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New Park, PA ­ (Jan 2008) The Maize Quest Maze Catalog is a one-source for the entertainment farming industry. Now in it's fourth edition, the attraction catalog has expanded to include Maize Quest's line of safety products and new games for farmers to install inside their corn mazes. "As the industry evolves and grow, so does our product line," says Hugh McPherson, Maize Quest's Maze Master. "We operate our own entertainment farm and solve problems here that many farmers need to solve as well." Maize Quest started the catalog as an off-shoot of it's cornfield maze design business that provides thirty three farms maze attractions, marketing support, and group purchasing power. New attractions, developed and built at Maize Quest's home location the Maize Quest Fun Park, are added each year to the catalogs list of resources. "No two farms are alike," says Dave Phillips, Maize Quest's Maze Designer. "The catalog let's each operator choose what fits best for their operation." After the home location faced a frivolous lawsuit, McPherson launched a line of safety products to help protect farmers and the industry at large. Now in the third round of production, the line features Wireless Public Address systems, push-button activated Hayride Audio for safety announcements, and Corn Maze Call Boxes with which guests can contact farm staff for hints or help. The agritainment safety crusade culminated in the release of the first-ever Corn Maze Safety Kit which Maize Quest provides free to any farmer who wishes to download it. The safety kit is a collection of best practices from the home location and the other farms in the Maize Quest system and serves as a guidebook for review safety procedures on the farm. "There was very little written about operating a safe on- farm attraction," says McPherson. "We've been in the industry for 12 years working to make our own attractions safer. You just don't keep that information to yourself. We have a responsibility to the industry to share these practices."

Maize Quest designs games and maze-based attractions for entertainment farms and complex around the world .To learn more about Geocaching and other Maize Quest attractions visit to request information. The home location is located in New Park, PA. More online at or call 1-866-WE-LOSE-U ext 102.


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