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A flexible Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training delivery option that combines web-based and classroom instruction.

Same Program--New Flexibility for Certified Instructors

The Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) is pleased to introduce Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training--a state-of-the-art delivery option that blends web-based and classroom instruction. This innovative training teaches the same effective skills, supports the same principles, promotes the same philosophy, and adheres to the same quality standards as traditional Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training. Certified Instructors can utilize this new delivery option with all or some staff members.

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Two Essential Components

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® hybrid training consists of two components, and both are necessary for successful completion of the program. 1. Web-based Instruction The web-based component contains a variety of interactive presentations, scenarios, videos, and learning assessments that relate to each unit of the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® training program. During the web-based instruction, the program terms and definitions are solidified. This allows for a unique focus on application during classroom instruction. Certified Instructors' Role ­ Certified Instructors direct their participants to a secure website to access this component. They also provide support by being available to guide participants through the web-based learning. Participants' Role ­ Participants receive access directions from their Certified Instructors and complete the web-based instruction before attending the classroom session. 2. Classroom Instruction The face-to-face Certified Instructor-led component builds on the web-based learning. Discussion, activities, and participant examples prompted from the web-based instruction reinforce program concepts with a focus on workplace application. Additionally, all personal safety and physical interventions are taught and practiced during this portion of the program.

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Flexible and Interactive Instructional Design

The flexible design of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® hybrid training offers benefits to the learner, the Certified Instructor, and the organization. It can be used for first-time participants of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® training as well as for refresher training.

Benefits to Learners

Gaining the skills to safely respond to aggressive and assaultive behavior is beneficial to everyone who participates in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® training. By completing the training via the hybrid training option, learners attend the Certified Instructor-led classroom session with a valuable knowledge base already in place. Additional benefits include: · 24/7 Content Access Learners can access the web-based component of the program at their convenience, regardless of the hour of the day or the day of the week. This allows them to select the time frame that is most compatible with their schedule. · Comfortable Pace The self-directed learning gives participants the flexibility to proceed through the web-based content at a pace that is comfortable for them. If they choose, they can spend more time exploring new concepts with the review options that are available throughout the program. · Save and Return Convenience The web-based portion also allows learners to save their work at the end of each unit and return to it at a later time. This provides the opportunity to divide the web-based content into sessions that best fit their schedule. · Knowledge Base Learners come to the classroom portion with a knowledge base of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® training and are ready to build upon the learning. They complete assignments during the web-based portion, print them, and bring them to class for discussion.


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Benefits to Certified Instructors

With Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® hybrid training, authorized Certified Instructors will be given double credit for hours spent in the classroom. For example, if 4 hours are documented for the classroom session, CPI will credit the Instructor with 8 hours of training to recognize classroom preparation time and the need to be available to staff who are taking the web-based portion. Additional benefits include: · Classroom Efficiency Learners come to the classroom training with foundation knowledge--key terms, definitions, and examples are already established. As a result, classroom time for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® training may be reduced and refresher programs may be reduced even more. · Competent and Confident Staff An integral part of any training is the ability to apply new concepts to workplace realities. With hybrid training, you can focus the classroom session on application and tailor the practice to build staff confidence and competence. · Professional Development By completing the Instructor Training and becoming authorized to facilitate Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® hybrid training, you will build new instructional skills. This is an exciting opportunity to enhance your own professional development while helping to manage the Training Process within your organization. · Flexibility for Select Groups You may prefer that the classroom time for select groups, like Crisis Response Teams or managers, not be reduced. In that case, the web-based instruction can serve to enhance and reinforce learning. · Additional Resources and Support Additional resources and support unique to the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® hybrid training program are available, including specialized ongoing consultation with CPI Professional Staff Instructors.

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Benefits to Your Organization

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training gives organizations additional training resources to build staff competence in critical skills. Other benefits include: · Immediate Access for New Employees The web-based portion can be accessed at any time, which can minimize the lag time between a new employee start date and exposure to key Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program information. This can optimize your organization's new-employee orientation process. · Cost-Saving Opportunities Due to less staff time necessary for classroom training and more time on the job, cost savings may be realized for replacement staff, pay stipends, shift differentials, etc. · Consistent Workplace Priorities Employees can begin Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training as soon as they have access to the web-based component. This allows all staff to support a positive work environment with the same basic knowledge, approaches, and priorities. · Increased Scalability The increased flexibility of staff time helps to limit the obstacles associated with organization-wide training. This may be especially critical for your organization to meet local and/or national training regulations or requirements.


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Start as Soon as Tomorrow

It's easy to bring this training to your facility or school as soon as tomorrow! If your organization has a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructor on staff, there are two steps to the process. 1. Complete Hybrid Instructor Training To become authorized to facilitate Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training, Certified Instructors must complete hybrid Instructor training. Both web-based (Instructor Basics) and classroom (Instructor Seminar) training are available. Completing either or both provides final authorization. See Instructor Training Package details on page 8. 2. Purchase Participant "Seats" Certified Instructors purchase participant seats, which provide unique links to the web-based instruction. Classroom materials customized exclusively for hybrid participants are sent directly to the Certified Instructor conducting the training and are included in the seat cost.

Hybrid Instructor Training

Special introductory price of $399 US ($449 CDN)! FREE with purchase of 100 participant seats!

Participant Seats

1­99 seats: $30 US ($35 CDN) each 100+ seats: $27 US ($32 CDN) each

Price covers all classroom materials, including a Hybrid Portfolio for each participant--a valuable resource for the future.

A hybrid approach combines the best of both worlds classroom learning and web-based learning. Hybrid training is on the cutting edge of adult learning, and CPI is excited to take a leadership role in providing this resource to our Certified Instructors.

Randolph M. Boardman, Ed.D. CPI Executive Director of Research and Development

Questions? Please call CPI at 1-877-877-5390.


How Do I Become a Hybrid Training Instructor?

To gain authorization as a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training Instructor, a comprehensive yet flexible Instructor Training Package is available. The package includes specific training that prepares you to successfully facilitate both components of the hybrid training program.

Instructor Training Package

Instructor training provides information on important adjustments you will need to make to Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® classroom training to reduce time and effectively build upon web-based learning. It includes facilitation elements that are unique to the hybrid training delivery. You can get started as soon as you complete the web-based Instructor Basics and/or a 6-hour classroom Instructor Seminar. The Instructor Training Package includes: · Unlimited access to the web-based component of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training. Prior to teaching the classroom session, you will be given access to the web-based component and complete the program as your participants will. · A real-time DVD of the hybrid classroom session being facilitated to review prior to leading your classroom session. · A brief, online Instructor Orientation that provides general information about the unique hybrid training delivery method, the goals of Instructor Basics and Instructor Seminar, and strategies for ensuring this approach has a positive impact on you and your organization. · Instructor Basics web-based self-study that provides you with the necessary information to get started. · Instructor Seminar led by CPI Professional Staff Instructors to build your facilitation skills, introduce new and creative classroom activities, and increase your confidence as an authorized hybrid Instructor. Please Note You can attend any Instructor Seminar scheduled within one year of purchasing the Instructor Training Package. Please visit for the current Instructor Seminar schedule. Additionally, if you have a number of Certified Instructors in your organization to become authorized, please call 1-877-877-5389 for more information about how to bring the Instructor Seminar directly to your school or facility.


Questions? Please call CPI at 1-877-877-5390.

Purchase Your Instructor Training Package Today!

Visit or call 1-877-877-5390.

Questions? Please call CPI at 1-877-877-5390.


Certified Instructors' Frequently Asked Questions


Will my participants use the same workbook for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training that we currently use for traditional training? In hybrid training, participants use a customized Hybrid Portfolio that links both the web-based and classroom-based portions of training. Participants record and print "entries" during the web-based portion and insert them into the Hybrid Portfolio during the classroom session. Certified Instructors receive Hybrid Portfolios when they order participant "seats." If I choose Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training, do I need to train all staff in this method? No. Hybrid training may be appropriate for some staff, but the traditional classroom-based approach may be more appropriate for others. Can I use Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training as a formal refresher? Yes. You can use the hybrid delivery option for either an initial or refresher training. How will I know who has completed the web-based portion of the training and how many seats I have remaining? When participants come to the classroom session, they bring their printed web-based entries to verify they have completed this portion of the course. You will also be able to check participant status online at any time. We recommend that you track your seats as you issue them for your own records.



How long will it take my participants to complete the web-based portion? A Generally speaking, an average participant can expect the web-based portion to take approximately 2 to 3 hours. Because this is self-paced learning, some may spend less time and some may choose to spend more.


How long will the classroom instruction take? A Plan on approximately 4­6 hours depending on which units you teach and how much time you need for practice. A refresher course may take less classroom time.


Questions? Please call CPI at 1-877-877-5390.


Can participants come to the classroom session without completing the web-based component? No. Participants need to present their printed web-based entries when they attend the classroom session to verify they have completed that portion of the course. If staff have not completed the web-based portion, you will need to reschedule them for a later class. How will I let my participants know where to access the web-based portion? After purchasing seats for your participants, CPI will email you an access link that you will forward to your participants. To help you craft your email to participants, we'll email a sample template and include it in your Hybrid Classroom Instructor Guide. It will also be available for you to download. When are Personal Safety TechniquesSM and Nonviolent Physical Crisis InterventionSM introduced or reviewed? During the web-based instruction, there is general information about physically acting-out behavior and the risks of restraints, but no physical techniques are taught. CPI's Personal Safety TechniquesSM and Nonviolent Physical Crisis InterventionSM are taught and practiced during the classroom session. Can I team teach the classroom portion with another Certified Instructor? Yes. However, only authorized Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructors who have completed hybrid Instructor training receive credit for additional training hours for the time spent assisting staff during the web-based portion of course. Will my participants receive completion cards? Yes. The documentation process for hybrid training is the same as it is for the traditional training method. Once CPI receives documentation of your training, completion cards will be sent to you. What are the technical requirements? · Intel® Pentium® III w/450 MHz or faster processor (or equivalent) · 128 Mb RAM · Flash 9.0.0. plug in and JavaScript enabled · Microsoft® Windows Vista® or Microsoft® Windows XP® or Mac OSX v.10.4 (or higher) · Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher) or Firefox 3.0 (or higher) or equivalent Internet browser · Audio capabilities · Printer access





Questions? Please call CPI at 1-877-877-5390.


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