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Dispensationalism and Eschatology in Daniel Introduction to Eschatology ­ week three

Rev. Timothy A. Brown Cornerstone EPC, Fall 2008

Eschatological Anchors--What all Christians agree upon

Christ's Ascension Christ's Return

Eternity past

History (BC)


History (AD)

New Heavens New Earth

Dispensational Time Line

Basic Theology, Charles Ryrie, p.

Notes: According to the Dispensational scheme...


the 70th and final week of Daniel's vision was postponed at 30 AD and suspended until the last 7 years of history--hence 7 years of the great tribulation (see above). The church age interrupted God's fulfillment of his promises to Israel which will be resumed at the tribulation and millennium. Israel and the church are thus separate entities for whom God has distinct plans. The church too will fail in its mission in the world (things go from bad to worse) and God will show up to judge yet again. The Kingdom of God is postponed until the millennium. Intro to Eschatology (week three) 1

CEPC--Fall 2008

Alternate Time Line--

(more to be filled in as we progress through particular passages) Christ's Ascension Christ's Return

Eternity past

History "




Church Age / Millennium

New Heavens New Earth GWT

Messiah's Kingdom

Daniel's 70 weeks 458 BC -37 AD

Other text forthcoming: Olivet Discourse Revelation

Notes: According to Covenant Theology...

There is a growing crescendo of God's glorious plan through out church history. Though Christ was rejected by his own (John 1), God has taken what man meant for evil and is using it for good. The Kingdom privilege has been removed from Israel as a nation-state, and given to believing Jews and believing Gentiles together who are a holy nation, a royal priesthood, a people belonging to God. The church age has been God's plan from the beginning to expand the boundaries of the BC kingdom to every tribe, language and nation. During the church age, the Kingdom of God (established by Christ) is advancing while He sits at the right hand of God. i.e. the advancement of Messiah's Kingdom does not require him to sit on an earthly throne. Daniel's 70 weeks are one united whole, fulfilled by Christ at his first coming.




Let's turn to Daniel now.


Daniel is a servant of God under 4 separate kings. Nebuchadnezzer, Belshazzar, Darius and Cyrus. He proves faithful as a man of God and has a special gift. Visions and their interpretation (Dan. 1:17) Throughout Daniel we have mixture of the chronicle of Daniel's life and visions that he receives throughout his ministry. The chapters of Daniel that correspond to these four kings are as follows: Nebuchadnezzer--1, 2, 3, 4 Belshazzar--7, 8, 5 (5 is chronologically later than chapters 7 & 8) Darius--9, 6 Cyrus--10, 11, 12

CEPC--Fall 2008

Intro to Eschatology (week three)


The key visions Daniel has are: Daniel 2:31-45 (Nebuchadnezzer's dream--the statue of mixed metals & supernatural stone) Daniel 7 (Daniels Night Vision of the four beasts & the dominion of the Son of Man) Daniel 8 (The vision of the Ram and Goat) Daniel 9:1-2, 24-27 (Daniel's famous 70 weeks) Daniel 10-12 (Vision of warfare of North and South Kings) Since the visions in chapters 2, 7 & 8 line up so tightly, we will begin there tonight.

NIV Study Bible (original version circa 1991), p. 1311, Zondervan.

CEPC--Fall 2008

Intro to Eschatology (week three)



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