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Plastic Canvas Longstitch Dolphin Coaster and Magnet Copyright 2005 by Cherie Marie Leck This Free Pattern is compliments of

This is a great project for kids! Longstitching is quick and easy to follow, and you can make one of these patterns in about 15-20 minutes! Size: Coaster is about 3-inches square on 7-count plastic canvas Magnet is about 2-inches square on 10-count plastic canvas Materials: · 7-count clear plastic canvas for coaster · 10-count clear plastic canvas for magnet · 4-ply Worsted Weight Yarn (Red Heart Brand Colors Used in Models) · #16 Tapestry Needle for stitching on 7-count · #20 Tapestry Needle for stitching on 10-count · Magnetic Strip tape to make magnet Instructions: 1. Cut pattern from clear canvas 20 holes wide x 19 holes high ­ using 7-count for larger size to make a coaster or larger magnet, and using 10-count for smaller size magnet. 2. Use long lengths of yarn to stitch each pattern. You can use solid colors or variegated yarn for fun effects. Our models were stitched Blue and Variegated "Ocean" Yarn. 3. Stitch all longstitches first and then overcast in either matching or contrasting colors for fun effects. If making a magnet, stick a piece of magnetic tape to the back. For More Longstitch and Fun Plastic Canvas Patterns Join the *Members Only* Online Pattern Club:


Plastic Canvas Longstitch FREE Dolphin Pattern

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