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On-site Live Scan Management System (LSMS®) with 10-Print and Palm Scanner Training Services Part Number: 930078-1 On-Site Training Overview

Training For the LSMS10-Print and Palm Scanner System Training Description Cross Match Technologies provides on-site for the LSMS with 10-Print and Palm Scanner and all its peripheral devices. This training and certification session ensures that at least one Administrator/Trainer and up to four "User Operators" are trained in all aspects of the mechanical features of the device and the use of its software. The On-Site training contains the following: Fingerprinting and Industry Knowledge An overview of the LSMS with 10-Print and Palm scanner products The features and functions of the 10-Print and Palm scanner products Fingerprint scanner hardware installation and maintenance User operational tasks with the 10-Print and Palm scanner products Administration tasks of the 10-Print and Palm scanner products Fingerprint capture and technique. How to store, print, or electronically send those prints in an EFTS format to the Control Terminal Agency of their pre-specified choice. Train the Trainer for Administrator to train Users. Please refer to the course description and objectives for training details on page 2 & 3. To achieve "Live Scan Administrator/Trainer Certification" the candidate for Administrator/Trainer as a first step undergoes, extensive instruction on how to properly scan two fingerprints on the live scan device. The candidate will learn the software to the extent that he/she demonstrates the ability to capture what the instructor will prescribe to be a fully acceptable and transmittable fingerprint, complete with demographics.

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Next the Administrator/ Trainer candidate will, in the presence of the Cross Match Instructor, demonstrate the ability to train and instruct additional users on how to properly capture prints, to complete all the necessary demographics, and trouble-shoot problem prints to the extent that these individuals demonstrate the ability to capture a fully acceptable and transmittable set of fingerprints. Your LSMS with 10-print and Palm scanner training can take up to 8 hours. It is important that your designated system administrator/lead trainer and users schedule to attend the full length of the training course. Training Prerequisites Individuals selected to be System Trainers by the organization should have at least some previous experience in instruction. For best results, it is strongly, recommended that participants possess a good understanding of Window XP and use of a PC or Laptop. Class Size Limitations It is recommended that classes be limited to training 1 to 2 Administrator/Trainers plus 3 to 4 User Operators. This is due to the intensive need for one to one supervision. Cross Match needs to make sure that all the attendees receive the highest quality of personal attention to their training needs. Training Space Requirements and Conditions A room of sufficient size for a class of 4 to 6 people to move around a worktable comfortably should be provided. Access to the Laptop or PC along with the 10Print Live-Scan device will be needed. Training Manuals and Workshop Supplies The Cross Match Teaching Staff provides each trainee with a copy of the LSMS Training Guide for future reference to help reinforce the material covered in the live training session.

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On-site Training Course Objectives: After completing this course, you will be able to identify the following. Fingerprints and Industry knowledge. What is an AFIS? IQS Appendix "F" Define Acronyms and Terminologies Basic Fingerprint Classification Definition of Minutia Understand the hardware components, installation and maintenance of the LSMS with 10-Print and Palm scanner system's: PC (Desktop or Laptop) LCD Monitor 10-Print Scanners Palm Scanners Fingerprint card printer Signature Pad Camera Cross Match 10-Print and Palm Scanner Silicone Pad care, cleaning Cross Match 10-Print and Palm Scanner Prism cleaning Replacement of the Silicone Pad Technical Configuration Documents Types of Submission Methods Installation and Training check list Scanner calibration Describe basic LSMS with 10-Print and Palm Scanner software User functionality such as: Bio-Logon (if applicable) Create a new record Open an existing record Demographics entry Fingerprint capture Palm Capture Image (mug shot) capture/import (if applicable) Card printing (if applicable) Record Submission (if applicable) Describe basic LSMS with 10-Print and Palm Scanner software Administrative setup and functionality of: Creating New-User Logons Security Setup System settings Scanner settings Agency (ORI) settings Cards Printers Process types

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History - incl. queries Location of EFT files Submit a Record: Submission interval Log files Response retrieval Record re-submission Understand fingerprint capture technique: Fingerprint patterns review Minutiae overview Rolled vs. Slap captures Sequence checking Form ­ proper technique Edit and Correction of problem prints Capture Fingerprints in the following manner: Has his/her prints rolled by instructor Successfully rolls prints of other 1 student or instructor Conduct Administrator Train the Trainer: Have students teach to User level status Have students teach to Administrator level status

This program is comprised of instructor lectures and practice exercises. All necessary concepts and skills are reinforced with hands-on practice exercises structured for easy step-by step learning. The student will receive a product training certificate upon completion of the class.

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