925. $650 318 An ivory handle in the form of a flattened column decorated with acanthus leaves with an elephant standing to the top, possibly for a letter opener. Length 85, width 40. $350 319 An Indo-Persian Peshkabz knife with 19thC blade, the scabbard refurbished with red velvet and original embossed silver mounts, the handle frame with fine gold detail, the clear grips under painted with tiger to each side. See page 16. $950

Lots 320, 319 320 A 19thC Indian Katar with fine gold decoration to the two parallel bars


132 134 135 135


145 137



168 149 183 170 182 180




158 159 179 150 184





and tapered supports, the tapered blade fitting with circular ivory hand painted portrait miniature of a Maharaja, framed with coloured stones, traditional tapered blade, leather covered tapered scabbard. See page 16. $950 321 A brass, copper and stainless table mounted model vertical steam piston pump. Height 235. $300 322 A large old hardwood ships wheel, traditional design with eight turned spokes and rounded peg handles - with old dark red paint finish. Diameter 1050. See page 16. $600

330 Two Georgian pewter beakers of cylinder shape, one with engraved inscription and armorial dated 1764. Height 80 & 100. $100

Lots 331, 351 331 A fine quality Victorian period brass bound coromandel wood work box, the original blue Morocco leather fitted interior complete with glass jars, scent bottle, etc. Width 330, depth 240, height 145. See page 16. $400 332 A large 19thC walnut box with banded decoration and classical inlay. Length 680, deep 400, height 310. The case for a Swiss music box. $120 333 A Victorian period mahogany bathroom cabinet, glazed door with glass shelves and ceramic handle. Height 530, width 460, depth 100. $180 334 Late 19thC jewel casket with thick bevelled glass panels, the hinge lid with scene of "General Post Office Sidney", gilt metal mounts and feet. Width 105, height 70. $100 335 An early 20thC all brass desk stand, the upstand back with adjustable date apertures, the shaped top with two pen stands, two inkwells etc. above small drawer to the base. $100 336 A pair of large granite column capitals of ball form raised on turned tapered circular bases. Height 37, diameter 29. $650 337 A carved marble urn of circular form with large lobed handles, carved floral baluster form with circular pedestal base. Height 340, diameter 460. $350 338 A late 19thC Czechoslovakian Noretta accordion. Length 280. $100 339 A late 19thC Hohner accordion. Length 280. $100 340 A large vintage German Hohner accordion. Length 330. $120 341 A 19thC lancet (pocket) knife with tortoise shell covers and Sheffield steel blade by J Gray and Son, for blood letting. See page 28. $150 342 An old banded agate and gilt metal desk seal. Length 90 - together with another clear glass and gilt metal desk seal. Length 100. $100

Lots 323, 324, 322 323 An old teak ships wheel of traditional design with circular brass centre boss, eight turned spokes with peg handles, the circumference with flat brass straps to the side. Diameter 910. See page 16. $500 324 An old ships wheel with central brass boss, eight turned spokes with peg handles, the circumference with brass strapping - old green paint finish. Diameter 920. See page 16. $500 325 Reproduction ships wheel with brass mounts and central boss, six turned spokes with peg handles. Diameter 610, makers mark Simpson Laurence. $200 326 A carved ivory figurine, semi naked woman with angel. Length 95 - section of Mammoth tusk. $100 327 An ivory carving of two fairies. Height 80 - section of Mammoth tusk. $100 328 A wood cased tantalus with silver plated mounts and three square section decanters. Length 350, with key. Some rim chips. $300

343 Four small items, a carved ivory shoe horn, a carved ivory cigarette holder, a plain ivory spoon and a miniature torti shell guitar. $100 344 The book "Life's Picture History of World War II" with hand written signatures, including General Alfred Gruenther, U.S.Army, Colonel E Bechtold, U.S.A, Air Commodore Herbert Spreechley, L. Walsh, Brigadeer General, U.S.A, and others including Garry Cooper, Maurice Chevalier, Johnnie Weissmeuller, etc. $850 345 A stylish modern black marble table sculpture, stylised lily pods. Height on plinth base 300. $100 346 A stylish modern black marble table sculpture of double winged pointed form. Height on stepped plinth base 305. $100 347 A Victorian period wall mounted oak cased aneroid barometer with thermometer and circular white enamel clock with French movement, ornately carved and notched decoration. Height overall 1300. Faults. $300

Lot 348 348 An antique brass crucifix the cross with flame terminals, the fine section baluster base of three bell shaped feet. Height 620. See page 16. $600 349 An old brass ships gimballed oil lamp with amber glass receptacle and clear glass chimney. $100 350 A pair of mid 20thC European terracotta sculptured bookends depicted with full relief male and female figures, inscribed monogram and date 1956. Height 275. $200 351 A Victorian mahogany "Jewel Box" plain oblong shape with recessed brass handle and internal tray. Width 235. With key. $120 352 The book "Life of Captain Cook by Andrew Kippis" published London 1778. Rebound with original covers and leather spine - the first nine pages are photocopied. $350 353 A Victorian period gilt metal tazza with ornate pierced decoration of classical figures, the centre set with

Lot 329 329 A pair of French gilt brass triple light candelabra of Louis XV style with leaf and scroll decoration, central flame finial. Height 370. Wired for electricity, new plugs required. See page 16. $300


miniature scene of Lincoln Cathedral - diameter 210, height 100. Possibly Coalbrookdale. $400

Lots 354, 355 354 A 19thC Russian icon painted with figure of the standing Jesus with gold halo, on wood panel. 270 x 220. See page 17. $500 355 A 19thC Russian icon on wood panel, painted with three standing figures each with gold halo. Saint Gregory, Saint Basil and Saint John. 310 x 265. See page 17. $600 356 A Victorian period whalebone sailors shuttle, scrimshaw engraving to one side. Length 180. $180 357 A mid Victorian period knitting sheath carved with naive decoration and owners initials. Length 200. $100 358 A large old French machine tapestry wall hanging with floral decoration in shades of blue and brown. Height 2500, length 3000, with twelve metal suspension rings. $250 359 A Victorian period carved bone sewing implement holder currently holding ten bone bodkins of cylindrical form. Length 60. $150 360 A Victorian period treen ring sizer. Length 230. $100 361 A vintage silver over brass single chatelaine, the central plaque inlaid with a painted enamel butterfly and flowers, one chain with dog clip suspended from base. $80 362 A banded agate needle case, with gilt metal hinged lid. Length 70. See page 25 $100 363 A wooden lidded pot hand painted and poker worked with Art Deco geometric designs in colours of red, green, ivory, orange and brown. Height 60, diameter 40. $100 364 A postcard album containing world postcards together with a pictorial book on Paris, a small London map and assorted postcards. $100 365 Two early 19thC metal jelly moulds both with decorated copper tops, castellated shapes, one oval, one oblong. $150

366 A vintage Berlin beadwork purse decorated with floral needle work, the catch and frame with coloured enamels. Length 225. $120 367 A painted wood thread holder in the shape of a keg advertising Anchor Cottons. Length 85, diameter 40. $80

opaque multi-strand air twist stem and broad flat circular base. Height 200, pontil mark. Some faults. $200

Lots 375, 373, 379 375 A pair of tall Edwardian wine goblets with fluted bowls and etched grapevine decoration, on opaque multistrand air twist stems and circular feet. Height 180. See page 17. $200 376 A Georgian period wine glass with funnel shaped bowl, red and white spiral twist stem with single knop and circular foot with pontil mark. Height 150. Small rim fault. $200 377 A set of six Irish Waterford cut crystal Colleen hock glasses. Height 195. $250 378 An old cranberry glass pipe with bulbous water containing section. Height 340. $100 379 A fine quality pale lime green vase of tall cylinder shape with profuse etched floral decoration and original gilt metal Art Nouveau base. Height 270. See page 17. $250 380 An Italian Murano Seguso walled rounded glass dish, cranberry colour with flat blue rim. Width 160. $185 381 An Italian Murano Seguso thick walled clear glass vase of tall square section with internal blue and yellow decoration. Height 250. $250 382 An Italian Murano Seguso multi sided glass table dish with amber and ruby coloured internal decoration. Width 120. $180 383 An Italian Murano clear glass slab vase of tall oblong section, raised bubble design on the front face, rich green and amber coloured internal decoration. Height 220. $200

Lot 368 368 An Art Deco period enamel cigarette case, butterfly wing and hand painted decoration to front of Whangarei Falls New Zealand, with cloth cover and in original box. Height 80, width 70. See page 17. $100 369 A Victorian period walnut Tunbridge ware work box and writing slope, needs minor attention. Height 180, width 300, depth 220. $250 370 An autograph album containing original colour paintings, verses etc from 1901. $80 371 A small postcard album containing New Zealand postcards. $80 372 A pair of kudu horns mounted on original skull section with carved shield backing, complete with two paintings of kudu, one in oils signed Sargent and dated - 66 the other a water colour signed Samson Namalomba and dated 1994. $600

Lot 372A 372A A vintage leopard skin, the mounted head with open mouth, shaped green velvet backing with old London label `...Heads & Horns, Dressed, Modelled & Mounted'. Length 2280, overall good condition. See front cover. $1250


373 A pair of Edwardian hock glasses with wheel cut grapevine decoration and coloured multi-strand air twist tapering hexagonal section stems and circular feet. Height 190. One green, one red. See page 17. $200 374 A large Georgian wine glass, the bell shaped funnel bowl with wheel cut leaf and flower decoration, on


384 Carved kauri mythical Maori standing figure with mask form head, blue painted detail and paua set eyes. Height 710. Maker Paakaariki Harrison a noted carver of Ngati Porou. $400 385 A carved kauri stylised Maori figure with mask form head green painted detail and paua inlay. Height 505. Maker Paakaariki Harrison. $250




301 351










354 410











379 411 415






386 Tipene Ryan-Smith Maori greenstone carving as a short staff carved with stylised figures and scrolls, paua insets. Length 505. Note the artists iwi affiliations lie in the south with Ngati Mamoe, Waitha and Ngai Tahu, the artist recently featured on a TV documentary. $700 386A A New Zealand Crown Lynn N.Z.R teacup and matching saucer. $120 387 An old mahogany box of oblong shape, the lid with a variety of geometric veneers, satinwood, walnut, mahogany, etc. - inlaid with the letters N.Z. and set with 1940 N.Z. half penny. Length 300. $200 388 A pair of Edith Morris silver spoons with hand worked flower head form bowls, the shaped handles each mounted with flower head in relief, makers marks to back of each bowl. Length 105. See page 28. $150 389 A small old African Asante carved standing male figure. Height 260, West Africa. $900 390 An African Bambara carved wood fertility figure. Height on square plinth base 810, West Africa. $1,400 391 An African Lwalwa carved wood dance mask of bold cubist design with black, brown and ivory paint finish. Length 440, West Africa. $650

394 A Nigerian carved wooden Ibeji figure from the Yoruba region of stylised female form with tall fluted head dress, protruding breasts and hands to thighs, partial pigment finish. Height 290. See page 20. $550


395 A Chinese blue and white Willow Pattern leaf shaped dish. Length 185. $100 396 An 18th/19thC Chinese blue and white Willow Pattern plate. Diameter 250. Small rim repair. See page 25 $120 397 A late 18thC Chinese blue and white Willow Pattern export porcelain octagonal dish. Width 230. Faults. $100 398 A small Chinese blue and white Willow Pattern jug with funnel shaped spout and short foot. Height 70. Small faults. $100 399 An 18thC Chinese trade porcelain cream jug with wide rim and rustic handle, painted in polychrome with panel of figures in a courtyard. Height 150, restored. On wood stand. See page 25 $120 399A A pair of small antique porcelain figurines, country musicians with polychrome decoration. Height 120. Faults. $80 400 A fine quality Chinese blue and white porcelain baluster vase painted with panels of figures, birds and flowers. Height 180, painted character marks, hair cracks on rim. Wood stand. $200 401 A small old Chinese hexagonal dish with black and white decoration of flowers and butterfly's, rim richly gilded. Width 120. Together with three small old Staffordshire circular dishes - one repaired. $100 402 An 18thC Chinese blue and white Willow pattern porcelain coffee cup. Height 57. $100

bowl and jug have some faults. See page 17. $450 404 A late 18thC Chinese blue and white Willow Pattern export porcelain plate. Diameter 235. Small rim frits. See page 25 $200 405 A late 19thC Chinese baluster porcelain vase with famille rose decoration, panels of figures and flowers. Height 250. $120 406 A Chinese blue and white baluster vase and cover painted with panels of exotic birds and flowers, the lid with kylin finial. Height 275, painted character marks. Minor faults. See page 17. $100 407 Three 19thC Chinese blue and white porcelain bowls all of circular shape on short feet. Diameters 130, 140, 170. $150 408 Three 19thC Chinese blue and white porcelain bowls, circular shape with short feet. Diameters approx 150 each. Some small rim frits. $100 409 A old Chinese polychrome ginger jar decorated with figures within a walled garden, floral highlights, dominant tones of green and blue with red and yellow highlights, calligraphy to the back, red character mark to base. Height 120. $100

Lot 410 410 A large old Chinese dish of circular form, polychrome decoration of woman and child within a walled garden, dominant tones of green, blue and orange-brown. Diameter 375. See page 17. $1250

Lot 392 392 A West African carved wooden mask from the Dogon area of cubist stylised crocodile form with dark pigment finish. Height 440, width 240. See page 20. $350 393 A good quality West African Boule carved wooden figure, of stylised form standing with hands to protruding stomach. Height 370 on later thin marble stand. See page 20. $1400

Lots 411, 415 Lot 403 403 A collection of six pieces of 18thC Chinese export porcelain all with raised and polychrome painted decoration of flowers and insects with blue and white borders, teacup and saucer, baluster cream jug, small baluster vase, covered bowl and small two handled cup. The 411 An old Chinese baluster vase with blue and white decoration of kylin and kylin form handles, celadon glaze to the body. Height 370. See page 17. $200 412 Two small old Chinese blue and white ginger jars with simple decoration and crackled glazes. Height approx 120. $100

Lots 394, 393


413 A large old Chinese crackle glazed porcelain lidded ginger jar with blue and white decoration of figures in a garden. Height on wood stand 270, painted K'ang-hsi marks. Lid damaged. $200 414 A large Chinese baluster porcelain vase with polychrome paint decoration of children, bats and calligraphy. Height 375, painted seal marks. $200 415 A large Japanese Imari charger with foliate rim and traditional painted decoration of flowers, leaves, birds etc. Diameter 410. See page 17.$450 416 Eight various old oriental pieces includes pair of Chinese 19thC fine small bowls polychrome and gilt floral decoration, four under glazed blue marks to each, pair of polychrome small bowls decorated with birds and floral, red printed mark, two blue and white various cups and 19thC polychrome Chinese plate decorated with birds, peach etc, some faults. $150 417 An old Chinese stoneware ink pot of circular form, painted with blue florals, the top wide rim with circular smaller well. Diameter 90. $80 418 A Chinese kingfisher jade snuff bottle of flattened ovoid form, swirling red glass stopper, pale celadon type colour. Height 90. See page 17. $100

jade brooch of oblong shape, carved and pierced with bird and foliage and mounted in Shanghai silver frame, length 70. See page 28. $200 423 A small old Chinese green and brown jade figure of a crouching kylin. Height 50. See page 17. $100 424 A Chinese brown and grey banded agate snuff bottle of baluster shape, decorated in relief with figures and lake scene. Height 80. $120 425 A pair of cinnabar lacquer vases of baluster form and decorated with deeply carved flowers on a geometric background. Height 150. $250

432 An old Japanese bronze candlestick in the form of a stork standing on the back of a snapping turtle. Height 600. $150

Lot 433 433 A quality Japanese meiji period black lacquered brass snuff box of rectangular form, the lid decorated with hen and rooster inlaid with gold and silver highlights, gilded interior, markers mark to base. Length 57, depth 42, height 17. See page 25 $275 434 An antique Indonesian carved wood rattle in the shape of a bird's beak carved with ethnic head and with finely woven cane end. Length 180. $100 435 A small Chinese ivory open clam shell with intricate carved and pierced detail. Length 55, wood stand. $100 436 A small carved Chinese wood stand on circular shape on four cabriole legs. Diameter 75. $50 437 A 19thC Chinese champleve hexagonal baluster vase with elephant head handles. Height 210. $120

Lots 426, 429, 430 426 An old Japanese short sword, the sectional bone scabbard and handle carved with figures and warriors, length overall 655. Two pieces missing from hilt. See page 20. $450 427 An old Japanese steel tsuba (sword guard), pierced decoration of florals and leaves, c.1800 to 1850. $120

Lot 428 428 Japanese wakizashi (short sword) of middle to late Edo period, with fuchikashira showing a kabuto, the tsuba with silver flowers in relief, the blade with visible temper line, black lacquer scabbard. Length overall 575. See page 20. $1150 428A An old tanto blade of `hirozukuri' flat form (no ridge) in plain shirasaya, the blade with wood grain pattern. With letter by A.Jones dated 7/10/75 dating the blade about 300 - 500 yrs old. Blade length 239. See page 20. $1,600 429 A Japanese Edo period katana (long sword) in WWII mounts, length overall 865, signed and dated c.1890. See page 20. $1,800 430 A Japanese Edo period small wakizashi in WWII mounts, length overall 1000, unsigned. See page 20. $1,500 431 An old bronze seated Buddha figure with one hand lowered touching the ground the other horizontal with open palm, multi stepped stand. Height 275. $200

Lots 419, 421, 420A, 418, 423 419 A Chinese white/cream jade figure of a recumbent mythical beast with head held high, mottled dark inclusions, incised scroll highlights. Length 60, height 65. See page 17. $80 420 A Chinese carved Jade figured pot as a buffalo, its head and back as the lid with small animal handle to back, fine all over square scroll incised decoration, pale colour with orange-red highlights. Length 185, height 120. $280 420A A Chinese jade carved Bi-disc (Pi-disc) with two pierced scrolling sections to the rim. Length 110. See page 17. $100 421 A Chinese pale jade figure of a seated stylised animal, mottled with white inclusions and orange-red highlights. Height 75. See page 17. $80 422 A large good quality Chinese green

Lot 438 438 An antique Chinese carved wood figure of the seated Buddha with one knee raised, on oblong plinth base, traces of original gilding and red lacquer. Height 490. $350 439 A 19thC Japanese black lacquer two compartment teak tea caddy, the lid with raised gilded decoration of bird on branch, the interior with two lidded containers and butterfly and bamboo decoration. Length 300. Some faults. $200 440 An old Chinese hardwood carving of seated man with wine jar. Height 200. $100 441 Three antique Chinese carved wood panels decorated with figures and trees, painted red with traces of origi-


426 429



428 392

394 505 393 506 507

438 514 511 510 518





nal gilding. Height of each approx 280, width 200. $120 442 Two antique Chinese carved wood panels, rabbit figures and flowering branches, two with red painted decoration all with traces of original gilding, various shapes and sizes.$100 443 A 19thC Chinese silk on silk Mandarins cuff, finely embroidered with figures, flowers and butterfly's in various colours on a blue ground. Width 105, length 500. Framed behind glass. $100 444 An antique Chinese carved wood temple figure, seated with hands clasped, traces of original gilding and red paint. Height 330. $200 445 An antique Chinese carved wood temple guardian figure, seated position, traces of original gilding and red paint. Height 350. One arm damaged. $100 446 Two antique Chinese wood panels carved in deep relief with scenes of figures, decorated with red paint and gilding. Length of each 335, height 100. Framed with matt boards. $120 447 Three antique Chinese wood panels carved in deep relief figures and flowering branches, painted red and gilded, each approx 260 x 200. $120 448 A pair of antique Chinese wood panels carved in deep relief with scenes of figures, painted red, each approx 130 x 350. Some faults. $80 449 Three antique Chinese wood roundels with gilded decoration of figures and flowers on black lacquer. Diameter 150, each mounted on a wood plaque. $120 450 Three antique Chinese wood panels carved in deep relief with figures and flowering branches, painted red and gilded each approx 200 x 140, framed with coloured matt boards. $150 451 A pair of antique Chinese silk embroideries each depicting five figures. Height 230, length 830. Framed behind glass. $250 452 A tall Japanese Shigaraki pottery vase, wood fired glaze with combed decoration of cylindrical form in signed box. Height 50. $160 453 An old Japanese woven basket of oval form, the double wall with rolled rim, dark stained, signature to base. Length 250. $100

454 Chinese lamp with leather covered tall box form base with hinged lid and polychrome and gilt floral and bird decoration, brass side handles and circular lock plate, tapered shade. $150 455 An old Chinese small square side table the panelled top raised on shape square section legs with full stretcher supports, simple scroll carved decoration to the frieze. Width 435, height 480. $175 456 A Chinese carved wood figure of a heavenly guardian, classically depicted with flowing robes and hands clasped to chest, dry crackle paint finish. Height 510. $180 464 A Chinese cloisonne snuff bottle of flattened ovoid shape with profuse floral decoration. Height 85. Together with china snuff bottle minus stopper. $120 465 A small antique Japanese cloisonne vase, the fluted baluster shape with butterfly and flower decoration on a brick red ground. Height 160, Meiji period. See page 17. $175

472 A 19thC Chinese famille rose baluster vase decorated with gold salamanders around the shoulder and painted in typical coloured enamels. Height 255. $250


473 A Georgian period Chamberlains Worcester porcelain teapot of oblong shape with floral painting and rich gilding on a cobalt blue ground, Length 240, painted mark C1814-1816. Faults. $100 474 A Georgian period Chamberlains Worcester baluster jug with rich gilded decoration and sparrow beak spout. Height 160, painted mark C1786-1810. Faults. $100 475 A Georgian period blue and white willow pattern teapot of oval shape with gilded borders. Length 260. Hair cracks. $100 476 A porcelain teacup and saucer dish with polychrome shell decoration. $100 477 An early 19thC Staffordshire circular plate with polychrome chinoiserie decoration of hunting scene. Diameter 225, mock Chinese character marks. $100 478 A Georgian period porcelain square dish with shaped corners, polychrome painted decoration of nesting birds. Width 215. $150

Lots 465A, 406, 465, 465A 465A A pair of old Chinese cloisonne standing horses with raised heads and detachable saddles. Height 215, length 205. See page 17. $350 466 A green malachite glass snuff bottle of Chinese design embossed with figures and trees, original stopper. Height 65. $80 467 A Japanese stained ivory okimono of an erotic couple. Length 60, signed. $150 468 A Japanese stained ivory okimono of erotic couple. Length 75, signed. $200 469 A Japanese stained ivory okimono of erotic couple. Length. $150 470 A Japanese stained ivory okimono of standing erotic couple. Height 60. $150 471 An ivory netsuke of naked woman lying on her front. Length 45, signed. $100 471A An 18thC blanc-de-chine figure of seated elegant country woman with basket of flowers. Height 125. Faults and old repairs. $100

Lot 479 479 A rare 18thC Bristol blue and white porcelain sauce boat with fluted body, painted with a Chinese Willow Pattern. Length 150. Painted arrow mark. Hair crack. $200 480 18thC Caughley blue and white plate with gilt enrichments, shaped rim, Salopian mark. Diameter 205, minor faults. $110 481 An 18thC German Meissen teapot, bullet shape body with bird spout polychrome painted with birds and florals, A/F. Height 83. $100 482 Three antique china pieces includes 18thC cream ware basket dish of oval form, impressed mark, blue sponge ware mug and small circular bowl with thistle form handles in relief, metalic silver/blue and yellow glaze, A/F. $140


483 An early Victorian period porcelain fruit dish on gilded turquoise scalloped base with a deep cream and gilded basket style handle, the interior hand painted with a bunch of wild flowers with a lavishly gilded and painted rim. Height 200, width 300, depth 270. $150 484 A Victorian period earthenware soup coupe decorated with Arabic script "Malay". Diameter 235, makers mark W Adams & Sons. $50 485 A Victorian earthenware soup coupe with painted and sponged polychrome floral decoration. Diameter 230. $75

Lot 486 486 A pair of Victorian period earthenware soup coupes with sponge ware polychrome floral decoration. Diameter 240. See page 25 $120 487 A Victorian period earthenware plate decorated with floral painting. Diameter 265. $75 488 Six assorted Victorian period earthenware plates. Diameter approx 240 and 195. $100 489 A Victorian period floral blue and white earthenware plate with water jacket - together with a blue and white Asiatic Pheasant plate. Diameter 270. $100 490 A collection of six Victorian period earthenware coupes together with a circular plate, brown transfer decoration of exotic birds and Chinese designs. Diameters 250, makers mark J & M P Bell & Co, Glasgow, Scotland. $150 491 Two late 19thC German porcelain figurines, elegant country couple, painted in polychrome. Height 280. Some faults. $120 492 An early 19thC Staffordshire ink splash lustre wall plaque with religious text. Width 240. Together with small pink lustre jug with ground rim. $200

493 An 18thC blue and white Delft plate with painted chinoiserie decoration of figure in garden. Diameter 225. Old rim frits. See page 25 $120 494 An antique Delft baluster jug with blue and white floral painting. Height 150. Small faults. $100 495 An 18thC blue and white Delft circular plate painted with sailing ship and flowers. Diameter 225. See page 25 $200 496 Two small 19thC white china jugs with detailed relief decoration. Height approx 115. One marked Copeland. $80 497 A 19thC German figurine of country girl with musical instrument, painted in polychrome. Height 165. Restored. $80 498 Two antique English cups and saucers, the Spode cup repaired. $80 499 A Victorian period porcelain figure of seated boot maker, polychrome decoration. Height 105. $120 500 A green Wedgwood Keith Murray inkstand, the oblong tray with recessed pen well and single inkwell dome shaped cover castellated finial. Length 270. Small chip beneath bottom edge. $200 501 An unmarked George Cartridge vase of classic Greek form with two loop handles to shoulder stand narrow neck, tube lined decoration of flowers and leaves in greens, pinks and reds on a blue ground, probably Hancock & Sons, Morris Ware. Height 170, width 80, depth 100. $250 502 Clarice Cliff Bizarre circular bowl painted with the Crocus pattern in bright colours. Diameter 205. $250 503 Maling octagonal bowl with unusual chinoiserie decoration of figures, dragon and prunus blossom in lustre colours of green and gold. Width 200. $120 504 Walter Moorcroft trumpet shaped vase decorated with anemone pattern and flambe glaze effects. Height 155, impressed marks and painted signature, 1950's. Faults. $100

505 William Moorcroft baluster vase in an early pansy pattern of blue, purple and red florals with green leaves on white ground, blue rims, full signature in green and impressed marks to base. Height 327, hair cracks to rim. See page 20. $750 506 William Moorcroft pansy decorated vase of trumpet form, blue, purple and red tone on deep blue ground, "Tudric Moorcroft", beaten pewter flared base. Height 225, minor hair crack to rim. See page 20. $900 507 Walter Moorcroft lamp, tube lined decoration on hibiscus in red, blue, yellow and green on a white ground. Height 270. See page 20. $300 508 Royal Doulton Flambe vase of tall ovoid form decorated in a woodcut pattern depicting cottage and landscape and trees, traditional red ground. Height 213. See page 20.$340

Lots 509, 508, 512 509 A Royal Doulton flambe bowl of circular shape decorated with floral design and finely mottled deep red, blue and mauve glaze effects. Diameter210. See page 20. $450 510 A Doulton Lambeth salt glazed Hanna Barlow baluster vessel with side handle, modelled with leaf decoration and covered in bluish green glaze effects. Height 131. impressed marks and designers monogram. See page 20. $400 511 A miniature Royal Doulton bone china Sam Weller ewer. Height 750. See page 20. $100 512 A Royal Doulton The Coachman humidor. Height 170. See page 20.$200 513 Pair of small good quality Doulton Lambeth ewers with detailed relief decoration. Height 120, impressed marks and dated 1884. Tiny rim chip. $150

Lots 514, 511, 510, 518 Lots 493, 399, 495, 396, 404 Lots 505, 506, 507 514 A Royal Doulton earthenware beaker of tapering circular section deco-


rated in the gnomes pattern. Height 95. See page 20. $250 515 A Royal Doulton pansy pattern twelve sided plate. Width 250. $200 516 A Royal Doulton bone china vase of tall baluster shape decorated with cattle watering, signed C Beresford Hopkins. Height 215. Professional restoration. $450 517 A Royal Doulton earthenware vase of swollen cylinder shape decorated with the countryside pattern. Height 235. $150 518 A small fine quality Doulton bone china two-handled baluster vase, painted with oval ground vignette of country cottages, on a richly gilded cobalt blue. Height 170. See page 20. $200 519 A Royal Doulton earthenware countryside rack plate. Diameter 265. $75 520 A Royal Doulton Robbie Burns vase of swollen cylindrical form. Height 135, diameter 60. $80 521 A Royal Doulton Robbie Burns jug. Height 105, diameter 100. $80 522 A Royal Doulton Robbie Burns fruit bowl together with a Robbie Burns desert bowl. Diameter 240 & 150. $100 523 A Royal Doulton Robbie Burns rack plate with motto. Diameter 240. $80 524 Royal Doulton Gaffer's series ware plate. Diameter 236. $80 525 A large Booths "Real Old Willow" banquet dinner service with traditional under glaze blue Chinese decoration with gilt enrichments, the set includes nine dinner plates, 17 entree plates, six side plates, 23 saucer plates, 38 various cups, 29 various saucers, eight various jugs, three tureens, 13 dessert plates, six various graduated ashets, teapot, coffee pot etc, some damage. $1200 526 A small Royal Worcester urn with hand painted decoration of wild flowers and butterfly's on a green ground, gilding around rim lid and base, 1929. Height 150. $280 527 An Edwardian period English Fenton blue and white octagonal dish decorated with a country scene. Length 300. $80 528 A Minton bone china dinner set "Gold Laurentian", ten place setting with cups, saucers, and soup coupes. $400

529 Large German Schumann Arzberg porcelain vase of tall ovoid shape painted and gilded with crested cranes amongst foliage on a mottled green ground. Height 400. Signed on the base. $300 530 A large Hutschenreuther figured candelabra with three scrolling flowering branches each with flower head form nozzle and leaf border, the spreading base surmounted with a cherub, clear white glaze with green highlights. Height 440. $250 531 A small commemerative china ewer with polychrome decoration of "William Wykeham". Height 140. $75 532 A Lladro porcelain figurine of young girl with basket of flowers. Height 180. $80 533 A Lladro porcelain figurine of young girl with bird and flowers. Height 190. $80 534 A Lladro porcelain figurine of young girl holding tub of flowers. Height 170. $80 535 A Blue Danube lidded two-handled sauce tureen on stand. $75 536 A pair of Blue Danube baluster jugs with leaf and scroll handles. Height 200. $75 537 Three pieces, Blue Danube porcelain comport, circular lidded two handled basin and square lidded stem dish. $100 538 A Maling lustre ware charger, the border with grapes and ivy leaves, butterfly to the centre framed in black and white on orange ground. Diameter 285. $180 539 A Maling lustre ware charger, decorated with three groups of daisy like flowers and leaves emerging from the rim with bands of black and white highlighted with semi circles, dark blue background. Diameter. 285. $180 540 A Maling lustre ware charger similar to above. $200

542 A Victorian long rectangular micro mosaic bar brooch set in gold frame with fine rope twist type border, the black panel set with coloured stones in a floral design, unmarked. $260 543 A silver wide hinged bangle of plain contemporary design, stamped 925. $100 544 A full length 9ct. gold muff chain with decorative faceted links. See page 28. $650 545 A 9ct. rose gold muff chain of traditional length and links. See page 28. $550 546 A 9ct gold T-bar, diamonds set to each end with attached dog clip, together with two additional 9ct gold dog clips and a 9ct gold chain. $300 547 A Victorian period mother of pearl brooch, crescent set with gold framed heart form, the ends of the brooch with decorative 9ct gold caps. $80 548 A large silver plate Scottish brooch decorated with thistles, set with large round facet cut topaz coloured stone. $80 549 A Victorian period bar brooch, a small diamond star set in a shield mounted to front of brooch, 15ct yellow gold, in original box. $100

Lots 550, 552, 551, 560, 554, 553, 565 550 A sapphire and diamond 8ct cluster ring, the 0.50ct oval cut sapphire claw set and surrounded by twelve small round brilliant cut diamonds, in white open basket mount with upright shoulders. See page 28. $450 551 An emerald diamond cluster ring, the 0.60ct oval cut emerald claw set with three small round brilliant cut diamonds in triangular mount to either side, 18ct yellow gold. See page 28. $350 552 A garnet and diamond ring, the large oval facet cut almondine garnet claw set with a 0.20ct round brilliant cut diamond to either side, 18ct yellow gold. See page 28. $350 553 An estate 14ct sapphire and diamond ring, the large facet cut oval sapphire of cornflower blue colour claw set above two modern brilliant cut diamonds. See page 28. $480


541 A Chinese 14K gold and nephrite bracelet, the four nephrite curved rods with gold cap ends and pierced oval links with Chinese emblem, push clasp. $250


554 A modern lady's diamond solitaire ring set in 18ct. white gold, the modern round brilliant 1.01ct. Claw set. See page 28. $2000 555 A 9ct. yellow gold lady's dress ring, channel set with three square step cut rubies flanked by three round brilliant cut diamonds to each shoulder, valuation available. $150 556 An 18ct. yellow gold ruby and diamond ring, the central small brilliant cut diamond set in a recessed star with two small rubies in oblong boxes to either side. $200 557 An 18ct. yellow gold and pearl ring, the top claw set with five graduating size pearls. $150 558 A pair of diamond set gold bands, slight wishbone shape to top set with six small round brilliant cut diamonds, in 18ct yellow gold. $200 559 An opal and gold ring, the large oval cabochon opal claw set in 9ct gold, opal requires repolishing. $120 560 An 18ct yellow gold and diamond ring, three round brilliant cut diamonds in a vertical row, split shoulders with a further four diamonds, total diamond weight approx 0.85ct. In original box. See page 28. $650

564 A pair of 18ct. yellow gold pearl and diamond earrings, a centrally set pearl surrounded by five leaves, each set with a small round brilliant cut diamond, for pierced ears. $750 565 An 18ct. yellow gold ring, set with three rubies and two small round brilliant cut diamonds. See page 28. $250

Lot 566 566 A 14ct white gold and diamond tennis bracelet, consisting of two rows of round brilliant cut diamonds, 92 diamonds, total diamond weight approx 13ct valuation available. $7000 567 A gold and diamond bar brooch, a small round brilliant cut diamond set high above a pair of stylised leaves and scroll work, further set with small diamonds. $280 568 A late Victorian gold plated sovereign case by Dennison Watchcase Co, traditional circular form, engraved decoration, spring action hinge lid. See page 28. $140 569 A pair of Chinese gold and jade cufflinks, one round end decorated with Chinese character, the other set with jade, both linked by chain, 14ct gold. $130 570 A pair of New Zealand colonial 9ct gold and oval greenstone cufflinks. $160 571 A 9ct rose gold gents ring set with a small greenstone tiki. $100 572 A pair of greenstone and gold cufflinks, each with an oval and dumbbell form end connected by gold links. $100 573 A 9ct.rose gold brooch in the form of a Maori flute supporting by a round mount decorated with a kiwi, whare, fern leaf and tiki. $120 574 A 9ct. gold "KiaOra " brooch in scroll engraved cut out script. Impressed "9ct.". $140 575 An old greenstone nephrite pendant of mere form with 9ct gold swing hoop mount. $130 576 A New Zealand hand made silver necklace of ribbon form with scroll work to the front, stamped with artist's initials `ATS' and `No3'. Length 193. $220

577 A 10ct. yellow gold and opal doublet bar brooch, the large polished flat opal in a rubover mount to the centre. $140 578 A c.1900 9ct. gold framed cameo brooch of a classic gent in profile, the gold claw mount with rope twist decoration. See page 28. $150 579 A fancy 9ct. gold framed cameo brooch of a classic woman in profile. $140 580 A 9ct yellow gold framed cameo of a classical woman in flowing dress playing a harp, brooch and pendant fittings to back. See page 28. $180 581 A Victorian period silver brooch with appliquéd gold decoration. $80 582 A small early 19thC portrait miniature of a gent in round double sided glass cover with thin copper frame, some damage to glass. Diameter. 65. $160


583 A 9ct. gold lady's fob watch, the face in gilt metal with decorative features to the centre, Roman numerals and seconds dial, watch hanging from a 9ct. gold bow brooch, not in working order. $280 584 Gents Rolex Tudor Oyster wristwatch in stainless case with original steel bracelet c.1960, working order. $750 585 An Edwardian period silver gent's pocket watch made by the Lancashire Watch Co. Ltd, key wind with enamel face, Roman numerals and seconds dial, with silver plate chain and key in working order, glass missing, Chester 1901. $220 586 A small late 19thC gilt metal mantle clock of scrolling form, porcelain chapter ring with Arabic numerals. Height 105. $100

Lots 561, 544, 545, 578, 580, 568, 562, 422 561 A double row necklace of uniform Akoya cultured pearls, 7.0 - 6.5mm, semi-Baroque shape, knotted to 35/36mm lengths - the mabe pearl clasp surrounded with 24 brilliant diamonds totalling approx. 0.30ct. set in 18ct. yellow gold, valuation available. See page 28. $1,100 562 A Victorian 15ct yellow gold circular brooch, the central blue enamelled domed panel floral set with gold and diamonds, framed by a seed pearl band, glass photo panel to reverse. Diam. 34. See page 28. $750 563 A quality mid 20thC 18ct. yellow gold brooch of floral form, the two flower heads set with five rubies, the stems lashed with platinum ribbon, the back with maker's mark Cardoons. $200


587 A William IV period silver skewer, marks rubbed. Length 280. $150 587A Early 20thC silver crumb tray, the long rounded pan with swag and bow engraving to the back, scroll and reeded fitting to the ivorene handle. Sheffield 1921, maker Atkin Bros. Length 325. $225 588 Four Georgian period Old English silver teaspoons, London 1805 (three) and one with unascribed marks. $75


612 493

399 495






620A 619 617 362 618 621 614

623 589

603 433


589 A late William IV period double struck Kings Pattern silver serving utensil with shell back. Length 255, London 1836 maker Mary Chawner. See page 25 $200 590 Two George III period tripod silver salts of plain design with later synthetic blue liners, London 1762 & 1783. $200 591 A William IV period silver pepper pot of plain squat baluster shape, acanthus handle, reeded foot and blue glass liner. Diameter 90. London 1833, makers Joseph & John Angell. $300 592 A George III period Fiddle Pattern silver caddy spoon with finely engraved decoration, Birmingham 1816, maker Joseph Taylor. Old repair. $80 593 An Edwardian period engraved silver sovereign case with ring suspension, Birmingham 1909. $240 594

600 A pair of silver twin branch, three light, combination candelabra with decorated borders. Height 235, Birmingham 1957. One drip tray missing. $300

Lot 601 601 A pair of 19thC Eastern silver standing figures of musicians in ceremonial costume. Height approx 185, Sumatra or Java? See page 25 $350 602 A silver mounted manicure set, ten pieces including pair of rouge pots, scissors, nail buffer etc, Birmingham 1912. In original box, Stewart Dawson & Co. $200 603

608 A late Victorian period silver single Corinthian column candlestick. Height 230, Sheffield 1889. $300 609 A set of four Victorian period silver bon bon dishes of boat shape with ornate pierced decoration. Length 120. Together with pair larger silver bon bon dishes of similar design. Length 160, Sheffield 1901 & 1903. $250 610 A silver rose bowl of plain design, the shaped border decorated with swags. Diameter 150, Birmingham 1920. $150 611 A pair of silver pepper pots and pair of matching salts multi sided shape. Height 105, Sheffield 1955. $100

Lot 612 612 A good quality George IV period silver mustard pot of compressed lobed circular shape with ornate foliate decoration, acanthus leaf handle, flower finial and blue glass liner. Diameter 95, London 1827, makers J. J. E. See page 25 $400 613 A set of silver plated double struck Kings pattern table cutlery with shell backs, six table forks, six dessert forks, six desert spoons, six soup spoons, six fish knives and forks, six teaspoons, six large knives, six small knives, pair tablespoons, bread knife and three piece carving set - Sheffield makers, good condition. $450 614 A set of three Victorian period Old English silver tablespoons with engraved with leaf and flower decoration. Exeter 1872. Makers James and Josiah Williams. See page 25 $100 615 A pair of silver pepper pots of plain baluster shape. Height 105, marked sterling. $80 616 An Australian silver hand crafted spoon by Harris & Son, "Spider Orchid" design with open worked finial and shaped hand beaten bowl. Length 117. $80 616A A set of six Chinese 950 standard silver parfait spoons the long "Bamboo" straw handles suspended with supporting various silver charms. Length 225, original box. $100 617 A Victorian period blue flashed cut glass perfume bottle, embossed silver

Lot 603 Lots 594, 341, 388 A small Victorian period silver scent flask of flattened circular section with profuse engraved decoration, Birmingham 1888. $200 595 Two silver topped vanity items, includes Georgian facet glass bottle with engraved silver top and cut crystal squat powder bowl with circular machine engraved lid, Birmingham 1952. $120 596 An Edwardian period silver coaster of tapering circular section with ornate pierced decoration and beaded borders. Diameter 100, London 1907. $120 597 A pair of Edwardian period silver bon bon dishes each with four lobes and ornate pierced decoration. Width 80, Chester 1908. $80 598 A silver oval table dish of plain design with gadrooned border. Length 205, Birmingham 1966, makers Elkington & Co. $120 599 An Edwardian period silver hot water jug of Georgian style with half fluted body, shell and gadroon rim, ebonised handle and finial. Height 220. Chester 1907, makers George Nathan and Ridley Hayes. $450 A pair large heavy good quality silver fat bellied tripod sauce boats of plain Georgian style with shaped rims, flying handles and pad feet. Length of each 210, London 1889, makers John Aldwinckle & Thomas Slater. Total weight approx 840gms. See page 25 $850 604 A Victorian period three piece silver teaset of Georgian style with fluted decoration gadrooned borders, gilded interiors, ebony handle and finial, Birmingham 1897, maker T Hayes. $450 605 A six piece silver cruet set of plain Regency style with lion mask and paw feet, pair of tripod salts, pair lidded mustard pots and pair of pepper pots, blue glass liners. London 1947, Walker & Hall. $300 606 A six piece silver plated cruet set. Together with small oblong dish and mustard spoon of ornate Regency style with decorated borders and lion mask and paw feet, pair of open salts, pair lidded mustards, pair mustard pots and pair pepper pots Sheffield. $200 607 A Continental silver circular salver with decorated border engraved with Romulus & Remus, the presentation inscription dated 1972. Diameter 280. $180



626 An antique Baluchi all wool rug, the dark ground field with small repeating rosettes and floral medallions framed by multiple red ground border guards, ivory highlights. Length 1840, width 1010, some wear. $160 627 A hand knotted Persian Hamadan runner the field with six hexagonal medallions, three border guards, stylised floral designs in colours of red, blue, green, pink, orange and ivory. Width 700, length 3200. $200 628 A hand knotted Persian runner the field decorated with four geometric floral medallions, three border guards, shades of blue, pale red, orange, green and ivory. Width 630, length 3000. $300 629 A good quality hand knotted Persian Hamadan runner, the field with small central medallion and stylised floral motifs, three border guards, colours of rich red, blue, green, orange, turquoise and ivory. Width 85, length 313. $500 630 A small old finely knotted Persian rug the field with all over floral decoration and four corner designs, three border guards with central wide guard, colours of red, blue, green, brown, ochre and ivory. Width 1700, length 1400. Wear. $120 631 An old knotted Afghan rug the field decorated with hooked diamond medallions, four narrow border guards, typical colours rich dark red, dark blue and ivory. Width 1240, length 2100. Some wear. $400 632 A large old hand knotted Persian Tabriz carpet, the field with single large floral medallions and four corner designs, the wide border guard with dark ground flanked by a narrower guards, tones of red, green, tan, showing some wear. Length 3820, width 2980. $5000 633 A hand knotted Persian rug, the field with central medallion and allover flowering tendrils, three border guards with central wide guard, shades of blue, green and brown on an ivory field. Width 2000, length 3200. $700 634 A hand knotted Turkish rug the field with bold geometric floral designs, five border guards, colours of dark red, dark blue, deep rose pink and ivory. Width 1100, length 1850. $150


635 A good Victorian period walnut balloon back single chair with serpentine front, cabriole front legs, carved decoration and green velvet seat. $200 636 An old Tibetan leather covered trunk of rectangular form with hinged lid, decorative metal fittings, faded old red staining. Width 750, height 355, depth 405. $350 637 A pair of old tall Chinese Elm stools with plank shaped rectangular tops, the tapered bases with double stretcher supports. $250 638 An old Chinese Elm chair, the sloping circular section horseshoe shaped back with slat supports, panelled seat, rounded legs, the front stretcher with good old wear. $750 639 An old Chinese Elm sideboard with four short drawers as one section above the two carved panelled doors with calligraphy, flanked by two fitted panels, raised on short legs, metal fittings. Width 275, height 895, depth 535. $900

Lots 617, 362, 618, 619 top, hinge needing attention. See page 25 $130 618 A Victorian period purple flash cut glass perfume bottle, silver top, minor damage to top. See page 25 $150 619 A Victorian period double ended cobalt blue perfume bottle, facet cut with silver plate tops, minor damage. See page 25 $350 620 A silver plate and mother of pearl handle dessert set, setting for twelve, in original oak velvet lined box with larger serving knife and fork. Height 60, width 340, depth 265. $150

Lots 620A, 621, 614, 623, 589 620A A large New Zealand sterling silver cylinder shaped cigar case with hinged lid, for single cigar. Length 153, engraved initial "F", hallmarks for John Money. See page 25 $200 621 A rare matching set of four George II period bottom marked Hanoverian silver tablespoons, London 1732 maker John Bridge. See page 25$300 622 A Dutch 925 standard silver sifting spoon with ornate pierced decoration and sailing ship handle. Length 160. $100 623 A pair of William IV period double struck Kings Pattern silver sauce ladles, London 1836 maker Benjamin Smith. See page 25 $300 624 An early Victorian period double struck Kings Pattern silver butter knife, London 1843. $80 624A A Victorian crested silver plate on copper ovoid meat dish cover with ornate foliate handle. Length 360. $120 625 A late Victorian fancy silver plate muffin stand of folding form, presentation engraved "Hawke's Bay Rifle Association 1881" with further presentation inscription. $120

Lot 640 640 A New Zealand colonial burr kauri flat front chest on two short drawers over hanging three full width drawers flanked by scroll and leaf carved supports, the burr kauri top with thumb molded edge, turned handles with mother of pearl insets, raised brass escutcheons, turned legs on brown porcelain castors. Height 1420, width 1210, depth 540. See page 28. $3250 641 A Regency period mahogany sofa table with rule joints, rounded corners, thumb nail edge, two drawers on side, two dummy drawers the other, twin turned pedestal supports with reeded sabre legs, brass acanthus terminals and original brass castors. Width 760, length extended 1500, height 720. Some attention required. $1500 642 A 19thC English cross banded mahogany twin pedestal extension dining table of plain Georgian style, oblong shape with rounded corners and single wide leaf, on turned pedestal supports, each with three reeded sabre legs, brass lions paw terminals



341 594



388 551







649 565





640 422


and brass castors. Wide 1600, length extended 2170, height 730. $650 643 A harlequin set of five Victorian period walnut balloon back single chairs, all with carved and pierced decoration, serpentine fronts and cabriole front legs - a pair and three others. Two of the covers have marks. $500 644 A fine quality Victorian period figured walnut loo table, the oval quartered top with classical inlaid decoration and thumbnail moulded edge, the carved quadrupod base with central column support and original white china castors. Length 1420, width 1130, height 750. $1000 645 A 19thC English mahogany twin pedestal side board with three break front drawers and two arched panelled fitted cupboards, restrained carved decoration, the shaped pediment with central circular wreath ornament. Width 1800, depth 580, height 1320. $850 646 A Regency period flame mahogany circular pedestal dining table, the tilt top on plain tapered column with flared base on three way concave platform base with squat turned feet. Diameter 1350. $800 647 A vintage oak gate leg table of 17th C English style, the oval top with rule joints and moulded edge, on turned legs and stretcher base. Height 700, width 860, length extended 2000. $450 648 A small late Victorian period mahogany secretaire bookcase cabinet, the top section with astragal leadlight glazed doors and three internal shelves, the base with fitted writing drawer and two panelled cupboard doors, original Art Nouveau metal handles, stepped pediment and plinth base. Width 1060, depth 465, height 2180. $1400

top with cue holders and four large turned finials. Height 1225, provenance ex Poverty Bay Gentlemen's Club. See page 28. $1200 650 A small old pine pedestal desk of plain country style with three drawers across the top and two panelled cupboards, white porcelain handles, metal keyhole escutcheons. Length 1110, depth 400, height 780. With key. $250 651 A Regency style circular mirror, oak frame and bevelled glass. Diameter 570. $250 652 A Victorian period pine dresser of small proportions, the tongue and groove back with two shelves flanked by half turned columns repeating the base of two drawers above two doors with brass knobs. $650 653 New Zealand colonial kauri scotch chest with figured timber fascia's to the five short and three full width drawers, gilt brass swing handles with pierced fancy back plates, turned feet. Height 1280, width 1110, diameter 500. $850 654 New Zealand colonial stained kauri flat front chest, with a combination of four short drawers above three long, recessed brass handles, turned feet. Height 1200, width 1200, diameter 450. $800 655 Large Japanese hardwood low table with carved frieze and shaped legs. 1500 x 900. $400

Lot 659 659 Enga Washbourn (Blenheim, NZ) morning ride watercolour 380 x 270, signed. See back cover. $120

Lot 660 660 Artist unknown. Study of a NZ Steamship Co. steamship in choppy sea, old oil on canvas, 415 x 640, unsigned, original wood frame with gilt slip. See back cover. $250 661 Marilynn Webb "Clouds in the waterIda Burn" watercolour and lino cut 440 x 600, signed titled and dated 1989. $200 662 William Hounsom Byles R.B.A. portrait of young pre Raphaelite girl with oak leaves in her hair, pencil drawing 140 x 110, signed. $250

Lot 663 663 William Benjamin Leader attributed oil on board country cottage scene, letter of attribution from Dunedin Public Art Gallery dated 1981. See back cover. $800


Lot 656 656 Frank Barnes "Study of the NZ Steamship S. S. Wainui", of Pencarrow, Wellington, oil on board 500 x 750, signed and titled. Gilt slip but frame missing. See back cover. $750 657 Melvin Vaniman Auckland Panorama ltd edition black and white print 300 x 950. $100 658 J. D. Perrett Wanganui river scene with Maori canoe, pastel 470 x 290, signed, original frame. $400 Lot 664 664 Rodger Harrison acrylic on board, "Coromandel Estuary", signed, 395 x 805, original frame and gallery label on reverse. See back cover. $1000


Lot 649 649 An impressive Victorian mahogany billiard cue stand of circular revolving form, the heavy turned base supporting the revolving top with four plain turned columns, platform


Prices Realised or Highest Bids as at 9th March 2010


Postal Bidding

Ph: (09) 523 1049 / Fax: (09) 520 7186 / Email: [email protected] / There is a 14.06% Buyer's Premium (including GST) on the hammer price Bidding Number Full Name Address Email Address Phone Lot # Bus. Brief Description A/H Bid Amount $ If applicable, otherwise we use your surname

Please bid on my behalf at the above sale for the following lots. These bids are to be executed as cheaply as permitted by other bids or reserves. I agree to comply with the Conditions of Sale as printed in this Catalogue. SIGNATURE Date: / / 2010

Catalogue Subscription

Please return completed form to Cordy's Auckland office. Please forward me the following catalogues, (postage within New Zealand included, overseas subscribers please add costs as noted): Antiques, Estate Jewellery, Oriental, Tribal Art, Fine & Applied Art for Monthly Photo Catalogues $100 $130 $180


NZ Cost

Australia /Pacific


All costs noted are in New Zealand dollars. I enclose my cheque or money order payable to John Cordy Ltd for the above ticked catalogues, totalling NZ$_______.00 If extra catalogues in the categories chosen are produced, these will be sent to you at no extra cost. Overseas subscribers must provide a bank draft in New Zealand dollars to John Cordy Ltd. Name Address




Conditions of Sale

1. The highest bidder to be the purchaser subject to the Auctioneers having the right to refuse the bid of any person. Should any dispute arise as to the biddings, the lot in dispute to be immediately put up for sale again at the preceding bidding, or the Auctioneer may declare the purchaser which will be conclusive. No person shall advance less at a bid than a sum nominated by the Auctioneer and no bid shall be retracted. All lots are sold subject to the right of the seller or his agent to bid or else to impose a guide or reserve price. The purchaser to fill in bidding form before the sale giving details of name, address, bank etc, and to sign such form declaring knowledge of buyers obligations. Immediately after the sale, the purchaser to pay down 10% of the purchase price in part payment and shall pay the balance within five days of the date of sale. All lots to be paid for in full and removed from Cordy's premises same week of sale. The purchaser shall pay to John Cordy Limited (Cordy's) a premium of 12.50% of the hammer price together with GST on such premium at the current rate. All lots are sold as shown and with all faults, imperfections (visible or not) and errors of description. Neither Cordy's or its vendor are responsible for errors of description or for the genuineness or authenticity of any lot or for any fault or defect in it and make no warranty whatever. Buyers proceed upon their own judgement. Cordy's act as agents and have full discretion to conduct all aspects of the sale and to refuse any bidding or to withdraw any lot or lots from sale without in either case giving any reason. All lots are at the buyers risk from the fall of the hammer and are to be taken away at the buyers expense immediately after the sale. Cordy's will not be responsible if any lot is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed after the sale. If the lots are not cleared and paid for the same week of the sale they may then be sold immediately either publicly or by private treaty, without notice being given to the defaulter. 9. Upon failure of the purchaser to comply with any of the above conditions, the money deposited in part payment shall be forfeited and the defaulter shall make good any loss arising from the re-sale together with the charges and expenses in respect of both sales. No goods are to be removed while selling is in progress. Receipted invoices must be produced prior to delivery of any lot. The Auctioneers reserve the right to request identification in the case of any purchaser not known to the Auctioneer who pays by cheque and can insist on cash or a bank cheque. Charging to credit cards or payment by overseas cheques will not be accepted as means of payment. No person purchasing an item which falls within the provisions of the Antiquities Act 1975 or the Arms Act 1958 shall be entitled to take possession of the item unless and until such person has produced to Cordy's a licence under the appropriate Act. All lots to be paid for in full and removed from the premises the same week of the sale. The buyer shall be responsible for any removal or storage charges on any lot not taken away the same week of the sale. If for any reason storage is not available at Cordy's premises arrangements will be made to transport and store uncollected goods elsewhere solely at the buyers expense. Cordy's will not be liable to the Purchaser for them in any respect. The Auctioneer cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property through attempts to fire firearms which are sold as collectors items only. All electrical goods are sold on the basis of their decorative value only and should be assumed not to be operative. It is essential that prior to any intended use, the electrical system is checked and approved by a qualified electrician.

2. 3. 4.



12. 13.


14. 15.






All lots sold `as is' in accordance with Paragraph 6 of the Conditions of Sale. Intending buyers should always satisfy themselves as to the condition and description of any lot and their attention is drawn to Paragraph 6.

Important Notice

Postal Bids

Instructions to bid at sales are accepted by Cordy's and are carried out free of charge. Lots will always be bought as favourably as allowed by other such bids, bidding in the saleroom and any reserve. VENDORS are requested to read and are bound by the Conditions of Sale printed on the reverse side of Cordy's Contract to Sell. PRESALE ESTIMATES are intended as a guide only. Cordy's staff are available during viewing times to assist prospective buyers with estimates and auction room procedures.

Charges and Commissions

1. All lots sold with hammer price between $1.00 to $99.00 will be charged at 15% commission. 2. All lots sold with hammer price $100.00 and over will be charged at 10% commission. 3. Vendors will be charged insurance at the rate of 1% against each lot. GST at the current rate will be charged against expenses. A buyers premium of 12.50% will be charged and GST at the current rate will be charged on the premium. All lots sold are to be paid in full and removed from Cordy's premises the same week of sale.

General Information

INSPECTIONS are made and advice given concerning the sale of Antiques and Works of Art free of charge at Cordy's in Auckland, and for a reasonable fee elsewhere. VALUATIONS for insurance, probate or family division are undertaken on either a quotation basis or a small percentage plus travelling expenses. IF BUYING FOR EXPORT, please enquire as to GST status of vendors. PARKING AVAILABLE beneath 190 Great South Road after 6.00pm on sale days. INSTRUCTIONS to bid at sales are accepted by Cordy's and carried out free of charge. Lots will always be bought as cheaply as is allowed by the bidding in the saleroom and any reserves imposed.


Upcoming Auctions

22nd March 30th March 6th April 12th April 19th April 27th April 3rd May 10th May 17th May 25th May 31st May 8th June 14th June 22nd June 28th June 5th July 12th July 20th July 26th July 2nd August 9th August 17th August 23rd August 30th August 6th September 14th September 20th September 27th September 4th October 12th October 18th October 26th October 1st November 9th November 15th November 22nd November 29th November 7th December 13th December Weekly Auction View Friday & Monday prior Toy and Antique Auction: Selected toy entries close February 19th Weekly Auction: View day of auction only (Tuesday) Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 1st April Weekly Auction: Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior View Friday & Monday prior

Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 30th April Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & day of auction Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 28th May Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 25th June Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 23rd July Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 20th August Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 17th September Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & day of auction Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 15th October Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior Antique & Art Auction: Entries close 12th November Weekly Auction: View Friday & Monday prior

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