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ABA ROUTING NUMBERS Every checking account number contains N E W ! a nine-digit ABA routing number that identifies the financial institution that the account is at. When a check is presented for payment, it's ultimately guided back to the issuing bank for payment. (See Reference Guide for Anatomy of a Check.) But how can an investigator identify the bank when he just has this nine digit number but not the bank name? Here's three options: Run ABA numbers online at this Federal Reserve website to identify the banking institution: Or you can get the same information by calling the Reference Desk at the American Bankers Association: 800/BANKERS Another way is to purchase the ABA Key to Routing Numbers. It's published semi-annually and contains 28,000 ABA routing numbers and their corresponding banks, plus retired numbers from the past five years. Sells for $159. 800/321-3373 847/933-8073 ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS & SCIENCES LIBRARY The AMPAS library contains a wealth of information on movie industry credits. Ask for the reference desk. 310/247-3020 ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION There are a number of accident reconstruction associations -- almost all have an online directory of members. The Accident Reconstruction Network is a web-based professional organization. 858/538-3960 California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists 925/284-7739 1


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