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VCE International Studies VCE Business Management VCE Economics VCE Legal Studies VCE Accounting (Exams 1 and 2)

All CPAP practice examinations are prepared exclusively by experienced VCE Assessors in each subject area with the express purpose of providing a reliable indication of the forthcoming external examinations. Our writers use their knowledge of past examinations, as well as any recent developments, to produce the highest quality examination papers complete with suggested answers/responses. In particular, our writers have focused on those areas poorly handled in recent VCAA examinations and valuable advice is also provided to students and teachers. All examination papers (including answers/advice) are priced at $66 (incl. GST). This includes permission to photocopy the material within each purchasing school.

Ordering is easy, with several payment options. We accept credit cards, school orders, money orders, direct credit and cheques. Order on-line or complete the ORDER FORM overleaf. All CPAP exams will be delivered via email in the week commencing Monday 8th August 2011. (Accounting Unit 3 Exam will be distributed on Monday 11th of April 2011)

Commerce Presentations and Publications GPO Box 3550 MELBOURNE VIC 3001 ABN: 38 828 874 724 Tel: (03) 9014 9857 Fax: (03) 9005 2717 [email protected]


Please print in block letters School__________________________________________________________________________________ First Name:___________________________Surname___________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________Postcode___________ Telephone:______________________________________________________________________________ School__________________________________________________________________________________ Email address*___________________________________________________________________________ Examination(s) required:

(circle one)

Unit 3 Accounting Unit 4 Accounting Unit ¾ Economics Unit ¾ Business Mgt Unit ¾ Legal Studies Unit ¾ International Studies Subtotal Less Discount Total Amount

$66 (incl. GST) YES / NO $66 (incl. GST) YES / NO $66 (incl. GST) YES / NO $66 (incl. GST) YES / NO $66 (incl. GST) YES / NO $66 (incl. GST) YES / NO $___________ $___________ $___________

a 10% discount applies when purchasing 4 or more practice exams

Payment method (circle one) Cheque / Money order / Visa / Mastercard / on line / direct credit (BSB 633000 A/C 131195349) or school order: Cardholders name:_____________________________________________________________ Card number _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ Expiry date _ _ / _ _

Signature______________________________________________________________________ If a school order, the school order number is_______________________________________ Send this completed form to CPAP, GPO Box 3550, Melbourne, Vic., 3001, order online at, send a fax to CPAP on (03) 9005 2717 or email your order to [email protected]

*Note: it is important that you provide an email address as CPAP Practice Examinations will only be distributed via email.

Terms and conditions:

i ii iii iv v vi CPAP retains copyright of all CPAP Practice Examinations. They must not be sent to, or used by, schools or other bodies without prior written consent from CPAP. Failure to comply with this condition represents a breach of copyright laws and exposes these parties to litigation. All CPAP Practice Examinations have been prepared by experienced examination assessors, but under no circumstances is it implied that the VCAA has been involved in their preparation. Once paid for, and delivered, the practice examinations cannot be returned for refund, in part, or in full. The answers, suggested responses or solutions for the CPAP Practice Examinations have been carefully prepared to assist student/teacher correction. Any material contained within that appears erroneous or contentious should immediately be reported (via email) to [email protected] for verification. CPAP reserves the right to withhold services to organisations who have a poor credit record with CPAP. In relation to school orders, CPAP terms are strictly 30 days..

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