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Smyth, Wm., Ballyonane Smyth, Mrs. R, Ballyroe Smyth, R., Ballyfin, f. Smyth, Roger, Ballyfin Smyth, R., Tullagh, f. Smyth, Sarah, Ballybranagan, f. Smyth, Chris., Ballybranagan Spillane, M., N.T.. SecreSmyth, Edith, Ballyroe tary, c.Y.M.s. Spillane, Mrs. M., draper Spillane, K., Knocka' crump, f. Stacpoole, Lieut.-Colonel J. W., Ardvilling Stafford, M., harness mak' er Sullivan, D., Ballycattoo Terry, C , Ballymacotter, Terry Philip, Kilva Varian, C , sexton Wall, M., Meelshane, f. Wallace, M., tailor Walsh, B., f. Walsh, J., Rilbree, f. Walsh, J., Ballyiobbin, f. Walsh, W . , sh. Walsh, William, Clerk to Old Age Pensions Committee Walshe, D. A., Relinking Officer. Wilmouth, Jerh., Kilmacahill


Head office--Cork Post, money order, telegraph and savings bank office. Postmistress -- Miss M'Carthy, the Bungalow. Miss K. Murphy, assist. Civic Guards' Station-- Supt. O'Riordan, Macroom ; Sergt. P. Creagh. Pi" Market--Last Wednesday of each nonth. Bus Service from Cork daily. Ambrose, Michl., Clontead Browne, Daniel, Carhue House Buckley, J., Clonteadbeg, Buckley, P., Clonteadmore, f. Buckley, P. J., Fergus, f. Burns, Mrs., Fergus Byrnes, M., Fergus, f.

Callaghan, Dan, Fergus Murphy, Mrs. M., N.T. Carroll/ W . T., Hayfield, O'Callaghan, T. T., v. Coachford Creamery-- and garage Proprietors, Newmarket O'Callaghan, T., v., f. and Dairy Company. garage Manager T. P. Gleeson. O'Donoghue, P., LakeCorkery, Danl., Roovesfield, f. more O'Mahony, Bros., harness Crowley, D., carpenter makers Crowley, J., Tulligmore O'Mahony, John, Fergus Crowley, Jerh., Derreen O'Shaughnessy, J., DripCrowley, M., Fergus, f. sey Castle Devlin, E. C , B.E., O^Sullivan, M. O'Sullivan, Thos., Fergus St. Olans O'Sullivan, Miss J., CoolDilworth, P., Tulligmore acullig, f. Dineen, C , Peake, f O'Sullivan, J. J., Peake Dineen, John, Peake Reardon, J., Leemount Dineen, D. V., v. House, f. Dineen, Ml., Roovesmore Regan, John, Fergus Donovan, Jerh., Clontead Richardson, J., Aglish Donovan, Mrs., Carhue Richardson, T. ].. Aflis^ Dwyer, D., Oldcastle Riordan, Dr. W., LarchDwyer, D., Peake, t field Cottagp Fitzgerald, Richd., Rylane Roche, M., The BunForde, J., Fergus, f. galow. Carhue Halloran, D., Clontead, f. Shea, Michl., Derreen Harman, Canon, MagourSheehan, T., carpenter ney. Sheehan, T., sh. and f. Healy, T., Carrigathou, Spence, Jas., Tulligbeg egg merchant Spence, M., Tulligbeg Healy, J,. The Bungalow Sullivan, J., Peake House Herlihy, W., Tulligmore Sullivan, T., The BungaHolohan, J., Magourney, low confectioner Sweeney, Mrs., RoovesHorgan, J., Knockanowen, bridge, w. Horgan, P. Twomey, D., blacksmith Kelleher, D., Oldcastle Walsh, Mrs. C. M., postKelleher, M., Dereen, f. ing establishment Kelliher, Mrs., Coolacullig Kelleher, P., Oldcastle Lane. Dl., Tullymore Lee, David, Fergus Cobh Lenihan, M., Lehane, John, Roovesmore Head post, money order Long, P., Clonteadmore, telephone and telegraph Lucey, Mrs., N . T . office (open always). Lvnch, Michl., Clontead Postmaster--R. J. BunMcCarthy, A., Tullig worth. Overseer--H. G. Loane more Conveyances--Trains to M'Sweeney, J., Roovesand from Cork frequently. bridge, f. Station Master -- D. Mathews, Capt. H., M.C., O'Donoghue Nad rid Civic Guard Station-- McSweenesy, Jos., RoovesMurphy, J., Supt. more Moynihan, T., poulterer and egg merchant SHIPPING COMMurphy, Barry, Fergus, f. PANIES Murphy, Con, Derreen United States Lines. Murphy, J., poulterer and Agent--W. Jenkins egg merchant North German Lloyd. Murphy, J. C , Rock Agent--W. Mitchell House, f. Cunard Star Line--Agent, Murphy, J., Tulligmore I Hy. Myles Murphy, J., ferries 290

CORK C I T Y A N D C O U N T Y D I R E C T O R Y French Line--Agent, Bunworth, Capt., Bellevue Dowling, J., Lynch's Scott 6? Co. -- H . J. Carr, Elizabeth, Mount Quay Dean Crozier Dowling, J. M., The Cove Sailing Club. ·-- Carroll, J., The Cottage, Beach, grocer Whitepoint Hon. S e c , H . J. Dean, Downey, M., West View Carroll, Mrs, Westbourne, 33 Roche's Row, Cobh Dwyer, J., The Beach Casey, Mrs. A., HawAtlantic Theatre, Baths I Dwyer, W., Elmville thorne Terrace Quay, Mgr., M. McDonEgan, Rev. Wm., c.C, Casey, D., King street, nell. Cathedral Terrace plumber Libraries--Cove Public English, E., East Beach, Casey, G., 12 Roche's Library, Town Hall.---· victualler Row Librarian, Miss E Cronin English, S. W., BeechCasey, Gerald, Harbour Argosy Library -- Mrs. mount Row, wireless and elecWilson. The > Beach, Fitzgerald, E., Beach, draper Cobh Parochial Library. , trical contractor Casserley, P., Leemount Fitzgerald, M., East King's Tee. -- Librarian, Cassidy, R., Harbour Hill Beach Miss Page. Cobh Young Men's SoFitzgerald, P., Stuart ciety--H. Hennessy, Hous* Aherne, Miss, The CresHon. Sec. cent and Casement Sq. Flanagan, Lt. P., The Collins, Daniel, Ringville, draper Park ' emigration officer Ahern, Lieut.-Comdr. W., Fluery, Miss, CarnaCollins, W., Wilmount donagh Beechmount Terrace Anderson, W., East Beach Flynn, J., Rockdiffe Connolly, J., Ballyleary f. victualler Flynn, J., Harbour Row Cork Harbour Oil Wharf Anderson, Wm., BallyFord, Miss, Harbour Row --manager, J. H. Varbrasil, f. Frenett, J., Riverview, ley, Haulbowline Bank of Ireland, Westcinema proprietor Convent of St. Mary--Sisbourne Glavin, M., Scott's Square, ters of Mercy Banon, Lt., Carrigrhu Electrician and wireless Conway, J., Teresina Barrett, --., Ringlea store Conway, Mrs., Lr. MidleBarry, C. R., Harbour Grieves, N., Harbour Hill ton Street, v. Row Hall, R. A , CarBarry, J., mgr. Mun- Cotter, Liam, Ballynarigmore crusha ster and Leinster Bank, Cotter, Rev. Victor J, The Halligan, J., haulage conWestbourne Manse tractor Barry, Richard and Sons, Hanlon, T., West Beach, East Beach, carriers victualler Barry, Thomas, Glebe, f. Coughlan, Cornelius, Sunny Height, Chief I Hare, R. D., Ballymore Barry, W . , 7 East Beach. Customs Preventative House motor for hire. Officer Harman, W . R., Dunlea Batson, W., Bellevue Ter. Beamish 8? Crawford Ltd., Craven, Mrs., Bellevue Harrington, Sir Stanley, Araglin brewers--Mr. E. PunHouse Harrington, W . S., The Crawley, P., The Park phry. Gables Cronin, D., Fort Villas B. M. C. Stores, East Harte, Walter F., Aileen Cronin, D., Midleton St. Beach Ter. Cronin, H., Oakhurst Bird, T., Ballydulea, f. Healy, Mrs., The Elms Cronin, T., Roche's Row, Bird, W., Rossleague grocer Blanchard, Mrs., The Healy, J. J., Beach, boot Cronin, T. J., Beach Crescent and shoe warehouse Crosbie, G., Lt.-Commdr., Bon Secours Convent and Healy, J. J., Springfield, Knockevan Convalescent Home Hegarty, Dr. J., The Cres' Cunningham, R.^ Mount Bowen, Mrs., Whitepoint cent Crozier, postman Boyle, J., Westbourne, Hennessy, J., French's hair dresser Cull, W., S. S. O., HarAve Browne, Miss, Fort Villas bour Row. Higgins and Wall, staBuckley Bros., decorators Dean, H., N.U.J., Roche's tioners Buckley, Mrs., Millinery Row, Journalist and Homer, Capt. A. H. C. C , American Express ReKail, Harbour Row R.N., The Brake presentative Burke, M., East Beach, H o m e , Capt. C , B.M.S., grocer Fort Lisle Dillon, Mrs. D., Byrne, J. G., Ballyvoloon Home, A. C , Courts, Scott's Sq., ladies' hairByrne, J. G., West Beach, Royal Swedish vice-condressing saloon sul, and agent for under Dobbin, A. W., Ardeevin victualler





] O'Keeffe, N., Harbour Row, sh. O'Leary, W., Lynch'i Quay O'Mahony, P., Wilmount Terrace O'Mahony, P. A., The Beach O'Neill, P., East Beach O'Regan, Capt. E., Midleton Park O'Regan, D., 7 King St., photographer, printer etc. O'Reilly if Sons, Limited, Scott's Sq., merchants, and agents for Messrs. Murphy, brewers O'Reilly, W . , East Hill O'Shea, Wm., Ringmeen, 0;Sullivan, J., Berry Hill O'Sullivan, John, Merview O'Sullivan, John, P . C , f. O'Sullivan, M., East Beach, chemist O'Sullivan, May, Harbour Row, grocer O'Sullivan, T. J., Lynch's Quay Oliver, F., Athenian Ter. Page, Mary A., Upper Park Phipps, J., East Beach Porter, C. E., 3 Donelan Terrace Power, R., commission agent, Pearse Square Presentation College--Rev Bro. Euginis, superior Pumphrey, E., Wellington Terrace Purcell if Sons, decorators, Harbour Row Purceli, Mrs., Merview Purvis, Col. J. A., Oldenburg Riordan, Mrs., Scott's Sq., tobacconist Robinson, Mrs., 1 Athenian Tee. Robinson, R., Graham's Ter. Roche, Mrs., Ashton Ronan, John, The Grove, solicitor Rowe, S. J. H., Believue Rowe, C , Summer Hill House Royal Cork Yacht Club-- Roi.ayne, Rev. J., C.C., Bishop's secretary





DH Cashman, W., Bridepark, Cashman, Mrs., Grange, f. Casey, D., Longueville, f. Casey, J., jeweller, Conna Colbert, Mrs., Ballynoe, Coleman, Mrs., Kilclare, f Coleman, John, Ballylusky Cooney, J., Ballynoe, cattle dealer Cotter, Jasper, Rathdrum Cotter, Garrett, Ballymurphy, f. Cronin, Ed., Aghern Cronin, Mrs. M. J., Carrigmore, f. Cronin, Mgt. M., Aghern, v. Dineen, Ed., Curraheen Donovan, M., Glentrasna Donovan, Mrs., Conna, f Dorman, Bev. o. H., Rector, Knockmourne Downing, Denis, Coolrue Downing, Ml., Carngeen Dunlea, Jas., Ballymurphy England, G., Newtown Lodge, Ballynoe England, J., Ballynoe, f. Finn, Michael, Carrigeen Finn, ML, Carrigeen Fitzgerald, Sergt., Ballynoe Flynn, John, Ballytrasna, Flvnn, D., Carrigeen, f. Flynn, John, Cullinagh Flynn, John, Mt. Gifford Flynn, Michael, Spikel, f. Flynn, Thos., Aghern, mason Fouhy, Mrs., Coole Lr., f. Gallagher, P., Bride Park. Gorman, P., Curraheen, f. Hally, W . , Monagoun, harness maker Hare, E. L. M., Aghern House Hartnett, Patk., Aghem Healy, John, Garda Stn., Ballynoe Hennessy, Declan V., Conna Hennessy, Sean, post master, Ballynoe Higgins, Jas., Glentrasaa Hieeins, Ptk., Aghern Horgan, D., Bridepark Hurley, Martin, Carrigmore. Hurley, J., Ballynoe, v. Hurley, Joe, Ballynoe, Hurley, T., Ballinoe, sh. Joyce, M., Aghern Kelleher, M., creamery manager

writers, Bennett's court and Lynch's Quay Humphreys, Miss, 6 Harbour Row Ireton, Miss, Harbour Row, confectioner Jago, T., East Beach, hairdresser Jarmy, Anne, Harbour Row, v. Jenkins, W . , Wilmount Terrace Johnston, H., St. Brogan's Kearne, Mrs. Keely, S. D.J., Silverdale Kelly, Patk., Spy Hill Kelleher, Miss, Graham's Terrace Kennedy, Rev., The Rectory Kidney, Lilian, Harbour View Kilty, J., King street Kirby, J., King's Sq. Kirby, Mrs. E., Ballinacrusha, f. Kirby, Mrs., King's Sq., Registrar of Deaths Lane, A., hardware merchant. Lawton, John, Secretary to the Baths Co. Ledlie, Dr. A . H., 11 The Crescent Loane, H. G., Carrigdale Lotti, Vincent, Harbour View, tailor Love, Clayton and Sons, Fish Merchants Lyons, The Misses, Rosshill Martin, Thomas, Customs Officer, Hawthorne Terrace M'Auliffe, J., 42, Barrymore Avenue, engineer M'Carthy, Morroch, Coolgrena, B.L. M'Call, G., 10 Hawthorne Terrace M'Call, J., 1 Hawthorne Terrace McCall, John, Hawthorn Tee. M'Carthy, Col. D . F., R.E., Weston McCarthy, F., P.C. M'Carthy, M., Rockcliff,, relieving officer M'Cormick, D. F., Park House, manager, Labour Exchange ,r M >"iald, D. J., Upper Park McDonnell, W . , Spy Hill

M'Donnell, M., Harbour Row M'Swiney, Miss, Beach, Madigan, J., jnr.. King's Sq., hardware m. Mahony, Mrs Annie, Midleton street, v. Mairis, Mrs., The Crescent Martin, Mrs., The Beach, draper Millwood, J., Bishop St., Morrissey, Ed., Athenian Morrison, Misses H. if N., 6, Harbour Row, confectioners Morrogh, W . J., The Glen Moynihan, A. M., Rushbrooke Tee., principal Technical School Moynihan, Miss, Scott's Sq., v. Moynihan, S., Harbour Row, undertaker Murphy, A., Ringacoltig Murphy, E., Harbour Row, v. Murphy, E., The Mall, sh. Murphy, Liam, P . C , 20 West View, Cobh Murphy, Lt.-Comdr., R.N., Carrigaloe Murphy, Mrs., Lynch's Quay, Murphy, Rev. T., C C, Cathedral Terrace Murray, Capt R. M., Ardgehane, pilot master, Harbour Office Murray, John, T h e Crescent Murray, Mrs., ship chandle, Beach Nash, Miss, Beau site Newman, T., Ardmore Nicholson, R., East Beach O'Brien, A., Roche's Ter. O'Brien, J., Ballynacrusha O'Connell, J., The Beach O'Connor, Rev. Denis, Adm., Cathedral Tee. O'Connor, Dr. J., Rathronan. O'Driscoll, Miss, 6, Belleview O'Farrell, J. F., Almorah Villa O'Farrell, J., 1 T h e Crescent O'Halloran, J., 8 Cloyne Tee. O'Kane, J., Harbour Row O'Keeffe, M., 9 Pearse Street, photographer & auctioncr 292

Rushbrooke Lawn Tennis Wilson, John, T h e Beach. chemist Club Wilson, M., Ardcullen Rushbrooke, Capt. W . H., Woods, Mrs., 8, The Whitepoint Crescent Russian Oil Products Ltd., Wilson, John, PreventaP . Fitzgerald, manager, tive Officer Customs, Stuart House Wilmount House Ryal, John, Walterstown, Y. M. C. A. Parochial Ryan, The Misses, 8 HarHall, s e c -- H . Henbour Hill, music teachnessy ers Scott, J. if Co., Scott's Sq., shipping agents Conna (S.O.) Sealy, R. W., Lynch'i Post, money order and Quay House telegraph office. Tallow 5 Spillane, P., East Hill, v. miles Seymour, Mrs., Midleton Ballynoe 3 miles from Park Conna, post and teleSeymour, N., Summer Hill graph office. House West Postmistress--Mrs. A. Shakespeare, T. P., Lower Mellerick Midleton St., sculptor Shannon, J., Fort Villas Ahem, John, KnocknaSherlock, Miss, Castlegopple, f. view A h e m , Rev. Canon M., Smith-Barry, Hon. J. H., P.P., Conna Fota A h e m , Wm., Monagoun Soldiers' Home if Sailor* A h e m , John, Monagoun Rest, The Beach Ahem, J., Longueville Stiri^s, J-, Bishop Street Arnold, Mary, Conna, sh Steptoe, W., Scott's Sq. Barry, John, Ballybride Stewart, R., Whitepoint Stuart-French, Major P. i Baldwin, Ml., Ballybride Barry, John, f. W . C , Marino Barry, P., Longueville Sugrue, J. H., 1 RushBarry, Professor, J. brooke Terrace Barry, Mrs., N.T. Sullivan, P., Scott's Sq., Beecher, J., Ballymacgrocer simon, f. Swanton, R., Glenmore Beecher, J., Ballyluskey, f. Ho. Beecher, Nrs N , LongueTarrant, Mrs., Charleston ville Townsend, T. H . D., M.D. Berry, P., Ballylusky Merton f. and cattle dealer Twombe J., Riviera Tee. Bowles, Mrs., Ahem Twomey, D., Roche's Row House motor hirer Bryan, F. Kilcoran Conna Twomey, D., Harbour Bryan, T., Pellick, i. Row Bryan, W., Upper KilTwomey, J., Atheman Tee; clare, f. Twomey, T., RushByrne, E., Knockmourne, brooke Docks agricultural engineer Tyler if Sons, boot wareByrne, M., Knockmourne, house blacksmith Vaughan, Capt., The Buckley, David, BallyHollies trasna, fVickery, J., Believue Carew, Capt., Lisnabrine White, Johanna, Mall, v. House Carey, Mrs. M. A., GlenWhite, Lt., Woodland reigh Villas Carr, J., Ballynoe, G.S. White, T., chemist Carr, M., Bridcpark, f. White, P., Midleton street and dealer operator Willcox, Mrs., 2 Cloyne Cashman, P., Towermore Cashman, James, N . T . Tcrmcc Conna Williams, J. W , Hill View 293





DIRECTORY Waters, Dr., Aghern Brideweir, O





DIRECTORY Swanton, G., Inchinadreen, f. Tyner, J., Droumdrastil, f. Tyner, Miss, Coolkelur Lodge. White, John, Keenrath

Kent, E., Cool Kent, Jas., Mogeela Castle, Kent, Mrs. Mary, f. Kiniary, Martin, Ballyluska Kirby, H., Ballymacsimon Lane, John, Old Conna Lane, Patk., Kilclare, f. Lane, J., Monagoun, f. Lane, John, Shanakiel, f. Lane, M., Glenreigh, f. Lane, Jas., Curraheen. f. and cattle dealer Lane, T., Towermore, f. Lane, Wm., Glenreigh Leahy, Thos., Ballybride Leahy, John, Longueville Leahy, Michael, Clashaganive Leahy, John, Ballytrasna, f. and cattle dealer Lee, P., Aghern, victualler Linihan, James, Clashaganive, f. Lynch, J., Ballynoe, sh. Manean, Andrew, Bridepark Mangan, Patrick, Curraheen, f. and cattle dlr. M'Auliffe, W., Ballinoe, sh. and v. McCarthy, Eliz., sh. and v Achern McGrath, Patk., tailor Knockmourne Meade, A. W., Grange, f. Meader, Miss, Aghern Mellerick, Ed., Conna, sh. Mellerick, J., Ballynoe, f. Mills, J., Pellick, I. Morrison, Eliza, Ballybride, f. Morrison, J., Glentane, f. Morrison, T., Curraheen, Morrison, T., Glentrasna, Mulcahy, Wm., LongueVille Murphy, Miss, creamery proprietor, Aghern Neill, Guard, Ballynoe Noonan, J., Clashaganive Noonan, Mce., Ballybride Noonan, P., Ballybride, f. O'En'-n, Mrs., Curraheen, f. O'Brien, Mrs., N.T., Curraglass O'Brien, R., N T . , Ballynoe O'Brien, MI. Ballybride, O'Connell, John, KnocksHckane. f. O'Donnell, Rev. J., C.C., Ballynoe

O'Dwyer, Rev. T., C.C., Conna O'Flynn, Dl., Carrigeen O'Grady, S., Carrigeen House O'Keeffe, L., Conna, v. O'Keeffe, Timy., Rathdrum ^'Keeffe, J., Monagoun, O'Keeffe, R., Newtown, Ballynoe O'Keeffe, Rev. M. i O'Keeffe, W,, Knockmourne, f. | O'Mahony, T., Ballynoe, , O'Mahony, J., Conna Castle 1 O'Mahony, J., carpenter j O'Mahony, Miss H., N . T . I O'Mahony, W., carpenter i OTtfeill, J., Cullinagh, f. I O'Neill, Mrs., Gurrane, f. [ O'Riordan, Dr., Conna House i O'Riordan, Mrs. J., N . T . '. O'Sullivan, Denis, Carrigmore 'Patterson, James, f. Power, Mrs., N . T . Power, F., Garryanne Prendergast, J., Bridepark, Rose, Henry, Bridepark Riordan, M., Clashaganive, f. Riordan, Mrs., Clashaganive, f. Roche, R., hotel, Conna Rumley, John, victualler Russell, P., Curraheen, f. Scanlan, Ml., Aghern Scanlan, R., Ballybride, f. and engine owner Sheehan, B., Ballymonteen, f. and P.C. Sheehan, J., Glentrasna, Sinclair, M. J., Aghern Sullivan, M., Aghern, land steward Turley, J., Ballynoe, victualler and sh. Twohill, E., Ballymurphy Twomey, S., Kilclare, f. Walsh, Wm., Carrigmore Walsh, D., Conna, tailor Walshe, Mrs., Ballynoe, f. and egg merchant Walsh, Mrs., Clashaganive, f. Walsh, N . J., Conna, postman. Walsh, R., Aghern, blacksmith Walsh, T., Conna, postman. 294


(CUIL A O D H A ) Head Office--Cork. Ballymakeera 3 m. near' est money order office. Postmaster--A. O Scan' naill. Buckley, J., Bardinch, f. Buckley, M., Fuhiry, f. Creedon, Pat, Gortyrahilly, f. Cronin, D., Scrahan, f. Cronin, Mrs. Mary, Inchamore, f. Dineen, J., carpenter Dinneen, John, Derreenacullig, f. Dinneen, J., Milleens, f.. Dirneen, P., Milleeny, f. Dinneen, Tim, Coolea, f. Healy, D., Gortirahilly, f. Healy, J., Milleeny, f. Healy, J. J., Inchamore, f. Healy, P., Lomanagh, f. Healy, Daniel, Inchamore, Hyde, C , Coolea Kelleher, Mrs. M., L a k e view House, f. Kelleher, D., f. Kelleher, M., Inchamore, Kelly, D. J., Derreenacufling, f. Kelly, Con, Fuhirees, f. Lehane, Mrs., Coolea, N.T. Lucey, Con, Mournabeg Lucey, J., Scrahan, f. Lucey, Jerh., Milleeny, f. Lucey, John, Milleeny, f. Lucey, J., Coolea. f. Lynch, H , shoemaker Lynch, H . C , Coolea, f. Lynch, Miss E., draper Lynch, Mrs. J. M'Carthy, J., Lumnagh McCarthy, D. J., junr., Lumnagh, f. McCarthy, Eugene, Gortyra hilly Moynihan, Johanna Moynihan, ML, Coolea Moynihan, J., Gortmasscarty, f. and M.C.C. Mullens, D., Scrahan, f. Murphy, Tim, Coolea, f. Murray, C , Dirrenculleen, f. Nic Suibhne, P., Cuilaoda N.T.

Ceochain, Domhnall, Muinteoir Gaedhilge O'Leary, Mary, Togher O'leary, M., Dirrenculleeu O'Riordan, Mrs. Jerh., N.T., Lomnagh O'Sullivan, Florence, blacksmith. O'Sullivan, ML, Coolea, f. Quill, Patrick, Bardinch, f Quill, John J. J., Bardinch, f. Quill, Johanna, Bardinch, Quill, Miss M., Bardinch, NT. Quill, Denis, Milleeny, f. Quill, P., Milleeny, f. Quill, T., Lomanagh, f. Ryan, James, Milleens, f. Scannell, D., Inchamore, Scannell, Tadhg, Inchamore, f. Sullivan, C , Dirrtenculhng, f Sullivan. D., Milleens, f. Sullivan, J., Dirreenculling, f. Sweeney, Denis, millenry Sw^r^ey, M., Gortiiascarty, f. Sweeney, J. D., f. Sweeney, Patk., Gortrahilly, f. Sweeney, Michael T., Goolnascorty, f. Twomey, M., Scrahan, f. Twomey, M., contractor Twomey, M., Coumaclovane, f. Twomey, M., Derrylahan, Twomey, P., Milleeny, f. Twomey, P., Coumadovane, f.

Clarke, J., Inch, f. Clarke, Mrs., Inchmadreen Clarke, G., Inch, i. Collins, Patk., Inch Cotter, Law., Milane Crowley, D., Droumleena, f. Crowley, Timy., Inch Deane, B., Pookeen, f. Deane, T., Pookeen, f. Deane, Mrs., Pookeen, f. Donovan, D., Droumleena House, f. Donovan, D., Dromdrastil Donovan, T., Droumdrastil. f. Draper, R., Rockgrove, f. Draper, W . , f. Forbes, J., Cullinagh, f. Fuller, G., Droumleena, f. Fuller, R., Droumleena, f. Grace, P., Droumdrastil, f. Hurley, C., Droumdrastil,



(CAIPIN) R.S.O. Head Office--Bandon. Ballineen 6 ra. nearest money order office. Tarelton 4 m. nearest telegraph office. Postmaster--T. O'Driscoll. Conveyances -- Ballineen nearest station. Butter market every Tuesday. Barrett, J., Aherlick, f. Barret, Jas., Moneygaff vintner and merchant Buckley, L., Munigave, f. Buttimer, J., Munigave, f. Buttimer, M., Ballyvelone Collins. J., Ballyvelone, f. Connell, D., Mallow, f. Connell, C , Mallow, f. Cronin, C , Shanacashel, f. Cronin, D., Munigave, f. Cronin, J., Munigave, f. Cross, M., Munigave, blacksmith Crowley, J., Aherlick, f. Crowley, J., Ballyhosford Crowley, M., Aherlick Crowley, W., N.T. Cullinane, M., carpenter Cullinane, Mrs., Mallow, f. Curtin, S, creamery mgr, Bellavista Desmond J., Ballivelone, f. Duggan, J., Aherlick, f. Harte, J., f. Hennessy, J., shoemaker Hourihan, M., mason Hurley, D., f. Hurley, J., Aherlick, 1. Hurley, W . , f. Hurley, W., Munigave, f. Kingston, W , Munigave Long, M., Shanacashel, f. Lordon, D., f. Lordan, J., f. McCarthy, E., Lissicurrane. f. Murphy, ]., Coppeen, f. Murray, D., Paddock, f.


R.S.O. Head office--Bandon Dunmanway 3 miles nearest money order and telegraph office. Conveyances -- Dunmanway (Cork, Bandon and South Coac Rly.) nearest station Beamish, J., Milane, t. Beamish, Frank, Milane Burke, C , Milane, I. Chambers, Mrs., Droumdrastil, i. Chamers, --, Cullinagh, f. Chambers, R., Cullinagh,

Hurley, C. D., Droumdrastil, f. Hurley, D., Inchinadreen, f Hurley, D., Droumdrastil, f. Hurley, J., Droumdrastil, f. Jagoe, Abram., Keenrath Jennings, W., Deraugh, f. Johnston, Rev. W . W . C , St. Edmund's rectory Keane, Mrs., Pookeen Upper, f. Keane, C , Milane, f. Kingston, E., Milane f. Keane, D., Pookeen, f. Kingston, G., Cullinagh, Kingston, J., Sillertane, f. Kingston, Henry, Sillertane Kingston, G. W., Cullin: agh, f. Lucas, E., gamekeeper · Pattison, B., Sillertaine, f. ' Ross, G., Droumleena, f. ; Ross, G., Cummeen, f. 1 Ross, Matt., Cullinagh Ross, W., Derriduff, f. Ross, W., The Dairy, f. Russell, P., Anecs, f. Smith, Miss S., St Edmund's National School Smith, A. J., Carrigscullihy, f. Sullivan, Mrs., Farnanes Sullivan, Bat., Farranes Sullivan, Eugene, Inch Sweetman, Henry, Droumleena 295


O'Donoghue, P., Muni' gave, f. O'Driscoll, D., Coppeen, f. O'Driscoll, F., Munigave, f. O'Driscoll, M-, Lissicurrane, f. O'Driscoll, Mrs. H., N.T. O'Driscoll, E., Coppeen O'Driscoll, T., Munigave, (. O'Meara, V., Coppeen, f. O'Rourke, D., alacksmiih Sheehan, D., f. Shorten, H., Munigave, f. Shorten, J., Munigave, f. Sullivan, J., Munigave, f. Sullivan, M., Aherlick, f. Swanton, G., Lissicuirane, Wood, E., Munigave, f.

CT { A N D C O U N T Y DIE Madden, Patk., Railway guard Murphy, J. Murphy, Jerh., Meelmane Murphy, Mrs. (Cronin's hotel) O'Donovan, Michael, N.T., Pier View, Court' macsherry O'Donovan, P., station master O'Rourke, Mrs. Perrott, R., East View Perrott, T., Ballycullane,

CORK Cummins, A., f. Daly, Jerh., Creagh Dammory, Geo., Drisheen Daly, Derrigreen, f. Donovan, D., Oldcourt, f. Donovan, J., Highfield, f. Donovan, S., Railway Clerk Donovan, P., Creagn, N.T. Driscoll, J., Lackahane, f. Driscoll, Miss M., N T . , Pookeen, Loughine Fehily, T., N . T . Geaney, J., jun., Lackahane Geaney, J., sen., Lackahane V Geaney, J. D., Lackahane Harnedy, J., Highfield, f. Holland, J., Highfield, f. Holland, M., builder and f. Holland, P., Highfield, f. Jennings, R., Oldcourt House, f. Keating, D., carpenter and f. Kennedy, E., Innishbeg, gardener Keohane, D., f. Leahy, M., r. Levis, J., Derrigreen, f. Levis, M., Derrigreen, f. Levis, W . , Derrigreen, f. Levis, Richard, Creagh, gardener McCarthy, J., Oldcourt, Derry green McCarthy, Patk., Derrigneen MacCarthy-Morrogh, S. McCarthy, Richard, Loughane N.S., Creagh McCaura, Agnes, Lough Ine House, Creagh O'Brien, J., Drisheen, f. Minihane, D., poultry farm Minahane, D., f. Minihane, J., f. Minihane, J., f. O'Connell, D . J., Killeena, O'Driscoll, Timy., Derrignen O'Neill, Eugene, Oldcourt, vintner and coal merchant Roche, F., Oldcourt, f. Scully, Jerh., Creagh Shannon, J., River View, Oldcourt Sheehy, John, Creagh Stout, J., Ballyalley, f. Sullivan, J., Oldcourt




DIRECTORY Creedon, D. P., Toorfane Creedon, J., Currabeha Cregg, W , Ryecourt, steward Cronin, John, Glodagh Cronin, J., Inchirahilly, f. Cronin, R., Inchirahilly, Cronin, Mrs. T., Farnanes, v. Crowley, J., Castlemore Crowley, T., Crookstown, tailor Crowley, P. F., Currabeha Crowley, Timy., Ballinguilla, f. Crowley, J., Knockanroe Cunningham, Miss B., Bellmount, f. Cunningham, D., Bellmount Cunningham, Mrs. K., Bellmount Daly, D., Castlemore Dempsey, D., station master Desmond, Dan, Bellmount, f. Desmond, S., Clodagh, f. Desmond, Mrs. K., Currabeha, f. Dinneen, D., Currabeha, Donovan, M., Crookstown Donovan, C , Coolmakee, f. Doyle, D., Ballingulla, f. Down, M., Hard, Crookstown Duggan, P., Knockaneroe, Fitzgerald, M., Gurranleigh, f. Fitzgerald, A., Crookstown, mgr. Fitzsimons, Mrs., Castlemore Fleming, P., e x - N T . , Bealnablath Fleming, Mrs., ex-N.T., Bealnablath Foley, J., Cloughduv Galvin, Jn., Clomacow, f. Galvin, Mrs. A., Clomacow, f. Galvin, R., Clomacow, f. Galvin, E., Currabeha, f. Galvin, Jas., Clodagh, f. Gould, Mary, Castlemore, Halloran, M., Inchirahilly Halloran, Rd., Carrigeen Harold, W., Knockashannuve, f.

Sullivan, Patk., Oldcourt Whooley, Ml., Munig


Head office reen Skibbe-

Thessings, T., Leenane Wilkinson, G., Gurthbrack, f. Wilkinson, Ml., Gurthbrack


Head office--Cork. Post, money order, telegraph and puolic telephone office. Postmaster -- D. J. O'Riordan Six buses daily from and to Cork and Macroom. Civic Guard Station, Farnanes--Sergt. J. Casey in charge. Aird, W . , Farnanes Baker, F., engineer Bradfield, J., Currabeha Bradfield, W , carpenter, Crookstown Brady, M. A., Clodagh, f. Buckley, Miss M., N . T . , Crookstown Buckley, Jn., Castlemore Buckley, J. B., Castlemore Buckley, Jerh., Castlemore Burke, C , Currabeha Burke, Dr. Mary, M.O.H. Burke, R., Currabeha Burke, R., Clodagh Burke, J., Gurranleieh Burke, Rd., Garranleigh Burke, T., Bellmount Lr. merchant Buttimer, Miss J., Gurranemoodagh Cahalan, T., Clomacow Callaghan, Patk., Bellmount Callaghan, Jas., Bellmount Carroll, D.', Knockanroe Carrol, J., Bellmount Casey, P., Carrigeen, f. Coakley, Rev. Fr. J., C . C , Lissarda Collins, John, Garranleigh Coolmakee Co-opt Creamery--manager, J. Creed Corcoran, D., Knockshanawee, f. Connor, Ml., Farnanes Connor, T., Crookstown Conroy, Mrs. E., Farnanes, vintner Corcoran, T., Clomacow Coughlan, M., Clodagh' Coughlan, Mary, Knockanroe 297

Post and telegraph office. Sub-postmistress-- Mrs. N . G. Coughlan Fog Signal and Wireless Beacon Station at Mizen Head. 2 guns and flashlieht every 7$ minutes. J. Stapleton, principal keeper, N. Lawlor, £. McLoughlin, assistant keepers Fastnet Rock Lighthouse--Flashlight every five seconds, C. King, principal keeper, T. Sullivan, W . Knox, assistsistant keepers. Bowler, Mrs. S., N . T . Bowler, Sylvester, coal and fish merchant. Burchill, M., Lacknakea Burchill, M., Carrigmanus Connor, P., Tooreen, f. Coughlan, T., Clohanekilleen, f. Browhead granite quarry, Donovan, R., Clohane, f. Downing, J., Browhead Downing, M., f. Driscoll, J., f. Ellis, John, Crookhaven Goggin, J., carpenter Griffin, Timothy, Leenane, carpenter Leary, Timy., Gurtnacarr 'ga Love, J., Lacknakea, f. M'Carthy, P., Ballinaule, McCarthy, Ml., Ballinaule


O'Regan, J., sh. and drpr. Ruddock, Frank Ruddock, Mrs. R. ] Ruddock, R. T- boatbuilder Sexton, Mrs., Sunview Sexton, Patk., Cullenagh Sexton, Law., Meelmane Sheehy, J., N . T . , retired Sheehy, M. Sheehy, Mrs., N.T. Sheehy, Mrs. M. Shorten, B., Culleneigh, f. Smith, J., Broadstrand Smyth, E. Sutton, Maria, Agha Sutton, Val., Agha Twomey, J. Waugh, Miss B. Waugh, Miss B. J., r e freshment rooms Whelton, J., Hamilton's Row White, Mrs. J. Wolfe, S.. f.



Post, money order and telegraph office. Telephone call office. Postmistress--Mrs. W . O'Mshony. Railway service two days a week, Monday and Thursday, to and from Cork. Allman, Anne, Cullenagh Barrett, W . W , Kincraigie Barry, J. W . , harbour master Cahalane, D., Wood point Coakley, P., sh. Coakley, Rev. T., C.C. Deasy, P., coal m. Donovan, J., sh. Donovan, M., Ballycullinane, f. Donovan, M. J. Egan, Percy, Hamilton Lifeboat engineer Esplanade Hotel Fleming, Miss H . M., Courtmacsherry, vintr. FleH-i", R., sh. Hodnett, J., sh. Hodnett, J., v. Hodnett, Stephen & Sons, Courtmacsherry Slate Quarries Howlett, Mrs. Jeffers, Mrs. Love, Mrs. Ellen, sh. McCarthy, Danl., Meelmane


S.O. Co. Cork Head office--Skibbereen Skibbereen 4 m. nearest money order and telegraph office. Fuller, T., Creagh House Bohane, Danl., Munig Cadogan, D., Oldcourt, f. Cadogan, Danl., Drisheen Calahane, Jas., Munig Canty, Lawr., Oldcourt Collins, P., Munig, f. Copithorne, J., Kimberley House, Highfield Copithorne, T., Kimberley House, Highfield Cullinane, S., Oldcourt,


Mahony, J., f.

Newman, Chas., Crookhaven Nottage, Arthur, v. Notter, R., f. O'Sullivan, Dl., Lissigriffin O'Sullivan, P., v. Pyburn, O , shipwright Raycroft, W . , Carrigacurrheen, f. Reilly, Ml., Gurthbrack Shaw, Wm., Browhead Sheehan, P., f. Supple, Ml, Gurtnacarriga Teape, W . , f.

Cullinane, M., Oldcourt, 296





O'Leary, J., New Line O'Leary, J., Bellmount, f. O'Leary, J., Bridelands House, f. O'Leary, J., Kilcondy O'Leary, Mrs. A., Coolmakee O'Mahony, T., Crookstown, v. O'Mahony, D., Crookstown House O'Regan, Con, Clodagh O'Regan, In., Bellmount Mills, Director O'Regan, J., Crookstown merchant O'Riordan, Annie mercht. O'Sullivan, T., N.T., Cloughduv O'Sullivan, T., Cloughduv, f. Regan, P., Carrigeen, f. Scanlan, Rev. D., Inchirahilly, P.P. Sheehan, J., Ballinguilly, Shorten, Thos., Knockshanwee, f. Spillane, Jn., Ballinguilla Sullivan, D., Carrigeen, f. Sweeny, E., Inchirahilly, Sullivan, Danl., Knockanvoe, f. Sullivan, J., Clodagh Sweeney, M., Knockshanawee, f. Taylor, Rev. W . M., M.A., rector Tonson, Rye J. C. R., Ryecourt Twomey, D., Bellmount Lower, blacksmith Vaughan, Dl., Coolmucky Wall, E., Bellmont Lr., f. Wall, W., Bellmount Walsh, Jas., New Line , Walsh, Timy, Pullerick, f. Wilson, T., Bellmount House

Harrington, P., Clomacow Harrington, T, Ballingulla Hayes, C , Ballinguilly. f. Hayes, Danl., saddler, Coolmakee Hayes, M., dressmaker, Coolmakee Healy, J., Farnanes, shoe- ; maker Healy, D., Farnanes, mason Healy, D., Station Road Healy, M., Gurranamuddagh Healy, R., Ryecourt, gardener Herlihy, M., Clomacow Herrick, Mrs. E. F., Bellmount House Hewetson, D. M., Crookstown, merclwnt Hickey, J.', Bellmount, f. Hickey, J., Currabeha', f. Hickey, D-, Bellmount Upper, f. Holland, D., Inchirahilly Holland, J., Crookstown Holland, J., Inchirahilly Holland, M., Coolmakee, carrier Horan, Ellen, Farnanes, v. Hogan, Mrs., Crookstown Horgan, P., Castlemore Horgan, Matt., Bellmount Lower Horgan, P., Carrigeen, f. Hourihan, D., Lr. Bellmount Howard, T. P., Bellmount Mills, P.C. Howard Bros Ltd., Bellmount Mills, millers Jenkinson. G.. Ballytrasna Keane, Mrs. Eily, Coolmucky, f. Keane, J., Lachtneill, Kelleher, E., Cloughduv merchant Kelleher, Mrs. F., Clonmacow i Kelly, T., Knockanroe, f. Kenneally, P., Knockanroe, H.A.O. Kenneally, Timy., Farnanes, f. Kenneallv, Thos., Inchivahilly Kidney, J., Castlemore, tailor Leahy, Danl., Ardagh Leahy, J., Bellmount Leary, Denis, Inchirahilly f. Lenihan, Mary, Lr. Bellmount 1

Lernihan, M., Lachtneill, f Long, J. J., Bellmount Long, Rd., Bellmount Looney, D., Glenville Hse Lucey, Mary, Bellmount, f. Lynch, B., Cloghduff. f. Lynch, D., Farnanes, f. Lynch, Con, Farnanes contractor Lyons, J., Gurraneleigh, f. Lyons (Jerh.), J., Gurleigh, f. Lyons, P., Currabeha, f. Mahony, D., Ardra McCarthy, Mrs. Julia, Bellmount McSweeney, T., Glodagh f. Mahony, Mrs., Ardra, f. Mahony, D., Knockshanawee, f. Mahony, D., Ardra Mahony, Kate, Castlemone McCarthy, John, Clodagh


McCarthy, D. F., Clodagh M.O.H. McCarthy, E., Lower Bellmount McCarthy, K., Crookstown, N . T . McSweeney, C., Ardra Murphy, D., Knockaneroe, f. Murphy, J. B., Coolmakee, Murphy, Con B., Farnanes, f. Murphy, P. J., Clodagh Murphy, D. J.,' Clomacow Murphy, Kate, Crookstown, vintner Murphy, Mrs. H., Coolmakee, f. Murphy, P., engineer, Farnanes Murphy, Timy., Farnanes Murphy, Timy., Garranemuddaeh, P.C.. f. Murphy, Rev. D. J., C.C., Cloughduv Murray, D., Gurranamuddagh Murray, W., Glennarouge Nash, W., merchant, Castlemore O'Callaghan, Ann, Bealnablath, vintner O'Callaghan, M., Castlemore f'"Driscoll, S , Crookstown O'Driscoll, T., Kilbrennan, f. 298


Head office--Cork. Post, money order and telegraph office, and telephone. Postmistress -- Miss N. F. Kennefick. Civic Guards' Station Sergt. Power in charge.

CORK CITY A N D C O U N T Y DIRECTORY Ahern, Mrs. M., Crosshaven Hill, f. and carM'Donnell, Miss, Myrtle haven, v. rier Ville, postmistress Aldworth, J., Woodland Gash, W., f. McGrath, D., Ardnalee View Gay, J., shop M'Namara, J., newsagent Allshire, T., Camden Rd. Fennel's Bay McSweeney, T., Conti Barry, B., sh. Gibson, Mrs., Western Terrace Bird, J., Currabinny, f. Villas, Currabinny MacLachlan, D .C., KilBolster, B., Myrtleville Gibbins, Mrs., Templecolta, f. and" motor House garage breedy, N.T. Busteed, Mrs., Dolphin Gill, Miss, Camden Lodge, Meadows, Mrs., Camden Terrace Lodge The Point Byrne, Mrs., Camden Good, D., Myrtleville Moore, Miss, Ladies' House Nurse House town, f. Good, D., charge of ferry Morrogh, Raymond, Campbell, W . F., Alcove Beechmount to Currabinny Cottage, Point View Morrogh, S. G., Emerald Good, Sarah, FountainsCarey, Miss, Fennel's Bay Hill town, f. Chillingworth, Mrs., Murphy, J., Principal N.T. Graham, Mrs. A. Myrtleville Murphy, Miss, Ardnaree Grand Hotel Clarke, W., Aghmarta Griffin, J., Brownstown, f. Murphy, Misses, WoodCastle land View Harrington, Comdt M., Coffey, T., Churchbay Murphy, Mrs., Marine Ardnalee. Cogan, Mrs. C , dispenVilla Haughton, M. G., St. sary caretaker Murphy, Mrs. N., lodging Philomena Villa Coleman & Sons, coal house Hawkins, Mrs., Camden merchant Murphy, D., superintenLodge, Castle point Collins, J., Westbourne dent of waterworks Hayes, Francis G., CrossTerrace haven House Nicholson, B., HoddersCollins, Mrs. Hayes, Miss I., River field Condon, M., victualler View Noonan, Miss, dressmaker Condon, N., vintner Hill, Mrs. Charlotte Noonan, W., f. Convent, Presentation Hodder, W . R., Nunan, Stephen Fountainstown House Nolan, P., Rembura Nuns Hosford, T., fish merchant Cooney, J., Myrtleville O'Flynn, Rev. D. M., Hunt, M., Fountainstown, Coote, M., boot and shoe p.p. Johnson, Miss, 2 Westmaker O'Leary, _D., carpenter bourne Terrace Connolly, Rev. John, 4 and builder Johnson, Miss, 2 WestCamden Terrace O'Leary, Miss, shoo bourne Terrace Conway, J., bootmaker Jones, Wm., Church Bay O'Mahony, Misses, WoodCopithorne, O , Aghmarta land View Keating, John, boat Castle O'Mahony, Mrs., Church owner Cusack, J., grocer and Bay Hotel Daly, D. L., T h e Bunga- I Kelleher, D., Hill House O'Regan, K., Kilmichael, Kenefick, Mrs. M., v. and low, Curabinny f. and car owner hotel and farm Daly, Joseph, Ardmachree O'Regan, Mrs. N., FounKenefick, Miss N . F., sh. Daly, Louis, sh. tainstown Kidney, Denis, CrossDawson, Mrs., Point Pallisser, J., sexton, Temhaven, v. Cottage plebra^w Church Kingston, Mrs., sh. Dennehy, Miss, CrossPhillips, Mrs., lodging Kingston, Paul, Fountainshaven, Central Cafe and house town, f. shop Kinmonth, Misses, Quill, S., timber mercht., Desmond, J., Pier House, Lisnavar Killowen Ville Desmond, M., carpenter Reardon, John, BeechDolan, P., Remura Lane, C. J., Currabinny, mount Doody, Dr., Hollywood solicitor Reeves, Capt., 2 Camden Dorman, W . S., Lackaroo Leahy, F., Aghama{ta, Terrace Dycher, Miss L., Prospect f. and car owner Robertson, T., Greville, Fitzgibbon, Mrs. Lynch, J., Church Road, Church Bay Fitzpatrick, John, shop Ross, N.. Fountainstown, Cuileen Madden, Capt., 3 WestRowe, C 1 Camden Fletcher, R., Beaumont, bourne Terrace Terrace Church Bay M'Auliffe, T., FountainsRoyal Munster Yacht Flynn, P., Seaview, town, carrier Club Myrtleville McCarthy, Misses, Tea Flynn, Morgan, Cross- 1 Gardens, Churchbay I Scannell, W., Sun View 299

CORK CITY A N D C O U N T Y DIRECTORY Scully, Mrs., Waterville, Hickey, P. J., Knockduff, O'Keeffe, J., Ahane Up., The Point f. Sisk, C , Gortnanoon, f. Hickey, D. D., Ahane, O'Keeffe, T. D., KnocknaSisk, E., f. Hickey, Con T., Gortnageeha, f. Sisk, W., motor garage creha, f. O'Leary, Patrick J., Sisk, P., builder Houlihan, Timothy, LisLissaniska, f. Sisk, Dolly, shop nashershane, f. O'Leary, Mrs. Elisabeth, Smyth, J., Kilmichael, f. Mullaghree, f. Keeffe, Patk. D., Giantane Smyth, J., Gortanoon, f. O'Leary, P. D., GurteenaBeg Spillane, Rev. John, C.C., finoga, f. Kelleher, Timothy, LisleFort Camden O'Mahony, J., Meenaghhane, Cullen, harnessSpillane, Rev. J., C.C. loghrane, f. maker Sugrue, J. H., Gurrabinny O'Riordan, D., KnockKerin, Mce., Lisnaboy Thompson, C. j . , 2 Camduff, f. Kiely, Nora, N.T. den Terrace O'Riordan, Daniel J., Kiely, R., N.T. Thompson, R., chemist, Knockduff, farrier Leader, L., LisnasherUrell, Charles, sh. O'Riordan, M., Gurteenshane, f. Venner, Mrs., The Hill, afinoga, f. Linehan, M., v. Camden Road O'Sullivan, J., Lisnaboy, f Lynch, T., garage owner Walker, Mrs., Woodquest O'Sullivan, M., MeenaghMcSweeney, O , KnocknaWallace, D., Scarteens loghrane, f. geeha, sh. Watson, Mrs. Kate, teleO'Sullivan, Mrs. D., Two McSweeney, D., carpenter phone office, sh. Gneeves, f. . and contractor Watson, Wm, The Tower Riordan, John P., LisleMcSweeney, D., KnocknaWeaver's Point hane geeha, f. Weir, Mrs., Ardnaroon, Singleton, K., f. McSweeney, D. T., Ahane Church Bay Singleton, L., f. Upper, f. White, Mr. D. A.. Sweeney, Murt, McSweeney, Miss H., DerEmerald Hill Mulloghroe, shopkpr. ragh House, f. Wiley, A., Inglenook Tarrant, R., Ahane, r. McSweeney, Wm., Vaughan, H., Lisle'-ane Glantanemore, f. Walsh, J. J., KnocknaMoynihan, J., carpenter Cullen geeha, f. and contractor Walsh, S., KnocknaMulcahy, Francis geeha, f. Knocknagree 4 m. nearMulcahy, T., Ahane Up., Walsh, Jas., Derragb est money order and telegraph office. Mulcahy, T., mason and Postmaster -- Thomas contractor Currabeha J. Fleming Murley, D., Coalpits, carConveyances -- Millpenter and contractor Head Office--Mallow street nearest station Murphy, Andrew D., carConna 3 m. nearest penter, Glanthane Avondhu Hotel--D. Mulmoney order office and Murphy, D., Ahane, f. cahy, proprietor 'elegraph office ; BallyMurphy, D., Lisnaboy, f. Bradley, M. J., Krockaduff 5 m. Murphy, E., Lisnaboy garrane, f. Postmistress -- Mrs. H. Murphy, J. D., Lisnaboy Buckley, D. D., Lislehane Mulcahy Murphy, M., KnocknaCarroll, Jeremiah, shannagh, f. Conveyances -- Bally Cullen, shoemaker duff (Fermoy and Lismore O'Connell, J., Lissaniska, Casey, Roger, Derragh br. Waterford and LisCasey, Wm., Ardnamore Rly.) nearest station O'Connor, E., Lisheenageeha House, t. Ahem, Kate, Modelligo feela, f. Clifford, T., MeenagloghAhern, W., Ballydorgan, f O'Connor, H., Knockrane, f. Ahern, Patk., Garrynaduff, f. Condon, T., Coalpits, f. goul O'Donoghue, BartholoCronin, B., Knockduff, f. Barry, C , Kilcoran, f. mew Cronin, D. J., Knockduff, Barry, M., Kilcoran, f. O'Donoghue, H., GortnaCronin, Danl., grocer Barnett, Thos., Watercreha, f. and v. park O'Keeffe, D., Knockduff, Bartnett, Richard, Dennehy, Timothy, shop grocer and N . T . Fleming, Thomas J., shop Waterpark, f. Hickey, A., Lisnaboy, O'Keeffe, Daniel, H.A.O., Beecher, E., Shanbally, f. blacksmith shopkeeper, Cullen. Beecher, M., Kilcoran, sh. Hickey, Cornelius, Cul- j O'Keeffe, J., Mullaghroe, Canning, Mrs. H., Coollen, vintner bawn, f.

Canning, J., Waterpark, f. Canning, Mrs. B., Waterpark Canning, Wm., Waterpark Caples, Mrs. E., Coolrue, f. Caples, J., Coolrue, f. Caples, P., Modelligo, f. Caplice, James, Clashnagannive, f. Carroll, J., Ballydorgan, f. Carroll, M., Kilmagner. f. Coleman, Ed., Bally dorgan, f. Coleman, W ,, Ballydorgan Cotter, Edmond, Haghouse, f. Cronin, Mrs. Alice, sh. Curtin, William, f. Douglas, J., Ballydorgan, f. Downing, D., Coolrue, f. Downing, W., Coolrue, f. Dunne, Patk., Waterpark Feeney, Jerh., Waterpark Feeney, D., Ballydorgan Feeney, M., Ballydorgan,

CITY A N D C O U N T Y DIRECTORY Murphy, J., Waterpark, Gallaher, Mrs. J., Shani' v. kill, f. Mulcahy, Mrss. H., CurHickey, Michael, Roseyrabeha bower, f. Mulcahy, T., Currabeha Hickey, P., Kilmacow, f. Mulcahy, D., Currabeha Higgins, Mrs. M., Frankf. fort, f. Noonan, D., Ballychough, Hill, R., Glanatore, f Noonan, Matt., KilmagHogan, T., Glasshouse, f. ner Howard, D. Noonan, J., ClashnaHurlev, Mrs. B., Mageela crannive, f. Up. O'Brien, Patk., WaterKelleher, Jas., Woodview park, f. Kent, J., Mogeely Castle O'Connell, John, Knock- Lane, John, Shanakil, f. asticane Leahy, James, Belvedere. O'Keeffe, Wm., Clashaf. gannive Lone, W . J., Mount O'Riordan, M., ClashaProspect, f. ganniv, f. M'Grath, T., postman Pender, J., Coolrue, f. Morrison, D., BallyPratt, Richd., Waterpark cullane Ring, J., Modelligo, f. Mulcahy, Patrick, BallyRiordan, Mrs. M., Hagcullane, f. house, f. Murphy, C. W . , The Ryan, Mrs., f. Grange Ryan, Mrs., f. Murphy, T., Springdale. f. Sheehan, Mrs. Margaret O'Brien, J., Woodvale Sheehan, Mrs., 1. Cottage Traynor, D., Ballydorgan, Feeney, Ml., GarrynaO'Brien, Mrs., N.T. goul O'Grady, S., Carrigeen Finn, M., Carrigeen, f. O'Keeffe, Mary, BallyculCurriglass (S.O.) Fitzgerald, R., Ballylane dough, f. O'Keeffe, D., Lisnabria. Tallow 2m. nearest Fitzgerald, Wm., Watermoney order and teleUpper, f. park Spillane, D., Mogeela, graph officeFlynn, Thomas, Shanbally, blacksmith Postmistress--Mrs. Galf. Spillane, John v. laher Foley, B., Ballydorgan, f. Tanner, R., Sun Lodge Conveyances -- Tallow Geary, W., f. Tanner, R., Belvedere, f. Road 4J m. (Fermoy and Haskins, Capt., Modelligo Lismore br. G.S. 6? W . Hegarty, David, KilmagRly.) nearest station ner Derinacarah Hurley, Cors., f. Aherne, John, BallyHead office--DunmanJoyce, Thomas, f. cullane, f. way. Kinneally, James, Kilcoran Barry, W., Lisnabrin, f. Dunmanway 4 m. nearran Bryan, Mrs., Glenatore est money order and teleKinneally, Mrs. Ellen, Carew, Capt. Walter A., graph office. Coolrue, f. Lisnabrin House Postmaster -- C. DonoKinneally, P., Coolrue, f. Casey, Mrs., Shanikill, f. van. Lenihan, Jas., ClashaColeman, E., Lisnabrin Conveyances -- Dungannive Lodge Linehan, Mrs., Kilmagner, Condon, J., Templcvally, manway. (See Bus Routes). N.T f. M'Grath, M., Coolagown, Condon, P., Glengowra, f Brelong, Miss, N . T . v. Condon, P., Kilmacow, f. Dorman, Rev. S H., Brennan, Mrs., M o n e y May, Miss E., Modellifro, reague Knockmourne, rector Mangan, A., KnockastiBurke, D., Inchreigh, f. Downing, M., Carrigeen cane Burke, J., Shanacrane, f. Hill, f. Moloney, J., Ballvdoigan Cahalane, J., f. Finn, Ed., Carrigeen Morrison, Denis, GarrynaCoakley, C., Shanacrane, Flynn, D., Carrigeen goul, f. sh. Mo'rrissy, P., Coolbawn, f. Flynn, W., Vinepark Gallagher, Mrs. B., CurraCoakley, D., Shanacrane, Morrissv. Mrs. Mary, glass, f. Coolbawn f. and mason





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