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Wearing Apparel Detail Sheet (WADS) - Dresses

General Garment Information 1 Garment Name: 2 Importer's Department/Style Number: 3 Purchase Order Numbers: 4 Identify Size: Women's Girl's 2 Fiber content of garment % polyester acrylic modacrylic nylon viscose acetate tencel spandex lycra metalic angora % cotton ramie linen silk wool flax cashmere rayon modal lurex other (specify) B Commodity Specific Information 1 What type of Weave/Finish? denim leather twill

corduroy suede other (specify)

5 Identify fiber content/materials in generic terms in percentage by weight. Fiber content applies to the garment as a whole. A For garments that are composed of textile and non-textile (i.e. leather and fabric) please identify the following. Location 1 Identify % of component by weight: 2 Identify % of component by value: 3 Identify % of component by surface area: 6 Identify construction. If garment is constructed of knit and woven components give surface area of k nit and woven in %: Garment Location External Surface Area coverage in % form Knit Yes No Woven Yes No 7 Does the garment have any of the following features? Fiber/Content location Lining Yes No Trim Yes No Yes No Twofer Two Piece Yes No 8 Fabric/Garment testing attached Yes 9 Picture or sketch attached Front and Back View Required Yes A If there is a belt please include picture 10 Legal label layout attached Yes If label is available please provide picture 11 What is the garment weight in ounces? 12 What Department is purchasing the garment? dress career WTW activewear denim loungewear swimwear other 13 In the cases where a dress may be considered a top, please provide the stitch count in the horizontal and vertical direction per 2 cm for knit garments. horizontal vertical No

3 If woven, does the garment contain two or more colors Yes No in the warp and/or filling? 4 What is the length of the garment in inches? 5 If the dress has a jacket provide the following: A What type of Jack et? B What is the fiber content of the jacket? C What characteristics does the jacket have?


6 Ornamentation/Characteristics of garment buttons hook/eye closure zipper embroidery snaps grommets fur lace faux fur other (specify) scarves 7 Please fill in the following for real fur garments. A What is the common name of the animal used? B What is the genus and species of the animal used?

Please make sure this is o n the comm ercial invo ice.




Yes No Is the fur farm raised? Is the Fish and Wildlife and/or Cites Certificate Yes No attached? 1 Please submit copy once received. What is the construction of the underlying fabric the fur is attached to? woven knit

8 Does the garment include a belt? Yes No A What is the composition of the belt? plastic leather textile metal (specify)


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