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Characteristics of Phylum Porifera

· · · · Cellular level of organization, without true tissues Adults exhibit radial symmetry or are asymmetrical Possess totipotent cells Possess unique flagellated cells ­ choanocytes ­ that create water flow through a water current system · Outer and inner cell layers lack a basement membrane · Outer and inner cell layers divided by a noncellular layer ­ the mesohyl ­ that contains some cells and skeletal material · Body support ("skeleton") provided by spicules composed of calcium carbonate or silicon

Amoebocytes · · · · · Phagocytic ­ role in digestion Archeocytes ­ totipotent Sclerocytes ­ spicule production Spongocytes ­ spongin Collenocytes ­ collagen of mesohyl

Choanocytes feeding reproduction


· Hermaphroditic · Some dieocious · Eggs ­ archeocytes or choanocytes · Sperm ­ Choanocytes · Sperm released


Characteristics of Phylum Porifera

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