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Volume 3

Issue 5

June 2011



The Newsletter of the Cotswold School PTA

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It's hard to believe how quickly this year has come and gone. Watching incoming PTA execs welcome parents to the most recent Beginners' Day, Rachael and I agreed that it really did feel "just like yesterday" when we were charged with the same duty as our first official task as PTA co-presidents. And it was a Beginners' Day just a short five years ago where Rachael and I were preparing to put our oldest kids into Cotswold! That sure happened fast. And a lot has happened here at Cotswold just in the year since you've allowed us to serve as PTA presidents. Cotswold received full International Baccalaureate authorization, making it one of only five CMS elementary schools and one of only 13 IB World Schools in North Carolina! Also this year, Cotswold was recognized as a Magnet School of Excellence, and the only school in the state designated a N.C. School of Character, and the only National School of Character from North Carolina! An independent Quality Review Report conducted at Cotswold confirmed for outsiders what most of us here already knew: that Cotswold is a "vibrant school with a strong climate for learning," that students here "enjoy school and are eager to learn," and that parents, teachers and staff "work together as a strong community." Looks like the secret's out, folks. We've had even more parents sign-on as PTA members, volunteers in the classroom and participants in projects and programs all over campus. Whether you've tutored a child, chaired a committee, delivered backpacks for snacks, or swept sidewalks here on a Saturday morning, you've made Cotswold the warm, welcoming and supportive place it is. We experienced record-setting participation and contributions to this year's Commit to Cotswold campaign, auction and 4th Grade Fundraiser. Thanks to you, we'll be adding more technology like Smart Boards to your child's classrooms, preparing to roll out a new teacher grants program for special projects, providing your child's teachers with cutting-edge instruction, training new tutors, further developing our website to communicate more effectively with you, and providing scholarships for kids who might not get the chance to participate in once-in-a-lifetime activities like overnight camp. All we can say is, "WOW!" And there are still more changes ahead for the next year. At our final PTA General Meeting of the school year, you approved a new set of uniform PTA bylaws and you also elected a new slate of PTA officers. As of this writing, we're all still waiting to see how this year's dramatic budget cuts may eventually affect the CMS system and Cotswold and come August, we'll welcome a new principal at Cotswold for the first time in eight years, and a new assistant principal. But with all that we believe the future at Cotswold is bright, full of promise and with challenges to be met. Your continued participation as part of the Cotswold family will ensure that every child here has the opportunity to succeed.

IB Learner Profile Recognition 4 Cotswold Teacher Grants Daddy-Daughter Dance Celebrate Cotswold!


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Charlotte, NC 28211 980.343.6739 Fax 300 Greenwich Road 980.343.6720 Telephone

Denise Hearne, Principal Rachael Dunnavant & DC Lucchesi, PTA Co-Presidents

Enthusiastically, Rachael Dunnavant & DC Lucchesi PTA Co-Presidents 2010-2011 [email protected] & [email protected]


Summer Reading Book Club

Interested in ways to keep your kids reading over the summer so that they are better prepared when school starts? Join one of Katie Lock's new book clubs! We will be using materials from your child's summer reading list to formulate discussions based on book topics, themes, and character development. Groups will be formed based on interest; club meetings will be held in the evenings at a designated off-campus location. Boys and girls are welcome at a charge of $10 per meeting. If you are interested, have additional questions or are ready to sign up your child, please contact Katie Lock at 980-253-9619 or [email protected] 8



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Walk to School, 8:30am Mama Fu's | Pizza Peel Weekend (Mention your are from Cotswold & the school will receive a % of sale) Kickball Game, 9:30am 5th Grade Recognition Ceremony Last Day of School Class Parties Report Cards Go Home

Reading Rules

By Ms. Harding, Media Specialist

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Is anyone looking forward to SUMMER READING? I am! Part of the anticipation is creating a plan. I set goals for myself and make a list that represents a variety of genre. It is gratifying to log the titles and check them off as I read them. For adults, this is fun and rewarding. For our students, in addition to being fun and rewarding, it is a critical part of their growth as readers. In addition to developing fluency and building vocabulary and comprehension skills, regular reading can also lead to some great inquiry opportunities. Summer reading certainly prepares students for the school year ahead. What is your summer reading plan for your child? Here are a few suggestions: 1. CREATE A LIST TOGETHER

Stay connected all year!

Check for updates on Cotswold's website

· Each grade level will probably send home a list of recommended titles on the last day of school. Select a few to read this summer. (They are not required, just recommendations.) · Have your children think about books they tried to check out from the media center this year, but the demand was so high that their selections were never on the shelf. · Pick a prolific author and read a few of his or her books. · Find some titles on the public library link: · Read through the NCCBA nominees for the upcoming year. · Older students can begin to tackle the 2011-2012 Elementary Battle of the Books titles: · See the reading lists on the Scholastic Summer Challenge site:

· Once you have created the list have your child decide which ones he or she will read alone, read with someone or have read to them. 2. READ, then LOG what was read on Let's "Read for the World Record."


Cotswold Elementary, IB World School

Cotswold students, staff, and families recently held the 13th Annual Fun Run for Cancer. This year was especially meaningful with three staff members undergoing treatment for cancer. Students took turns running laps and collecting donations. Over $4,000 has already been raised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Presbyterian Hospice and Palliative Care. Board of Education Members Eric Davis and Kaye McGarry donned their running shoes for this very special school-wide service project. A Locks of Love hair cutting event took place at the end of May. Students and staff received haircuts on campus from our community salon, Pigtails and Crewcuts. Hair donations will be sent to Locks of Love or Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program which turns them into wigs for cancer patients. Last year, 15 Cotswold participants donated their hair to this worthy cause. Cotswold was recently named a N.C. State School of Character and a National School of Character. A school visit by National Evaluator, Judy Jones, gave staff, students, and parents a chance to share the good character taking place on campus. Principal Denise Hearne and IB Coordinator Mary Hooks presented a spotlight session on "Strengthening a Character Education Program through IB" at the Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement in Greensboro, N.C. Cotswold received the Magnet Schools of America School of Excellence award and a cash prize. A team of three visited the school and met with students, staff, and parents. They visited classrooms and viewed documentation to support the school's magnet theme, the IB Primary Years Program. Awards were announced at the Magnet Schools of America conference May 15th ­ 18th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Action and Accolades

The 2011-2012 Cotswold PTA Board of Directors

President: Susan Lueders Executive Vice President: Alison Busch Secretary: Katie Benston Treasurer: Lee Ham VP Administrative Support: Sandy White VP Enrichment: Katie Catron VP Events: David Thorne VP Fundraising: Renee Foster VP Marketing & Communications: Peggy Knaack Advocacy Chair: DC Lucchesi Nominations Chair: Rachael Duunavant



Grade / Teacher K K K K K K/1 K/1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 Steed Law Cox Cottom Murrell Hair Morrison Gilbert Van-Stratt Gill Brace Derderian Masters Brace Dowker Berry Jones Laine Wages Pittman Brexler Menzo Brown Haughton Kenny Eberhardt Smith Student Max Thurner Ruth Ann Cypert Colby Connell Owen Runge Kylan Odean Avery Harrill McRae Lillie Emma Groves Carter Angel Melissa Mahanes Sylvia Cochrane Noah Fronapfel Jonah Capousis Noah Salam Reigan Richardson Jimmy Click Juan Jose Astasia Rodney Annabelle Laine Iyanna Brown Eileen Foster Max Phelps Antoinette Gregory Ramazani Osman Ariana Carrothers Ximena Salazar David Murcia IB Profile Communicator Reflective Risk-taker Thinker Thinker Caring Communicator Caring Communicator Principled Caring Communicator Open-minded Principled Principled Risk-taker Risk-taker Balanced Caring Caring Caring Knowledgeable Knowledgeable Risk-taker Thinker Thinker Communicator Staff Ms. Wages Ms. Gadoury Ms. Gilbert Ms. Holyfield Ms. Law Ms. Harding Ms. Lock Ms. Bailey Ms. Roose Ms. Bowers Ms. Berry Ms. Moras Ms. Masters IB Profile Caring Caring Caring Caring Communicator Inquirer, Knowledgeable Inquirer, Knowledgeable Open-minded Open-minded Communicator, Principled Caring, Reflective Open-minded, Risk-taker Thinker

Congratulations to the students & staff who were recognized for their attributes of the IB Learner Profile in March!


As the school year is coming to a close, Cotswold School students are participating in 50 individual and team activities that will reinforce physical education skills learned throughout the school year. Thank you to all of the volunteers!


By Mr. Clutts, Physical Education


More than 80 students who returned their LIFE (Learning the Importance of Fitness and Exercise) Physical Activity Logs for March/April were invited to "monkey around" after school on May 19th at Monkey Joe's. Congratulations to all of these students who have made physical activity an important part of their daily routine!


Cotswold Teacher Grants Program

During this school year, the PTA started a Teacher Grant program to help teachers provide interesting opportunities for students in the classroom. Because Cotswold teachers try to incorporate projects that help stimulate and enrich the students' time in school, the PTA decided to find a way to help support these "outside of the box" ideas with financial support. In two months of giving this year, the PTA has funded some fantastic ideas. Ms. Brexler developed an idea the entire staff can use. Through a teacher grant, teachers now have access to "reading bags" to facilitate literacy at home. Teachers download a recording of a leveled book onto the MP3 player and place it in a "reading bag" along with a weeks' worth of vocabulary and activities. Students who need help in fluency and vocabulary, but whose parents are unable to help, perhaps due to a language barrier or other reason, can take the bags home so they can still practice at home. Through the Food to Fork program, Ms. Jones' class is growing a vegetable garden in the front of the school. In June, the students will take the vegetables they have grown to Fuel Pizza, where they will make pizzas with ingredients from their garden. The students get to experience first-hand the direct relationship between what they eat every day and where it comes from. Ms. Derderian is starting a butterfly garden and bird sanctuary with an edible garden component. The PTA will purchase binoculars for her class and all Cotswold students to use for bird watching and exploring nature. The Fourth Grade is purchasing materials to build a North Carolina resource library so that students will be able to explore North Carolina rocks and minerals. The collection also includes books that will be used for writing and learning about North Carolina history. The Teacher Grants are presented once a month and reviewed by two staff members and two PTA members. During the review, the teachers present their program and then the committee decides if and how the PTA can provide support. Based on the success so far this year, the PTA Enrichment Committee hopes to provide more financial support for Teacher Grants next year. We are developing levels of giving where businesses can support Teacher Grants. We hope that our business partners will see what a valuable resource they can be in making the classroom an exciting place for students to explore and grow. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Cotswold Partner, please contact committee chair Katie Catron, email [email protected]

Nearly 450 dads & daughters tangoed the night away at our 13th annual Daddy Daughter Dance. Thank you to all of our volunteers! A special thanks to Bojangles, Chick-Fil-A , Pizza Peel, Rhonda Stewart, NCBT Cotswold and Shun Lee Palace for their food donations.


Celebrate Cotswold!

Over 1000 visitors spent a beautiful Friday evening at Celebrate Cotswold, our school's annual community-wide festival. Children, teens, parents, and grands enjoyed playing games, riding rides, eating Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and pizza, and browsing the three tables full of baked goods for a tasty dessert! Although it is hard to pick a favorite among the amusements, several had long lines: the face painting /finger nail painting tables, sand art, climbing wall and Carolina Southern train. The obstacle course was a crowd favorite?one child claimed to have done it 30 times?along with the G-Force Twin Spin. The Climbing Rock offered different levels of challenge for all and although the White Elephant sale had more bags than ever, it still sold out before the night was through. Celebrate Cotswold depends upon a huge team of volunteers to plan, set-up, operate and clean up this fun-filled event. The Celebrate Cotswold planning committee is grateful to everyone who helped make this event such a huge success. We could not have done it without you! Volunteers and community partners include: · Members of the 2011 Celebrate Cotswold Planning Committee and their families: Morgan Cromwell, Kitty Cypert, Stacie Fulton, Anne Glontz, Sara Goguen, Lisa and Derrek Hooper, Katie Puckett, Alicia Roberts, David Thorne, Sandy White, and Susie Wilcox. · Over 160 volunteers who manned games, painted faces, served food, ran errands, set up tables and cleaned everything off the bus lot in 30 minutes! A special thank you to the 45 teen volunteers who showed excellent character by representing their schools well while volunteering at Celebrate Cotswold! · Cindy Bailey and the Cotswold Staff who donated, organized and sold items at the popular White Elephant Sale. · Over 30 volunteers who baked delicious cakes, killer granola and divine cupcakes that kept many of us coming back for more! · DC Lucchesi who rocked the bullhorn & kept us informed! · Denise Hearne, Donald Turner, Karen Linton, and Judy Schmidt who made copies, collected tickets and said "yes" to all requests! · The wonderful custodial staff, especially Ms. Golden, who helped round up tables, ice, chairs and kept the bus lot and grounds clean. · The current and incoming PTA Treasurers, Katie Catron and Lee Ham, for managing money during the event. · Harris Teeter, Chick-Fil-A, Little Caesars, and the Cotswold UPS store for their donations and continued support of Cotswold Elementary. · Fire Station #14 for bringing Truck #14 and CMPD Officer Waters for bringing his patrol car to Celebrate Cotswold. We appreciate their great support of our school. · The donors of cans, stuffed animals, books and other prizes that made the games worth playing! · Melissa Curlin for flyer development; Lydia Helms with Little Caesars for serving pizza; Kathleen HoganGarrett for parking signage; Leslie Hunter for site-map set up; Leigh Matzek with Chick-Fil-A for serving sand wiches; Ashley McMillian for creating new signs; Elizabeth Ouzts for taking photographs; and Ms. Williams for helping with laminating. · Last but not least, Katie Puckett and Anne Glontz for sharing their knowledge and experience from last year's event.



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