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Création Baumann solutions for the field of health Care Fulfilling all possible design requirements, Création Baumann offers an extensive range of textiles for use in the field of health care. Plain textiles were used as a basis to design striped and printed fabrics meeting the requirements made within different room and decoration concepts. Comprehensive possiBilities of use Textiles used in the field of health care were developed for use in all premises ­ from patient rooms, day rooms, waiting rooms, dining room / cafeteria, reception and to nursing areas. These fabrics are used to provide solar and thermal protection and to ensure privacy. They are used as partitions as well as multipurpose separating curtains and even as impervious upholstery fabrics. striCt guidelines Textiles destined for use in the health care field are subject to stringent guidelines governing hygiene. Moreover, such fabrics need to be easy to care for. The high quality of Création Baumann products guarantee durability, thus ensuring the investment in these textiles always proves to be a wise choice. easy Care Création Baumann textiles developed for the field of health care are manufactured from flame-retardant Trevira CS fibers and available in optimal widths of a maximum of 330 cm. The fabrics are easy to care for and can be washed at 40°C or 60°C, depending on the specific type of fabric.

Création Baumann developed three nature-inspired colour palettes for individual or combined use.

advisory serviCes All textiles come in a large range of different coordinated colors. If a customer cannot find the specific shade they are looking for, it is thanks to Création Baumann's vertically integrated production policy, the company would be willing and able to develop and produce precisely the colour the customer desires. We would also take pleasure in helping you to define, projectspecific, custom made and measured solutions for new and existing buildings in cooperation with your Création Baumann specialist retailer.

«subconsciously or in dreams, we constantly experience an entire world of colours without being aware of it. Colours express zest for life and are an important communication element ­ and this explains why the impact of colors plays such a tremendous role ­ in particular in hospitals and clinics.»

Hermann Janiesch, Color Consultant

touCh and feel Création Baumann is renowned as a manufacturer of high-quality interior decoration fabrics. Our teams of designers as well as our in-house production make unconventional creative designs possible. Customized designs, interior shading systems and light guiding systems, dimming and sound absorption fabrics. Création Baumann is also renowned for extravagant solutions: Discover our 500 designs in 7'000 different colours.


enhanCing quality of life In addition to medical care and the patient's social environment, in health care, patient's rooms and common rooms can also contribute decisively to their recovery. Patients who have to spend days or even weeks in a hospital or a clinic are unable to change or influence their surroundings. Therefore, it is important that the furnishings have a positive influence on the patient's mental well-being. Textiles can ­ in a simple and lively manner ­ positively impact the mood of a hospital or clinic. Fabrics encourage communication and simultaneously ensure privacy ­ as well as creating a pleasant atmosphere for example, in common rooms. vast Colour speCtrum Particularly in the field of health care, colour perception plays a decisive role. Colours have an influence on everyone ­ on our state of well-being and on our state of mind. Patients as well as nursing staff expect to be able to work in a pleasant and friendly environment. It is in cooperation with colour psychologists that Création Baumann developed three nature-inspired colour ranges or "colour worlds". The language of forms and colours is based on the basic understanding that a positive, fresh, and natural environment can improve a person's well-being, thus contributing to a patient's convalescence. The different intensities of the Création Baumann colour worlds as well as the texture of the fabrics were also developed with a view of ensuring consistent interior design.

Visit our showroom in Langenthal, Switzerland or contact your local retailer to see ­ and feel ­ the fabrics for yourself. Please also refer to our website,, for additional information on our textiles developed for the field of health care.

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