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There's been many great Bobbers in the roughly 60 years since some genius was inspired to strip all the non-essential bits and pieces off a stock motorcycle, cut down the back fender and widen the rear tire, but few of them have racked up top three back-to-back placements in major international bike shows. Count Master Builder Dar Holdsworth's V-Plus-engined "Military Digger," which followed its first place in the Rock Ride & Remem- NatioNal PatterN JoiNs V-Plus team Crazy Horse Motorcycles is pleased to welber Rally Biker Build-off with NatioNal PatterN JoiNs V-Plus team come National Pattern of Saginaw, Michigan to a third in the Production our growing list of high-tech American suppliManufacturer Class of the ers. Plus Tean Sturgis World ChampionFor over 45 years, National., which is now ship, one of the elite. providing drawings and CNC computer proA tribute to America's gramming for V-Plus engine casings and Fighting Men and Women in cylinder heads, has been an industry-leader in Army drab green with brilDNC, CNC and digitized computer modeling, liant accents, the "Digger" design and programming. is a product of Dar's Brass Balls Bobbers (

V-Plus "Bottle CaP" Motor Powers Brass Balls "Military Digger" to sturgis, roCk r&r MeDals

what Brass Balls Master BuilDer Dar holDsworth says aBout the Crazy horse V-Plus

"A unique piece of the (Military Digger) build is an engine from Crazy Horse, which is called a V-Plus Engine. The bike not only looks good, but with the V-Plus it runs like a scalded cat."

© 2008 Crazy Horsse Motorcyckes LLC

"Scalded Cat" & Ultra Hot Kitten

three new stoCking Dealers aDDeD to V-Plus sales network

Crazy Horse Motorcycles is proud to annouce the following additions its rapidly expanding nationwide network of dealer/ distributors.

Blackhawk Motorworks Inc. 4570 Babcock St. NE Suite # 20 Palm Bay, FL 32905 321-952-9333 Fax 321-952-2202 [email protected] JAM Ltd Joe Malfa 1515 Allen Street Reno, Nevada 89509 775-323-9035 Fax: 775-323-1149 [email protected] Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Co. 4183 Fairgrounds St. Riverside, CA 92501 800-601-KIWI 951-788-0048 [email protected] For more information on where to buy a new, American-made Crazy Horse V-Plus. please call us at 353-872-3602.

tireD of lookalike, sounDalike, runalike CustoM Bikes? the all-aMeriCan V-Plus 100 is the Motor for you

If you're burned out by "designer" bikes where the "customization" goes only sheet-metal deep and the engine and running gear are lookalike, soundalike, runalike clones of the Softail EVOs that Harley-Davidson has been making for more than 20 years, you owe it to yourself to check out the Crazy Horse V-Plus before starting your next project. It makes no difference whether you're a professional bike builder looking to deliver stunning retro styling and best-in-class performance to a customer or a backyard wrench designing a once-in-a-lifetime bobber or chopper for yourself, the Crazy Horse V-Plus combines unique styling, bulletproof construction, optimized frame and transmission compatibility and all day, every day highspeed cruising ability to enable smooth, stress-free assembly of bikes that flat out work in traffic and touring, on two-lane and six-lane, from the Ventura Freeway to the Alcan Highway. The new V-Plus also offers the kind of unparalleled styling flexibility that turns dream bikes into one-of-a-kind real rides. The engine, available with a highflow carb or electronic fuel-injection, can be set up with a conventional leftside primary drive or our patented right side drive and a variety of swingarm and belt configurations that support wide rear tires, very wide rear tires, and ridiculously wide rear tires. You can even choose from several ignition triggers including classic cone style.

10. Left-side intake

V-Plus Classic Cone Ignition

V-Plus Standard Ignition

V-Plus Gray-Retro Ignition

Top Ten Things You Should Know About The V-Plus 100

1. 100ci 45-degree, high-torque, air-cooled V-Twin 2. Designed & hand assembled in the USA of top-grade USA parts. 3. Aerospace-grade gaskets & fasteners 4. Left-side intake 5. 100% new parts & fittings.

6. Carb or closed-loop EFI with dual oxygen sensors, integrated singlefire ignition, ext. fuel pump and intelligent, user-mapable, ECU 7. True Int. Bypass (T.I.B.) oil pump 8. Stock Big Twin mounting points 9. Opt. retro-gray color scheme 10. Viewable timing marks

who was the MythiCal Chief who outManeuVereD, outsMarteD, & outfought Custer at the little Big horn?

"I was not hostile to the white man.... all we wanted was peace and to be left alone..." -- Crazy Horse's dying words Born into the Oglala Lakota Tribe about 1845 and murdered by the bluecoats while entering a U.S. Army fort unarmed barely 33 years later, he was the greatest military, spiritual and political leader the mighty Sioux nation has ever known. Filled with peace, reverence for nature, and boundless respect for all living things, he fought only when forced to. On those occasions -- with his back and those of his people literally jammed against the wall -- he fought so hard, so well and so ruthlessly that his enemies -- both red men and white -- feared and respected him more than any other chief in the entire bloody history of the Indian Wars. Unlike other famous Native American leaders of his time -- notably Sitting Bull and Geronimo -- Crazy Horse never sought, nor accepted, the spotlight. He never posed for any of the itinerant photographers who roamed the west, never rented his body to a "wild west show" or circus promoter looking for a "red savage" to exploit, never compromised his dignity to beg favors of the "Great White Father" whose troops and settlers were stealing and despoiling his people's ancestral lands. Though he spoke moderately and infrequently at tribal councils, warriors, even young ones with little patience for the opinions of other chiefs, followed Crazy Horse's every word and rarely, if ever, questioned one of his commands. Among the "white man" Crazy Horse is, of course, most

(anD why haVe we naMeD our CoMPany anD MotorCyCles after hiM?)

famous for annihilating all but one of General George Custer's 7th Cavalry troopers at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. (The lone survivor, a pony ironically named Comanche, "lives" on in taxidermied bliss at the University of Kansas.) Among Native Americans, however, Crazy Horse is remembered for winning every battle he engaged in, for his willingness to, in his own words, "fight and die for the scared land of our fathers," and for the hemblechas (spiritual quests) during which he saw visions startlingly indicative of the future world. Crazy Horse was a true American leader who walked through the world with grace, passion and power. A chief who once said: "With my people, the buffalo hunt isn't the same as that with white. We don't hang the buffalo's head on a pole in the lodge and boast of our hunting skill. "By eating his flesh, our flesh becomes strong. His skin makes our clothing, his bones our arrows, his hair makes the ropes for our horses. Even the covering on our feet comes from him. "The buffalo is truly our friend... sent to give us life. Take this hunt from us and we are no longer Lakotas. We're no longer men. We're nameless and dead." Which is how we feel about our bikes. Take them from us and we're no longer men. We're nameless and dead. Nothing but mere zombies trapped on the soulless reservation of 21st Century conformity. And now you know why we named this company Crazy Horse.

"It does not matter where his body lies for it is grass, but where his Spirit is." -- Black Elk, Oglala Sioux Holy Man


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