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500 West University Parkway, Apt #14K, Baltimore MD 21210

[email protected] Phone # 1-443-955-8133 Webpage -


A challenging full time position, which allows me to contribute to design and development of systems software


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Master of Science in Engineering (Computer Science) Expected 12/2007 Recipient of India foundation scholarship given to outstanding students pursuing graduate studies abroad VIT, University of Pune, Pune, INDIA Bachelors in Computer Engineering Overall GPA 3.9/4.0 (Rank #1) `Best outgoing student' of the Computer Engineering department 07/2000 06/2004


VMware, Palo Alto, CA ( 09/2007 Member of Technical Staff intern (Part time), VC Core Management group Till date As a continuation of the summer internship at VMware, working on the design and implementation of algorithmic building blocks for a global, data center wide I/O load balancing algorithm to reduce the storage bottleneck in a virtualized environment VMware, Palo Alto, CA ( 06/2007 Member of Technical Staff intern, VIM Storage Management group 09/2007 Worked on the design and implementation of algorithmic building blocks for a global, data center wide I/O load balancing algorithm to reduce the storage bottleneck in a virtualized environment Algorithms based on dynamic characteristics of the storage topology and the workload improved the performance of the given VM by ~131% Implemented an in-band solution to probe the static characteristics of the storage array by a modification in ESX storage stack to throttle the I/O to a given VM Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD ( 02/2007 Database Programmer 05/2007 As an on-campus job, helped in managing the admissions database for the school of public health by writing SQL queries, stored procedures etc. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD ( 09/2006 Graduate Assistant, Hopkins Storage Systems Laboratory 02/2007 Worked on `Improving I/O performance through aggressive swapping' in Linux kernel 2.6.x with Prof. Randal Burns Calsoft Private Limited, Pune, India ( 07/2004 Software Engineer 06/2006 PANFS System Integration and Verification [client: Panasas Inc.] Designed and implemented test suites to check features such as Unicode compatibility, lock recovery in client server environment, CIFS byte range locking, snapshots and disk quota in a parallel file system called PANFS which is based on an object-based architecture Recruitment and Mentoring Member of the interview panel to hire new employees and also conducted seminars during new employee induction program Virtual Private Server - Mentored 4 interns in designing process subsystem, file system, network subsystem and user management modules of the virtual private server and also conducted code reviews VIT, University of Pune, Pune, India ( 01/2005 Visiting Faculty for `Advanced UNIX Programming' Course 04/2005 Covered topics such Network file systems, kernel file and directory structures, I/O subsystem, Disc and terminal drivers, rebuilding the kernel and system tuning Page 1 Resume' of Tushar Thole

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune, INDIA ( 06/2003 Software Developer Intern 06/2004 Developed preprocessor (modeling tool) and postprocessor (visualization tool) modules in `INTEGRA' which is a fully integrated 3D environment used for structural mechanics applications Implemented various 2D, 3D primitives and Boolean operations in the preprocessor and visualization techniques like shading, contouring, XoY and vector plot in the postprocessor `INTEGRA' won 1st and 3rd prize in inter college project exhibitions sponsored by Honeywell and Sungard


Graduate Course Work Fall 06: Internet Protocols, Distributed Systems, Algorithms, Object Orientated Software Engineering Spring 07: Operating Systems, Information Retrieval and Web Agents, Programming Languages, An independent study in I/O virtualization with Prof. Randal Burns, Transaction Processing Systems (audit) Fall 07: Storage Systems, Microkernel Architecture and Design, Networked Embedded Systems and Sensor Networks (audit), Product Design (audit) Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Course Projects: [Storage Systems] Microbenchmark based extraction of local and global disk drive characteristics [Operating Systems] Transactional block store using WAFL layout, atomic updates and recovery semantics [Operating Systems] Linux Kernel module to debug AT keyboard driver using kprobes and logging this information by implementing debugfs file operations [Operating Systems] An application level object caching slab allocator library [Distributed Systems] Fault-tolerant distributed mail server using Spread toolkit [Distributed Systems] A reliable multicast tool using UDP/IP [Internet Protocols] VNS firewall - A fully-functional firewall that is capable of routing and filtering real Internet traffic [Information Retrieval and Web Agents] Financial news reader and Stock prices trend predictor [Software Engineering] Social networking website based on Spring and Hibernate framework and Java technologies


`Storage I/O load balancing algorithms' at VMware `Locking approaches used in file systems' at Calsoft Pvt. Ltd. as a part of New Employee Induction Program `Logical Volume Management ` at VIT, Pune as a part of undergraduate coursework


Platforms Languages Tools Technologies UNIX/Linux (kernel space, user space), Windows, ESX server C, C++, Java, Perl, bash, Assembly (x86), UML Perforce, Rational Rose, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Wireshark, tcpdump Workload generation tools such as IOMeter, LoadSim Virtualization, Spread group communication framework, Network programming with sockets, Familiar with SAN, NAS, Fibre channel, iSCSI, configuration of EMC Clariion, Symmetrix and Eqaullogic storage arrays


Recipient of Middle school scholarship, Maharashtra Talent Search scholarship, Maharashtra State Open Merit scholarship, TMV scholarship in Sanskrit Stood 6th among 0.5 million students in 10th standard


JHU chapter of ACM


Available on request

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Resume' of Tushar Thole


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