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Trumpet : Assembly Instructions

A trumpet is a brass instrument which is played by blowing air into the mouthpiece and causing vibrations with the lips, while operating piston or rotary valves. A trumpet's shape and the length of its tubing determines its tonal qualities. Trumpets can be classified as "piston trumpets," "rotary trumpets," or other types depending on the structure of their valves. This paper craft model is based on a piston trumpet. The pistons actually move and the mouthpiece can be removed. It's great as an ornament but you can have fun playing with it too!

*This model was designed for Papercraft and may differ from the original in some respects. Assembly Instructions

* Build the model by carefully reading the Assembly Instructions.

Parts sheet (Pattern) : Nine A4 sheets Assembly Instructions : Seven A4 sheets No. of Parts : 109 parts

Handy Hint

Write down the number on the back of each part as you cut them out. Since many of the parts are complicated and very small, do a trial assembly before actually attaching them together. The finished piece will look more realistic if you paint the edges of the parts with colors similar to the parts.

Tools and materials

Assembly tip


Mountain fold(dotted line)

Make a mountain fold.

Valley fold (dashed and dotted line)

Make a valley fold. Cut along the line. Cut a slot.

The glue spot(colored dot) shows where to apply the glue.

Glue spot (Red dot)

Scissors line (solid line) Cut in line (solid line) Cut out (Pink area) PAGE01

Attach the parts with the same part numbers.

Glue spot (Green dot) Glue spot (Blue dot)

Glue within the same part. Glue to the rear of the other part.

Scissors, set square, glue (We recommend stick glue),pencil, used ballpoint pen, toothpicks, tweezers, (useful for handling small parts)

Before gluing, crease the paper along mountain fold and valley fold lines and make sure rounded sections are nice and stiff.

Glue, scissors and other tools may be dangerous to young children so be sure to keep them out of the reach of young children.

Cut out the area marked.

Trumpet : Assembly Instructions

[Points to Note for Assembly]

Tubular parts Curved tubular parts

Glue to make a tube. Insert the glue tabs inside and attach.

*Glue the parts together in order, starting from .

After assembling into tubular shapes, the parts will be attached to or inserted inside other parts, so be careful not to make them too big or too small.

Attach the glue tabs at the middle of the bend first and work outwards.

Parts to attach to holes

Stabilizing parts

[B] [A] [B]

Red line on [A] The longer line should be horizontal

Insert inside, fold back the glue tabs and attach them to the inside.

Insert [A] inside [B], fold the glue tabs back and glue them down. Next, attach the assembled part to the appropriate spot. The surface you are attaching it to is curved, so the part on [A] marked with the red line is wavy to fit with the curved shape.


Trumpet : Assembly Instructions

[Main Body Assembly 1]

Assemble each part into a tubular shape, align the seams (the glue tabs) and the When attaching, be careful that the parts do not get bent. marks, and attach together in order from .

When attaching the inside parts (2A~F) to the outside parts (3A~E, 4A, 4B), place them on a flat surface, ensure that there are no wrinkles in the paper, and press them together from above.


Trumpet : Assembly Instructions

[Main Body Assembly 2]

Attach the groups of parts in each block in order, beginning from . (For the tubular shaped parts except for 5A~5C, assemble them into tubes first.) *The parts in the green blocks are removable parts so they do not need to be glued to the main body.

Attach to 7H

Attach to 4B

Attach to 8G

No glue is needed.

Parts 5A, 5B and 5C in the diagram are connected to other parts before being made into tubular shapes.

For the paper spring, make mountain and valley folds alternately on 5H and 5I, layering them together. When completed, gently stretch it to give it some bounce.


Trumpet : Assembly Instructions

[Main Body Assembly 3]

Attach the groups of parts in each block in order, beginning from . (Assemble the tubular parts into tubes in advance.) *The parts in the green blocks are removable parts so they do not need to be glued to the main body.

Secure at the three points marked . When attaching, insert the [A] parts (including 8J) into 8G and align the positions.

Attach to 8G

First, pull 8Q and 8P into shape and attach them together, then assemble 8P.

Attach to 4C

Attach 4G and 4H together, pulling them into shape as you go.


Assemble 8N, 8O in the same way as 8P, 8Q.

Attach to 4B


Trumpet : Assembly Instructions

[Main Body Assembly 4]

Insert each part into the main body. *These are removable parts, so no glue is needed.

Main body completed diagram


Trumpet : Assembly Instructions

[Assemble the base]

Glue the parts together in order, starting from . (Assemble the tubular parts into tubes in advance.)

Base completed diagram

View of completed model

Make 9A, 9B and 9C into cylinder shapes, and glue 9B and 9C to the inside of 9A.

View from the side

Attach to 9D

Glue to the side.

View from above

Glue to the underside.



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