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How to make a Moneybox

Save your pennies in a personalised moneybox. You Will Need milk tin/ crisps tube/ any container with a removable plastic lid sharp knife self-adhesive vinyl scissors To get some self-adhesive vinyl, you will need to go to a sign making shop. If you ask nicely, they should let you have a few of the off-cuts left over from making vinyl lettering (which would probably only end up in the bin otherwise). It's a great material; lovely bright colour, which can be cut with scissors, sticks to virtually anything and can be wiped clean. Instructions 1. First of all, an adult will need to cut a money slot out of the plastic lid using a sharp knife. Cut a small rectangle in the middle of the lid, big enough to fit all the different shaped coins through. 2. Using scissors, cut shapes out of the self-adhesive vinyl. 3. Peel the paper backing off of the vinyl to get the sticky surface. Have fun overlapping your shapes to make a pattern on the tin/ tube/ container. 4. Put the plastic lid back on top of the tin/ tube/ container, and you now have a useful new moneybox.


Microsoft Word - money_box.doc

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Microsoft Word - money_box.doc