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WHAT IT IS Anatural-nailsurfacecleanser.



WHAT IT DOES · Cleansesandtemporarilydehydratesthenailplate. · Leavesbehindpathogenfighters. · Removesnailpolish. WHY YOU NEED IT · Toprepnailateachandeverynailservice. · Improvesenhancementadhesionandreduces lifting. · Removescontaminantsfromthenaturalnailplate. · Prolongsthewearabilityofnailcolor. FEATURED INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS isopropyl alcohol: Solventusedtoblendallingredients,andserveas a skin antiseptic. acetone: Quickly evaporating solvent that removes oil, moisture and pathogens from the nail surface. Butyl acetate: Solventusedtoblendallingredients. Propylparaben/Methylparaben/Butylparaben/ isopropylparaben/isobutylparaben/triclosan: Pathogenfighters. DIRECTIONS FOR USE · Saturateaplastic-backedpadwithScrubFresh andscrubtheentirenailplateusingfirmpressure, paying special attention to the cuticle area and sidewalls. · Applytoonehand,letdryandapplyenhancement productornailcolor;followwiththeotherhand. · Alwaysusebeforeprimer(whenapplying enhancements). CND offers comprehensive education opportunities. Check the education section of for a course near you. CREATIVE SUGGESTIONS · UseonnaturalnailspriortoColourapplicationto prolongthewearabilityofnailcolor. · Avoiduseonnailtips. · Effectivelyandeasilyremovesnailcolor.


IsopropylAlcohol,Acetone,ButylAcetate,Propylparaben, Methylparaben,Butylparaben,Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben,Triclosan,CI42090(Blue1).

AVAILABLE SIZES · Retail:236mL(8floz) · Professional: 36mL(8floz) 2 946mL(32floz)

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