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Graffiti Management Toolkit



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CATEGORY: Please tick the category that you are applying under Clean-Up/Rapid Removal Graffiti Hotspot Targeting Education and Diversionary Programs for Youth CCTV for Graffiti Hotspots



GRANT TERM: 12 months

PROPOSED DATES: Commencement

(use format dd/mm/yyyy)


IMPORTANT INFORMATION A standard application form is not used to apply for grants from the Graffiti Fund. In order to apply for grant funding, applicants must submit a `Proposal' to be assessed by the Grants Officer, Office of Crime Prevention.

While the format and content of the `Proposal' is left to the discretion of the applicant, the `Proposal' must address the following headings:

Appendix E ­ Sample Project Proposal Form for OCP

Graffiti Management Toolkit 1. Describe Your Project The project summary details the range of activities to be undertaken, a timeline with key dates and types of resources/inputs required.

Example Ten `at risk' students from the local high school would participate in two weeks of painting an urban art mural in a graffiti hotspot including educational workshops. Each workshop will be two hours long and will include practical lessons on painting techniques and use of chemical safety while also learning team building, co-operation, and consequences of graffiti and life skills.

At the end of each session, students will reflect on their progress and record this in their workshop log books. Through the workshop, students will be able to meet positive leaders or mentors in the community.

In the last session, students will take part in a launch of the mural and each student will be awarded a certificate of completion and a final version of their log books, complete with pictures.

2. Purpose of the Grant Objectives are specific, measurable statements of the desired change(s) that a project intends to accomplish by a given time. The objectives address the problem in terms of stating the benefits to be received by the target group as a result of the project.

Example · To increase participant's skills and knowledge of painting techniques and use of chemical safety through the workshops. · To increase participant's knowledge of life skills such as team-building, communication, consequences of graffiti and coping with stress. · To decrease the number of graffiti incidents in the chosen graffiti hotspot.

Appendix E ­ Sample Project Proposal Form for OCP

Graffiti Management Toolkit

3. Timeline of Your Project Briefly explain the timeline of the project including estimated project start and completion dates.

4. Current Issue to be Addressed Briefly explain (with supporting evidence where possible), the community safety and crime prevention need/problem(s) the proposed project is expected to address.

Provide justification for the project by describing the specific problem(s) the project is trying to address and why the problem is an issue for the community. Where possible, supporting evidence should be provided, such as crime related statistics; statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), data collection by your organisation, relevant media clippings and any evidence of community consultation.

Example An issue in the local government area is graffiti committed by youth. It is believed that a project is required that will reduce graffiti by `at-risk' youth.

Current statistics indicate that in 2007, 30 young people from the local government area were cautioned for the first time. Six of those cautioned were Indigenous and 24 were non-Indigenous. The main offences that young people were cautioned for were graffiti (40%), property offences (20%), drug offences (20%) and other offences (20%).

5. Impact of the Grant Outline and explain the likely impact(s) of the requested grant on the current issue(s) that have been identified. Example · · · · To decrease graffiti incidents in the area. To increase reporting of graffiti. To increase community awareness and crime prevention in the area. To reduce re-offending of juveniles in the area.

Appendix E ­ Sample Project Proposal Form for OCP

Graffiti Management Toolkit 6. Expected Outcomes Outcomes are the specific changes that directly result from having completed project activities. These include changes in knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviours. Outcomes also include long term changes such as a reduction in crime and improved perceptions of community safety.

Example · · Increased knowledge and skills of painting techniques and using chemicals. Increased knowledge of life skills such as team-building, communication, consequences of graffiti and coping with stress. · Decreased number of graffiti incidents in the hotspot area.

7. Outcome Measures/Evaluation This section identifies the performance indicators that are measured to assess all aspects of a project. Performance indicators can be split into two categories ­ process and outcome indicators. Process indicators determine whether a project activity has taken place as planned. Outcome indicators determine whether the project has achieved the results that were desired and provide evidence that a project activity has caused a change or difference in a skill, attitude, knowledge, behaviour or circumstance.

Example Process Performance Indicators · · · · · · Did the project remain within budget? Did the activities happen within the planned timeframe? Ratio of staff to participants. Average number of participants per week. Average cost per session. Average cost per participant.

Appendix E ­ Sample Project Proposal Form for OCP

Graffiti Management Toolkit Outcome Performance Indicators · · · · Participant's satisfaction with the course. Number of participants who successfully completed. Number of participants who re-offend. Change in the number of incidents of graffiti in the hotspot area.

8. Budget

Provide a detailed budget proposal for the initiative. Include and detail all financial and/or in-kind contributions from other organisations. large purposes. Provide current quotes for


Budget Items (please exclude GST) Shed Fees (Accommodation) Administration Refreshments/Lunch Staff Wages Transportation Materials to Paint Tools and Equipment TOTAL ($) Excluding GST 1,800 500 4450 300 This Grant Amount ($) 300 50 200 1,600 300 High school Other Funding Amount ($) Other Funding source (organisation) In-Kind Funding Amount ($)

9. Participating and/or Supporting Organisations Provide a list of all participating and/or supporting organisations and outline the extent to which each organisation is participating and/or level of support.

Appendix E ­ Sample Project Proposal Form for OCP

Graffiti Management Toolkit

Example · The local high school are providing mentors and assisting in referring appropriate students to the project. · The local government authority has provided support and will be visiting the workshops. · Local Police support the project objectives and will be attending at least one workshop.

10. Past Success Outline any past success or achievement(s) from similar initiatives, if applicable.

11. References Provide a list of references used throughout the Proposal. This is particularly important for those sources used as evidence (e.g. statistical sources, reports).

Appendix E ­ Sample Project Proposal Form for OCP


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